Hot twink scene Collin exposes the cuffs and blindfold and the dudes

Hot twink scene Collin exposes the cuffs and blindfold and the dudes
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Dave's Birthday David made our anniversary quite an event, and while I knew I could never top that, I knew with his birthday coming I needed to do something a little special.

it took some planning, even some courage on my part, but this is how things went. Jess I told me we were going out for my birthday, said she had a special evening planed. I was looking forward to it, she had arranged the babysitter, reservations, it was going to be fun. I had no expectations of repeating our anniversary, that was kind of a once in a lifetime sort of deal.

I knew Jess had always had an exhibition fantasy in her, and that was my way fulfilling it for her. Since that time, our sex life had been very good, no more frequent than before, but when we got together, it was usually something special, something spectacular!

Jess even told me she had gone lingerie shopping for my birthday, that always does a little something for me. Problem was, she told me all this almost 2 weeks before my birthday, which made the anticipation a little bit hard, but the day soon came. I think I made Dave a little crazy with the build up. I wasn't really trying to, but I didn't mind it either.

He was looking forward to it as I had hoped he would. I made a lot arrangements, and everything was set to go exactly as planned. I told Dave we had reservations, a babysitter, everything was going to be just right.

So birthday comes, Terry, our babysitter shows up about 7:00. Terry was an interesting beauty, she had what many women would call mousey brown hair, which was generally considered an aspersion, but on her it was a compliment. It was cut in away that made her seem cute, smart, and sassy, all at the same time.

She was a shapely young thing, I would say she was more cute than pretty, prettier than smart, and she was on the Dean's List at her University. The heavy rimed glasses she wore added to the hidden beauty look, almost like a character from a movie that everybody sees as beautiful but the main character doesn't notice until the glasses are gone kind of thing.

So I waited downstairs with the babysitter, Jess taking her extra time to get ready. I'm not sure if she took her extra time trying increase the anticipation of her arrival, but it worked. When she came downstairs, she was even more stunning than usual. The mid length red silk dress, with some sort of a non specific Asian inspired embroidery in gold, clung to her legs, the silhouette was a study in form.

As she delicately walked down the stairs, I approached to give her a kiss, and she put a finger to my lips and deftly pushed me away and stepped by, a mischievous grin upon her face. She went into the front room where the children were playing with Terry, I assume she was giving the babysitter matching instructions I had already given her.

As I quickly side stepped Dave at the bottom of the stairs, no need getting him to close at this point, I went into the front room and found Terry playing with the children. We spoke softly for a few minutes, not wanting Dave to hear. After 10 or so minutes I returned to the kitchen, where Dave was sitting at the bar counter, and started step one. Jess came back in and told me our youngest was not feeling well, he had a slight fever.

I of course let out some expression of exasperation, not at all disguiseing disappointment, evidence showing in every expression my face could make. Jess told me to hold on a minute, she was going to get a thermometer, and check everything out. She left to the closet, where we keep such things, and returned to the front room. I returned to the front room, thermometer prop in hand, sat down and talked to quietly with Terry for a few minutes.

Quite lovely this girl was. We talked about how her classes were going, and other fairely uneventful things, killing a few minutes before I return to Dave. Once back in the kitchen I told him "He definitely has a fever, hundred and one point eight." Dave was obviously disappointed, "Tell you what," I told him "the night doesn't have to be a complete disappointment, we already have the babysitter here, let's keep her here to watch the kids, I will order takeout from the same restaurant we were going to, we'll eat right here, it'll be just like we're out on a date." This improved his spirits slightly, but only a little.

I quickly pulled up the food delivery service app, the one you can get food delivery from any restaurant you choose, picked the restaurant we were going to, ordered and put it away.

"You should probably cancel our reservations too" I told her. "Good idea." She said, walking off to the front room making a call. I wasn't particularly happy, I was looking forward to an evening out, the only positive, no driving.

I'll fix myself a second drink and loosed my tie. I'm prepared for an interesting evening at home, even if it wasn't what I planned, we were going to make the best of it even if it wasn't what I was hoping for. I went into the front room, pretending to make a phone call, pretending to cancel reservation that it never existed.

As I spoke I actually spoke loud enough that Dave could hear as I cancel the reservations to no one on the other end. Terry looked up at me and smiled as she played with the children.

After the fake phone call I made a real one to my friend Alex. Alex and I have been friends for many years, but I refused to call her by her given name of Alexis, it's just far to pretentious.

my call was brief, I let her know things were on schedule. Alex was an attractive woman, the same age is me, long, past the shoulder red hair, skin just slightly tinted from cream, and a few, very few freckles on the top of her cheek, belying the natural nature of her hair color.

She wasn't a very tall women at 5 ft 3, but had amazing curves to her. She would be described as spunky by some, as bitchy buy those who didn't like her, and those who knew her well as a lot of fun.

She was the absolute first person I thought of for my plans. Thankfully she agreed. It was approaching eight o clock, Jess and I had been lounging in the sunroom. I was on my third drink of the evening and feeling no pain, Jess was nursing on her first, taking it a little bit easier.

I was starting to get a little bit hungry, the steakhouse we had reservations to go to was one of my favorites, and they made some of the best food in town. Not pretentious, not one of the trendy hot spots, just really good food. It was about then the doorbell rang, my mouth begin to water.

Jess offered "it's your birthday" but I was not going to be denied the first smell of this food, and was quickly at the front door. I open the door and look down to see Alex, one of Jess's friends from forever ago. Staring hardly eye to eye, she's not a very tall woman, even in heels she could have best approached eye to upper sternum.

She stood there looking somewhat forelorn, and I in my disappointment invited her in. Apparently the disappointment showed on my face, she asked if I was really that disappointed to see her, I said "No, I was just expecting someone else." I called to Jess after shutting the door, and she came walking in as I walked back to the sunroom.

