Casal fodendo gostoso ap oacute_s menstrua ccedil_ atilde_o Casal Alex Clau

Casal fodendo gostoso ap oacute_s menstrua ccedil_ atilde_o Casal Alex Clau
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Authors note: a comment asked me why Alex didn't get Kara's powers when they kissed. The reason he didn't get her powers is because with willow her powers are all mental not physical they're all powers that the mind use's, unlike magic that melody will teach him which is physical using the body and spirit the same goes for Kara her powers are physical as well so she would have to train him to teach him her powers.

As in every chapter this story contains themes some may not like such as young, incest, mind control, and possibly bestiality down the road. Thank you and enjoy the story. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = CHAPTER 5 I left the mall happy as I could almost practically skipping down the road.

I got the girl I always wanted to date, even though were just fuck buddies for now, still I know it'll get even better. As I was driving home I noticed a shop that I've never seen before whether it was new or I just haven't seen it before I wasn't sure but something about the place called me in to it. I pulled the car over to nearby parking space and walked back to the shop.

I looked up at the sign which looked old and rotted away as if its seen many years of use. The sign read "Esters shop of mystical wonders". I think it was just everything that's happened so far but I was suddenly interested in stuff like this the kind of stuff that I used to think was all fake hocus pocus, but now I saw this stuff as possibilities as ways to learn what I can about this new world.

I opened the door to the old looking shop and the little bells rang as I opened the doors to signify to the owners a customer was here. The shop was lined with all sorts of old books most of the bindings and covers not even written In english. The shop looked deep as if stretching for miles "most likely a cause of magic" I thought to myself.

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I passed by a few more shelves which contained stuff like shrunken heads and jars of dust that said zombie powder, my guess was that I was in the voodoo section. I finally found the counter of the shop. nobody was sitting there sadly but I noticed a little sign that read "please ring bell for service" with an arrow pointing towards a bell I hadn't noticed before. I rang the bell and waited … nothing happened, I turned around and was about to leave thinking about how I'll try again some other time when I heard.

"what can I help you for?" I turned around to see a very short old woman sitting on a bar stool behind the counter. she must be about 3 feet tall" I thought to myself. "um yes I'd like to know if." "you have any books pertaining to information on the creators correct?" she said as if reading my mind. "y-yes how did you know." "what you were going to say?

Its written all over you boy you let your thoughts just leak right out of you, you might want to watch what you think young creator." I was a bit taken aback by that I wasn't expecting someone to be reading my mind exactly.

"we have one book pertaining to the information of the creators but it is off limits I'm sorry to inform you, please feel free to browse our shop for our many other fine selections though" "thank you I think I will have a look around" I nodded as I walked off down the isles. When I came across more books with strange writing I thought to turn my eyes on and as I did suddenly all the words became understandable. I made my way down the isles while reading the covers of the books when I saw a particular one that caught my eye.

The book was different in a way the book itself was covered in all black leather looking material and had silver bindings and writing on the cover " The Octulus" I was drawn to it as I was drawn to this store I decided I should go with my instinct and buy it so I picked it up off the shelf.

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As I headed back to the counter to purchase the book I noticed a glass case filled with many thing but like with the the book I was immediately drawn to a pocket watch sitting in the far back of the case.

The watch was gold and had silver lining on it just like the book but the silver formed into an image of the sun. I turned around to call the shop keeper over but she was already behind me much to my surprise. I barely stifled myself when I found her behind me. "do you want that" she said pointing her long boney finger at the watch.

I simply nodded. Then as I looked back at the case the watch was gone. "come with me to the counter to complete your purchase" she said. I got up and followed the old lady to the counter. The watch was just sitting there already.

"will that be all?" "no ma'am" I said as I place the book on the counter as well. She she gave me a curious look as I placed the book on the counter but said nothing.


I purchased the items and left the store. When I finally got home bag in hand I was a little shocked to say the least, sitting at the kitchen table was everybody having a conversation and laughing, and when I say everybody I meant everybody there was : mom, Willow, Melody, and Anna. "umm whats going on" I asked incredulously. Mom answered "oh were just having a nice chat with your friend melody she said you had to go out somewhere and that you'd be back in a bit" "oh yeah sorry I didn't mean to make you wait" I said trying to play the role.

