Huge tits blonde teaching her students a yoga exercises

Huge tits blonde teaching her students a yoga exercises
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No one else seemed to be up when she stepped out of her room so she took a long hot shower to ease the aches and stiffness through her body.


The water was soothing not just for her muscles but her mind. Her feelings on last night were complicated. She'd been forcibly restrained and fucked in the ass for hours on end until she literally passed out, and then they continued in her sleep.

By any normal margin that would be considered sexual assault but obviously the usual rules didn't apply. She wondered if being gagged and restrained affected the consent rule. What if she had wanted to say no but had no way to? On the other hand, there had been something strangely thrilling about being unable to resist.

Even when she was only half sure the people having their way with her were her roommates, she had been starting to enjoy herself. Everyone had rape fantasies every once in a while, didn't they? She pushed the thoughts out of her head as she finished rinsing off the soap and toweled herself off.

She no longer wanted to overthink these things. It started to seem easier, better for everyone, the more control she let them have over her. Being fucked up the butt eleven times in one night was not her ideal situation but she trusted them enough that they weren't doing it sadistically, that if she seemed distressed or in any danger they would have called things off. At this point any notional ideas of where her limits were had been far pushed back as there was so far nothing they had done she wouldn't be willing to do again, if the mood took them.

She felt a tingle in her lower belly as she tried to imagine what kind of depravity they might have in store for her. As she left the bathroom, finishing drying herself off as she crossed the hall to her room she could hear the sounds of breakfast activity in the kitchen/dining area and realized it had been an entire day since she'd eaten.

After breakfast and being surprised at lunch she had then slept through until morning. No wonder she'd been so faint. She picked up the photo album the guys had given her and tucked it under her arm as she strolled out to join them at the table, gingerly sitting down resting most of her weight on one side of her buttcheeks.

She set the album down and reached for some toast that Sam was piling up on a plate in the centre of the table as it came out of the toaster. "Thank you for the lovely memento." She said drily as she smeared some jam on the slice and took a bite. "I can say with complete honesty it is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received." "It was Angus' idea." Brandon blurted, seemingly guiltily.

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"Well," Tegan smiled warmly as she looked from Brandon to Angus "I'll have to make sure I thank him properly later on." She kept her tone light but put an edge in it that might have implied something slightly menacing. She intended it as a joke but she noticed Brandon flinch.

She liked that. "Think nawt of it lass. And don' worry about copies, they're all in there." Angus tapped on the album, reassuring her that their house secret remained as such. Tegan finished her slice of toast and started on a second slice, idly flipping through the pages again and coolly regarding the images of herself being repeatedly violated by the three men at the table with her. She paused on the one of her slightly gaped backdoor, her puffy pussy lips wrapped around the dildo.

"I think this one is my favourite, you really know how to make a girl feel special." Sam seated himself across from her. "I took that one. I'm not gonna lie, just looking at it has me at half mast." "Dude." Brandon grimaced, putting down his bowl of cereal. "Do we have to talk about your dick first thing in the morning?" "What? She's sitting there with her tits out looking at pictures of herself getting fucked and I can't even say that gets me hard?" "I'm surprised you can even get a hard on after fucking me four times in a row." Tegan interjected.

"Which, by the way, is pretty impressive." "Well, we had a little help from our good friend Viagra." "And here I thought you just really liked me and had a lot of pent-up frustration from our week off." "That too, which is why we agreed a pharmaceutical-assisted marathon fuckfest was in order." "And you decided to exclusively fuck me in the ass because…?" "To be honest, we figured if we were going to roleplay a gang rape we might as well go all out." Sam said simply.

"Well as long as we're being honest, I was terrified." She paused. "At first, anyway." There was a long silence. "But then I really enjoyed it. That being said, eleven times might be a little much. If we could try to focus a little less on anal in the future? I'm not saying it's off the table and I understand the enthusiasm, but I do hope you remember I have a vagina as well." She felt like a teacher lecturing misbehaving students.

The guys all nodded their understanding. "Speaking of anal" Angus piped up "ah cannae help but notice yeh didn't have your plug in yesterday." "Oh. No, I guess I didn't." she blushed. Obviously everyone here knew about the plug arrangement but she hadn't really discussed it with Brandon and Sam present before. "And ah'll bet it's not in now, neither." Angus waggled his finger. "Ah'm gonnae give yeh a free pass on the spanking considering tae punishment we doled out yesterday, but yer on yer final warning.

You know what that means." Tegan nodded, contritely. "What's it mean" Brandon blurted with a weird sense of urgency. "It means she gets an upgrade.