I was already standing in waiting, knowing who was at the door, Dave called, I went strutting in, passing him as he returned to the sunroom. We gave her usual hugs, she looked fabulous tonight, we went to give each other kiss on the cheek as we do. We talked for a moment, then walked together toward the sunroom. "Dave, Alex had a date cancel at the last minute, you don't mind if she joins us for dinner do you?" I must have had a puppy dog look to my eyes, Dave aquesed to my request, not so much with disappointment, more with a level of defeat.

With that I made drinks for everyone, maybe 5 minutes later the doorbell rang, again dave was up and gone before I could protest, not that I would have. As soon as he left the room Alex and I giggled at each other like we were 12 again.

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This time it really was the food, and there was plenty of it. I had ordered knowing Alex will be eating with us, I tried to make it not seem obvious. I had already set the dining room table, I quickly added a third setting, again, not wanting it to seem too obvious. I didn't mind Alex joining us, It just signaled the defeat of the evening to me.

We could still have good food, good company, good drink, and a nice evening. The food arrived, I tipped the driver, rushed it into the dining room where Jess was putting a third place setting down. The food was great, it didn't suffer at all from the delivery.

The company was fantastic, the ladies I was dining with would have been the envy of the restaurant if we were out, and I kind of liked the idea of that. Red wine with dinner of course, it was steak. When the meal was over, we moved back to the sunroom.

Terry came in while we were eating and told us the kids were in bed asleep, Jess suggested Terry hang around for a while, in case one of them wakes up, and added, you get paid wether they are asleep or not, so enjoy yourself, relax. She went to the front room and it sounded like she was watching TV. Maybe half an hour, 45 minutes had gone by, and Jess suggested it was probably time for birthday boys dessert. I smiled, I hoped it seemed a convincing smile. The truth was I never liked birthday cake, I never liked the birthday cake ceremony, I felt ridiculous sitting there while people singing happy birthday to me, but a grin I put on, and I think I sold it.

After what was a lovely evening, eventually I suggested it was time for birthday cake. Dave did an excellent job of acting. If you didn't know he hated the whole thing, you would have thought he actually was looking forward to it. I knew, and it made it that much more entertaining watching him put on the show. Alright I said, I moved one of the chairs from the kitchen into the middle of the sunroom, I grab Dave's hand and led him, and sat him right in the middle of the room. He looked just about as uncomfortable as I've ever seen him, it was fun.

Alex and I then left to get dessert. "Stay right there." I told him. So now I'm sitting in the middle of this room, sitting in a chair that's only marginally comfortable, waiting for a birthday cake I don't want, for people to sing me song I don't like, but Jess seemed to be enjoying this a lot, and I wasn't going to disappoint her.

I think she loved planning these things more than anything, and there was no reason to disappoint her. So by now I lost the sport coat I had been wearing, still have the tie on loosely, waiting, wondering a little, waiting more. After what seems like half the evening, but was probably 5 minutes, Jess returned to the room, walked around behind the chair gave a shhh in my ear. And then with an almost unoticeable motion, she pulled both of my hands behind the chair, and quickly had them locked in place, the sound of handcuffs being fairly unique.

I lift it up on them and immediately I noticed they were run through one of the slacks in the back of the chair, I was attached. He looked sort of cute there, he didn't even struggle that much, it was like he knew it was pointless, and let's be honest, he trusted me.

I think there was also something beneficial about being handcuffed to the chair, before he was in the chair ready for something he didn't want, but sitting there completely voluntarily, now he was no longer sitting there voluntarily, it seemed to ease his mind.

"Wait right here." I whispered in his ear, I gave it a little lick as I pulled away. he grinned what was a most uncomfortable grin, and I walked out of the room, a little extra wiggle in my step.

I turned the lights off as I left, leaving him with little more than moonlight. I return to the kitchen and there was Alex, and she looked good. She was 34 C, but on her short frame, it looked almost voluptuous, with hips that seem perfectly proportioned, she stood there in an emerald green corset that set off her red hair beautifully, and seemed an almost perfect match for her eyes.

Black thigh high stockings led down to emerald green pumps that brought her to almost 5 foot 8. We had all gone to the waxing salon earlier that week, my treat, and she chose to leave a small landing strip of orange above, visible now because she wore nothing to cover that area up. She stood in the kitchen chatting with Terry who looked equally as lovely, who seemed to stand tall over Alex. After the waxing salon we had all gone lingerie shopping, again my treat of course.

I told the girls Dave's proclivity for stockings and heels, but left everything else up to them. Terry chose a very shear black baby doll that didn't hide very much. Terry had breasts that were endowd with magic, while some women seem to have breast that stand on their own, Terry's seemed so completely uneffected by gravity, they seem to hold her up. Partly a blessing of youth, partly a spectacular calamity of events, they were magnificent. A simple lace garter belt holding up equally black stockings, panties just as shear as the stockings, and some shiny patent leather heels finished her ensemble.

I quickly turned around to Alex, who made short work of the zipper on my dress. I stepped out and laid it over the back of a chair in the kitchen. I had chosen a bright red teddy that matched to the dress very well. I had tan thigh highs with a back seem, leading to bright red pumps to complete the look.

While Alex had decided to leave her little landing strip, Terry and I both went complete, I learned to appreciate it on my anniversary, from the other side, shortly afterwards I went and got myself waxed, and I once I tried it, I'm not going back.

Everything feels better. Once again and eternity seem to pass by, handcuffed to a chair in the dark, but before my mind could wander too far, I could see the glow of a candle coming into the room from around the corner. My beautiful Jess came in, holding a very nicely under stated birthday cake with 1 large candle in the middle.

With the lights as they were, it wasn't until she was two steps in the room I noticed how she was dressed. She came in wearing bright red teddy, stockings and heels to die for, she looked ridiculously amazing.

