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Videos gay straight boys gratis Guy ends up with ass fuck fucky fucky
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The Life Ch 3 European Adventure By Jax_Teller Amy and I got along very well that first year; she had unique ideas that helped in my business situations. She was also very good at budgeting, saving money and investing money, so well in fact that I had a retirement fund.

This was all done separate from military pensions and such. As a sexual creature she was an exhibitionist and switch dominant submissive. When with me she was a true submissive, but she also liked to control others, especially females.

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She was absolutely cruel sometimes. We had been riding in Europe for a few months and met some wonderful people along the way. We hadn't worked in 2 months and didn't need to either. We had been staying in a town called Vallista. It was a tourist vacation spot, white sandy beaches, and a carnival attitude year round. We found ourselves going to one club in particular that was a sexually explicit specialty place.

It could be roughly compared to a strip bondage club in the states. The difference being it wasn't considered abhorrent or freaky. There were rooms with windows and curtains available to have private play or pubic display. There were open dance areas where clothing was optional. A large stage with a sort of perverse performance art was the main attraction.

On stage there were several couples naked having intercourse to a selection of music with a heavy beat (The Art of Noise). The next act was a very funny poetic comedian. It looked like American standup comedy, but the woman was naked and used her nudity as part of her act. With all these different things going on it was surreal in that the nudity or open sexuality wasn't the main focus. The place was very well behaved and totally off the wall at the same time.

If you were observant you would notice some folks just meeting and then having sex right in the open floor areas or going to a private room. Couches and tables lined the exterior walls and provided a pleather of perverse couplings.

There were gamming areas were billiards, darts or other games were available. There was a whole other club under the same roof where electronic gaming was taken to the limit. Multi-player game rooms had leather recliners that moved with the action and had sound built in.

Large screens and music played nonstop. It was the most sophisticated gaming facility I had ever seen and reviled the flight and battle simulators in the military.

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It was like an adult playground. The club had a security force that was discrete, above the law and yet respectful. Amy and I had enjoyed the first visit mostly watching others and taking in the totality of the show. The second night I told Amy I wanted her to be at my service for the evening.

She was very excited at the opportunity. When we arrived we rented a room that had various bondage and torture stations setup. Oddly enough it reminded me of going to the youth center and renting the sporting equipment. The room had high ceilings and resembled an expensive study. The wood work perfectly put together and finished to look like it was all one piece of wood.

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The wallpaper that resembled cloth was very ornate as well. The old world authenticity was even more appreciated because of the technology. There were switches and directions to do a lot more than we needed. There were electric hoists and lighting and sound boards. It was an amazing combination of high quality old and new blended to perfection.

We left the curtains and the double door open. I placed red rope barriers around the area I planned on using and on the dry erase board at the door, I wrote in english "feel free to observe but please do not disturb during performances." I ordered Amy to remove her clothes and fold them as prescribed. Then we did a short Kata type stretching routine designed to limber us both up. I secured Amy to a wooden cross, her facing the cross. Discretely I checked her circulation and pulse taking the opportunity to run my hands over her nakedness.

She was doing well as expected. I pulled a cart over to the cross that had a wide variety of floggers, whips, paddles and other impact tools. I proceeded to use several lighter floggers as a tickling / teasing implements. Amy was getting into the watchers comments and sounds but was starting to get frustrated at my slow pace.

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I moved onto a simple wooden paddle. It was simple by design, but had grooves 3/16th of an inch deep into the striking surface. The handle was leather wrapped jell and it was very comfortable to hold and had little impact to the person using it.

Amy jumped as I struck her bare ass the first time. The floggers had barely pinked up the skin on her back and butt. This paddle made a loud cracking sound on impact.

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I administered 10 rather hard whacks on her ass cheeks with the paddle and then put it away. Her ass was sufficiently bright red in color. I ran my hand over her ass lightly, checking her skin and reminding her of the burning skin. I looked over at another display cart that had a warning about electricity.


I knew all too well the capabilities' of those items. I chose a Violet Wand with a spider web configured head. I turned it on and ran it over my hand. Amy tensed slightly and relaxed recognizing the sound of the wand sparkling across my hand.

I stepped close to her and checked her pulse and circulation; I whispered in her ear that there were more hard dicks in the room than the Navy docks when a ship came home from a 6 month deployment.

She said thank you Sir~ for the visual. I touched the wand to the inside of her leg just above the ankle and slowly dragged the web of the wand up her leg to a few inches of her bald pussy.


