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Shemale gets her butt drilled
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Sara Parker was a single girl, blonde, five foot three bombshell who loved to party. Her parents just could not get a handle on her and when she turned sixteen she was institutionalized. The doctors held her inside the asylum for two years and were making progress.

Somewhat tamed she was forced to be released because she turned eighteen. At eighteen she was able to sign herself out. She met a friend while in the institution so she stayed with her for a while. Sara's friend Jessica fixed her up with a few guys. She would go out but nothing came of it until one day she met David Miller.

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David was an older man. With Sara being only eighteen and David thirty, it seemed impossible but their chance meeting in the bistro that night was a blessing in disguise. David was bowled over at the sight of Sara. She was beautiful almost perfect. There was nothing about this girl David didn't love. He invited her to sit and they talked for three hours before Sara had to leave. David was in shock. This girl was the most beautiful girl in the world and he had her number.

He called her that Friday for a date and she said yes. They met at the movies and the two held hands and things went very well.


David was a shy person and Sara was a very outgoing girl. She never drank due to her commitment with the institution. She knew she was an alcoholic and never touched a drop. After three months of heavy dating David asks Sara to marry him and she said yes without hesitations. The two were wed the next month in December, as a matter of a fact Christmas day. They bought a huge home in Jersey. Soon after they had their first child Morgan and two years later they had their second, Mandy.

David was a sales rep for a huge pharmaceutical firm and was often called out of town. The two were so much in love it was almost sickening. They were always in each others arms and usually the brunt of everyone's jokes at the parties they threw. Twenty five years later, Sara now forty three and David fifty five, and still so much in love no one could tear the two apart.

This was the marriage that everyone else dreamt of having. Their twenty fifth wedding anniversary was approaching.

Sara and David were going to renew their vows and have the party in their home. It was going to be just family, the girls David and Sara. All the plans were set except for David being called out of town unexpectedly. Sara was angry but knew this is how they paid the bills. She was very understanding and David told her he would be home in time for the party without fail. The big day arrives and the daughters now twenty six and twenty seven were helping with all the cooking and decorations.

All was perfect and the girls went to the store for refreshments and snacks. Sara stayed behind to make sure nothing went wrong with her special day. Mandy and Morgan returned with the refreshments and two boys they new.

Sara called Mandy into the kitchen and asked what the two boys were doing here. She told Morgan to join them in the kitchen to get to the bottom of the whole situation. The girls explained that they were going to leave anyway. Sara smiled and said "I guess it would be ok just make sure that you guys leave before your father got here.

They agreed and started putting out the refreshments.

Sara entered the living room where the girls and their boyfriends were. "This is Paul mom" Mandy said. Paul held out his hand to shake Sara's and Sara has seen Paul around but never saw the older boy who must have been in his late twenties.

"And who is this might I ask" Sara quickly quipped. Morgan introduced Jimmy to Sara. Jimmy was Paul's cousin from out of town. When Sara held out her hand as she did to Paul Jimmy took it in his and kissed it. Sara pulled away and walked out of the room whispering to Mandy, "Just one hour then you leave this house before your father gets home".

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"We know mom" they both snipped back at her. Now with the music playing and the gals and the guys dancing Jimmy said "Hey, Il be right back, then we can get this party started". He returned with a case of beer and six bottles of champagne. Just as Jimmy walked back inside Sara sees him with the booze. She once again calls the girls to the kitchen and tells them to leave and take the drink with them. They argue for a little bit as Jimmy walked into the kitchen. He offers Sara a glass of champagne but she turns it down.

Mandy tells Jimmy that her mom never touches the stuff. Then the phone rings. "Hello" Sara answered and as it turned out it was David telling her the bad news.

He was snowed in Buffalo and wouldn't be home in time. Sara said a few choice words and hangs up the phone. It rings again and David talks to her calms her down. In a somewhat calm voice Sara tells him she loves him and hangs up the phone almost in tears. She walks into the dining room where the girls were and breaks the bad news to them.

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Jimmy missing no beat offers her a drink again and says, "A toast to you Miss Sara Miller, the hottest mom on the east coast." Sara turns down the champagne but Jimmy said almost insistently "Mrs. Miller, It is only champagne and besides it is a toast for you". Sara smiled and still pissed off at David not being home takes the glass and clangs glasses with Jimmy.

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She asked for another then another and Jimmy complied. Now Jimmy calls Paul over and orders him to go to the store and to take the girls with him. Paul always did what Jimmy told him to do so off they went. Jimmy asks Sara to dance but she was having too much fun downing all the champagne. Jimmy walks over to her and takes her hand and stands her up. They start slow dancing. Jimmies hands were all over her. She must have thought she was in another place and time so she let him.

He dances his way to the sofa and gets very close. She feels his cock rubbing on her leg and reaches for it and smiles with a giggle. The two start to kiss as she rubbed him harder. The more his cock grew the more she giggled. "What's so funny Sara?" he asked. "Oh, I see you are really packing hung I mean hun" she answered "Well do what you feel you have to Sara It is all yours." He replies.

She unbuttoned his pants but stops. "I don't know what I am doing, I'm drunk and I am not supposed to be here alone with you" she told Jimmy pushing him away. Jimmy reminded her about David leaving her all alone and she disserved to let lose once in her life.

