Guy gives wet creampie to sexy asian babe with lovely tits

Guy gives wet creampie to sexy asian babe with lovely tits
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Sheila was going to the club for New Years with her husband Bernardbut the activities didnt start til 10pm. So currently she was still at her son/ master's Rocky's house totally naked except her leash, collar & 5 inch black spiked heels.

On her kneesSheila was engulfing Rockys ginormous penis like it was a favorite sausage. To her it was.


She blew her son with relish and vigor and was envious & disappointed that she had to leave later on. Others would take over. As her head bobbed at a feverish pace Rocky screamed obscenities at her.


He called her slutwhore, fuckface, cumbucket and bitch until he unloaded a massive load of jism down her throat which she swallowed appreciatively. To Sheila it was like ice creamit had become her favorite dessert. Once Rocky was satisfiedhe shoved his fist up mommy's cuntas always Sheila was embarrassingly wet and it didn't take long for the middle aged wench to achieve her first orgasmthe taboo couple were now french kissing as Rocky kept fist fucking Sheila.

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She reached a second climax .So Rocky stoppedmom he thought had to go to the club and she had to be alert for dads business partners he smirked. Chapter 1 It was 9pm mom had just lefthe had his fun with herand he would do her again on Jan.

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1st. He heard a knock at the doorand he answered & Denise had arrived as scheduled she'd be here for the rest of the night. Bill dropped her off. Wearing an overcoathis oldest serving sexslave was wearing a french maid outfit and would be his fluffer for the evening.

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The next visitor wouldn't arrive til 10 pm so they went into the living room where he sat on the sofa ,& Dee began licking his asshole as he turned on some porn on the tv. As Rocky wacked off & Denise licked his ass, the middle aged woman on screen fucked herself with a champagne bottlekeeping with the New Years Theme. Rocky grabbed Dee by the hair & now she was choking on his 11inch penis as he forced the married bitch to deep throat his dong.

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Allowing her to come up for airRocky exploded & came all over face covering her face with jism. He decided to text a pic to Bill this would be his New Years gift to see his cumslut wife covered in her masters jism.

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Fact was Rocky knew that Denise and Bill had at least 200 cumfacial pics of Dee & 10 videos of Dee giving him head & eating his cum. Chapter 2 It was 10pm, as Rocky opened the doorJuanita led her mom Esperanza by the collar and leash (mom was also wearing 6inch leopard skin spike heels & was naked under her fur coat).

(Juanita was dressed it tight jeans & halter top that read mistress & she wore a short leather jacket over her top ) As Juanita led her mom to the sofashe hung Esperanza's fur coat in the closet as Esperanza crossed her legs and awaited her orders from her mistress or master.

In the meantime Denise the frenchmaid was in the kitchen preparing drink & snacks for the festivities Rocky loved the way Esperanza was dressed but thought Juanita was not dressed sexy enough.

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So he stood up & told her to lick his ass for punishment while he facefucked her mom. As the towns favorite stripper Esperanza deepthroated his cockher daughter gave him a rimjob. She was okay at rimming thought Rockybut Cindy or Sheila would have to teach Juanita better tongue work after the New Year Rocky thought. Juanita would need to become more submissive now he thoughtnow that Cindy was having his baby.

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( She was at her grandparents tonight,he had all night to play with his mature sluts. Happy New Year to me Rocky smiled ) Rocky decided to fuck the much shorter Juanita doggy style as she ate her Amazon mom's cunt.

Licking away at Esperanza's pussyJuanita's pussy was soaking wet from the pounding it was receiving from Rocky's 11incher. Esperanza loved getting her pussy licked most of the time her master had her giving head but being on the receiving end put the long legged wench in ecstasy. Chapter 3 It was 11pmNina had arrived ,she had been visiting her in-laws with her cuckold hubby Ernie, Denise had answered the door covered in facial jismmaster had finished fucking her while he watched Juanita and Esperanza 69.

Nina licked the jism off of Dee's face then took off all her clothes but left her 3 inch yellow heels on. Cindy's mom was always readyand that's why she had recently become Rocky's favorite. Rocky told Esperanza to go grab the lubeupon returning from the bathroom Rocky and Nina started making out as Rocky fingered her asshole. Once she was completely lubed Nina sat on Rocky's schlong .Riding like a cowgirl she shoved his prick all the way up her ass.

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While this was going on Denise strap on fucked Juanita up her cuntdoggy style while the very submissive Amazon Esperanza licked her master's balls and dickshaft as it pounded his mothers in-laws asshole.

Screaming in pain & ecstasy Nina Rogers was loving it. She didn't care that her daughter's husband was using her as his own personal fuck puppet. As Rocky kept drilling Nina he soon gave her what she so desired an anal cream pie. It wasn't Nina Rogers first and it sure wouldn't be her last.