Busty BBW Goes to Town on her Vagina

Busty BBW Goes to Town on her Vagina
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A Very Elite College for Girls The Corcoran School for Girls was a very elite college tucked away in rural Pennsylvania. While it carried a very liberal arts curriculum, it also had a number of very special classes whose descriptions in some cases were quite vague while in others no attempt was made to describe exactly what was being taught.

The tuition was very high which you would think would limit the number of applicants but the reality was that it was a very difficult school to get in. When I applied for a position at the school I was somewhat aware that several courses in sexuality were offered but I really didn't realize how explicit some of the instruction was. I hired on as an English teacher and after a couple of years working there, I was definitely interested in possibly instructing in one or more of the sexually oriented classes.

The school offered, among many other sexually oriented classes, two in fellatio. Basic Fellatio and Advanced Fellatio. In the schools printed material, these were not the names used for these classes. But word of mouth kept the students apprised of what the actual curriculum was. These had been among the more popular classes, especially the advanced class.


But in recent years the attendance had dropped off mainly due to the advancing age of the instructor. I guess word of mouth from students who had taken the class had kept many girls from signing up. The rumor was that the instructor had trouble achieving an erection, which was a critical factor in that particular class.

The rumor around the school was that they were looking for a replacement. By now, I was fairly well known by the faculty as a young, aggressive and liberal instructor although my ability to show off my liberalism was restricted by the type of class I taught. But through numerous conversations with senior faculty members, my interest in being involved in one of the sexuality classes was an open secret. I was called before the board of directors and reviewed regarding my qualifications to teach the Advanced Fellatio class.

This was a very frank and open meeting and quite a few potentially embarrassing questions were asked. When I was hired I had to undergo a very comprehensive physical examination, which, as part of my terms of employment, had to be repeated once a year.

I had just gone through such an examination the past week and a few new wrinkles had been added which gave me a clue that I might be under consideration for a teaching spot in one of the sexuality classes. The doctor giving the examination was a male but had two female interns who assisted him in all aspects of the examination.

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This had never happened before. The two girls were seniors at the school and both quite attractive. I went through all the usual steps of a physical exam.

I had disrobed down to my Jockey shorts and had one of those skimpy hospital gowns on. At one point I was asked to remove both the gown and my shorts. I had already figured that they were looking to see how inhibited I might be appearing totally naked in front of a couple of young girls. Since I badly wanted a position heading up a sexuality class, I stripped down with no hesitation.

The doctor had seen my penis on previous examinations and I suspected that the size of it might have had some bearing on me being singled out as a possible prospect. I assumed that a larger penis would enhance the attractiveness of the class and obviously the school wanted to keep the class size at a reasonable number, which had fallen off badly the last year with hardly enough students to justify even teaching it.

Then the physician kind of surprised me because he said that he had to examine me with a fully erect penis and instructed me to do what was necessary to achieve an erection.

As soon as my naked cock was exposed to the two eager assistants, it had already begun the enlargement process, better known as "getting a hard-on." Upon being told by the doctor to make it hard, I started giving it a few strokes and in no time flat it was fully hard. Then the doctor asked the two interns to take turns feeling the hardness of my cock and to also fondle my testicles. I am not sure exactly what the purpose of that was but I sure wasn't going to argue.

Then the doctor had me lay down on the examination table and told me that the final step of the exam was to test my ability to orgasm and also to measure the amount of semen I could produce. He then instructed the two interns to proceed to masturbate me to orgasm. He warned me that part of the test was to see how long I could resist ejaculating.

So I worked very hard mentally to put off achieving an orgasm for as long as possible. Since the two interns were both graduates of all the sexuality classes, their ability to provide maximum stimulation to my penis was at an expert level.

Despite their best efforts I managed to hold off for nearly 25 minutes, which I later heard was nearly a record. Finally I could resist no longer and copious amounts of semen spurted from my penis. One of the bigger loads I had ever produced. Both the doctor and the interns were quite pleased with the results of my ejaculation.

Now back to my faculty review. After a long list of somewhat embarrassing questions I was finally allowed to leave. I was told that I would have their decision within a few days. I knew that a couple of other faculty members were under consideration but I felt I had a leg up as I was younger, and if I do say so myself, quite a bit better looking.

I had an athletic physique and both the other candidates could stand to lose a few pounds so I logically assumed if some nudity in class was required, I would certainly lend more appeal to a class of young girls than either of the other two candidates.

Sure enough, a few days later I was informed that I would be the new class instructor of the Advanced Fellatio class. I was told to meet the professor who had been heading up that class for the past few years to get a first hand rundown on what was involved in teaching the class. The man who was stepping down was very gracious and helpful. He obviously knew that his time with this class had passed as he was now in his sixties.

