I kept riding even after cumming all over his

I kept riding even after cumming all over his
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Sherry's Uncle Takes Her Bowling and she learns all about Balls and "Getting Off" My uncle was a whole lot of fun. I was almost 18 and a frisky pretty thing: nice boobs, a slender figure, I kept my blondish hair trimmed short and whenever he visited we would do our little wrestling and tickling game.

Then he would have a few beers, lounge around and talk with my parents. He was a nice looking older man and deep inside I wondered what it would be like to "be" with an older, more mature man…so I had my little girl fantasies but I wasn't all that little any more.

Besides, he was my uncle but the only handsome older man in my life…I loved his hands on me even if we were playing. I would stand in front of my mirror in the bathroom after a shower and comb my hair, standing naked in front of the mirror, admiring my feminine curves and the blond curly hair where my legs joined…In the shower I would pay special attention there, soaping myself to be as clean as possible and, in the process, sending me little thrills.

I hadn't had sex with anyone. I was, I said to myself, a prude and would save myself for the right person sometime many years in the future. Also, my parents were very protective and I was afraid of them even seeing me admiring myself after a shower but I did so anyway.

One day Uncle asked me: "Sherry, would you like to go bowling?" I had been bowling with my school chums and we had fun…going bowling with my Uncle sounded like something new, that would be fun…I was a little embarrassed…I'd never been anywhere, just my uncle and me…but I nodded and thought it would be fun…just to be out with an older man and me a sweet pubescent thing…I thought about what I would wear.

So we made a date for the following week…I had all kinds of thoughts of how it would be…just the two of us…on an outing and the others in the alley would see us…the pretty woman and the older man.

It made me feel all grown up…I had to decide what to wear…something pretty and fresh and new…but what? I thought about it all week…I thought about it after my shower and thought about it when I was in bed at night and in the morning when I woke up…I wanted to be someone my uncle could show off.

It was Saturday morning…I lay in bed…thinking of our special day at the bowling alley…cuddling with my pillow…it was all silly I knew…just my uncle and me but I shivered under the covers…I was going out and people would look at us and wonder…you know how people wonder and get ideas…so I would play my part.

It wasn't until noon when we would have our outing…I took my shower, admired myself in the mirror…my nipples got erect and stiff…I didn't know why and I felt a tingling down there…again not knowing why but a definite tingling and squeezed my legs and felt it again!

I went to my closet and picked out a pretty dress…put on my skimpiest panties, then the dress over my head. I was feeling grown up. "Hi, Sweetie," he said at the door…grabbing me as he always did and tickling me and hugging…I hugged him back. "Don't you look nice," he said. "You will be the prettiest girl at the bowling alley for sure." My nipples got hard and I felt that tingling again. "'Bye Mom. 'Bye Dad," I said and uncle and I were off to his car…He had a nice car with seats that went across… not the bucket seats…He opened the door and I got in, my dress being blown by the wind as I entered and I thought he had seen under my dress and seen my panties with the wind blowing up my dress.

He closed the door and got in on his side. "Well here we go. I've been looking forward to taking my pretty niece on an outing and bowling seemed like just the thing," he said. I smiled and wondered again if he had seen my skimpy panties. We drove to the alley. On the way he asked me about school and boyfriends: "Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked. "Kind of." "Well tell me about him," he said. I was blushing but my uncle wanted to know: "He says I'm pretty and sometimes he wants to kiss me," I said.

"Well," said Uncle, "do you let him kiss you?" I was getting a little nervous. Letting a boy kissing her was private stuff but she was with her uncle and she relaxed and said: "Yes!" Just that reply was causing strange feelings in me. I started breathing more and my nipples brushed on the fabric of my dress…it tingled in a different way.

"That's a natural thing to want to kiss a pretty girl," my uncle said, "and you are a very pretty girl, Sherry." My face was getting hot and flush. I could just feel it…but now we drove up to the bowling alley…thank goodness, I thought. I didn't want to talk about boyfriends and kissing any more…just go bowling with my Uncle, the nice older man who loved to hold, tickle and play with me every time he visited.

