Peta Jensen and Alix Lynx naughty bubble bath fun

Peta Jensen and Alix Lynx naughty bubble bath fun
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No Introductions In memory of an actual encounter. Although some of names have been changed, To protect every one involved. First of all to give some explanation, it's late winter early spring now.

I'm out in the yard getting things ready for summer. Checking sprinklers other things around this house.


(Yard Maintenance) When I started noticing this chick I had never seen before walking by I had seen her just the other day riding a bike and being kind a noisy. Well today she ask me a stupid question (Hey Mister what you doing?) And before I could respond she'd answer her self (Ah, fixing that sprinkler.) Just, the day before. I was raking rocks, back into the rock garden! When she asked, me how they had gotten out. Stupid questions! She was, starting to get annoying.

I told her she needed to go ride her bike in the park where she would be safe from traffic. One day as I was out, working in the garage.

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I've got the garage door wide open. And the missy approaches me from off the street right behind me and with that question "hey mister what does that thing do", as I look back over at her she's hot dam good looking. All the more up so close. Well I tell her it's to get girls like you in here so you'll ask questions like you just did. She gives me a confused look so I tell her if you really want to know, then you have to close the big door. I then turn around from the workbench, to watch and see what's her next move was.

She walks over and starts pulling down on the door as I watching her struggle with it she tells me she can't get it closed! (Now as I was laughing at her) I told her to move away from the door, and then I stepped over and pushed the button. "Electric Garage Door" and I asked her SO where are you from, your new to the neighborhood. She explained I'm staying with my aunty for the summer.

My parents thought. That it would be a good idea. After mom, caught us playing doctor. (Oh, I said) she continued. Yea, he told me. I was the doctor. He had, been bitten. By a snake and to save, his life. I would have to suck the poison out! (Sorry but I could not resist) So, are you a good doctor? Oh yea, I've saved him from a lot of snakebites. But he's a good doctor too.

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(And how is that, I asked.) Well he checks me over, from head to toe. He kisses my hurts away. He tell me this one time that he has to do exploratory surgery and that, I might feel a lot of pressure and he might even have to lay on top of me to make sure that instrument goes all the way in for it to be a good test So at first he had me lay on my back and hold a towel up in front of my face so I could not peak and see his tools then he told me at first he would be using his fingers to prep me.

"Get me ready! He explains everything." He started, with some ice. To make it numb, so it would not hurt and it was very cold. Then, he got this spray can and sprayed. This stuff, on a rag and put the rag. Over my nose, so that it would put me to sleep. And that when I woke up, he would be all done! I did fall asleep and when I woke up I was all sticky between my legs and he was all sweaty. He told me I was a new woman!

He told me to go home and take a long hot bath to wash all that sticky stuff off and everything was fine he couldn't find anything wrong. So, where was it that you played doctor at? Sometimes, in his tree house and sometimes in my playhouse. So, you like to role-play. I ask her, do you? Oh yes I do.

Well I have some rules when I play and the 1st. Rule. Is that, we will continue playing until. The first time, you don't do as you are told.

We, will Stop this game and I will send you home. You will never, be welcome. To return, if I do. That means, you can not walk by or ride by. This house, ever again. No more will we be friends! 2nd Rule is that, you must all way do as I say from here on.

Do you agree? To follow, these Two very important rules? (Oh yes, I do agree!) She says and I love role-playing! Welcome to my Dungeon I'm the keeper of this dungeon. An you are my prisoner, the King has ordered your demise for not obeying his requests you have been sent down here for punishment until you learn all that makes the King happy.

(She's smiling at me, now.

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Yet she has lust full eyes.) Oh this I like. It's mysterious QUIET! I tell her.

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You are now, "The SLAVE and I am your MASTER Ok, well now you have to come and stand over here. Put these wrist cuffs on. I can't believe it she puts the leather cuffs on " OK now what, she asks?" Well now you have to go stand over there and she does." Now what?" OK I tell her, Oh, wait a minute. I forgot I have to put this on. (It's a black ski mask) OK now we're set well, almost. (What now, she asks?) So as I lean back, against the wall. I tell her. The king, would never.