He was very open and outgoing and very explicitly explained the class curriculum.

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The class was limited to 15 girls but had shrunk to as few as only five in the most recent semester. He explained to me that a lot of the class was built around showing videos of various blowjob techniques.


Initially the videos that were shown were fairly tame but as the class progressed the videos got more and more explicit and the level of enthusiasm provided by the girl giving the blowjob got higher and higher. Videos were shown where a degree of analingus was incorporated along with a blowjob.

Even videos of a man's cock sticking through a glory hole or down through a hole in a massage table with a girl sucking on it were shown. They were also instructed on all the various ways to enhance a blowjob. Then at a more advanced stage of the class the girls were given the opportunity to practice their skills on the class instructor. My mentor explained to me that you had to be very careful with this stage of the class as not all girls would be interested in participating and it was important that they not be made to feel any discrimination for not being a participant.

He also pointed out that I would need to also be extremely careful with those girls who did elect to participate and to not show any favoritism.

And also to pace myself to avoid ejaculating into any girl's mouth unless that was a specific stated goal prior to that particular exercise. He had a lot more to tell me but at some point I sort of mentally shut him off because I had my own ideas of how to conduct the class.

The info he gave me was great as far as overall guidelines were concerned but as to the specifics, I would develop those on my own. And truth be told, a lot of exactly what I would do would be totally dependent upon my students. Their ability to accept me, and my ideas, would lead me to the path I needed to find. When I was announced as the new instructor of the Advanced Fellatio class for the upcoming semester, the class filled up the very first day. Obviously, I felt that was a strong vote of confidence.

I eagerly looked forward to the first class coming up in a couple of weeks. When the first class finally rolled around, I was nervous and excited. I shouldn't even admit this but I already had a semi-hard cock before I even entered the classroom.

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When I did enter, I introduced myself and immediately got a round of applause. That had never happened in any of my English classes so I felt that we were all off to a good start. The class of 15 girls who were all Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors, were a good looking group.

They all had completed the Basic Fellatio class as Freshman which was a requirement. I wasn't even sure what was taught in that class but I knew it was extremely basic. I think it more or less introduced the students to the working details of the penis and getting them familiar with the specifics of how men achieved an erection and where the sensitive spots were located and some very basic instruction on the art of cock sucking.

I told my group that we would review some of the basics because for some of them it had been two or three years since they had taken the basic class. I further told them that this particular class required an extreme degree of personalization between me and my students. We had to get past the teacher/student barrier although obviously some degree of that had to remain. I explained that the class would require me to bare myself to them not only mentally but physically and I felt that the best way to achieve a solid working relationship right off the bat was to try to drop all inhibitions as quickly as possible.

I further told them that I realized that some of them probably wouldn't be ready for the speed that I was going to take them on this journey and that was ok. I also pointed out that in the Basic class and even in the Advanced class, that previously much of the teaching was done with descriptions, photos, and videos.

I explained that with my class that it was going to be enhanced with a lot more hands-on teaching. That said, I proceeded to unzip my pants. I had purposely not worn any underwear so I wouldn't have to fumble around getting my semi-hard cock out. I looked around and saw several shocked expressions on some of the faces but most seemed eager for the next step. As I took my half-hard cock out of my pants I explained that I was going to move around the classroom and give each student an opportunity for a close up examination of an erect penis.

I told them that there was no requirement for anyone to participate if they didn't want to. I said I understood that this was somewhat of a shock to start right off with a naked penis in their face. Just a simple "no thanks" was all that was necessary when I arrived at each desk. On the other hand, any student was free to closely examine my erect penis and even touch it, squeeze it, or even give it a few strokes if that was their desire.

I need to note that I am partially circumcised. That particular treatment is called the German Cut.

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Only the excess foreskin that protrudes beyond the glans is removed which eliminates that elephant trunk look. Enough foreskin remains to cover the glans when flaccid.

In my case, as my cock enlarges, the foreskin automatically rolls back, exposing the shiny, expanded cockhead. But for someone who enjoys jacking a foreskin back and forth, there is still enough on my penis to do that. I then explained all of this to the class so they fully understood that my penis was roughly halfway between a full cut cock and an uncut one. I then proceeded to step up to the first student. A very attractive brunette who had been in one of my English classes and I had known her to be a very sexy, somewhat outgoing girl.

I picked her as the first because I felt it was important to get off to a good start. If the first girl had said "no thanks" I was afraid that would cause others to follow suit. But if the first girl, whose name was Amy, fully participated, then I felt that would break the ice so to speak and others would also join in.