I looked forward to his visits and now we had an outing. The alley didn't have many people in it and we selected our bowling balls and began rolling them down the lanes. I would learn a lot about balls later on.

Uncle put me in charge of scoring and he would lean over my shoulder to check the scores. I didn't think he could inside my dress but I wasn't sure. I felt my nipples get hard every time he checked the score. I was doing pretty well. Uncle left for a few minutes and returned, putting a bottle of beer in front of me. I was surprised but started to drink the cool beer…it began to relax me in a strange way…release the tensions of the ride to the alley and the talk of kissing.

I was feeling very grown up. I began to think of that boy kissing her, on the lips, sticking his tongue in my mouth…and I licked his tongue. I hadn't told Uncle about that. It was their secret. The beer sure was good and as I drank it I felt the fluids traveling from my mouth lips to my nice little cunt lips. I knew it was a bad word and just thinking the word made me tingle.

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I squirmed in my chair, which only made me feel better and I wondered why beer traveled down there…teasing my body. I wasn't going to tell him what else my boyfriend had done besides kissing: that then he was putting his hand under my dress…feeling up my legs and petting me. I wasn't going to tell Uncle I had let him do it and spread my legs open for him to feel me. He was a naughty boy and had made me feel naughty and excited, especially when he put his hand inside my panties and played with my little hot cunt.

I had kissed him hard then. He had sent thrills through my whole body just using his fingers. "You're slippery and wet down here," he had said, "I love feeling you." Something in me made me feel proud of being slippery and wet…it made his fingers feel better…I was doing my part and opened my legs for his fingers.

But then it was late and time to go home. I wasn't going to tell Uncle about any of this I decided. And drank more beer. It cooled me down because now my face was flush. It was my time to bowl and I got up and did so. O knew uncle was watching my bottom as I made my movements with the ball.

I was getting tingly again and not from the beer. Uncle brought another beer for us. This one made me dizzy all over and made me feel good. I hoped uncle would ask me about kissing my boyfriend…now I would tell him about his tongue and how I loved to suck his tongue. It wasn't a dirty thing like my parents told me…it was just tongue sucking and I wanted to tell someone how wonderful it was…I decided to tell my Uncle about the other things too on the way home.

We bowled several games, and there was even another beer and I started to giggle and laugh and feel loose all over. It was a wonderful feeling. I was very relaxed. We were back in uncle's car and on the way home: "Uncle," I said out loud with a little girl giggle, "he puts his tongue in my mouth." "He does?" said uncle. "Sherry, you are a beautiful and shapely girl…what else does he do to you? You can tell me. It's between you and me." I grew quiet.

Should I tell all or keep my secrets. Secrets were hard to keep, especially with those beers, driving home with my uncle, my dress blowing up over my knees and cooling my body where it was hot…"He tried to put his hand up my dress," I blurted out.

"Did you let him?" "No," I said but I was lying now. I had let that hand wander over my body and over my panties before I came to my senses and pushed it away. "Sherry?" asked uncle. "You can tell me. It will be our secret. Girls like to be felt under their dresses." I was ashamed now and put my head down. I had said too much but it felt good to tell someone…I was starting to breathe more and I felt a coolness between my legs whenever the wind blew up my dress.

Uncle drove the car to a secluded area and parked. "yes he did," I exclaimed, "and he felt inside my panties, too. You know, with his fingers." I couldn't believe I had said that. My uncle looked at me then with a big smile.

"I'll bet it felt really good then," he said.


I nodded my head and rested back on the seat…my dress now above my knees. I let it stay there. I was feeling cool and knew I was wet from the talk and remembering his fingers. "Do you know the facts of life, honey?" he asked. I was scared now but in a good way. It was my uncle, after all, and I liked him very much…especially when he tickled me and now, when he brought me beer to relax. I sat there wondering what would happen next and uncle said: "I brought two more bottles of beer for us.