Tae help her remember." There was another silence which Tegan eased by turning her subject back to the album, flipping to the last page of photos and the inion. "What's this supposed to mean? 'Next time you can be queen'?" Brandon suddenly became extremely fixated on his now empty cereal bowl. Angus gestured at Sam, indicating he should explain.

"Well, here's the thing. You've been a really good sport about all this sex slave stuff." "It was my idea, you know." "Yeah, but I mean… we felt like maybe you weren't completely aware of what you were getting into, and we uh… we took a lot of liberties with that." "I don't disagree, but that doesn't mean I regret it." Tegan said carefully.

She wondered if they suddenly wanted to cancel the deal and last night was like a 'last hurrah'. She didn't want it to end so soon. "I'm sure if you did you'd have mentioned it. But we wanted to try something a bit different." "What do you mean?" "Well so far most of what we've done has involved you as the submissive one. And as fucking hot as that has been, we were thinking we might… you know… flip the for a change." "You want me to be some kind of dominatrix?" "Bingo." "You all want that?" "Well Brandon took a little convincing to admit it, but I've seen his internet history." "I look at lots of different stuff." Brandon said defensively.

"Possibly the only time a guy will ever admit that publicly." Sam turned his attention back to Tegan. "We thought it might be fun, to give you control." Tegan mulled it over. So far it seemed like the most daunting sexual challenge so far. What the hell did they want from her? She imagined herself in a leather corset cracking a whip and making them lick her toes. It was hard to see the appeal for any of them, but maybe they were finding just having sex with her too easy, especially when she didn't fight back.

"When do you need an answer on this?" "Hey, no rush. We aren't going anywhere, right?" "No, I suppose not." Tegan smiled. "So just while I'm thinking it over, what's off the table?" "No gay stuff." Brandon said, then looked abashed as everyone turned to look at him. "No offence or anything but I'd just rather not get any more intimate with these guys than I already have." "Cannae say I want to muck around with anothae men's junk meself." Angus agreed.

Sam shrugged, apparently indifferent on the subject. "Ok, so no man on man action for my amusement. Is that all?" The guys all look at each other and seemed to not come up with anything. "I think we're just going to trust your judgment." Sam said, with another shrug. "I doubt you're going to hook a car battery up to my balls or anything." "No, of course not.

I don't have any jumper cables." Tegan deadpanned. "Then I think we have an understanding." Sam laughed. "Now I should probably get ready for work." ----- After the guys had left for work, with even Brandon needing to head off to class, Tegan retired to her room, gingerly inserted her buttplug into her sore anus then lay down with her tablet and spent some time googling bdsm topics, hoping to stumble across a Dominatrix for Dummies guide somewhere.

She really wasn't sold on the idea but it was growing on her. She just wondered how she could make it a satisfying experience last night she'd been overpowered and sodomised for hours and now they expected her to convince them she was some kind of domineering mistress to turn them into her subjects for a night. Presumably the point was that they would play along, but she didn't want them to just go along because that was the game, she wanted them invested.

For that she was probably going to have to be a little kinky and a lot mean. She was also going to need to accessories and tools, and that meant a shopping trip to a sex shop.

That idea amused her, as she'd never stepped foot in one before. Bethany had tried to convince her a couple of times in their brief affair, insisting Tegan needed a vibrator to keep her from missing men. Ultimately she'd been convinced to order a couple of things online but with shipping times and the relationship's intense briefness the plain paper packaging had arrived after they were no longer an item and the toys had only enjoyed sporadic use whenever the mood took her.

The veiny rubber dong used on her by the guys the night before had actually doubled her collection of fake dicks, with the only other item in her tool chest being a small discreet bullet vibe that she didn't count because it wasn't a proper dildo and was too cheap to work properly. Well, shopping meant money and she wasn't going to dip into her savings for this expedition.

She hoped the guys had realized that and thought ahead, or this was going to be a short lived fantasy for everyone. ----- Sam was the first one home and Tegan met him in the hall with a friendly hug, which he turned into an opportunistic ass-squeeze, which resulted in them kissing for a prolonged period.

Without a word he grabbed the backs of her thighs and she threw her arms around his neck as he carried her to his room and threw her down on his bed. It occurred to Tegan briefly, as Sam paused to disrobe, that she hadn't actually been in here before.

