Bate by a friend when he is under the shower

Bate by a friend when he is under the shower
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My Wife Maryanne Ch. 4 New Years Day was now a few days behind us, but the memory and emotional distress was as strong as ever. It seemed that Maryanne was still consumed by the experience of her first gangbang, and couldn't stop thinking and talking about it. If she had any regrets they weren't readily apparent. The first day back at work my friend Don picked me up as he usually did if we were both working the same schedule.

It was somewhat awkward being with him again, as he knew what had transpired after he and Sheila had left the party.


He broke the ice by asking how Maryanne was, and apologized for taking us to the party, saying he had no idea that things would turn out the way they did. I reassured him that everything was okay, and that my wife was fine.

We talked about the "blindfold game", and he hinted that he would have liked to stay longer and would have liked Sheila to take off at least one more piece of clothing, but she would only go so far, and that he admired Maryanne for going all the way.

We dropped the subject as we pulled into the parking lot. At the end of the day we rode home together, and as he sometimes did, came in for a beer. Again, things were kind of awkward. And again, he began apologizing for taking us to the party, and that he did not know that they would play a stripping game.

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Maryanne assured him it was not a problem, and suggested that it was fun for her. The gangbang had not been mentioned although I know that was uppermost on all of our minds. Finally, after a few more apologies by Don, with Maryanne's increasingly enthusiastic assurances that it was okay, that it was fun, that she had a wonderful time and that finally, she loved it; Don, now on his second beer, asked if she would ever do it again. "Sure" she said, "if the opportunity ever came up again".

All of a sudden things were moving too fast for me. Don said that the fraternity guys were all friends of his and was sure they'd love to have her strip for them and "more" any time she'd like. The only question was where and when. I was not participating in this conversation and neither of them asked my opinion. It seemed a foregone conclusion that she would strip and put out for a small group of these guys as soon as arrangements could be made. And the question of where the event would take place was settled when they agreed that our home would be best.

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Very nice, I thought. Would they be fucking her on our bed or on the living room floor? We had now been married for less than 3 months. While I would have preferred to keep it out of our home, if it was going to happen, our apartment seemed to be the safest and most convenient place.

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And Maryanne wanted me to be there for the party, as she and Don were now calling it, so I could make sure everything went the way it should. I didn't know if Don planned to participate, as he was married and might have a problem getting away in the evening, and I wasn't sure I wanted to be working with a guy I saw almost every day who was fucking my wife.

This turned out not to be a problem for either of us, as Don couldn't get away on the planned night. Of course, what I didn't think of at the time was that if we invited these guys to our house, they then would know exactly where we lived and could visit Maryanne whenever they pleased.

Nothing I could do about it now, as it was pretty much agreed that as soon as Don could arrange a time when at least three or four of them were available, more if possible, then he would set it up and let us know. For almost a week, Maryanne was on pins and needles, anxiously awaiting word that the party had been arranged.

Then on Thursday afternoon on the way home in Don's car, he asked if tomorrow night at 8:00 o'clock would be all right. When I told Maryanne that the party was only 24 hours away she was so excited that she could hardly eat dinner. All evening long she was so anxious that she couldn't sit still and kept wanting to talk about it. I was trying not to think about it at all, but it wasn't easy with all her carrying on. I fucked her brains out that night, but she still couldn't calm down.

I didn't see Don the next day, and drove home myself, so nervous that I could hardly concentrate.

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Maryanne seemed relatively calm, had bathed and been thinking about what she was going to wear, and appeared to be looking forward to party time. She barely ate any dinner.


She asked if I thought she should greet them at the door in the nude, realized she couldn't strip if she was already nude, and finally decided she wanted me to greet them at the door and get them settled in with a beer before she made her grand appearance.

When I think back on it, the whole scene was ridiculous. Here I was shaking hands and welcoming five guys who were coming here to watch my wife put on a strip show and then fuck her in our bed.

But that is how it played out. I invited then in and brought out some beer, and we all sat in our small living room and made small talk.

Slightly awkward to say the least, probably for them as well as for me. And then the show began. Maryanne walked in with a smile on her face and greeted our guests warmly. Three of the guys we knew from New Year's Eve, and two we hadn't met before.

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I could tell she was nervous and excited and anxious to get things going. She finished sipping the glass of wine she was holding, stood up and announced it was time to start the fun.


She then proceeded to slowly and steadily remove every last piece of her clothing. Her audience became more and more enthusiastic as she slide off her underwear, and cheered as she took a gracious bow. It seemed to me that she had become quite relaxed and confident as things progressed, especially for a woman totally nude in a room full of fully dressed men.

Now it was time for what she had been fantasizing about for the past few weeks. She took the first guy by the hand and led him back into our bedroom. Fuck number one. Then number two and so on until all five had fucked her. When the last guy came back into the living room to join the group we all sat there for while and waited for Maryanne to join us again. When she didn't return I went back to check on her.

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She was still in bed, looking tired, happy and satisfied. She told me to say good-bye to them and to come to bed as soon as I could. Being the obedient and courteous gentleman I am, I showed them out and thanked them for coming. I truly was glad that they had come that night and satisfied her fantasy, as I knew how much it meant to my wife and I loved to make her happy. I soon was in bed with her, kissing and loving her, all the time aware that she had just made love to five other men, her lips had been kissing theirs, her mouth had sucked their cocks, their hands had touched where I was touching her and they had fucked the sweet pussy that I was about to enter.

She was so happy and sexy; I felt I was so lucky to be married to her. I also knew that the events of this evening were sure to be repeated again and again. Before we went to sleep she told me how much she loved me and hoped that I would always love my whore wife.