Does anyone know where this is from

Does anyone know where this is from
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Para entrar na Fraternidade  Vale Tudo  ate fazer o que nao quer assistam

### Before I start my story, here is little about my family. I am now 22 and this happened when I was 19. I am 5'10' medium built, mom is 42, She is 5'1" with long black hair and dark brown eyes she has very good figure of 34D, 27, 36. Yes, she has a nice rounded bottom. My dad is a very successful businessmen and often out of country for months at time. Mom was housewife and raised me by herself.

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Mom and dad loved each other a lot and had very active sex life when he was home which was not often. Since I gained my knowledge about the sexual world, I always look at mom as some sex kitten. I am sure most boys do. I used to masturbate a lot thinking about mom. Since dad was out of town a lot, mom and I got to be close. We could talk about any topic at all and she was always very open-minded. One day we were in kitchen table having dinner and topic of my girlfriend came up.

She asked me "How is your love life are you still with Carol?" I said "Well yes I am still with her, but its not going so good. " She asked "Are you at least getting laid?" All I could say was "Mom!" Mom smiled some and then responded breezily, "Don't be shy! Its ok, remember we are best friends and we can share anything." I was still not comfortable talking about it but she wouldn't let it go.

Finally, she said, "You're at least getting fucked, aren't you?" I was very much surprised that mom used work fucked. While I was growing up I never heard her use any kind of curse words. Hearing her talking like that gave me some courage. I said "Ok, since we're being open and I have to tell you then about my sex life and you must answer my question about yours, deal?" She agreed, and then said, "Now tell me are you getting laid." My answer was "I do get to have sex with her but not as often as I would like to." She said, "At least you get it!" I said, confused by her answer "what do you mean by that?" She responded, "You know your father is gone a lot so I am home alone.

I have not had sex with anyone for more then month now." I said, "Why don't you find boyfriend?" Her response was that she didn't want to be known by the town as 'easy'. The chat went on for while and mom opened up more and told me she had a high sex drive and liked to do it as often as she could. The only problem was there was nobody that she could do it with, so she just uses her dildo and masturbates but its not as good as real thing.

I asked her "What does she enjoy most in sex?" "Well I like to enjoy every aspect of sex. I love oral and to get fucked hard. " I was little shocked and excited as how open and language she was using. I told her that I enjoy both of those things as well specially getting blowjobs. She said, "All men enjoy that, I can tell you I am very good at it." Hearing her I was getting excited and needed some relief of my own, as I was trying to hide bulge in my pants from her.

I told her that we would have to continue this conversation later as I am getting tired and got up off chair started to go to bed. "It was very nice to talk openly with you without worrying about you getting upset. I enjoyed our conversation a lot." I said She said "Likewise and I see that it has done something for you, and from now on we could share things like that since you are not a kid anymore." I ran upstairs and took all my cloths off and jumped in bed and started to masturbate thinking about her and how she likes it.

Soon, I was shooting cum all over me as thought of our conversation with mom and me were running in my head.

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When I was finish I went to bathroom to clean myself, and I heard noises coming out of mom's room like someone was crying. I peeked in door and was very much surprised! It was mom on the bed lying naked with her eyes closed playing with dildo and moaning. I stood there and watched for minute. All of sudden mom puts dildo and started fucking herself and saying "Yes Ryan, fuck me, fuck mommy good! Ryan oh Ryan fuck mommy hard!!" I said to myself that she must be horny that's why she had that erotic chat with me today and now thinking that she is fucking her son.

Listening to her I got little brave but my heart was pounding and I started walking towards her bed. I stood there and watched up close how mom was pushing that dildo in and out of her.

I couldn't stand it anymore I reached and touch her on thigh and mom all of sudden jumped and try to cover herself with sheet, which was no use as she was lying on it. I got scared and ran to my room.

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After few minutes, mom came to room and had a robe on. She said "I am sorry Ryan I didn't mean it. I was so sexually frustrated and since we had that chat all I could think of was you.

I hope you forgive me." I sat there and told mom "Its ok you are not the only one, I have fantasized about you many times. When I masturbate I always think of you. " She asked how long I have been thinking about her in sexual way and what would I like to do with her. I said" I like the idea of mom and son, it really turns me on, I've been reading a lot of stuff on incest with mom on net and it really gets me excited." She said, "I would love to read some stories as well, if you don't mind.

Would you show me some of the stories?" I got up of the bed and went to one of the sites that had picture and stories on the subject of mom and son. She was leaning on my shoulder as I open the site. As soon as the site was open she asked me to get up. "Let me have a look." she went exploring the world of incest in front of me. She looked at some pictures and I could tell she was getting hot looking at the picture. Then she asked me which of the stories is your favorite?

I told her the one with mom and son. She started to read it, as she was reading I could hear very slight moan.

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After a while of her reading I asked, "Are you enjoying it?" She said "Very much so". I asked her if she is enjoying the story so much why not read it out loud so I can enjoy it as well. She agreed and as she was reading it, I could she was getting very turned on by it.