She walked in, her step sultry, her hips swinging, she was amazing. One step into the room and she started to sing happy birthday, as she got to the second line, her voice was joined by another, as Alex came around the corner. Once I had seen Jess, and the way she looked, my mind had gone to a point somewhere between jello and mashed potatoes, I kind of forgot about Alex, but here she came, and for a moment I thought I was hallucinating.

Wearing a green corsett that showed her lovely assets, she walked slowly in the room. As the third line of the song started, Terry 's voice joined in as she came around the corner. With just the candle on the cake for light, I could barely see her, but could tell she wasn't wearing much. These three lovelies finished the birthday song standing in front of me, and I don't recall ever enjoying it quite so much. So there's the three of us stood in front of him, he was truly awe struck for perhaps the first time in his life.

I held the cake out in front of him and told him to make a wish, at which point Terry chuckled. He blow out the candle, and do to my lack of planning, the room was plunged in to complete darkness, well almost complete darkness, the moon and outside lights illuminated the room enough to move around.

I moved behind the bar in the sunroom and flipped on the bar lights, they gave the room a nice, soft warm glow. I sat the cake on the bar counter, Dave still handcuffed to the chair, and the three of us girls each grabbed a fork and started to eat his cake. It was really a bit of a show which we had planned. I got a little icing on my lip, Alex came over and licked it off, I made sure her actions were visible to Dave. Terry dropped a small piece between her breasts, where I generously offered to take care of that for her, licking the frosting traces from her cleavage.

Every action we made was designed to entice Dave, but it was getting me hot too. One of the hottest, most erotic scenes I had ever witnessed in my life, even beyond in some ways what had happened at the restaurant that night, was playing out in front of me, in my own home, and I was left handcuffed to a chair watching. The girls teased each other, back and forth, with some using the cake is a prop for a moment, and then dispenseing with the need for such things.

I watched Jess slide over to Alex, leaning down and give her a soft kiss on the lips, her eyes watching me the whole time. Alex returned the kiss, sliding her tongue out between Jess's lips, the two let their tongues enter twine, an erotic dance designed just for me, and I'm so loving it.

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Terry came behind Jess and began to kiss her neck and shoulders, while running one hand open down her body, squeezing her breasts before sliding down over the silky red fabric, over her hip, caressing her still firm ass. Jess's eyes were open now, just watching me, and no doubt could see my excitement growing.

She broke her kiss with Alex and stood up from the barstool, taking each of her girls by the hand, she let them over to the couch. I sat Terry and Alex down on the couch and took my place in the middle, these two were very lovely. As we sat I leaned over to Terry and began to kiss her with no pretense of anything minimal, we went directly to an open mouth, hot, and sensual kiss.

She returned my efforts with strong interest of her own, her left hand rose and came across my body and found my left breast, and she begin to kneed and caress it. Alex came behind me and wasted little time, her hands moving down past my belly, between my legs. I leaned back, more upright and straight on the couch, bringing Terry with me, continuing our kiss, her tongue intertwined with mine. She continue to massage my breast, I was able to open my legs for Alex, I put my right shoe up on the edge of the coffee table, followed by the left, making sure Dave had an excellent view.

Alex ran her fingers gently up and down over the small cleft between my legs, I could feel the moisture permeating the shear fabric. A moment later Alex's hand went a little further down, one clasp, two clasp, three clasp and done, as the fabric between my legs opened up. she began gently stroking up and down, my clit had already exposed itself, poking it's head ever so slightly from between my lips. I could see the damp patch forming between Jess's legs, as Alex caressed her. I could feel the bulge in my pants had stopped growing some time ago, rubbing up against the slacks I was wearing.

Terry eventually broke away from the kiss she was sharing with Jess, she turned more to face her, and began using both hands on Jess's chest, gently squeezing, pulling, manipulating, rubbing her fingers over her nipples as they poked through the fabric. Jess let out a gasp as Terry pinched each one in series. Terry then adjusted herself, and using one hand she brought her left breast out from under the nighty she was wearing, and brought it to Jess's lips.

Jess took it greedily, she began to suck on the bright pink nipple with a gentle fierceness that only a woman like her would be able to do. Terry moans as Alex began slowly inserting one finger, then two. As she did this, Jess spread her legs wider, and as her legs came up toward Terry, she took the opportunity, lifting hers over she straddled Jess's leg and began to slowly rock her pussy back and forth on Jess's leg.

As Alex began to fuck me with her finger, I pulled my legs wide, all the while making sure Dave had an excellent show. Shortly after one, she started using two, it was an incredible feeling, she was gentle, and forceful, and had new amazing ways to touch me.

As my legs came up Terry swung her left leg over mine, and begin to slide herself up and down my thigh, even through her almost non-existent panties, and my stockings, I could feel how wet she was. I continued to suckle from her perfect breast as she rubbed herself increasingly faster on my leg. I was getting quite a bit from these two as Dave watched on.

I could see he had pitched quite a tent in his pants, I almost felt sorry for him, handcuffed to the chair like he was, but guys only get a few times a night, and we couldn't let him go off too quickly.

He could watch for a while, he was clearly enjoying it. My erection was straining hard against my pants, to the point it was getting uncomfortable. I couldn't even bring my hands around to adjust myself, I was limited to sitting, and watching, and it was a fine show in front of me.

Alex had two fingers sliding in and out of Jess, going a little faster, matchjng Jess's moaning i think, but the sounds were muffled by the breast in her mouth. Terry continued to rub herself back and forth, making Jess's leg wet. All I could do is try and adjust myself in the seat, tryin to gain some relief for my erect member.

As Alex worked faster and faster, she eventually started to rub her clit with their thumb, this started cascade of events, and Jess wouldn't be denied. In short order her hips started to rock, slowly at first, with her legs up and wide I could see the muscular contraction between her legs, starting slowly, and sporadic, then gaining intensity and frequency.