Sam has usually used her in one of the common areas of the house or visited her room, rather than bringing her back to his own. It was surprisingly tidy and the bed was actually made with seemingly fresh covers. All in all, not really what she expected from him. Then Sam was upon her and she returned her full attention to him. He pinned her with his body and resumed kissing for a moment before gradually kissing his way down her body. He paused to sample her nipples with his mouth but quickly moved on, his fingers trailing down her thighs as they parted to make room for him between them.

He cupped her bald slit with his hand and massaged her gently before sliding under her thighs and using his fingers to spread her lips, using his tongue to spread some saliva around to add to her natural moisture before sliding two fingers inside her. An involuntary moan escaped Tegan.

It had been over a week since her last orgasm, since anyone had given her pussy proper attention and there was no hiding the fact she was getting increasingly desperate to come.


Out of the group the only other guy to go down on her had been Brandon and while enthusiastic he certainly didn't have the casual skill that Sam was displaying now. He used his fingers to explore her soft canal and found her g-spot with ease. His tongue confidently caressed her clit with firm strokes and occasionally he'd apply some suction and change it up. It wasn't long before she could feel herself beginning to tense up and Sam sensed it too, keeping on with a steady rhythm as her hole spasmed around his fingers and she let out a scream of relief, gripping his hair with her fingers, her hips bucking against his mouth as she let herself go, taking the opportunity of an otherwise empty house to make as much noise as she wanted.

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Sam gradually eased off his tongue as her now overly sensitive clit throbbed against it. It was all over in a matter of minutes he wasn't as skilled as Bethany but she'd been so pent up it made no difference. She lay on the bed panting, her small chest rising and falling as he withdrew his fingers and climbed on top of her, treating her to a musky kiss that tasted of her cunt as he slid his cock inside her and she let out another moan.

Sam kept himself inside her as he adjusted himself, finding the perfect angle to proceed to fuck her from and she bent her knees, bracing her feet against the bed to hold her thighs as far apart as possible as he began to move.

She braced her hands against him, helping him hold himself up over her as he gently slid in and out of her dripping snatch in a few practice strokes, then abruptly he shifted into high gear.

She cried out and her nails gripped his shoulders as he began to pound her with a frantic intensity. His pelvis mashed against hers making her little tits jiggle with the force as the bedframe banged against the wall. "Oh, oh, oh." Was all she could manage each time he buried himself to the hilt only to repeat the motion, mechanically and apparently as hard as possible. That was not to say it hurt her, quite the opposite, she just hadn't really been fucked like this before, at least not right from the start.

She arched her back and a guttural moan escaped her as she came again, the vigorous thrusting into her still sensitive body driving her over the edge a second time. Maybe he knew a hard pounding would have that effect right after she had had an orgasm, maybe just wanted to blow his load as quickly as possible.

She wasn't in any position to complain as his continued efforts kept her body tingling with pleasure. Sam seemed to be straining somewhat, red-faced and out of breath as he pounded her until eventually his rhythm began to waver and she assumed he was either tiring or about to come. It turned out to be the latter: Sam suddenly pulled out and moved to straddle her chest, gripping his cock and aiming it at her face, a stream of jiss immediately splashing on her nose and forehead.

Sam grabbed her hair with her free hand and pulled her face closer to his cock as he kept jerking himself, a second spurt joining the first, and she kept her right eye shut as she could feel the gunk collecting in the corner of her eye and trickling down her cheek. Sam took advantage of her open mouth surprised and panting and put his dick in it, giving her a second taste of her own pussy as well as a little bit of his spunk that dribbled from the slit.

Though his cock was slowly softening following his release he still gently thrust at her face while still gripping her hair and she obligingly welcomed him in her mouth, using her tongue to bathe his cock clean until he eventually released her and rolled onto the bed on his side next to her.

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For a minute or two they lay there wordlessly: her gazing at the ceiling with her one open eye, Sam on his side apparently just happy to look at her naked body. He was the first one to break the silence: "I could fuck you all day." "Flattery will get you everywhere." Tegan said sardonically as she wiped Sam's semen from under her eye with a finger, licking her finger clean and repeating the process a couple of times until she was sure it was safe to open it again before turning her head to look at him.

"You're welcome." He idly caressed her breast with his fingers, tracing a small circle around her nipple. "Have you given any thought to our discussion this morning?" "About me becoming your dominatrix?" "Yeah." "I have. And I want to go through with it.

It might be hard to convincingly play the part considering you guys have gotten used to having me whenever you want, but I'm willing to try." "So any plans for what you're going to do?" Sam enquired coyly as he continued to idly caress her nipple. "Sure, but they're secret." Tegan smirked as she felt his cock press against her thigh, she automatically rested her hand on it and gave it a gentle squeeze.

