Hogtied bdsm sub whipped before pussy fucking

Hogtied bdsm sub whipped before pussy fucking
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We were both extremely pleased with how our first formal teaching assignment was going.

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Our sexual encounters with each other took on a renewed fire and urgency. At the end of each class, we attacked each other, draining ourselves of our passion, sometimes even before leaving the room! When we got home, we were insatiable, screwing and sucking each other to oblivion for hours. And to think - we were getting paid for this!!! What a deal! We had taken it easy on the students so far, going slow to give them time to absorb it all.

There was plenty more to teach and in the next session we planned to turn up the heat. We could tell that our lessons so far had caused quite a reaction with the students and we hadn't even gotten to the major stuff yet. We wondered what would happen when that time came. Would we have bodies screwing uncontrollably all over the room or what? It certainly would be fun to find out!

We knew what everyone wanted to witness, Andy and I actually fucking in class. That, however, wasn't the point we were there to make. Everyone knows the basic mechanics of how to fuck.it's the little things, the turn-ons that so many people never learn. That's why we spend so much time just focusing on touching other areas.

Today, however, we would give them a lesson they were sure to never forget. Andy asked me to straddle a chair, facing the class.

I was wearing crotchless panties, and when I sat down, the students were greeted by the sight of my beautiful, shaven pussy. Again the cameras were positioned so that everyone would have a unencumbered view.

To the students' surprise Andy reached into a bag and produced a large cucumber! "What? A cucumber? Here? What the hell does an over-sized vegetable have to do with sex?" they whispered. They watched, entranced, and soon figured out his point. With my legs spread apart by the chair and my feet hooked onto the lower rungs, they could see my pussy very clearly. Before Andy showed me the organic dildo, it was swollen, but dry.

Once I caught sight of that thing, though, driblets of cum started oozing from between my lips. The camera caught the refraction of the liquid and when he reached up and pushed my pussy apart even further, they could clearly see that I was excited.

Andy put the cucumber into his mouth then sensuously withdrew it.keeping his eyes on me the whole time. I knew I was in for it, and I wanted it bad! I gasped when he touched it against my flesh, dug my nails into the back of the chair and leaned back to take it all in. He moved it slowly at first, twisting and probing to get me really wet, then he pounded it harder, sinking it deeper with every stroke.

The class stared in amazement as they watched my hole widen to accept the invasion and made wagers as to if I could take it all in.

Andy heard their whispered doubts and told each one to write down their best guess as to how many inches my pussy would take. He continued working me with the green tube, practically stuffing the entire thing inside me.

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I was panting and moaning, clutching at it with everything I had. He wouldn't bring me off totally and it was making me crazy! With his thumb he marked the cucumber along the outer rim of my pussy and slowly withdrew it, then held it up so the camera could zoom in very close. Grabbing a ruler, he measured the full 10 inches that I had taken so greedily up my cunt.

It definitely wasn't an exaggeration because I hadn't bulked over the fullness. The shock was audible as the class erupted with whispers of "No way!" "I saw it with my own eyes, but I still don't believe it!" Of course, there were also comments such as "Do we get to try that too?" Andy laughed at them and told them, no, we wouldn't be testing out that particular theory in class.but they were certainly free to try it on our own time.

He laid the cucumber aside and turned back to me. I was trying to regain control, taking deep breaths to settle my nerves. It wasn't working, and when I saw the glint in his eye, I knew what he intended next. Over his shoulder, he spoke to the class, "When you treat a woman right, there are many, many rewards, and you will know without a doubt when you've mastered it." As he said this, he held up his first two fingers, hooked them slightly and flipped them back and forth in a steady rhythm.

"Pay attention here, guys, and get the feel of this down.memorize it, from today on, and you'll be greatly rewarded." Every male in the room sat flipping his fingers back and forth - not really knowing why, but they took his word for it. He gave me a wink and touched his fingers to my now dripping lips. He pushed his hand up inside me until he found the position he was seeking. He told the class that his fingers were pressing against the back of my pubic bone.

A shiver trickled up my back from the contact he was making and I once again, gripped the chair back tightly. He started moving his arm back and forth while his fingers danced inside my pussy. I concentrated on the sensations he was causing and had to remind myself to breath. As he quicken his strokes, he felt the warm gush of my cum cover his fingers.

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That was only the beginning, he became more demanding, pushing and rubbing harder and faster. Soon I was spewing cum in every direction. It ran over the chair and dripped to the floor. It sprinkled over him like rain, soaking through his clothes and running off his arm. He kept coaxing me, telling me to give him more.and I did.gritting my teeth and pushing against his hand until my legs were trembling.

Everyone in the room was straining to see the TV closest to them. What they had just witnessed was too much to comprehend. The camera tried to capture the vastness of the pool gathered on the tile, but simply couldn't do it justice.

With a devious grin, he asked if we wanted an instant replay.


"No, no," I panted, "I can't take anymore!" Andy laughed and suggested that they re-show the tape instead, giving me a chance to recover. I was truly grateful for the break and simply watched the reactions and facial expressions.

We chuckled to ourselves at the pure lust evident on every face! When the tape was over, we invited anyone who was interested, to come forward to see the cum-puddle I had made. They practically knocked each other over trying to get there!

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"Calm down, calm down.it's not going to disappear!" we laughed. We explained that the other forms of stimulation that had already been demonstrated could be done in conjunction with each other, which most definitely would cause multiple orgasms and a very satisfied lady!


A hidden goal in our teaching was to replace the self-centered attitude most men had about sex and to show them how rewarding it is to see your partner get off and know you had something to do with it.

Andy used dildos and vibrators and other ordinary household items to thrill me multiple times before the class was over - all to the surprise of the students - and to my delight. As the semester was nearing its end, we issued the details on the required project.

The students were to review their notes and in-class demos and either write an erotic screenplay; take a series of still photographs, make a video or a combination in any form. The final grades were based on attendance - which remained at 100% throughout the entire semester; participation - the eagerness was consistently overwhelming; and the project. Through the project content the students were required to convey their understanding of how to please a woman sexually. Grades were determined by how each project effected us personally and we spent many hours reading and critiquing the submissions.

Whenever we got so aroused that we jumped one another during the review, that project received an "A". If we became sexually excited from the work, but could maintain our composure until we were finished reviewing it, then it received a "B".

The "C" grades were given to those projects that stirred our desires, yet didn't drive us to the bedroom. As luck would have it, the grading process took more than a week and there was a high majority of A's and B's.

We practically collapsed from all the screwing! Not one student failed the course but we couldn't decide if it was our fabulous teaching or the enthralling subject matter that was the reason for it. It didn't matter what the reason, we had a fantastic time, we fucked our brains out and we got paid for it!!!

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We knew that this would be the first of many teaching assignments for us, but we never expected it would become so popular. Word traveled quickly throughout the education community and we were quite sought after. Requests flooded in from colleges across the country and around the world. We spent several years traveling from place to place and were amazed at the reception we got. Each time we began a new course, we altered things a bit as we discovered more ourselves.

It was soon evident that just two people couldn't keep up with the demand. We had set the standard and became trainers, qualifying other instructors to go out into the campuses. We still are the number one team in the business and just as it was for that first class, co-eds by the hundreds race to sign up when they see "Sex 101" in their course directory!