A moment later, and her hips started thrusting in the air wildly, moaning out loud and very audible, the moan emerging from around the breast that was in her mouth.

She cried out and came with a fantastic orgasm that lasted for several minutes. As Jess came down from her excited state, she continued to nurse on the breast in front of her, Alex slowly and gently removed herself from Jess's wet slit. She brought her hand up and begin to lick her fingers clean alternating her gaze between me and Jess, doing it in in a extremely seductive manner. I'm not sure if Alex is just that good, or if having captive audience watch made it that much better, but that was one special orgasm that just went through me.

I watched as Alex cleaned the orgasmic secretion from her fingers, using her tongue to get every drop, she did so with erotic finesse, alternating her eyes between me and Dave. I continued to gently suck and lick this glorious nipple offered and placeed in my mouth, until such time as Terry chose to remove it from me. Terry slid herself off my leg, having left a large damp spots in my stocking, and walked over to Dave, who still sat handcuffed and helpless, poor thing.

At first she wiggled her button in his face, then she simply down on his lap, where she was whispering things in his ear. She motioned for Alex and I to continue with our business, I needed very Little incentive. I'm not sure how much of this whole night I had planned purely for Dave's enjoyment, or for mine. After that one night in the restaurant, when I learned how much fun other women could be, the first person I thought of was Alex, and I thought about her a lot, I was certainly enamored by her.

I have thought about her many times, so with the motion to go on given, I turned toward Alex and repositioned her so she was laying back on the one arm of the couch. I gently and slowly put her left leg up on the back of the couch, I brought her right leg up and wide, leaving her supported as best possible, opening up this lovely pussy that I had thought about for several months now.

I stared at it for a moment, wet my lips, and then practically dove at her. Terry had to come over, and after a few moments of wiggling her splendid assets at me, she set on my lap, more on my leg really, making an effort not to touch anything too sensitive.

She had put her arms around my neck and begin to whisper very naughty things to me, mostly things involving what was going on in front of us. It was like dirty play-by-play, with some added erotic color commentary. She told me how well and expertly Jess had suckeled from her breast, how hard Jess's nipples felt, how firm.

While she whispered to me, I watched Jess repossession Alex to a position I had had Jess in more than once, on that same couch. Jess had an almost wild, almost animal like look to her, as she stared at Alex, her gaze falling distinctly on the slit of pink between her legs, a small patch of brite orange fuzz seeming to point the way. Jess dove at her, and immediately began to lick, and slurp, and kiss, in a rather noisy fashion, her noises followed by Alex's moaning, leading to her own sounds of pleasure.

Her frantic licking and sucking and kissing, slowly turned into a more rhythmic lapping, up and down, starting from the bottom of her labia, and working strongly to the top.

After a few minutes she began concentrating only on Alex's hardening button, Jess seem to flick her tongue back and forth across her clit with amazing speed, soon Alex's moaning became more forceful, more focused.

Alex tasted like the sweet nectar of the Gods. I know she probably didn't actually taste any different from most of the other women, but because it was her, it seemed better. As I begin to concentrate on her clit, she began to moan loudly, she began to move herself into me.

I brought my hand up and slowly slipped two fingers fully inside of her, she even felt fantastic inside, hot and very wet. After just a moment I removed my fingers, and then reinserted them, this time letting my middle finger slide down to her tight little ass.

I went a little more slowly this time, her pussy had lubricated my fingers very well, but I didn't want to shock her too badly. Slowly they ended up inside of her again, she spread her legs wider in acceptance, her moaning and panting became harder, more defined, and louder. It wasn't but a few more minutes, and I started to feel heat building through her anus, I could feel the rhythmic contractions from both of my fingers.

Slowly at first, weakly, but building, growing stronger. Soon it felt as though her ass was actually trying to pull me into her, I let it. Soon the pulsing was frantic, her moans became horse, and her pelvis thrust into my face, hard. Her hands came down to the back of my head, pulling me tightly into her, as she screamed loudly over and over again, an animal like scream that echoed through the house, pulling my face tighter into her.

Her thighs came around my head and crossed her legs tight against my back, pulling me harder into her still, until finally her legs relaxed, but didn't move, her hands relaxed, but still held me to her, as I lapped and licked at the new flow that came from her. Jess continued to lick at Alex for another minute or so, as she slowly came down from her orgasm. Alex first released her legs from around Jess's head and back, and then let go of the back of her head, smoothing out her hair in a nice, friendly gesture.

Jess stood and smiled at Alex, and stroked her leg as she got up from the couch. She came toward me, she had a grin on her face that would take some time to remove, with Terry still sitting on my lap.

She gave me a big kiss, a sloppy, wet, fantastic thing, I could taste Alex on her. After she pulled herself from me, much to my disappointment, but I could do nothing about it, she reached down and loosened the tie a little further, and begin to pull it over my head. This brought my spirits up. It looks like I might get a little something now too, I'm not complaining about the show, it has been amazing to watch this so far, but sometimes you want a little something yourself, and I wanted more than a little.

She started to pull the tie over my head as she walked behind me, got about half way over, and sinched it tight. The tie went into my mouth like a gag. So now I was handcuffed, and couldn't speak. I'm not sure how necessary this was, I had spoken a word since these three ladies returned with the birthday cake, I didn't have much of a desire to speak at this point.

Jess held out her hand to Terry, who took it and rose from my lap. As Terry came off Dave, I was intending continue with the show. He was now a captive and silent audience before me. I gave Terry a kiss, just a quick one on the lips, then her chin, her neck, I kissed her in the small valley between her breast. I didn't languish here very long, one could spend hours with these magnificent orbs, but I had things to do. Down to her belly, then a little lower, then I was kneeling in front of her.