As the wand glazed the skin it sparkled and little wisps of sparks jumped. I put the wand aside and I used my hand to spank her butt cheeks and then repeated the motion of the wand on her other leg. She seemed drawn to the electricity. I ran it over most of her body staying away from her sex and heart sensitive areas. As I pulled the wand away from her to put it away she cried out please Sir~. I knew she wanted release, to orgasm. I denied her the orgasm, and said suffer slut, to which she had a pouty look of anticipation.

I took a pair of nipple clamps from the electric station and snugged them on her nipples and did the same with a second set to the outer lips of her pussy and a fifth clamp on her clit. I turned the dial knob to the second lowest setting knowing she could handle it. She jumped slightly but wiggled as she settled back into position. I took a string of simple plastic clamps similar to clothes pins but more task specific. These clamps were attached to each other by wires and had conductive skin like material on the ends.

I placed them along the inside of her thighs. She was so close to her orgasm. I used the instrument panel to change the pattern and frequency of the shocks. I placed my hand on her shoulder and once again checked her pulse and her circulation.

She was ready, and the crowd that formed was mesmerized by our show. I turned the dial up two notches and she reacted and as she calmed herself, I began slowly pulling the clamps from her thighs and told her to come. As I removed the clamps the frequency of the remaining clamps increased with each clamp removed.

The word wasn't fully spoken when I felt her juices flowing down her thighs.


She was sobbing and convulsing in orgasm. As she came down from her orgasm I began to release her from the cross, slowly and deliberately being careful. As she was freed I turned the both of us to face the crowd and held her to my leg petting her head and running my hand over her hair.

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The crowd applauded. Some of the obvious submissives came over to us and asked to touch Amy. I said they could. They knelt to her level and one hugged her, another stroked her hair and yet another lightly kissed her on the lips.

The others people that came closer in said nice job and such. A few comments were spoke in a language I didn't recognize. This was the first time we had "performed" for a crowd together. I told the few still around that we'd be doing more soon.

I checked her pulse, color, and breathing and decided Amy had recovered enough to stand and I helped her up. One remaining submissive female also helped her, but kept looking to me or I should say at me. Amy upon standing gave the girl a hug and squeeze and told her to come by and visit with us later, if she was allowed. We conversed with quite a few people and as they disbursed, I told Amy to get into her String bikini.

She complied and we left our room to mingle. As we intermingled the crowded club people were complimenting us on the show. I saw the submissive that Amy had spoken to and we moved to that area.

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It was an open floor area that was roped off and Sheila was kneeling obviously meditating. She seemed to be alone but a female who looked to be her twin entered the area. She barked at Sheila to stand.

Marla announced that they encouraged comments and suggestions during the performance. Marla taped her finger on an odd looking stool. Sheila moved into a position on the stool that left her face down and ass up and exposed. Marla spanked her with her hand until the redness was visible. As soon as Marla finished, they exchanged positions, and Shelia administered an identical spanking. Nearing the end someone of the viewer's said use your thumb to fuck her.

When the spanking was done Sheila unceremoniously shoved her thumb in Marlas' pussy and began fucking her vigorously. After a quick small orgasm they switched positions and Marla fucked Sheila to orgasm. They stood holding hands and bowed to the crowd, and said in unison that the sisters will be back later on. Sisters, that was their quark, Sheila came over to us and introduced themselves. Then she turned to Marla and said this was the couple I told you about.

Sheila wrote on a note pad and handed me the note and said it was a restaurant they often went to after preforming and if we were available later on they would like us to join them for dinner. I said we'd love to and we hugged briefly and then we moved on taking in all the sights and sounds before returning to our room. I did one more scene with Amy using low temp wax and edge play. I dragged the edge of a rather ominous lethal looking knife along the skin between the wax drippings.

In reality the knife's edge was not truly sharp, just looked it. Our second performance was well received as was the first, and we spent some time talking and packing our things to leave. I saw The Sisters leaving and nodded my head to Amy so she would know my intent.

We hailed a taxi and gave the driver the note with the restaurant name on it, the rough burly driver with pitted face looked up in the mirror and said yes sir. We pulled up to this building that looked as though it had been drawn from an old sketch book of Early European history.

It had low lights and a sign in several languages, that seemed to blend the texts of the different languages. The driver opened the door for us and I paid him in American dollars, which he looked confused, as if he'd have to make change. I said keep the change and he said oh thank you sir, thank you. He stepped up to the door of the restaurant and held the door for us. The End Pt 3