Shiori gets fucked in group action

Shiori gets fucked in group action
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Please rate and comment (recap: Phillip is a black student in Colleen's, his teachers, class. Lisa and Kerri are fellow students and are part of an after school tutoring. Colleen and Phillip find themselves attracted and begin to get it on after class. Lisa and Kerri taped the classroom antics. Kerri decides to seduce her fellow student Phillip winning him away from Colleen.) The Algebra Teacher The Algebra Teacher 2 - Love in the wrong place The Algebra Teacher 3 - The competition Kerri ran her lips around the head of Phillips's cock head just as she had around the ice cream cone.

She licked up and down the shaft, then taking him fully inside her mouth. She felt the surging and pulled him out so the full load hit in her face. The cum mixed with the ice cream dripping down onto her tee shirt. Kerri looked up at Phillip, cum faced, licking all the remnants from her face.

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Kerri stood up as Phillip decided to take charge. "Come by my house, no one is home, and we can get it on for real." "Not now Phillip, I got to get going. " Phillip grabbed her.

"You are coming with me." "Phillip, tomorrow." Replied Kerri. It was a decisive moment. "OK" Phillip answered in a dejected voice. Kerri was disappointed, she had hoped Phillip would be a real man, not bend so easy. Kerri hurried home to find Lisa waiting. "What the hell is on your T." Laughed Lisa. "Ice Cream and Phillip's cream.


I gave him a blow job he should remember." "Yea, what else." "That's it. I put him off, he wanted to go to his house." "EWE, EWE" Lisa curled her mouth. "I'd want no part of that, not that hood." "Yea, Like no way." "What's with your kneesKerri?" "I was kneeling in the gravel." "Where?" "Behind the Ice Cream shop." "You are a sleezy whore." Kerri just smiled.

"Kerri, I don't know what you started now with Phillip." Lisa sounded worried. "I'm OK, I want to fuck him real bad, just I'll pick the place and time." I can handle him. "I hope so." Replied Lisa in a worried tone. Kerri pulled off her shirt. "Keeping this as a souvenir." "Just don't let your mom see it." LOL The next day was tense in class between Kerri and her teacher Colleen.

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If looks could kill then Kerri was dead meat. Kerri had stolen Colleen's boy toy and Colleen was pissed. Evaluations were due at the end of class, when Kerri's turn came you could cut the tension with a knife.

AS Kerri read her evaluation she turned red in the face. She didn't expect this. An "F"????

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Kerri lipped to Lisa. "Fucking Bitch." Kerri and Lisa left together after class but before they could talk, Phillip caught up with Kerri. "Hey we going to hang out today?" He asked Kerri with a big shit eating grin on his face. "Fuck Off Asshole." Kerri snapped back at him. "Kerri?

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I thought??" "You thought wrong Dork, take a hike." Phillip slinked off not knowing WTF. "Wow, that was pretty tough." Lisa told Kerri, feeling sorry for Phillip. "Fuck him, he can go lay his school teacher Whore." "You should see the evaluation the Bitch gave me." Kerri handed Lisa her evaluation. "OMG Kerri, she really took it out on you." "Fucking WHORE teacher is going to pay." Snarled Kerri. "Cunt can't take losing." Two Weeks Later: Colleen has been called to the Superintendent's office for a Monday morning special meeting.

Dressed prim and proper with a modest black skirt, white blouse and dark jacket., she approached the office with extreme apprehension. "Ms. Enright, I am here to meet with Superintendent Conklin.

"Ms. Arden, they are waiting for you in the office now." "They?" "Yes, Mr. Conklin, Principal Boyton and the Board Chairman Davis. Colleen couldn't help but notice the smirk on Miss Enright's face. The secretary followed Collen into the office where the three administrators sat stern faced.

Without any niceties they asked Colleen to sit down. "Ms.

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Arden, an issue has been brought to our attention which needs to be addressed." Colleen fully anticipated what they were going to bring up but what she wasn't ready for was…&hellip.

Totally unexpected a video started. It was very rough but there she was with Phillip. Colleen turned red in the face.

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"OMG OMG, I can't watch." Colleen got up to leave. "I strongly suggest you stay seated." Replied Conklin in gruff voice. Colleen stayed and watched in total embarrassment. Who took this video? What would happen now?


Colleen realized this was her first encounter with Phillip being shown on the screen. Another video started, this one was much greater quality and from a different angle taken days later.

Colleen realized the terrible truth, they had been recording her for weeks after her and Phillip reconnected. "Ms. Arden, you realize your behavior could lead to your dismissal and criminal charges." Colleen sobbed.

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"Please, I am so sorry." "It was a terrible mistake." "What can I do?" "No, I know I shouldn't have." "Ms. Arden, you have been a good teacher.

Perhaps we can handle this with some in-school disciplinary action. "Oh Please, thank you please don't ruin my life. I will cooperate" "Colleen, stand up.

That's it, now turn around slowly. " "What?" "Why?" "Colleen, do you want to avoid bearing the full brunt of your actions." Colleen turned around slowly beginning to realize the administrator's intent. Then her fears were confirmed. "Colleen, take off your jacket and unbutton your blouse." Colleen was shaking as she unbuttoned her blouse.

She stopped, hesitating. "Colleen, you are free to go any time you wish but you understand the consequences." "Yes but…" "Colleen, we can go through this every two minutes, either you do as your are told or you leave." "OK." "Yes Sir, Colleen, Yes Sir, Say it." "Yes Sir." Replied Colleen.

Her blouse now open. Take off your Bra and drop it on the floor. Shocked, Colleen started crying. "What could she do, what were her alternatives." "What are you going to do, what is the in-house discipline?" "Shut the Fuck Up Bitch." Yelled principle Boynton. "You should have thought about that before." SHOCKED!

Colleen dropped her bra but pulled her blouse close "Ms. Enright has something for you to read.


You need to take ownership of your actions." Ms. Enright gave Colleen a typed sheet. "Hold this off to the side and read." Ms. Enright pulled Collen's blouse to the sides. "Boys want to see your titties." "OUUU." Colleen yelped as Ms. Enright squeezed her nipples. Ms. Enright cackled.

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"Read NOW." As she starred at Colleen. "Yes Maam." Answered Colleen. She read the paper given to her. "I am a Whore." "I am a black cock sucking whore." "I swallowed black cock cum." "I fucked black cock." "I know I am a worthless black cock loving slut and must change my ways." "I will attend the in-house sessions until the members of this committee are satisfied I have changed.' (To Be Continued)