Reaching up to her hips, I used both hands to grab the waste of her shear black panties, and slowly begin to slide them down. She had appropriately put the panties on over the garter, making this much easier. I kept Dave in the corner of my eye, watching his eyes wonder over Terry, and over me.

His eyes never settled in one place more than a couple of seconds. Further her panties came down, over her hip, past her knees, where she stepped out of them. As she did, she placed her legs wider than she had been standing before, her bald pussy sat perfectly in front of my face. I gave her a quick kiss just above the cleft, I dropped an inch and gave her another on the top of her soft lips, I kissed it every half inch as far down as I could get. I could see her inner lips, the bright pink folds exposing themselves on my way up.

I put my tongue just between these petals, rising all the way until I felt the hard bump of her generously proportioned clitoris. Running my tongue up and down slowly, Dave was watching rather intently, I reached over and unbuckled his belt, once unbuckled, I pulled it, and tossed it completely aside.

The button of his slacks was undone next, followed by an egregiously slow lowering of the zipper, I made sure he felt each tooth coming apart. Once down I reached around the waistband of his briefs, and freed him from his confinement. I think if Jess had gone any slower with my zipper, I might have gone actually crazy. She knelt in front of me with the tip of her tongue sliding up and down the crease between Terry's legs. I could see bright pink labia emerging prominently, I could see the wetness forming as she reached inside my underwear, and pulled me out.

My erection stood proud, and relieved. Using one hand, with as much help as I could muster, lifting myself off the chair, she managed to pull my pants down below my knees. Using her left hand Jess began stroking my member up and down while she continued to lick Terry in a very petite manner. She matched her hand with the pace of her tongue, up and down, we were both getting the exact same pace.

I could see Terry's clitoris had emerged, and Jess would lick it with the tip of her tongue with every up stroke, resulting in a small gasp from Terry each and every time.

I'm not sure if this was paradise or torture at this point, seemed to be a little of both, and I was loving it. Terry's clit was the size of a small marble, it made it fun and exciting to lick her this way. Everything about this girl's body was close to perfect, even her pussy had perfect symmetry.

I pulled myself from her after one last flick of the tongue, and one last pleasurable gasp. I pulled my head away from Terry, pulled my hand away from Dave. I put both hands on her hips and I turned her so she was facing away from him, and then sat her back down on his lap. As she started to sit down I reached between her legs and guided Dave into her. She was very wet, and the first few inches penetrated very easily, she then wiggled herself side to side, with each motion moving another inch down, until she was sitting firmly all the way down.

She just sat there for a few seconds, enjoying the full sensation, and then slowly began gyrating her hips on his lap.

Small circles at first, before turning to a more up and down motion. Jessica had just gotten my cock into Terry's wonderful pussy. It seemed less like I was penetrateting her, and more like she was engulfing me.

Her pussy felt warm and snug, and instead of going up and down to finish inserting me, she went side to side, each time taking the little more inside of her, until I completely disappeared up in her. She felt wonderful. Slow circular motion followed, I could feel the head of my cock bumping into things inside of her.

As she rotated, she began to add some small up and down motions, and then it all became up and down. With all of the visual excitement and stimulation tonight, I knew it would not take much this. Jess stopped Terry for a moment, and spread her legs as wide as seemed reasonable, and twisted her slightly on me. Terry then put her right arm around my neck, sitting almost sideways, she began going up and down on me again, breathing heavier. Jess looked in my eyes, grined, and dropped her face down so she could lick at Terry as she bounced up and down on me.

After I repositioned them, Terry began bobbing up and down, and I knew Dave was not going to last long. I watched them both and decided Terry might need some help.


Still on my knees, I bent over and put my face to her pussy and begain to lick at her enlarged clit, her already hard breathing became nearly frantic, her bouncing became faster, it became difficult to try and continue to lick at her clitoris. I merely held my tongue out and steady, and let her motion rub her clit up and down on me.

I'm not sure which one of them came first Terry begin grinding and gasping, unable to speak. David grunting and groaning unable to make much noise for different reasons, but soon they both relaxed and stopped moving. I continued to lick at that near perfect clit. With Terry sitting almost sideways, I was able too watch Jess lick her, it was so hot. I erupted in her. Her snug walls milking every drop from me, her pussy felt like it had motions all its own, it was a amazing sensation like I have never felt before.

Jess continued to lick at Terry, every time she touched her clit, it sent new motions through her pussy, and in to me. It was, without a doubt, the best orgasm I had ever had.

Jess stood and took Terry by the hand, helping her off of me. My dick still stood tall, covered in our combined fluids, when Terry turned quickly and started sucking my dick, she was still standing, bent at the waist. She sucked and cleaned me like an animal, Jess knelt behind her, eating at her. Most of Dave's mess stayed on his dick, but I cleaned what remained from Terry, I think I would lick broken glass off this beautiful cunt.

Heading north, my lips soon found her tiny pink bud. It was smooth and soft from the waxing, and I kissed it. Then I kissed it again. And another. I kissed again, opening my mouth a little. Then more. I extended my tongue just a bit, the tip glancing against her pucker before returning. kissing, I open more, letting my tongue linger moment longer, before retreating.

She smelled of soap and tasted of lust. I returned to kiss her, she used her right hand to pull her cheek wider, my lips together when they touched her ass, soon parting as my tongue shot forward, she pushed back in to me. I drove my tongue hard, I could feel the hard creased folds of her tight anus resist me, even if she wasn't. I pushed harder, and was rewarded with a very slight opening, the tip of my tongue invaded her, she was smooth inside. Easing and then thrusting harder, I was gaining a fraction of an inch each time, the silky smooth walls of her anus calling me, begging me to come further in.

Each thrust was rewarded with more penetration, soon I could feel my tongue poke through to the space on the other side. I let it rest, wearing her ass like a collar on my tongue, I could feel it's tightness squeeze me. Handcuffed and gagged, I sat there. Terry bent over, sucking my waning erection, Jess had buried her face in Terry's ass, and they both seem to be enjoying it.

