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Kinky girl bobbi dylan amy parks get sluty and agree for money to ba tube porn
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I work shift work and as such I have free time during the week. I am also a nudist so spend some time at the beach.

Usually at the weekends I am with friends. During the week I am usually alone. Last week I was at the beach alone when I was approached by a woman some years older than myself. I had seen her before in another group. She was obviously a regular from her tan.

She engaged me in conversation and we sat and talked for a while. She mentioned she had seen me there with other friends and asked if I were married. I am not and I explained my position and that I live with another girl. She said I see you have a number of men with you at weekends and I was wondering. I said they are just that friends and we all get along rather well together. She said there is one man in particular and she described him and I knew exactly who she was referring to.

He was a little older than most of us and had been married but was divorced. He lived alone and was quite popular amongst my female friends. She said I have no doubt he is very good looking and then surprised me by saying and no doubt good in bed.

I laughed and said that is a leading question but you are right he is. She then proceeded to talk to me about him in particular and some of the other guys in general she had seen in our group. I satisfied her by saying we are all very good friends and I have three guys in particular that I refer to as 'Friends with benefits".

I explained that a few of the girls, like me, who have no intention of entering into a monogamous relationship, would occasionally spend a night with them for personal satisfaction. I call it recreational sex. They were always available for a partner if we had social event to attend and were excellent partners in that way. Well mannered and dressed and mix well. We were all aware that we shared them sexually and there are no jealousies or favourites.

I had had many experiences with him as I had with others and he was very good. I always enjoyed my time with him, and from what I hear from some of the other girls enjoy his company as well. She said what a wonderful arrangement. She went on to explain to me she was married happily in most ways but unhappy in one. She had been married to her husband for 10 years and she said to be perfectly truthful - she had never reached orgasm with him because he has a problem with premature ejaculation.

I listened to her wondering where this was leading. Then she asked me did I think he or one of the other gentlemen would be interested in spending some time in bed with her.

She often looked at us together on the beach and fantasised about having one of them as a sex partner. She said she got aroused looking at them and wondering what it would be like to have one of them bring her to orgasm naturally and not by physical stimulation as she has to engage in herself. I said the only way you reach orgasm & through masturbation.

She said yes. I am often depressed by that fact and have often thought of going out and getting a one night stand but I can not face the fact of what I would be doing with somebody I have no idea about. If one of your gentlemen could oblige me I would be far happier knowing that they are clean and safe, and behave like gentlemen. I have no doubt they are if you cohabit with them. I laughed and said I can hardly believe what you just said you want one of them to sleep with you and bring you to orgasm.

Commit adultery. How about your husband will he get suspicious I don't want any of us to get involved in an ugly situation. As for my husband, I believe I can ensure he will be unaware of anything that may happen he is away occasionally and I can ensure he will never know.

The rest of it something I only dream about. I can only hope it comes to fruition. Yes I am aware of the adultery but I am prepared to accept that fact. It is him that cannot provide what every woman should be able to enjoy with her husband.

I said what happens if they do and you want to engage with them more often. That would be between them and me. I would not want it to intrude upon your relationships with them.

If they did I would leave it to him to tell you if he did or not, and I would respect any arrangement he wanted. I said this is amazing but I could not imagine having sex and not cumming. It happened a few times when I was a teenager more or less because of your husbands problem they came before I was even close. Look I said I sympathise with you leave it with me and give me your phone number and I can get in touch after I have spoken to them.

In particular Tom the guy you seem to prefer. If he does then I guarantee you will be more than satisfied. But don't contemplate a quickie where you do it once and say bye bye he is not like that they are all stayers and will spend some time with you enjoying many aspects of a personal relationship.

Preferably all night. I will guarantee you wont be disappointed but be prepared - they all like variety and the full aspect of a sexual relationship. She said I do look at porn quite often when I masturbate and I think I know what you mean. I have never performed oral sex on my husband or him on me. I would give anything to engage in that but as I said I have no idea who I would want to do it with and feel safe and not make a fool of myself. Your men sound perfect.

She said I am going to have to go for a swim I am soaking wet down there just thinking about it. Looking at her nipples they had hardened and were deep pink a sure sign of arousal.

I said I will come with you and we both entered the water and she began to masturbate herself. There was nobody else on the beach so she would not be seen or embarrassed by somebody watching her. I left her alone for a while to give herself a good workout and after a few minutes I could see she was still working on it.

I went to her and said do you need some help, I am bi sexual and that would not embarrass me. I am so hot she said I have cum once and want to cum again. Could you do it for me. I have told you things today that I would never have imagined telling anybody else and said I am prepared to commit adultery. I just hope I can trust you. Yes,Yes she said please do it for me. If I am going to go that far with a stranger then I can go this far with you if you don't mind. I said come out onto the sand and I will give you something you said you have never had.