He wasn't hard but there was definitely some activity, an impressive refractory period. She was content to just hold him in her hand for now and apparently so was he. "I'd hate to ruin the surprise." "Not even a hint?" "I think you led the discussion by talking about porn habits." "It's not like you've seen my browser history… have you?" "No, but I figure this last month has given you the opportunity to play out some fantasies with a willing partner who won't say no to anything." She felt his prick jump in her hand and she gently stroked him in response.

This thing was as good as a lie detector. "So I think I have some clues as to how I can control your experiences in a mutually entertaining way." "Tell me more." Sam said, seemingly just wanting to listen to her talk about sex. He leaned into her and started kissing her neck as she played with his cock, caressing her little tits with his hand, continually trailing his fingertips back and forth to visit each of her nipples, keeping them stiff. "Well… let's look at Brandon for instance.

He's relatively new to sex and learning. He's eager to learn how to please a woman but also fixated on his own pleasure. He's considerate, kind, but that's because it's wired into his brain that being nice will get him more sex. I encourage that because I don't want to accidentally teach him that sex is always as simple and easy as it is with me." Sam nodded thoughtfully and started to kiss his way down her neck and chest.

"Angus on the other hand…" Tegan continued "He takes what he wants when he wants it. He's the one who gave me the plug and made up some rules for it, so I would always be thinking about him having control over me. Plus he seems pretty obsessed with anal." "In fairness, it's hard to convince most girls to let you.

It makes us obsessed." "Why do you like it?" "Me? It's taboo. It's not meant for sex, so convincing a girl to let you do it is kind of a power trip. Like she cares more about my pleasure than hers. That's hot." "And the novelty doesn't wear off even after doing it all the time?

Even after eleven times in one day?" "The fact you'd let us do that makes it hotter for me personally." Sam was definitely getting harder now, and his dick twitched in Tegan's hand again as he thought about the gang bang.

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"That's because you're about pushing limits." "Am I?" "You don't want what's given or what's taken easily. You want to find the most depraved thing a girl will put up with and do it until she's used to it, then push her into the next thing." Another twitch told Tegan she was right. "That's why you were the first one to fuck me in front of the other guys. That's why you get off on seeing me freshly fucked, or being used in front of you. That's why you tricked me into letting you pee on me." Sam's dick twitched again and she gripped him firmly in her hand and started to jerk him against her thigh as Sam leaned across her and began to suck on her nipples.

"I bet the anal train was your idea too." "Mmhmm." Sam murmered, his mouth full of tit. He was humping her hand now, his now mostly erect cock sliding through her hand, his swollen glans leaking precum all over her pale thigh. "You like it more when a girl says no for a while because when she finally says yes it's so much sweeter." Tegan purred, cradling his head with her free hand.

"What happens when the girl never says yes? What then? Do you keep going anyway?" Sam grunted a denial but his twitching dick in her hand exposed his desire. She knew - or hoped - Sam was not actually a sex criminal, but at least fantasised about roughly taking someone who was resisting him.

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From what she understood rape was a common fantasy for men and women alike. Tegan craned her neck and whispered in his ear. "You're a twisted man, Sam." With that she pulled her hand away from his cock and pushed him away from her. "Get off me you sick fuck!" Sam thrust weakly against her thigh a couple more times, grunting in disappointment. He raised his head to look at her, confused. Tegan fixed him with a smouldering glare, a look of revulsion to match her faux-accusation. Tegan pushed herself away from Sam and drew her knees up and pressed them together, blocking his view of her pussy and chest as she leaned back on her hands.

They locked eyes for a long time. Sam crept closer to her, apparently unsure if she was serious. Tegan parted her knees slightly, giving him a glimpse between her legs to encourage him to press on. "You're a cocktease." He spat at her. "So what?" Tegan shot back, edging backwards as he advanced on her.


"I was right on the edge, you're gonna give me blue balls." "I don't care, I said get out." "Come here, slut" Sam grabbed Tegan's ankles and pulled him back towards her, pulling her legs apart in the process.

Tegan tried to kick her legs to twist out of his grip and pushed against his chest as he loomed over her, slapping weakly at him. "Let me go, creep!" Tegan cried out as Sam forced her ankles backwards over her head, pinning her in place and taking away her leverage while also angling her pelvis so her shaved pussy lips were lined up directly with his cock.