"no problem but hey can I talk with you for a sec?" "sure" I said as me and melody walked down the hallway to my bedroom. As soon as I shut the door melody came up to me and started whispering"so what are you gonna do about your family?

You know were gonna be here for a bit I think they might find it odd if a friend just starts living here." "wait what do you mean living here? Your gonna be staying here!?" "of course I'm just following the outlines your father gave me. Trust me I don't like this anymore than you." "well how am I supposed to tell them huh?, oh hey guys this is melody she teaches me magic she'll be living with us for a bit, cause I'm sure that'll go over just peachy" "no retard how bout you use that new power of yours to make them think I already live here or make them accept whatever you say." despite my earlier comment that was a pretty good idea.

So I agreed with melody and she left the room I then called mom and Anna to my room. When they came in and sat down on my bed I activated my powers and told them.

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"melody will now be living with us you will do and listen to anything I say. Every time you do something correct I will give you a wave of pleasure" I know I have always had a dominant side in me so these prospects had me a bit excited then I thought about something and said " there may be more people living here in the future, also you are not to be jealous of anybody I bring home and do anything with.

Do you understand?" they both collectively answered "yes sir." It hadn't really hit me on what I could really do with this power until now and it excited me to no end to say the least.

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I thought up a few ideas for later and left the room with mom and Anna. Melody was standing there looking like she was waiting for a response. Mom was the first one to speak.

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"I'm so glad to hear that you living with us now if I would've known I would have made some food to welcome you" "Oh no it's fine ms. Wells no worries really I had a big lunch before I came here anyways so I don't think I'd even be able to eat a bite." melody said while looking over to me giving a knowing smile.

I smiled back while the girls all had some long conversation in which the topic would change about every five minutes or so. A few hours later Melody walked up to me and said "good work with them it's like they think I've been here forever or something" she chuckled.

"yeah but is this really right to do? I mean taking over people making them do whatever I want?" I asked feeling a bit guilty. "well that depends on what you do with it if you can make people happy then sure it's a good thing as long as you don't make them do something bad like rob a bank or something then your good but no worries I don't judge, but I do know why your feeling bad you've been thinking about making people fuck you huh?" she asked nonchalantly.

I nodded and blushed slightly to embarrassed to answer. "well let me tell you this I don't really think its wrong as long as its good for them to just remember always leave them with a happy experience. Then its ok alright?" "alright, you know I thought you were kind of a bitch at first but now I can see you've got your good points to you as well, you'd make a good mother." I laughed as I lightly prodded her side.

"yeah you to kid" she laughed as well. "wait how old are you?" I asked after realizing I never found out. "huh?

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Oh well I'm 15." she stated proudly. "Huh! 15 then I'm older then you haha" "wait what? What do you mean your older how old are YOU?

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She asked "I'm 16 why how old did you think I was?" "16 holy crap! I thought you were like 13 or something." we stared at each other for a second then we just couldn't hold in our laughter. While we were laughing there mom and willow were watching us. "I'm glad they could become friends" mom said. "yeah me to they'll need to be with all the hardships that'll be coming along" "huh did you say something?" "oh no it was nothing don't worry about it." a few hours had passed since then and I was now sitting in my room staring at the watch in my hands.

I don't know why I bought it but I just feel like it was important to me somehow but for now I had now idea why. I slipped the watch into my drawer and pulled out the book I stared at the title "The Octulus" I was drawn to the book just as I was to the watch. I flipped through the pages of the book but the writing inside was in no language I could read to be honest I don't even think the language existed within the normal humans languages. I turned on my eyes and nothing changed the pages were still unreadable.

As I slipped the book into the same drawer as the watch I heard a knock on my door. "who is it?" I asked "Alex its me can I come in?" it was Annas' voice. "oh sure sis come on in" "thanks" she said while slipping into my room. When she was in full view I was shocked at what she was wearing but in a good way.

She stood there wearing a Black teddy with matching black garder belts, the outfit plus her light fair skin was a deadly combination it just seemed to illuminate her skin and push up her nice full DD's, and I've never been much of an ass man but I swear she would be the one to convert me over. Her face had heavy eyeliner on but the amount that make any woman just look drop dead sexy. She smiled as she saw me checking her out head to toe.