I got brave and went to her and put my hand on her shoulder and she didn't move. As she was reading I slid my hand down to her breast on top of robe and she didn't stop me I gave a very gentle squeeze and she let out a soft moan. Then she said, "You know Ryan, we are not supposed to do this. It's wrong." I didn't pay any attention to her telling me to stop, as I told her keep reading and started kissing back of her neck to which she didn't protest at all.

As she read more the hotter she was getting, not to mention me feeling her up and being taboo got her even hotter. I took that opportunity and slid her robe off her shoulder and got my first view of her tit. It was sagging a little but nice with big pink nipple. Soon after I undid front of her robe and slid both shoulder off with her tits in my full view.

I ran my hand over them and squeezed them without mom even saying anything. She continued reading until story was finished. She was very hot while I continued playing with her while she read the taboo story about mother fucking her son. After finished reading she got up. As she was getting up, I held her from behind and gave her hug from behind and my hand were cupping her tits and rubbing them, my hard cock was pocking her in ass. She moaned and moved a bit. Her movement caused my cock to find the crack of her ass.

I knew there was no stopping us now and she was not putting up much of fight. She kept saying that it was wrong, that it was incest.

"Oh Ryan, how could we do this its wrong?" Her mind was saying one thing but her body was saying another. I turned her facing me and gave her kiss right on her lips and she responded as back as our tongue had a wrestling match in her mouth as both of us enjoyed the moment. Soon after she was just enjoying our kissing as I slid her robe off her and picked her up off the floor and carried her to my bed.

I laid her down on as we continue to kiss and my hand started to roam all over her body. She was enjoying it as well as she her hand started to roam as well and she slid her hand on my ass and pulled me tight to her. We were grinding a little, while I was still in my boxers. I slid to her side and started licking her nipples as she let out a moan. Her hand moved and started to rub my cock. I kept kissing and sucking her nipple and nibbling on her tits.

She reached with her hand and pressed my head on her tits and said, "Bite my nipples Ryan. Oh, you are making me so hot." I did as she asked and started to bite on her nipple little harder, as my hand reached between her thighs and found her soaking wet pussy as I kept going from one nipple to the other. At that time mom asked me to take off my underwear.

Mom and I were both naked for first time together. She reached for my cock and started rubbing it as I was rubbing her pussy and working on her tits. Mom asked me to turn around and I did, Mom licked my cock and got it nice and wet then after few strokes she started giving me blowjob. She took my full 7 and 1/2 inch in her mouth.

I had never had a blowjob before, it was such a great feeling to feel her mouth slide down my cock and she was the best at cocksucker that I ever experienced. Her sucking my cock and the taboo of it all I could not hold myself anymore.

"I am Cumming, I am Cumming mom!!!" Mom never stopped and kept sucking as I exploded in her mouth and she drank every bit of it. After kissing and cuddling little more mom went back on my cock and started sucking again and in no time she had me hard as rock.

After few more strokes, she got on top of me, and put my cock head right on her pussy and lowered her pussy on my fully erected cock. It was wonderful feeling. This is very first time I had entered mom's pussy.


She was moving slow, rocking back and forth while I played with her titties. Then she lowered herself on me and we were kissing while she was going up and down on my cock. Oh what a wonderful feeling that was as I grabbed her ass and pushed it all in me!


As we were fucking she started saying "Oh Ryan, you are so big just like your dad!! Oh fuck me Ryan!!! Ryan you are such a motherfucker!!! Oh baby now fuck me hard Ryan!!

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Fuck your mother like a little slut, oh yeah Ryan fuck me like a slut!!" I grabbed her and rolled her over so I was on top of her and she opened her legs wider. I started to fuck her, as she was moving in rhythm with me.

I started to fuck her hard like she had told me in our chat and started to ram my cock in her harder and deeper, as she kept saying "Oh god how good it feels, oh Ryan fuck your mother good!

Oh fuck, yeah fuck your slut of a mother, fuck me hard!!" Hearing her talk dirty was getting me so hot and I was about to unload and told mom I am about to cum and she said "Don't worry just keep fucking me. Just cum in me you motherfucker!! Fuck me hard! Cum in me!!" and with that I started to explode in her pussy as she gotten even more wet. With my cock throbbing, she screamed "Oh fuck god I am Cumming!! Oh god that is so fucking good!!" I finished Cumming inside of her.

I collapsed on her as we shared a long wet kiss. Then I pulled out and started sucking her pussy with my juice and her juice mixed it, it tasted so good. Then got up to her face and she just grabbed my face and started kissing and licking cum from my mouth to her. As we lay in bed cuddling, she said that was best fuck she ever had.

I told her "Mom that was the best fuck for me too." We just played around bit more she lit a cigarette and offered one to me as well but I don't smoke. We talked and kissed bit more. I asked mom "Does that mean that we can do this again?

" She said, "Ryan I would not stop you from now on you can have me anytime anywhere as long as dad is not around." We played and fucked everywhere in house for rest of month including the day dad came home.

It was little harder not to touch or more important not to fuck her when he was home but we never missed a day as soon as he went to work mom and me had our hot fucking session. I have put idea in mom's head of divorcing father and she has agreed to do it in time as she could come up with some excuse to leave him. After she said that she showed me some pictures of her that wanted me to fuck her even harder.

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