Jess had always been in to anal stimulation, I didn't know she was into giving it as well. Looking beyond these two, Alex still lounged on the couch, her left leg still raised on the back of the couch, the other leg splaying her open.

Her left hand found its way to her left breast, the right hand gently, softly, was moving up and down between her still wet pussy lips that still glistened. Her eyes locked on Jess and her activities with Terry's ass. At this point in the evening, my hopes we're simply that I wanted to have each of these woman before the night is over.

Terry's excellant oral work, combined with watching Alex stroke herself, she was oblivious to the fact that I was watching her, started my call back in firm directions, I could feel it growing in her mouth, and soon she wasn't able to take it completely in, and pulled off completely. It was here she turned around and tapped Jess on the shoulder. In a most reluctant fashion, Jess extracted herself from the crack of Terry's ass, looked around as Terry pointed at my now hard dick.

"Oh good, " I said "he's ready again." I didn't want to leave what I was doing but the night must go on. Terry and I stood, I walked over to the bar, retrieving the small handcuff key I had placed on the counter. I returned and stood behind Dave, he did what he could to help, holding the cuffs up for me. Something made me think he wanted to be out of these restraints. I undid the cuffs and he stood quickly, he removed the gag from his mouth, tossing it aside randomly.

He turned quickly to me, pushed the chair aside that separated us, and wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug, and with a long kiss filled with lust and passion. As he broke our kiss, he whispered "thank you." I smiled at him and said "you're welcome." He stepped out of his pants which were puddled around his ankles, I'm not sure if he actually unbuttoned the shirt or not, it just seemed to fly away.

He was soon naked, with his arms returned to me. He looked around the room trying to decide what to do next, Alex still lounged on the couch, her left leg up on the back, her pretty pussy exposed for all of us to see, as she ran one finger up and down her slit.

Terry simply looked good, still wearing her glasses, the sexy librarian look in full effect, and full effectiveness. I whispered "What do you want?" in his neck. He kissed me on the cheek and said "I'm saving you for last." With that I pointed him toward Alex, and gave him a swift slap on the ass, and he moved quickly to the couch. I didn't need much encouragement at this point, when Jess directed me tward Alex I covered the distance in record time.

Any man who tells you they haven't thought about the friends of their wife or girlfriend would be lying, now I would never have done anything, I've never cheated on Jess, and I never will, but I had certainly considered what Alex might look like in such a state, and if I was honest I would have to tell you my expectations we're not nearly high enough, she exceeded them in every way.

Alex never changed her position on the couch or her actions as I approached. I kissed her ankle high in the back of the couch, and moved up her leg with a series of small kisses, and lingering licks down the silky black nylon, over the cuff midway up her thigh, on to the creamy white skin.

Her skin was velvety soft and smooth, my tongue glided across her inner thigh, and soon it found it way to the part in her labia, where her finger still slid up and down. She was slick with wetness, my tongue got to competing with her own hand to pleasure her, after a moment she let me do the work, as I begin to alternator between gentle licks and sucking.

Jess had brought her to orgasm only a short time ago, I wasn't even sure if she could have another one that soon, but I was enjoying the activity.

Dave was dining at that delectable pussy that I had been devouring minutes before. I was a little bit jealous, I wasn't really jealous of Dave being with her, I wasn't really jealous of her being with Dave, I think it was just that I wanted to be a part of it, I don't like being left out. A few minutes of oral pleasure and Alex was breathing hard. Dave had pleasures of his own he wanted however, and soon taking her by the hand, he stood her up, then he sat down on the couch and positiond her sitting on his lap, facing him.

She put her arms around his neck for balance, she initially stood on the couch, feet beside him, and she lowered herself down on him, a few inches at first, and then more with each downward stroke, until he had disappeared into her. They both were clearly enjoying themselves. She was bouncing up and down on his lap with surprising energy. I decided we should help, so I took Terry and then we walked over to them.

Terry and I each leaned around in front of Alex, then using our hands to steady her bouncing breast, we each managed to tame one, and engulf it into our mouths. Her nipples were bright pink, her breasts almost perfectly white, making for a beautiful contrast. Seeing Terry's lips wrapped around Alex's breast was almost as exciting as feeling her rock hard nipple in my mouth.

I noticed a moment later Terry's hand found it's way south and begin gentle rubbing of her clit. I took my hand the other direction, bringing my hand down her back side, I went down past her ass, I could feel Dave's hard cock penetrating her, her lips stretched tight around his member.

My hand lingered here for a moment, she was very wet, and it felt wonderful. Alex was getting about all the stimulation someone could. Jess and Terry were each sucking from her breasts, even more she continued to bounce up and down, landing on my lap. Terry began rubbing her clit, and I could feel Jess's hand at the base of my cock, spending time rubbing it and Alex. After a few minutes it was feeling wonderful, I felt Jess move her hand and then one finger joined my cock inside Alex, this made the sensation tighter and even more interesting, I could feel Jess going in and out, at an alternating pace to mine, the hardness of her contrasting with the softness of Alex's warm wet pussy was amazing.

A few minutes of this went by, and to my disappointment Jess slowly removed herself from Alex.


I've enjoyed the aspect that we were sharing her, but to my surprise we were still going to be sharing her. Alex's motions slowed to an almost stop for a moment, and somehow through feeling, and maybe just anticipation, I could feel the same finger that had been penetrateing Alex's warm pussy, was now invading her tight little asshole for the second time tonight. Alex was still while Jess inserted herself, but now begin to pick up the pace again, I could feel Jess's finger on my dick even though we were using separate openings.