Of course it was a gamble on my part but luckily Amy reached out and took hold of my now fully engorged cock. She took her time examining it and rolled the foreskin back with one hand while an extended forefinger on her other hand lightly massaged the head of my penis.

She commented on how smooth the skin was on my glans. She even cupped my balls with one hand and lightly squeezed them. Her actions set the tone for the entire class and I didn't get a single "no thanks" for which I was extremely pleased. Many of the students just gave my cock a cursory examination but I had sort of expected that and also felt that as the class went on, that would change. I planned to make my penis a constant subject of my course and also knew that the more familiar each student became with my cock, the more interest they would show.

Another one of the girls, whose name was Becca, had also taken my English class, and had openly flirted with me on numerous occasions. She was even more bold than Amy and when I arrived at her desk, she took my cock in both hands and vigorously pumped it.

"Be careful Becca," I warned, "We don't want to get some unwanted results that could create quite a mess on your dress." Everybody in the class thought that was pretty funny. She replied "Who says it's unwanted?" which got even more laughter. This reply was followed by even more vigorous stroking. And then I got the biggest surprise of my first day in class when she leaned forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking.

Omigod that felt so good. But I didn't want things to get out of hand on the first day and realized that things might be moving way too fast for some members of the class. I rightfully assumed that over time they all would more or less be on the same page but that wasn't the case at the moment, which was apparent by the shocked look on a few faces. I pulled away from Becca's eager mouth and hands, my prick dripping with her saliva. I took my handkerchief from my pocket as I wiped my cock dry while explaining to her that maybe things were moving too fast.

Her quick response was "After all it is a fellatio class." That got a laugh from me as well as the class. I explained that we would work towards that goal in the future but not today. Then I went around to the remaining class members until everyone had a chance to be up close and personal with my 8-inch cock.

Then we had a general discussion about the various students previous exposure to a hard cock. Several of them admitted to having had engaged in sexual activity but also said that it had always been somewhat dark and they had never really been able to actually get a very good look at what a penis looked like.

Nearly everyone owned up to having seen many cock photos and videos online but it was not the same as seeing one in the bright daylight up close. A few of the girls remarked that they had never personally experienced a penis as large as mine and a couple even commented that my prick was unusually attractive. In all, the group discussion went extremely well with nearly everybody contributing.

I purposefully left my cock out of my pants during this discussion and walked around the class during all the commentary with the idea of making them all more comfortable with me with my cock exposed. All of this sex talk kept my cock hard the whole time. It also made me wonder how many of my students had wet panties. They had to surely have been sexually stimulated to some degree, especially with a large hard cock right in front of their face. By now class time was almost over. I looked around at all the students and said that I hoped no one was offended by how quickly I had moved in trying to get everyone comfortable with each other and with a man's erect penis.

One of the girls spoke up and said that at first she was somewhat taken aback by me quickly exposing myself to the class. But that it was a sexuality class and that obviously a man's penis was going to be the main focus of the class and the sooner everybody was comfortable with that the better.

A few more girls echoed the same sentiments and then the bell rang. Everyone was slow to leave with several girls coming by my desk to say how much they enjoyed the class and were looking forward to future sessions. I had purposely left my cock exposed and it was still very hard. Some of the girls who came up to me were working very hard to avoid looking at my penis. I told them it was ok to look if they wanted to and they all did look down at my cock sticking its full eight inches out of my pants.

I volunteered they could even touch it and a couple who had earlier avoided touching it as I walked around the class now took the opportunity to make up for what they had missed.

I was pleased with the degree of interest that was shown to my exposed and slightly throbbing member. Subsequent classes progressed along the same lines as the first one and I made it a point to have my cock exposed in nearly every class. Sometimes it was hard and sometimes it was flaccid. But mostly hard. One of the exercises that I started was presented to the class as a challenge.

I would take my flaccid cock out and then ask who would like to participate in a little contest to see who could get it hard the fastest only using their hands. This required some serious willpower on my part because normally, just the thought of exposing my penis to the class would cause it to get hard.

So I had to really focus on keeping it soft. I stopped doing this exercise because almost the instant a student's hands touched my cock, it would get hard. And then it wouldn't go down so the next person could try. Everybody thought this was pretty funny.

And further complicating this experiment was that several students took the opportunity to quickly pop my flaccid prick in their mouth and start sucking even though that was against my rules. So I had to put a stop to the contest. Another aspect of the class that I would like to have done more frequently but had a difficult time justifying it as a legitimate part of the class on an ongoing basis, was ejaculating for the class to see.