Send a prisoner down. To the Dungeon, Dressed like that! You'll have to change, your clothes. I reach, into a rag box under the bench. Pulling out, a part of this old sheet. It's about, 5 foot long. I lay it out, on the bench. I take out my pocketknife, and cut a hole. Just, about the middle.

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Then grab it, and rip it some more. As I turn back, around to hand it to her. There she is, standing naked! She took the smock, from me. Put it on, then reached, in that box. Grabbed another, rag. Shredded it, for a tying waist belt she told me. (OK, what's next MASTER?) Fumbling, over my. Now overly, excited urges just wanting. Just to take her right then and there. Right, at that moment. And Fuck, the shit out of her! Some how, I was able to maintain. Here, take these hook-clips. They clip on here.

(A spreader bar) that one goes over there. Then, come over right about here. Just below, the built in engines hoist. With the hand crank, attached to the wall. Oh wait a minute. I need to put this on you first as I step behind her and explain you have to open your mouth. She does and I stuff the ball gag in and strap it.

Then I jump back for the crank on the wall so to hoist her cuffed wrists above her head until she can just barely move then I grab a foot and tie some rope around her ankle then with the other end its tied to the wall. Now helpless as she was I go around to look into her eyes. I do have to say SLAVE. The KING is going to be very pleased with you when I am done.

Oh yes, indeed! As I am groping her near naked ness. Now a SLAVE has not any reason to wear clothing. I am your MASTER and so I'm taking away your rags I untie that waist belt and let it fall to the floor then as I am ripping the smock from her body slowly exposing what I had briefly seen before she had put on the smock.

Her tender young body all exposed as I reach out to pinch and tug her nipples are you still a willing SLAVE or just foolish young girls as I pull up a bench and sit down just in front of her. I must complement you on the way you trim yourself but what I want to know now is, what all did your boyfriend the king take from you?

As I teasingly kiss her tummy, hot and wet kisses (sorry, but I'm drooling now.) Not that it makes any difference, now touching her pussy with the backside of my hand then lightly ever so lightly with out inserting rub back and forth on just the out side of her pussy lips. Then I grab at it giving her that sudden shock! I will find out one way or the other, and then again it does not matter because I'm going to take it all.

So tell me, by shaking your head up and down for yes or left and right for no Understand (yes), well then is your pussy still virgin? (No.) and how about your, ass? (Yes.) Hum. Well, ok then. I guess, its time to inspect!

I reach over and grab, a rolling cart. I place it just behind her and lock the wheels, then over to the crank for the hoist. Lowering her arms, just enough to lay her back on to the cart. Getting some more leather cuffs and putting them on to her ankles and then taking the 5 foot spreader -n- hooking it up on to that same hook as her arms bar then cranking the hoist until her legs and arms are up in the air.

Hum, now I can see. Ok, slave! Have you ever had your pussy? Licked, before? (Yes), she nods, well. Because I'm, going to do that right now!

Yummy and yes as I am looking into her pussy she is still a virgin. As far as I am concerned one time with a boys small dick. Her ass is not! So she says I can not tell yet. As I begin giving her one of the best tongue-lashings ever. Time is of no concern to me. So I'm taking my time. Wow! Telling her I can't believe how sweet you are. Well, My slave! I'm going to make sure, the king will have no problems. with you, I'm asking you now? Would you like to see the tool, I have chosen for you.

As, I unzip and show. My cock to her and I let my pants drop to the floor. She's, wide-eyed. Looking fear full, at my cock. What, I ask her. Its thickness or its length, (Yes) she nods, Oh my little SLAVE girl I tell her.

Nothing to worry about, it will fit. I'm going to make it fit! Then when, I have finished. With you, the Boys will never be able to satisfy you again. Only older men built like stud horses as I tried inserting my middle finger she was still so tight on it stabbing it in and out with vigor. Just to lube her up. Her hole body bouncing as I poked it in then out and her breathing had a slightly different pattern to it then as I stopped my fingers fucking and re-possession my self between her hoisted legs time to Fuck your virgin pussy and that virgin ass.

Just thinking it to myself not saying a word as I'm straddled above her now looking into her eyes I tell my slave. Ready or not, here it comes Bones-a-crack'en. Figuratively of course tight YES and those eyes of hers roll back you're not a virgin anymore as I thrash inside of that very tight pussy and as deep as I could push my hands gripping her hips and pulling her to me SLAM, not there yet.