Every erotic zone on Alex was being pleasured at the moment, everything that could possibly be done was being done, and as one would expect, this led to an inevitable conclusion. Alex begin bouncing harder and more randomly on my cock, she began to moan loudly.

She gave a few nasty commands, "suck them harder", "rub it faster", and then she cried out in a series of gasping screams so loud I thought the neighbors might hear. I had thrust my fingers so far up her ass I could go no further, I sucked from her breast until I thought it might hurt her, Terry was rubbing her clit with a feverish pace, all leading to the most exquisite orgasm.

Somehow through all of this, Dave had not come yet. While this orgasmic bliss ebbed from Alex, I had removed my finger from her ass, Terry and I had released her breasts, Dave sat more up right, turned on the couch, laying Alex down on her back. He started pounding away. Alex's orgasm seem to almost return as he did, not picking up in a vibrant way, but holding a steady sustained level as she continued to moan loudly, and squeal with each thrust.

He pounded away hard, the harder he went, the more Alex seemed to love it. Soon Dave was panting, and his trusting slowed, as he push deep inside of her, his load surely escaping and filling her deepest crevise.

I drove hard at her after turning her on the couch, the orgasm she had gone through seemed to hold her still in it's trance, her body trembled and shook as I continued, thrusting harder and faster. Her sounds of pleasure continue to eminate from her, and with my wife watching on, I came again that night, putting my seed deep inside her.

As I begin to come, I stayed there inside of her while my erection lost it's potential, Alex is noticeable shorter than Jess, and in this position I looked more down at her. She was a lovely woman in her own right, the red hair and green eyes gave an exotic feel, while at the same time being very familiar. I looked over at Jess, she seemed very happy, the smile on her face was hard to disguise.

This was her idea after all. I pulled myself away from her, her legs, which had come around my back and held me solid, released and opened wide, falling back on the couch. I was spent, and would be for some time now I had to think. Alex continued to lay on the couch beside me, I caress one of her thighs, my hand enjoying the silky stockings.

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She wasn't sleeping, she seemed almost in daze. I suppose having two powerful orgasms as fast as she did could do that to a person, it was doing it to me. Jess looked at us smiling, Terry stood beside her, they seemed proud of what they had accomplished.

It seemed time for a small break, everybody was physically tired at the moment, even if our mental state is still on edge. I went to the bar poured myself a glass of water, and asked if anybody else wanted anything. Terry said whiskey neat, which seemed to catch everybody off guard. Dave declined, Alex managed to merely raise her hand off the couch. I handed Terry her drink on my way to Alex, I opened a bottle of water for her, and handed it down.

I think she drank half of that immediately, shortly afterward she sat up on the couch, and then excused herself to go to the restroom. David still fairly speechless, he just sat there in a daze of afterglow. Terry and I stood by the bar, it seems almost surreal to be talking about simple and inconsequenceial things after what we had just done, the things I had done with her, but it also added an air of normalcy to it.

Dave eventually excused himself to the restroom. I went to the restroom, it wasn't optional, I had to pee. I used the downstairs half bath, and met Alex as she was coming out. We gave each other looks, I don't know if they were more confusion, contemplation, or tension. I wanted to do something, but it felt like it would be wrong, almost cheating. It didn't feel wrong a few minutes ago, but now it did, so we just awkwardly passed each other, we both seem avoid each other's eyes as we did.

Alex returned from the restroom, she had cleaned herself up a little, and freshened her makeup, not that she needed to. It was somehow perplexing to me, both of these women were exciting, I had just done things with both of them, very, very enjoyable things. Terry's body was young and perfect, she was beautiful, there was nothing at all to dislike about her, or even find fault, but it was Alex that I wanted the most, being longtime best friends I just felt so close to her.

I very much enjoyed sharing David with her, to me, it made us feel even closer. I don't know how she felt about all this. She walked over to a grab a fresh bottle of water from the fridge, then came out from behind the bar, took a few drinks, and joined in the conversation.

At some point, apparently, the conversation lost interesting to her. She reached over to my chest, she released my left breast from under the lace of the teddy, and slowly begin to lick it. My conversation with Terry continued. Terry seemed to get a kick out of this, where I was quite startled it first, but that went away very quickly, and I enjoyed the warm sensation of her mouth over my nipple.

It reminded me of the days nursing children, where sometimes it felt so wonderful. I brought my hand up behind her head, running my fingers through her red hair, then held her snuggly, but gently, against my breast.

Her nursing continued as she brought her hand down to my thigh, then further down to my calf. She stroked gently up and down my leg, from the curve in my calf, to just past the cuff of my stocking, her touch felt wonderful. It had been some time since I had had my orgasm, and I felt as though it might be time to go again. I slid from the bar stool and walked over to the couch. I had refastened the crotch of my teddy earlier, and when I got to the couch I went and unattached it quickly, pulling the ends out of the way.

Standing in front of the couch, I bent over, resting my forearms on the back of the couch, putting myself at a 90 degree bend for her. Alex was right behind me, and before I had even got fully comfortable, she was knealing and licking. She ran her tongue from my clitoris, up through my vulva, going past she would circle around my little sphincter, and then come back down. she made many laps around my clitoris, around my anus, spending a little time with each before returning to the other.

I let out a long drawn out moan. I returned from the restroom and found Jess bent over, leaning on the back of the couch, with Alex on her knees behind her. She was calm in her pace, not being frantic, licking up and down, savoring the experience. Jessica dropped her shoulders to the back of the couch, reaching her hands back, she spread herself a bit wider, this gave Alex the encouragement to go a little faster. I just stood at the end of the bar, naked, watching.

It was hot, so hot. Alex was working Jess, clit to ass, over and over, and I knew Jess was loving it. She loved having her ass licked.