She argues but lost the fight and found herself sucking his cock. It was more then David was packing so she took hold of it and didn't let it go. she welcomed the taste of a new huge cock in her mouth and savored it for a while. Jimmy laid her on the couch and started pounding her pussy which obviously needs it, wanted it enveloped it as if it was her first time having sex. By her sounds of ecstasy she was well into it. Every thrust inwards she cried and with every pull out she moaned.

"Faster please" Sara cried that's right Jimmy said" You like it don't you Sara? Sara just closed her eyes and remembered how it was before she meat David and fucked him old school. Jimmy pulled out of her soaked pussy and came all over her stomach. She took her hands and rubbed it all over her then licked her hands. He got dressed and helped her to bed. When the girls and Paul returned he told then Sara went to bed and the four of them left the house to another party. The next morning Sara awoke and as if nothing happened went downstairs and started cleaning.

The girls were their already stating the clean up.


Then Paul and Jimmy stopped in for a second or two. Jimmy approached Sara and asked her if she had a great time last night. Sara's face dropped and she then new it wasn't just a dream. She said in a very quiet voice "Look Jimmy, No one must know about what happened. My life would be over, please Jimmy you can't say anything to anyone". Jimmy just smiled and said" Look I'll make a deal with you; I won't tell a soul if you go for a ride with me somewhere".

Sara refused but Jimmy insisted or he would indeed tell. Needless to say Sara went with him. She gave the excuse that she needed a few things at the store and the two of them drove off. Jimmy arrived at a motel. She said in anger "Oh no Jimmy, I won't do anything like that again." He told her they weren't going to do anything only talk. She went along with him into the room. Two glassed with ice were sitting on the counter.

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Jimmy poured a scotch and vodka. He picked up the scotch and Sara watched the vodka. Her nerves were shot. She then explained once again to Jimmy that no one must find out about what they did. It would hurt many people. She never did anything like that since she known David. Jimmy told her to drink the vodka to calm her down. She slowly picked up the glass and moved it slowly to her lips.


The first sip she took made her sigh, the second made her smile and the third made her very much at ease. Jimmy grabbed a bag from the table in the corner and threw it at her. She caught it and asked what was in the bag.

Jimmy just told her to put on what was in the bag. Sara said no. Jimmy said' Look, if you do this one thing for me I will forget this whole mess". Sara walked into the bathroom and changed into the red dress jimmy had in the bag. She walked out. He told her to sit in front of the dresser mirror and put on the makeup he bought. She painted her face and her ruby red lips now matching the dress were sexually tempting. He pours her vodka and she downs it and the next one she pours herself.

Jimmy made a phone call. Sara asked what it was all about as she drank one after another. Jimmy told her to do a good job and it would all be over soon. Sara was releaved to hear those words and asked what she had to do. Jimmy opened the room door and a man walked in and started to undress. "This is Mr. Heck Jimmy told Sara. Show him a great time Sara" he added as he walked out. Sara walked around Mr. Heck for a few seconds then she asked him what he liked.

He said "I want to get anal, a blowjob and then watch you finger your pussy as I jerk off". Sara smiled and took her dress down and bent over the bed. He slowly put his small cock into her ass and her thoughts wondered as he fucked her sweet ass. Sara's only thoughts were getting back to her normal life.

He pulled out of her and she took the blankets and whipped his dick off and started sucking. It was like watching a professional hooker at work. Sara knew the man was about to cum and she stopped blowing his cock. She sat in the chair in front of the bed and started fingering her wet pussy as she knew he wanted. One then two then three went all around her cunt teasing the man. Then she inserted one finger then tickled her clit some more. Her camel toe was as hard a s a rock as she spread it opened for the man.

He now jerking off watching Sara go to town seemed very pleased with this whore. "Let me hear you cum slut" the man yelped out.

Sara walked over to the corner of the bed and started inserting the bed post inside of her. She humped herself into a cumming waterfall as she started to orgasm. The man pulled his cock faster then the man came.

She finished and crawled over to the man and licked his cum off of his legs. He got up and dressed.

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She put her old clothes on and walked over to the bed. Jimmy opened the door smiling and counting the money the man gave to him for his new prostitute.

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Sara told jimmy to take her home. Jimmy told her there was a lot of work that had to be done. Sara was doomed to be his sluttish prostitute for eternity. It didn't end there. Jimmy sold her to a man who had a white slavery ring.

The whole while Sara keeping her happy home in order in the day she was a slut to many by night. No one knew what she had gotten herself into. The man who bought her was a doctor.

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One she knew when she was sixteen. One who was as evil as they came? He made her do things to many men at once. He kept her chained up until she complied with his wishes. He made her street walk as well as lots of other things. He started shooting her up with heroin and she was under his spell. Soon after she would walk into his office and would know where the drugs were kept. She would shoot the mind controlling substance into her own arm.

What doctor wanted doctor got. Sara did what ever she was told. All she asked is that her family never be told. Sara's downward spiral didn't end their. If you want to read what happens to her and how or if she ever gets out of a hopeless situation then read "The Unleashing of Sara Miller.

That's the key words also.