Busty MILF Mindi Mink play time with Jillian Janson

Busty MILF Mindi Mink play time with Jillian Janson
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George awoke to pounding headache, one that rivaled some of his worse. "Man, I did it again, way to much to drink last night." He thought to himself even before he opened is eyes, and was afraid to move his head knowing the disorientation that it could very bring.

As he was laying there he realized two things. The first was that this was not his bed. The sheets he was lying on were some of the softest he has ever laid on, and way better than the cheap 250 thread count that he used on his head.

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"I need to get myself better sheets." He thought. The other thing he realized while laying in that bed was a nice comforting warmth of another body. This made him grin. He decided that it was time to open his eyes to check out his night's prize.

George was your average guy in college.

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Well he was fairly average. He was a photography major, and loved nothing else in the world than to take pictures. In fact in this aspect of his life he was well above average. He had already won many amatur photography competitions in the Phoniex area. George was 5'10" and a solid 180 pounds. He did enjoy hitting up the gym often as it was one of his best outlets for distressing. George finally began to turn his head, and luckily for him this brought on no pain.

When he opened his eyes he could not believe who he laying next to him.

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Sarah, a girl who he has had interest in for quite some time. To him she was extremely beautiful. Long shoulder length hair that was a yellow as the sun, her eyes were as blue the ocean, and often he had dreamed of starring into them.

They were he best feature he always had thought to himself. But it was not like she did not have an equally attractive body. She was short and slender, but had curves in all the right places. If it was any other girl George by now would have gotten up from the their bed laid a kiss on their cheek and left without having the intentions of ever seeing them again. But this time he decided to stay, and as he closed his eyes to try to get a couple more minutes of shuteye he tried to recall the night he had last night.

The next time he awoke it was to one of most favorite feeling in the world. He felt the warmth of Sarah close to him, softly biting his ear, and the skin of soft small hands wrapped around his cock.

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She was gently bring it up to an erection. And she softly whispered into his ear "I thought that this would be a better way to say good morning" and with that she slowly slide down his body making sure to kiss his neck, chest, and abs along the way. George could not believe that this was actually happening to him.

He this time around closed his eyes in anticipation of what was about to happen, and than he felt it.


Sarah finally made her way to his cock, by this time it was fully erect to its 8 inches. (okay so maybe he was a little above average in some areas of his life) She saw this and smiled to herself.

She than gave it a little kiss, and this sent waves of pure pleasure throughout Georges body. She kissed it again, but this time it was a little longer, and then she kissed it once more, but instead of stopping she began to slowly take his cock into her mouth.

As soon as George felt the warmth, and moisture that was beginning to engulf his cock he started to moan with pleasure, and replied with a slightly muffled, "I am only just beginning." She quickly started to now take his full 8 inches into her mouth, a feeling that almost sent George over the top.

It felt amazing and she quickly began to pick up the pace, she was sucking like no one had ever sucked him before.

George than grabbed her blonde hair and started to help her bob her head up and down as she sucked.

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But she smacked his hands away, and said this is my job. With that she began to tease him again. This time she began twirling her tongue around the head, and kissing it ever so softly. While George was getting lost in this state of ecstasy he began to feel her hand make its way around the base of his cock and she began to jerk him off at the same time. This was almost way too much for him to handle and he felt like he could blow his load right there, but he was able to contain the moment.

Her hand began to quickly pick up its pace, the lubrication that her spit from made was perfect, and provided just enough fraction. She quickly now was jerking him off while still playing with his cocks head with mouth and tongue and he couldn't take it anymore, he was about to warn to her when she said, "please cum for me, why haven't cam yet?

I want you shoot your load down my throat and cover my face in your hot stuff" George could not believe what he was hearing. This sent him over the top and he felt his load starting to release and so did Sarah, for at that moment she took all 8 inches in her mouth and let him blow his straight down her throat, but it was way more than she could handle for his second load she took his cock out of her mouth and and continued to jerk him off as he blew load number 2 all over her face.


George after he cummed was spent, and could not believe the event that had just taken place. He looked straight in front of him to see one of the hottest chicks he knew covered in this cum.

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Sarah herself looked quite pleased with herself, swallowed, wiped some cum away from her eye, and sucked on her finger with a mmmm. I hope you are ready for more after breakfast mister. And with that she hopped of the bed and began to walk out of the room. George was just left staring there mezmorized by the sway of her tight ass in her thong.

When she got to the door she turned around, give him a wink, and closed the door.