"do you like" she asked in her sexiest voice possible. " I like it a lot" "well my master get's to do whatever he wants to this body." she said running her hands along her hips and down her ass. "Master?" I thought. were did that come from I hadn't made her say it so that means she said it over her own free will. "master huh?" I said this time aloud. "do you not want me to call you that?" she said with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"no no I really liked it I just wanted to know why?" she visibly brightened up when I said I liked it. "well I'm just that kind of person I liked to be dominated. I just love the idea of doing whatever someone tells me to do" "ah ok" "Is there anything my master wants me to do for him?" she said with her sexy voice.

"yes slave I want you to suck my cock" she lit up again at being called slave and started walking over to me" "what do you think your doing slave?" "d-did I do something wrong master?" she asked a little scared. "yes you did I never told you that you could walk to me now get on your knee's and crawl over here" by this time I started seeing the inside of her thigh start to shine brightly from her juice's leaking down.

"yes master" she said as she got on her knee's and crawled over to me her face level with my dick she looked me in the eyes and asked "can I please suck masters cock" "yes you can slave." I told her.

She brought her lips up to the head and started planting kisses all around it.


Then she moved down planting soft kisses all over my shaft before beginning to lick all over my dick covering every inch in her saliva. After my tongue bath was over she pressed her lips to the head and slowly opened her lips as she lowered her awaiting mouth onto me.

As she went as deep as she could which was about 4 inches she started bobbing her head up and down while licking along as well and I couldn't help but moan. I didn't have a lot of experience with blowjobs this being my second one ever but I could tell she was an amateur but that didn't make it a bad thing in fact it being her first ever blowjob made it all the more hotter as she attacked my dick eagerly.

She bobbed her head up and down faster and faster and took one hand and started stroking the part of me that wasn't in her mouth. She pulled her head almost all the way off until her lips were sealed tight around the head while she stroked the rest with her hands. As her tongue started flicking at my slit I started feeling really close and not wanting this night to end just yet I pulled her off of me much to her and my dismay.

" I don't want to blow just yet I still have more I want to do" I said to her "now slave I want you get undressed and get on your hands and knees on the bed" I commanded she simply replied with a "yes master!" she slowly took off the teddy off and I thought. "wait leave the garder belt on" "yes master" she then crawled onto the bed and got on all fours as I positioned myself behind her, and slowly slid into her hot awaiting hole. I felt her warmth envelope me as I slowly moved back and fourth feeling her warm velvet insides grip my manhood.

I moved my hips slowly building up speed but not to much.


As I moved she was moaning quietly underneath me as I brought hands down to grasp onto her huge firm breasts rubbing her rock hard nipples into my palms moving my hands every now and then to pinch them. "please stop teasing me I need you to fuck me now!" she pleaded looking as if she was gonna cry. "what was that? Is that how you supposed to ask me?" I said teasing her as I slowed down even more.

"please master fuck your slaves wet pussy hard, I want you to fuck me so hard that the only thing I'll ever be able to think about is your cock!" "I'll grant my slave her request" I said as I started plowing into her hard and fast while simultaneously sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

"oooooooooohhhhhh god master thank you, oooohhh yesss, ooh oooh GOOODDD!!" she screamed loudly as she tightened around me in orgasm. While she was cumming I reached a hand down and started rubbing her clit causing her to have another few waves of orgasm. I felt myself drawing closer to cumming about the same time I gave her her fifth orgasm. I moaned loudly as I fucked her over and over impaling her on my cock while she mumble barely coherent words while constantly moaning.

I felt myself drawing nearer as I pulled out and flipped her over spraying my cum all over her stomach tits and face leaving huge white globs all over her.

"thank you so much bro I love you" she said barely on the verge of consciousness. " I love you too" I said just as she passed out on my bed. As I got up to turn off my light but I suddenly heard a scramble at my door and sounds like someone running away. As I opened my door I looked around but saw nobody there but when I looked down I saw a pair of panties lying on the ground.

"the culprit must have taken these off to better enjoy themselves while watching us" I thought to myself. "there's only one person who would were theses kind of panties" I thought as I headed down the hall to the other side of the house and knocked on the door. I heard a small meek. "come in" so I did. I saw her sitting on the bed with her face all red like she knows she's been caught.

"mom we need to talk." was all I said.