I could justify it a few times as a demonstration of exactly what took place when a man's penis spurted a load of cum. Once or twice I masturbated to orgasm and once, which happened more by accident than on purpose, one of the girls was stroking my cock as part of a demonstration when she took it one stroke too far and a huge spurt of cum shot out to everyone's delight. Followed by many other spurts.

I am a very copious cummer and tend to shoot a lot of cum. The girls all loved it and asked many times for a repeat performance. I did come up with some kind of rewards program where the girls could earn points based on various class activities. When a certain total number of points were reached, that girl was allowed to masturbate me in front of the entire class. This turned out to be a very popular part of the class and I guess I justified it as it created a productive degree of competition among the students.

The points total was set pretty high (my mistake) so not as many girls got to jack me off as I had hoped. Finally we were down to the last few classes before semester's end. By this time every girl in class was totally comfortable with my exposed cock and they had all handled it numerous times.

I had ruled out any mouth action even though it was a class on blowjobs. I explained to them that we were holding off on any actual fellatio because that would be the main focus of the final classes. And now we were at that point. I told the class that their final grade would be based on how much they learned during the series of classes. And to demonstrate how much they had learned, each student would be given five minutes to suck my cock.

I would write down a grade on a scale of 0-100. Because of the total time involved it would take two full classes for all 15 girls to suck my penis. I further instructed them that if at any time I were on the verge of ejaculating, we would stop until the urge subsided and then they could continue. The stopped time would not count and each student would be provided a full five minutes of sucking. Then after all 15 girls had sucked my cock, the girl with the highest score would be given the opportunity to suck me off to orgasm taking as long as she liked.

If she declined this opportunity, the next highest score could take her place. Several girls had asked about taking a load down their throats at various stages of the classes and I knew that the majority of them would like to experience it.

So I told them that any student who wanted to experience sucking a cock to a full climax, to sign up for the after class experience and I would attempt to accommodate every girl who wanted to do it. For obvious reasons I could only take on no more than two girls per session.

I had already gotten clearance from the faculty to do this because ordinarily any sexual contact outside of class was strictly forbidden between instructors and students.

I had made a very good case that this was an extension of the class itself. As I recall, 12 of the 15 students signed up. So that was 12 blowjobs I had to look forward to on top of the one to the top-scoring student. That one would take place in front of the entire class. So the next to last class got started with all fifteen girls drawing a number out of a hat to determine the sucking order. We had determined that we would have the first eight girls suck me during the first class with the other seven during the last class with the grand finale suck to orgasm taking place at the end of the class.

Needless to say, but every student had obviously paid very close attention to class instruction. The quality of the blowjobs I was getting was outstanding. Every student was scoring in the 90's. This continued the following day. The erotic level each girl brought to her blowjob, had me frequently stopping them due to nearly cumming.

I got a bit worried that I should have allowed three days for all fifteen blowjobs, or sixteen counting the grand finale. But as it turned out we were able to squeeze them all in to the allotted time.

The girl who scored the highest (with a perfect 100) was Becca, and she would have won just based on her blowjob but about three minutes into the act she inserted her finger in my ass and worked it around until I almost blew my load. Now during all of these final exams, everybody including me was fully clothed.

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I am not sure why I made that decision because I think the blowjob final exams would have been better if I had at least had my pants off.

I had lowered them to my thighs so my full cock and balls were exposed. But a couple of the girls pulled my pants down to my ankles so they could get full access to everything. But for the grand finale, I had decreed that both Becca and I would be totally naked. I had cleared this with Becca before it was announced to the full class. I had one of the school's large massage tables brought into the classroom and positioned at the head of the class.

I told the students they did not have to remain in their seats and were welcome to crowd around the table for an up close and personal observation. After disrobing, Becca and I climbed up on the table. With me lying on my back and her kneeling between my legs. Becca was not only very pretty but also had a perfect athletic body. By the time I laid back my cock was at full attention and already had a tiny trickle of pre-cum showing. Becca took hold of the base of my penis with one hand and with the tip of one finger of her other hand dipped it in a small puddle of pre-cum at the tip.

She raised her finger to her lips with a string of pre-cum extending from my prick to her lips. She licked the pre-cum from her lips and then bent over and ran her tongue all over the head of my cock and then looked up at her classmates and told them how tasty my pre-cum was. Many of them had already commented on my ability to seep out quite a bit of pre-cum and how good it tasted during their five-minute blowjob test.

Becca maintained a running commentary during her brief periods when my cock wasn't in her mouth. She would verbally admire my cock size and then comment about how hard it was and how shiny my cockhead was.

This was terribly exciting for me and I am sure my cock was bigger and harder than it had ever been. Then she would slide her lips down over my prick and sucked it right to the balls.