Again I Slammed, it a little deeper. Then slammed one more time as my balls slap at her ass. Now I'm just holding myself in place buried deep inside her allowing her cunt to flex and grip my cock. As air oozes out from within. (Pussy farts!) Now I begin my out ward stroke and it felt as though I was stuck, the gripping and/or clamping of her pussy.

Just would not relax and I had not allowed her juices to lube it. Awe. Yes you really have a nice tight cunt. My Slave and now that I'm deep inside you feel me now as I take it away from you out I pull a few inches then back to the hilt. Out a few more inches and she becomes slightly looser this next time I pull out I damn near fell on my ass and probably would have had I not been holding on to the spreader bar.

You could hear a "POP" as though I had removed a cork from a bottle. So in taking this break from her I removed the cart from beneath her so to put some strain on her arms and legs and to give me more action in her swing!

Returning back in between her legs and with not such a warning just about the same time, as I had grabbed her hips, my cock had already made its entry. Her pussy welcomed me with contractions as the good fucking.


I promised her now began, short strokes, long strokes fast strokes and slow. I gave them all. Pounding hard, then some quick jabs. Thrusting to the left and to the right I stood straight up even got on my toes. Then slightly bent at the knees. I wanted and I made sure that I had poked into her at every angle. I had lost my count of her Orgasms and needed to bust my load. So I used her suspended body against my thrusting cock. By stepping forward a bit and allowing the swinging affect to take over.

I was able with just enough force to bump her in a way that she would slip slide up the shaft of my cock, then just before I was out of her.

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She would swing back, come crashing down again. (Look no hands) then after a bit of this and it was starting to work by forcing some air in between us I could feel a bit of friction now and so I grabbed on to her hips once again to lock her into place, slam and whoosh! I flooded her insides with all that I had built up for a first load. Now, SLAVE I tell her I need to move you from this swing, onto another device to hold you ok and maybe remove that ball gag (Yes), she nods So I un hook her foot spreader bar and let them touch the ground, then I need to lower her wrists.

Just a bit, but first. I've put on, the waist belt. With, D-rings. Then I unclip her left hand, from the spreader bar.

Re-clipping, it to a D-ring. Then the same, with her right hand and removing the spreader bar from the hoist clip. Clipping it, to the back D-ring of the belt. Just to remain, in control. Then removing the spreader. From her, feet and un-cranking the hoist. So she could lie down, onto the floor. If she, wanted to. Ok I will now remove that ball gag but you don't say a word unless I ask you a question. And then only yes or no any thing more than that and I'll put the ball gag back in your mouth (Yes), she nods So I remove it from her mouth just loose enough so she can where it around her neck to keep it close.

Asking her, are you a good Slave? (Yes, Master) are you sure? (Yes Master) would you like to sit down? (Yes-Master) so sit down, I tell her. Did I fuck you good? (Yes Master) would you like me to fuck you some more? And she hesitates. (No Master) Well my little Slave, I'm not done fucking you yet and this is how I am going to Fuck you now. Suck my cock slave! Suck that good, gooey cumm from my cock. Suck that poison from your Masters Cock (yes Master) and she started licking at it I grabbed a hand full of hair.

Open your fucking mouth, now without using your teeth! Suck on it and work your tongue around it. Think of it as an ice pop sickle and suck on it. So you only get the juice, with out damaging the ice. Now move your head up and down like your bobbing for apples.

BUT, DO NOT do not use your teeth, only your lips and tongue. Good, now keep doing that. Suck it, yes. that's it. Keep on, keep on doing it. Oh yea you're doing it. Now as it goes towards the back of your throat breathing threw your nose and relaxing your throat, swallow as you push your face down take a little bit more each time. Now, swallow it. Yea, that's the way you do it keep it up. You're doing fine, but you keep practicing. Suck it, yes.and I'll tell you when you can stop it!

Here, I'll tell you what. You can stop, when I have blown my load and you have sucked me until I'm as hard as I am now. Or when you, can swallow all of my cock and suck my balls into your mouth all at the same time. Ok so you keep practicing, and she did get better. I just couldn't tell which, one of the two solutions.