We can sit here in the car and talk about things…any and all things…and the facts of life." I began to drink the beer and felt a little dizzy from the beer and conversation. I wanted to hear what uncle was about to say and leaned into him.

He put his arm around me. "Scoot over here," he said, and I did. I scooted close and could feel his warmth. His hand was on my knee and under my dress. "Is this how your boyfriend puts his hand up here like this?" he asked as his hand went up my leg to my panties. "Yes," I said, enjoying the feeling of a grown man's hand. "Does he do this to you?" uncle asked as I felt his fingers inside my panties and moving on my body there. "Yes," she said. "Does it feel good?" uncle asked.

I sighed and leaned my head into his body hoping his hand wouldn't stop. I had nothing to say now as I was enjoying the feelings. His fingers were making me tingle and my legs sprang open.

"You're a wet little girl," uncle said. I nodded my head. "I'm going to bring you off now," uncle said as his fingers probed and rubbed on my slippery lips. I was wondering…is this how my boyfriend's fingers would make me feel? What was 'bringing me off?' I was about to find out as Uncle brought me off! I felt like I was "going off" to some other place.

I was thrilled and my bottom started to shake and I had a delicious orgasm, my very first, on my Uncle's loving fingers. I squeezed his hand and held it between my smooth, shapely legs. "I want to show you something," he said. My eyes were closed but I heard him unzip. "This is what girl's can do for guys. Do you want to find out?" I took another drink of beer and nodded. "Open your eyes, honey. Feel this." He took my hand and put it on something that was stiff and hot. I opened my eyes.

It was uncle's penis…erect and wet on top. I put my finger on the slippery top and played with it. "That feels wonderful," uncle said and I kept playing with the tip. "But there's more," uncle said…"reach below my penis…my cock…to my balls." I reached below and there were balls which, when I touched them, hardened and flexed in my hand. It was fascinating to learn about a man's anatomy…and it was our secret and private…I wondered about my boyfriend's penis and balls and couldn't wait to find out.

"Play with them, sweetie, they have the joy of life in them." I stroked his balls and my uncle slid further down on the car seat. "Do you want to kiss my penis," he asked.

I hesitated, wondering if I did. "It's nice if you kiss my penis and lick off my juices…" I put my head down, uncle stroking my blond hair and put out my tongue for a lick…it tasted strange but nice and I licked again. "Put your mouth around my penis while you are fondling my balls," Uncle instructed and I did. Uncle's penis began to pulse as my mouth and tongue played with him…he pressed me down on him and now his penis pulsed strongly and filled my mouth…I was gagging but swallowed…his semen oozing from the corners of my mouth.


It was a different taste but good in a different way and I licked my lips as I looked into my Uncle's eyes. He leaned down and kissed me…his tongue playing with his, still wet with his semen, as I responded. "That was wonderful, Sherry," he said.

I nodded my head, had another swallow of beer and sat back on my seat. "Those are some of the facts of life, sweetie," uncle said as he zipped up…"You are a very sexy and sexual woman. I made you feel good…better than good…and you made me feel good. Thank you." He started the engine and we slowly drove home as we both cooled down.

I was thinking all kinds of things about life, including…when could we go bowling again. I had had such a wonderful time! I let the wind blow under my dress and it cooled me down. That evening in bed I lay wide awake and in a dream state about the day's events. I loved the feel of my uncle's hands on my body and the taste of his wetness but most of all it was holding his balls with one hand and his penis with the other…kissing his warm stiff penis was sending me thrills again as I lay awake.

My hands were under the covers, feeling myself. She was wet and her cunt lips were all puffed up. She fingered herself until she shook all over. Then I thought of my boyfriend and planned to suck and taste his penis the very next date. I wondered if he would "bring me off." I hoped he would because it made me shake all over. Maybe they'd go bowling and park in a private place afterward…I began to drift off to sleep. It had been a wonderful…more than wonderful…day.