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She moans more, muffled with her face near the cushions, her face was turned away from me. I don't know if she even knew I was in the room. Terry walked over to me and took me by the hand, and with long graceful strides, she walked me over to one of the chairs, and sat me down. She kissed my cheek, and then situated herself on her knees in front of me, she spread my knees wide, pulled my flacid dick up, and just sucked it in to her mouth.

In it's weakened state, the whole thing fit neatly in her mouth. She kept it fully in there, doing something remarkable with her tongue, it felt extremely good. I continue to watch Jess as Alex pleasured her, eventually Alex started concentrating more on her ass then her clitoris. After a few minutes I thought David returned to the room, but I wasn't sure. I love the idea of him watching, so I hope he was.

Alex is making me feel wonderful, constant sounds of pleasure escaping from me. At this point she appeared to grow tired of making the laps back and forth from clitoris to anus, so decided to keep her tongue busy with my ass, and it felt really good. A moment later her hand come up underneath me, and she began to gently squeeze my clitoris between two fingers, very gently, massaging it.

I can feel it was hard, and it would soon be harder. She would roll it gently between her fingers, softly punching, it was driving me crazy. The feelings were becoming more and more intense, her tongue was driving into me, squirming its way into me, I love to the feeling, but my ass involuntarily shut tightly.

She continued to strongly probe me, making slow but steady progress. So with Terry's skillful help, I was becoming hard, I wasn't quite there yet, but it was on its way. It was no longer fitting entirely in her mouth, and she was giving me a more traditional blowjob, and she was very, very good. I could hear Jess getting close to her finale, and I kind of wanted to be there. I signaled Terry to rise, and she did, I stood beside her, and we both walked over. I stood on Jess's left side so she could see me, her head turned that way, Terry stood on her right, she really seemed to enjoy knowing I was there watching, she began to breath very fast.

When Dave came and stood beside me, it was about all I needed, I started down the non-stop road that would lead to a major orgasm. I learned one thing a while ago, having an orgasm while standing up is very difficult, my legs become uncontrollably weak, my body moves in ways I have no influence on, so either the orgasm doesn't come, or I would end up falling down in a lump. In the past I've always chose not falling down like a lump, this time I wanted this orgasm. Dave sensed this, he reached down and wrapped one hand on my thigh just above my stocking, and one hand just below, he took the pressure off one leg.

Terry follows his lead, and a moment later my feet were actually off the ground as they held me up in the air, legs spread, just resting on the back of the couch. Alex doubled her efforts again, her tongue thrusting hard into me, pushing through, squirming inside me, while her hand milked my clitoris. The orgasm that crashed over me was beyond words.

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It was all Terry and I could do to hold Jess's legs when her orgasm hit. Her legs started thrashing violently, moving us back and forth, her pelvis slamming up and down on to Alex's face, her chin now covered with a sticky glaze from Jess's cunt, her tongue remaining buried in her ass.

It lasted a good four or five minutes, easing up a bit after the first minute. I have never even heard of someone having an orgasm last that long, it was an amazing sight. Jess emerged from it with amazing energy, Terry and I let her legs down, and after Alex pulled her tongue out of her ass, Jess crawled on to the floor. I reached under the couch, and pulled out the astroglide I planted there this afternoon.

Grabbing Dave's chock, I lube it's hardness up, top to bottom. "I want you to watch this ladies." I announced. "David, tonight I'm giving you my ass." I turned away from him, staying on my knees, I dropped my chest to the floor, spread my cheeks, and gave myself to him.

He had always liked fucking my ass, and tonight I give myself to him fully. The girls knelt beside me, removed my hands from my ass, using their own to keep me spread wide.

The next thing I knew, something hard was pushing on my anus.


Two beautiful women knelt on each side of my wife, spreading her ass wide for me to fuck. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. I knelt behind her, and as I moved forward, Alex guided my dick right to her ass, she continued holding it, keeping me from going to fast.

Pushing firmly at first, the head of my dick parted her, just entering her, Jess gasped. I pulled it mostly out, and returned, slowly, the head vanished in to her. Everything was so well lubed, I continued to push, slow and steady. She was tight around me, her anus puckered I as I pushed, she moaned, and Alex still held me.

Another slow, steady push, and I was half way in, Alex removed her hand. Both girls used their free hand to message her anus around my cock, this felt amazing. One more long slow thrust, and the rest of my dick slid in to her, smooth and easy. When Alex and Terry started rubbing my anus around his dick, I felt my ass relax and open up, inviting him in, the next moment, he had fully penetrated me. "Watch him fuck my ass please." The exhibitionist coming out in me again.

He's started going at me, soft and slow, at first, but getting faster. Normally I have to work up to hard fucking in my ass, this time it was so relaxed and open, I couldn't wait for it. I started pushing back in to him, making him go faster and harder, it felt so good, so nasty, so wrong to get fucked in the ass, and more wrong to enjoy it.

But I was. "Harder" I yelled "pound my ass." Jess was never this in to anal, she was encouraging me to go faster. I went a bit faster. When she started yelling at me, I didn't hold back, I fucked her ass with the same intensity I had done Alex, hard, fast, powerful.

She was moaning, nearly screaming, but she kept yelling ' harder '. Alex and Terry seemed shocked, their mild mannered friend was an absolute anal slut tonight. Terry had a look of disbelief on her face, where Alex's shock was mixed with pride. I pounded her ass as hard and long as I could, then shot my load deep in her bowels, then fell back sitting on the floor behind her. I could almost feel Dave's cum squirt in me, and then he fell back, exhausted, his dick making a slight popping sound as it left me.

There wasn't much to the rest of the night, Dave was done, and wouldn't be up for at least twelve hours, my ass was wrecked in a most splendid way, and I couldn't handle any more. Alex was mostly spent, but she gave Terry a big send off, eating her to a nice screaming orgasm, before she said she had to go. Alex stayed the night with Dave and I, something I hoped would happen again, and again. All in all, I think it was a birthday David will never forget.