She was working on more. She had a good 7 inches in from her teeth and down her throat. But having problems with those last 3 inches to the beginning of my pubes. Then, she noticed my swelling and had tasted my pre-cumm. As she, increased her suction! Working, only on about 6 inches of it. I was cumming! She tried, like a good cocksucker! To swallow, every last drop.

Yes, you're a good Slave and your becoming a good Cock sucker to now suck it so it's hard once again and then you can stop. She worked on it like a pro, before I realized it. She had stopped So I ordered her, to get onto her knees, I'm going to fuck you doggie style and moved in behind her then pushing my cock in her pussy its still tight to me but not nearly as tight as the first time (Master) she says (Master I have to Pee.) I pull out stand up and she starts crying (Oh, Master I'm sorry) No, I tell her this is O.

K. as I hand her a bucket and tell her, to stop crying! Hurry up, she squats and goes pee. Good, are you done! (Yes, Master) anything else, do you have to shit too. (No, Master) are you, sure? Tell me now, so we can get over it. So we can get back, to our Fucking! Hurry up. Speak up. Slave, (Yes, Master) Well, explain your self.

(Oh well, Yes can I have some water. a drink of something?) Water. Yes. Here's some water from a bottle, anything else? (No Master) Good, slave. Now stand up so I can move you over here.

As I unhook the hoist from the belt. After pulling down the cushion of an old futon, from up between the rafters. I lay it out, Now, slave come here. She does now get on your Knees. I take her left foot and clip that cuff to a D-ring on the futon then the right to the D-ring on the right and now unhooking one wrist from the belt and hooking it to another D-ring then the other wrist.

She is now on her elbows and knees Ass pushing up in the air supported because of the way the futon has been rebuilt. And she looks good on it. Well, slave because of your break I'm not as hard as I should be so give me some HEAD! With out any question or hesitation she opened her mouth and sucked me in and with in a few attempts she deep throats me I was so hard I could have taken her Ass but I knew I was going to have to lubricate it and work on it with a finger or two.

That's a good cock-sucking Slave. As I, jump round to get after that pussy banging. It doesn't take long, for her to juice up and between strokes.

I'm able, to give her ass. A finger, then two and three fingers. She's taking, them very well. I tell her, ok now. Don't hold your breath now cause here it comes into that Virgin Ass as I pull out of her pussy and take some ass I break it open pushing a good two inches at first!

My attack is slightly different from her pussy pulling all out then, Driving my dick 4 inches and 6 then 8 now 10 and all inside. She begins bucking, me the ride she's giving me.

As I, would pull out. She would clench down and pull away. Then, release pushing. Her ass, to me as I, was pushing inside her. Incredible rhythm, I told her! As I, unloaded my balls! With little strokes in and out allowing her ass to milk my dick Wow that was all I could think of as I fell off to one side of her glance up to see her smiling back at me. Then she said, (Suck your Cock as you lay there and rest Master) Perfect Slave I was just thinking that same thing. (Master) what now? (Will you unhook me I can't leave here with out my clothes on and you still have the doors locked where am I to go.) OK!

So I reached over and unhooked her wrists then she reached around and undid the rest as I laid there she took my cock in her hand kneeling near the side of me and said (Master) what? (Instruct me on how to use my hands they had been cuffed before and was not allowed to use them) well, that's easy.

So which are you a lefty or a righty? Righty! Ok, gently. Reach over and grab my cock, tenderly just about its half way mark. Then as you, stand it up. Being careful, not to pull any hair up with it.

Then you might, want to use your other hand. To kind of brush, the hair, back down and out of the way. Now you can begin sucking on it, there you go that's it. Just the same as before (my Hand on hers) now as you start to swallow my cock slide your hand down and as you come up slide it up that is the basics to using your hand or hands all guys are different and over time you will learn more.

Once again She had me super rock hard! Then, without saying a word. She swung her leg. Over me so I was now looking at her back and at the same time, had impaled her pussy with my rock hard cock. Arching her back towards me until she was laying on me. Turned her head slightly upwards, so she could look in my direction and begged me to squeeze her titts!