I dreamed of teaching my boyfriend all the new tricks I had learned from Uncle. Bowling and balls and stiff penises coming in my mouth. Chapter 3: Sherry and Uncle (2): More Bowling with Sherry, much more than just Balls! My uncle drove me home that afternoon. There were my Mom and Dad&hellip.Harry and Virginia Mae…"Hi Sherry! Did you have fun?" And my answer…"Yes I had a lot of fun." I walked to my room so neither of them would smell the beer that might have been on my breath…but Mom found out later.

I had spilled some on my dress in the car and it smelled. She was all over uncle for that…He apologized and told her "one beer [actually four]…I mean come on…she is almost of age and it's part of bowling." My Mom, Virginia Mae, calmed down…no harm no foul as far as she knew…and the only harm was that uncle had opened my eyes and my thighs to new pleasures that gave me dreams of things to come.

It was a few weeks later, uncle had visited…we hugged and tickled…he made me feel tingly this time with his hugs and tickles…and "Let's go bowling again Sherry." I looked at my Mom who said, sternly…"No beer!" and uncle said: "Absolutely…no beer…my mistake. It won't happen again." And so we had another date for bowling.

I was excited. I liked my uncle and we had fun. I didn't know what would happen but wanted, ached, to find out. The weekend came. Uncle arrived, did his hug and tickle and off we went. This time he said we were going to another alley and took me across town to the "other" alley…It was over an hour drive. I wondered why we had gone so far. When we arrived, it wasn't an alley at all but a motel. "I've got a room for us. Then we'll go bowling afterward.

We need to talk about things and I need to show you things that we can't do in a car or at a bowling alley. We'll have a good time. I promise." I was very nervous in a good way. I was having an exciting time and was ready to be "brought off" again if that happened.

Uncle came to my side of the car, took my hand, led me into a room that he had already arranged. It was a nice room…a couch and a bed and a TV. We sat down. Uncle went to the little refrigerator and took out two beers…Beer again, I thought.

I liked beer and liked drinking it with uncle. I would be careful not to spill any this time and Mom would never know. "Sherry," he said, "It's time we talked on things about boyfriends and how to handle them.

To talk about boys and men and what they want. Your Mom and Dad say it's all dirty and you can't do it…but a girl's body is another thing. A girl can be a very determined person but then her body takes over and she does things she shouldn't do…all because her body takes charge. Do you understand what I'm saying?" I nodded and drank the beer…Uncle brought me another and I began to drink it, too.

It relaxed me and I wasn't afraid of my Uncle. He was being nice and wanted nice things for me. Maybe he'd feel me again, get me slippery and wet, make my legs shake and my face go flush. I didn't know but I'd like to do that again. I was hoping I got to go "off" again…it was great…really, really great.

I had told some of my girlfriends what it was like to be "brought off" and they were jealous. I was always telling people about my life and now telling them about my sex life. It got me excited to tell people.

We sat on the couch. He turned on the TV and put in a video tape. "I've got a video for you and me to watch," he said. I watched as all kinds of things were shown on the TV&hellip.There was a woman in a skimpy dress and she was cooking dinner. Into the kitchen came a tall good-looking guy.

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He went to the woman and gave her a hug…then his hand went under her little dress…taking it off…she was gorgeous and naked at the waist. She was shaved at her middle. "Uncle," I said. "She doesn't have any hair there!" Uncle smiled…"It's what some women do," he said. Then it got more interesting and I swallowed the beer in gulps. She took down his pants. He had an enormous penis which stood straight up.

She played with it, sucked it…just like I had sucked Uncle's…and fondled his balls, too…just as I had done. I felt tingling and more at my waist. "Want another beer?" asked uncle. I nodded and as he walked to the little refrigerator I pulled up my dress to rest high on my thighs. Uncle brought us both another beer and patted my legs. I opened them a little to where I knew he could see my panties. I looked down at my panties and could see my blonde hair.

I wondered what it would be like to shave it off. Uncle smoothed my legs and his hand went up to my panties. "You're naughty.