I marveled at how she could take my entire length without gagging.

And when her lips were all the way down the full length of my cock, I felt her tongue slip out and tickle my balls. Several of the observing students marveled at her abilities and there were frequent comments that she definitely had deserved the winning score.

During her vigorous sucking she continued to fondle my balls and at one point pushed my legs apart. She slid her lips up off my cock and put her index finger in her mouth and got it nice and wet and then proceeded to gently shove it up my anus.

Then she exclaimed: "Oh look, his penis is near to bursting. My finger up his ass has made his cock even bigger." I don't think it had, but that finger sure felt good. She then proceeded to suck my cock more vigorously than anyone had ever sucked it. The suction she was imparting to my prick was unbelievable. And all during this action she was pumping her finger in and out of my asshole in perfect rhythm to her bobbing head.

Her head moved faster and faster as her lips tightened around my shaft and finally I had reached the point of no return. One of the students commented that my balls were shrinking up so I must be close to cumming.

And correct she was. My cum began to spurt into Becca's greedy mouth and at the same time she pulled her finger out of my ass which for some reason has always heightened my orgasms.

And this was no doubt the best orgasm of my life to start with and the pulled finger made it even better. One of the things I had highlighted in my class was that many women mistakenly stop sucking when the guy starts to cum. They think it is all over for the guy when the truth is it is just starting. I had hammered into their brains that if they are going to suck a guy to completion, once he starts cumming, they need to not only suck harder but go faster and keep doing it until he begs them to stop because his prick is so sensitive he can't take it any more.

Becca had obviously taken this to heart because although I didn't think she could possibly suck any harder or faster, somehow she did. I was having the most glorious orgasm a man could possibly have and I could feel multiple spurts of cum coursing their way out of my prick and into her mouth. Finally I couldn't take it any more and tried to push her head off of my cock but she resisted and just kept on sucking.

There were chants of "Go Becca" coming from the group as I tried to twist away in exquisite agony as she kept on sucking.


Finally when I thought I couldn't take it any longer, her head came up off of my cock with trails of semen dripping from her lips. She tilted her head back and swallowed what I know had to be a huge load of cum. She still had traces of cum on her lips and I had quite a bit still on the head of my cock and trailing down my shaft. There were even a few small puddles that the base of my cock that had escaped her mouth. Becca then leaned over and like a cat began to very delicately lick all traces of cum off of my still erect penis.

At that point I didn't think my cock would ever be soft again and it actually did take quite a while to deflate. One of the more outgoing students reached over and squeezed my cock and commented about how hard it still was after all that action. Several of the girls complimented Becca on her performance while a couple chanted "Becca's number one!" Despite the fact that over the weeks of the class I had pretty much lost all of my inhibitions with the students, I still felt a bit silly laying there in all my nakedness.

Becca had climbed off the table and had found a fistful of tissues. She came over and wiped the perspiration off my brow and also wiped my penis completely clean and dry which now had finally started to deflate somewhat.

She even pushed the tissues down between my legs to dry off any saliva that might still be in my ass crack. When I felt her fingers touch my anus, my cock actually twitched like it might come back to life.

But now I was somehow feeling vulnerable and exposed so I got off the table and struggled into my clothes all the while listening to a stream of complimentary comments about the class and my abilities as their instructor. Two of the underclassmen said that if the school would let them, they wanted to take the class again. That probably would not happen because word of mouth would likely make this the most popular class in the entire school and the faculty would rather give new students a shot at the class instead of letting anyone attend it again.

I already had a number of ideas for improving the class the second time around. For one thing, I was not going to hold off on actual blowjobs until the end of the semester. The last two classes were by far the most fun for not only me but for the students. It was obvious that letting them practice what they learned as they went along was far more gratifying and instructional than making them wait until the last two days of the class to actually suck my cock. I had discovered that most of the students were very fast learners and I knew that over the several months of the class that I could get a large number of world class blowjobs and that ejaculating into a willing mouth would be a regular part of the curriculum.

As for my students who had signed up to give me a blowjob and let me cum in their mouth, I managed to take care of all twelve of them over the next few weeks.

And since these sessions were semi-private with just me and two girls in the room at a time, at their request, our activities went way beyond just blow-jobs. By the time we got together, these girls were all highly sexually charged and ready for anything. Their tight little pussies were always wet and ready to receive my big hard cock. To avoid complications, I never came in their pussies. When I was close to cumming, I would pull out and one or both would finish me off with their terrific cocksucking mouths.

These sessions always ended with me having at least two orgasms and depositing the promised semen loads in each girl's willing and eager mouth. #########