She thrashed helplessly from side to side until she felt Sam slide himself into her still wet hole and sink all the way to the hilt, his balls pressed against the plugged up asshole. While Sam groaned in satisfaction Tegan let out a plaintive wail. "Shut up, slut." Sam growled. Pinning her with the weight of his hips pressed against hers he released her ankles and wrapped one hand around her throat, squeezing the sides of her windpipe and holding her down.

She grabbed his wrist with both hands, her eyes widening in fear as she tried to pull his hand away but her petite feminine strength was helpless against his. She gradually felt herself weakening more as Sam began to thrust, pinning her down by the neck as he stabbed his throbbing meat dagger into her slick sheath.

Tegan let herself go limp and her hands dropped away from his wrist, leaving her lying spread-eagled as he used her unresisting body. Having only cum a few minutes ago he was nowhere ready to pop and he maintained a steady rhythm for a long time, grunting with the sustained effort and the pleasure of her snug pocket. She turned her head away as if in shame and bit her finger, riding out another small orgasm that shook through her despite her not consciously willing it.

She tensed and her muscles spasmed around his shaft trying to milk him, which apparently seemed to do the trick. Once she went limp he let go of her throat and gripped her hair, pulling himself close and spat in her face to get her attention.

"Wake up, cunt." She turned her head back to face him, looking up into his eyes as his hips maintained his steady assault. "Where haven't I dumped my load yet?" Tegan honestly didn't know.

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She'd taken it in her pussy and ass times than she could remember, as well as her tits and face. She'd become so accustomed to swallowing sperm that it was a substantial part of her diet.

They sometimes pulled out and came on her back or stomach and plenty of handjobs had resulted in hot sticky messes on her hands. There was even the time Angus fucked her feet but technically he'd cum on her face that time. After a few seconds thought she slowly raised her arm to expose her shaved armpit. Sam grinned. "Ok then, you asked for it." Sam pulled out and took her by the arm, straddling her side, dragging his balls across her ribs as he held her arm up with one hand and jerked his cock with the other, a fresh load of hot spunk delivered directly into her hairless armpit.

When he was done he folded her arm back down, sandwiching the mess in the crevice and Tegan couldn't help but grimace at the squishy feeling. Sam took a moment to catch his breath, offering his cockhead to Tegan's mouth where she obligingly sucked the remnants of jizz from the tip with her tongue then gave it a gentle kiss. Sam rolled off her and lay on the bed next to her, slowly catching his breath while Tegan rolled over and fetched a tissue from Sam's nightstand to start mopping the muck out of her armpit.

She could feel Sam turn over to watch her and glanced back at him, with a weird grin on his face. "What?" "Not a fan?" "You jizzed in my armpit, it's slightly irregular." She finished wiping herself down and threw the wipe in a wastebasket before lying back down.

"That didn't cross a line, I hope." Tegan considered him thoughtfully. She'd played him like a fiddle but he was the one with the guilt. "I knew what you wanted Sam, and I let you take it." "Ok." Sam nodded thoughtfully, conceding the point. "So, first time for that then?" "For what, cum in the armpit or the rape fantasy?" "Well I meant the cum but both I guess." "Yes and yes. Well…" Sam looked at her interestedly, waiting for her to continue. "I don't make a habit of sharing details of what happens in private, but Angus sometimes fucks me while I'm asleep." "He has mentioned that to me.

He refers to it as 'dickin' her awake'" Sam said in a bad impression of Angus' accent. "Riiiight. So I guess there's that. It was kinda shocking the first morning when I woke up to a lubed finger in my butt, that's for sure." "He does it a lot?" "A few times that I know of.

I usually wake up when he's getting on top of me but one time I woke up just as he was finishing so I assume he'd been going for a while. I must have been really tired that night." "You don't mind?" "I've given standing consent. What difference would it make if he woke me up?" "I guess. So you wouldn't object to being fucked while completely passed out?" "Sam that literally happened less than twenty four hours ago." "Oh.

Well yeah. But that wasn't really the plan. We didn't think you'd pass out and miss half of it." "So what are you getting at?" "What if you were passed out drunk, or drugged, you'd be ok with us doing stuff to you while you were completely unconscious?" "It sounds like you want to roofie me, and again I sort of have to question the logic given my standing consent." "It was just a thought, not a plan or anything." "Well, for the record, I guess in the event I were passed out the standing consent would still stand.

But I'd prefer not to be drugged without my knowledge. I feel like that comes with some risks." "Reasonable." There was a brief pause and then they both heard the front door open. "Sounds like you're about to have another visitor." Sam said, rolling off the bed and gathering his clothes.

"Well, they do say that a woman's work is never done." Tegan acknowledged as she exited to visit the bathroom and freshen up.