You know that?" he said. "Your panties are damp. Let me take them off." I lifted myself and uncle took off my panties. The air cooled me and I drank more of the beer. When uncle said that trigger word "off" a thrill went through me as I knew I would be getting off again. I couldn't take my eyes off the TV…the man was moaning and the woman was sucking that cock, feeling his balls…then they both stopped…he led her to the kitchen table, lifted her on it…moved her legs apart…she took his cock in her hands and fed it into her.

My hand went under my dress, up my thigh and onto my cunt. Gosh just watching the movie had my hands moving and the thought of my cunt, no longer a dirty word to me, made me shiver. No wonder my panties were damp! In the movie the woman put her arms around this man and he began to stroke her in and out…her legs moved each time and then she grabbed his neck and cried out.

The man got on his knees then and kissed her cunt as she held his head into her. An amazing scene. I'd never seen anything like it. Uncle had his arm around me now and I leaned into him. The scene, his arm, the beer, the TV…I was breathing hard…Uncle put his hands under my dress and I let him.

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He put his hands up my legs and I let him. He had already pulled off my little panties and I had let him. He had pulled them down my legs and now I was bare and vulnerable but he was my Uncle.

I felt so relaxed and hot. It would all be okay.

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The air was cooling me at my waist. I knew I was wet and slippery. I put my hand on my cunt where Uncle's fingers were playing with me.

"You're a very sexy little girl," he said. I laid my head back, closing my eyes, enjoying what his fingers were doing. I stroked his hand to tell him I liked what he was doing. "Your cunt is hot and wet," he said…his fingers feeling me. "That's a bad word," I said. "Yes," he said, "but your cunt is beautiful and I like feeling it," he said. I nodded my head. He felt so good. "You like me feeling your cunt, don't you?" I nodded and opened.

"Sherry," he said. "Tell me what I'm doing to you." I said: "Uncle…you are feeling my hot, wet cunt and I love it…I…[gasping for breath] said, "I love it so much!

Please don't stop." Then, thinking, I said: "Uncle, are you going to bring me off again?" But Uncle stopped just when I felt I was building explosive feelings. "Sherry," he said. "Yes," I replied. "I'm going to show you something new if that's okay." I just nodded…what he was doing was making me shake and my legs were just moving open for him&hellip.He got off the couch. "Remember how you licked my penis?" he said. I nodded again…my mouth was full…I didn't want to talk…I was desperate to be "brought off" again…I felt an aching that I couldn't describe…"I'm going to lick you now.

Lean back." I leaned back. "Scoot down." I scooted down. Then the most amazing thing happened…Uncle's mouth was at me…his tongue on my cunt…that word wasn't dirty any more…just thinking of the word: "cunt" got me tingling…I was shocked.

I had never felt anything so splendid and hot…his tongue was licking me…licking me to places I had never been…his fingers pulled apart my cunt lips…I felt his tongue entering my body licking the sides of my "cunt" Yes!…now that was a wonderful word and it was a glorious feeling…that tongue licking me…he lifted my legs, spreading me totally wide…I wanted this, put my hands on Uncle's head and pressed him into me just like the woman in the movie.


I was acting out the part and began to moan it felt so good. And then little grunts came from my mouth…beginning to gasp for air and lifted my cunt for more licking. I heard his breathing and the lapping at me and I was totally releasing every impulse of my body on his mouth…"Uncle…Uncle," I moaned. He stopped…PLEASE don't stop I'm so close! "No Sherry…don't say 'uncle'…this is our secret and you can't say that word.

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When you've had enough of this when you are so sensitive you can't stand any more licking, when I've brought you off… and you want me to stop say 'okay, okay'" said uncle. I didn't want to speak, just feel…release all my body on his tongue…but finally I exhaled and inhaled and exhaled again and said, finally&hellip."Okay, Okay." and uncle licked a few more times and then petted me down as my breath slowed. I was Uncle's "Okay Girl." I didn't care if we went bowling that day but couldn't wait for another "bowling day." I was an "Okay, okay" girl ever after.

A lesson taught by my uncle I would never forget. That night I lay in bed and thought of all I had learned.

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I had learned a lot about bowling