Not a problem, I told her. As she began this rocking motion and was now fucking me, as if she were a pro. She was flexing an releasing the muscles with in her pussy milking my cock I realized we weren't roll playing any more that this girl could really fuck as in no time at all I was cumming again. She rolled off of me and gave me a kiss then said my name is Christie Weber.

What's yours? Mac Masters I told her. Then She said that she really enjoyed our play but it was getting late and that she had better be getting home.

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And that if it would be ok she'd return tomorrow for some more of the same? I stood up gave her clothes watched her dress while I put my pants on then unlocked the door she went out and down the road walking away like nothing had ever happened. The next day came and went with no visit from her and the next day was the same and it had been Almost 2 week that had past with out seeing her. This one morning the phone rings and I'm asked to do a favor by an old friend to go over to one of his rentals and repair a window for him.

For some reason or another he wasn't able to do it for him self. There I am Pulling my toolbox out of the truck, when I here her tell me from a distance. It's the window in the back door! I'll let you in that way and before, I could turn around and see from whom the voice was coming from. She was gone. And the front door was closed. Tools in hand headed towards the back and threw the gate.

I went down the footpath, around the shed up the steps on to the deck and finally. At the back door still shut. Then just as I'm putting the toolbox down. She opens the door and you had better be Mr. Masters. She said, holding a phone in one hand and a cannon in the other.

Yea Sam sent me now put the gun down what the fuck is up with that I said all of a sudden she spins around (pop, pop, pop) I hear and could see the blur of a body run by the fridge. And she fell back into my arms, while returning (pop, pop, and pop) and I could see the yellow pellets. Hey thanks for catching me, sorry about the miss understanding! Names Annie. If you'll, excuse me for a couple of minutes. As she's picking her self up, off of me and darts out of sight.

I could here her say Christie stop, game over! Hey, I said stop! That guy's here, to fix the window we broke. When she finally, returned I had already begun the replacement process and glanced up at her I could see the both of them Twins standing they're whispering back and forth.

I cleared my throat and asked for the glass when they both answered at the same time. Its over they're on the table and can we offer you something cold to drink ice tea maybe.

That would be nice but let me just put my tools away as I was walking back to the truck. I would have been a fool not to accept their invitation for some ice tea. As I entered the house this time threw the front door, as they had let me in and guided back to the family room. Both of them said to sit, relax and get comfortable. We'll be right back with that tea, as they scooted off in the direction of the kitchen.

I could here them whispering again.

Yet I could not here what was said, they were acting giddy as if I was a new toy and couldn't wait to play with it. Returning with the tea (3 glasses and a pitcher on one tray and an assortment of cookies on the other) as they sat down one on either side of me. I started the conversation, So your twins and Annie responded Nope I'm 19 soon to be 20 and Christie just turned 15 yesterday (now I'm choking on a sip of tea) searching for the exit, as I'm planning my escape!

There holding me between them and patting my back to clear my choking I'm now scanning the room for cameras and awaiting the cops to bust in and make my arrest. Annie then says a lot of people mistake us for twins no need to choke over something like that then she giggled and then Christie asked so how old do we look? In my response to that came I had hoped you both were at least 18 so where's mom and dad at? Christie say's their back home. And now I'm really confused then Christie says I told you that day when we were in the garage that I was staying with Annie don't you remember?

With that being said I had dropped my glass spilling it all over myself, all soaking wet. I apologize and try to leave. Annie, well Mac I guess your just going to have to take off those wet clothes so we can get then clean and dry. As I had already been standing. Annie hands on my pants and Christie was unbuttoning my shirt. Annie then says Christie! Feel his underwear don't they feel wet too.

I had been stripped so quickly all I could think of to say. Was that, I don't think its fare that you girls still have your clothes on. And the first one undressed gets my cock. If I had blinked, I'd have missed the race. Annie won and so not to disappoint. Christie" I had to offer her. A consolation pries which was my tongue. Until it was her turn, that there'd be plenty to go around. But first they would have to suck my cock. They answered with, (Yes MASTERS we're here to please.) How thank full I was at 25 to have had this dream come true.

Now 20 years later as I'm sitting here thinking back and writing about the good old days! THE END