I took her hand and led her to our towels and told her to lay back and relax. I got between her legs and prepared to give her oral sex. She said Oh God are you going to do that.

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Ohh God all my dreams are coming true. She sat up on her arms and watched as I put my head between her legs and used my arms to open her wider than never resisted and let me begin to pleasure her. She watched as my tongue touched her pussy lips she moaned like a whore and lay back to enjoy the pleasure I was about to impart on her. I began and guided her through her first experience of woman to woman oral sex.


She said this is the most wonderful experience of my life. I have waited 38 years for something like this and its with another woman.

She lay back for a minute or two and I believe got her head around what she was doing then realised what she was feeling and then began to respond to my oral treatment of her.

Having been in the water she was nice and clean and a little salty. Having orgasmed while masturbating she had some female juice left for me. She was shaved so that was a plus. I was enjoying not only giving her oral sex for the first time but enjoying the taste and feel of her vagina as well. She told me later she did that because often her husband came before he was right in and filled hair with cum. Being shaved made cleaning up easier.

I told her it has other benefits too like what I had done to her and made it more pleasurable for me too. She said and probably your friends. For certain was my reply. I took things easy on her and checked after a few minutes she was prepared to go further. She said I am 38 years old and I have never ever had an experience even close to this. God she said when it happens it will be the first orgasm I have had in my life that I have not given to myself.

Please just do what you want with me and tell me if I need to do anything to please you. I worked my tongue and lips over her vagina and clit for about five minutes and introduced my finger into her butt a little and massaged it.

Then she gave another moan and then she came. She came like an express train the physical reaction was fantastic she obviously was really enjoying it and was completely uninhibited. She had a most enjoyable physical and sexual experience and her orgasm lasted almost two minutes.

I was really enjoying it as well as her juices flowed and I was enjoying the taste of her. I may have even achieved two orgasms on her as the euphoria lasted much longer than average. After I disengaged from her she lay there. Her heart was beating like a drum and she was gasping for breath she was physically exhausted. I hadnt realised but she had been pinching her nipples while I was sucking her cunt as they were bright red and puffy from being abused. She had really enjoyed a wonderful experience.

After she recovered all she could say was thank you, thank you, thank you.

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I have achieved some thing I never imagined possible having oral sex and with another woman. That has never entered my head. It was absolutely amazing I have never experienced anything like it ever. Doing it in the open and naked was something I never imagined could feel so good.

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I said I was happy to oblige my flatmate and I do it regularly I am glad I achieved it with you. You are no longer an oral virgin, but you still have one more aim to achieve. I am sure Tom will allow you to take a virgin attitude when you discover how much men enjoy it as well. God she said I can hardly wait I will practice on my dildo when I get home I don't want to disappoint him. I said would you like me to let him know that you are inexperienced in that field and he can have the pleasure of teaching you how he enjoys it and he is no different to other men I can assure you.

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The only thing you will need to realise is that they all like to ejaculate into your mouth when they are getting oral. She said I have no idea what it is like. Can you describe it to me. I did what I could to explain oral sex, semen and them cumming. After that I said I had to leave as I had to work an afternoon shift. She wrote her telephone number down for me and I said I would get back to her in a day or so. She said be quick, I night have rubbed the skin off it by then, and laughed, she said please tell him I will do anything he asks.

A week later I saw her on the beach and she ran to me she and Tom had spent two nights in bed and she had never imagined how wonderful sex could be I was like a 16yo with him and I let him dominate me and teach me everything I wanted to knew and a bit more as well.

She was over the moon. He told me you were fantastic in bed and with a bit more training I would be almost as good. I was already aware of her performance with Tom. She had nearly killed him she was so eager to engage in anything he wanted and he told me she was like a 16yo girl who had just found sex and wanted it non stop.

He said he was more than happy and would be seeing her again. I nevr let on to her he had spoken to me. I said I hope you don't dominate him too much we all enjoy it with him as well.

She said there is no chance of that. I will continue to see him as often as he wants me, so I wont interfere with your arrangements. I have never been so happy. I said how did you go with giving him oral. She said I was perfectly honest with him and told him I had never done it before. The first time was wonderful he let me know everything I wanted to know he showed me how to do some things and I realised how easy it is to gag if I took it in too far. He was very understanding. The first time he came he let me know and I was ready for it and as you said it was very different and I handled it pretty well so we did it again a bit later and I knew what to expect and now I can drink it like a pro.

On one occasion we were engaged in vaginal sex and he withdrew and shot his semen on me I had seen it on the net but never imagined ever doing it I thought it was kid stuff until I did it and enjoyed it. After that we showered together and that was another wonderful first experience he even did it to me in the shower everything was amazing and wonderful.

I might even try and entice my husband into it but he will be like lightning he will be so quick. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me I want to also try and return your treatment of me last week let m know and I will take lessons from you.

I have seen girls doing it together on the net and I know what it feels like myself now and I would love to be able to return the pleasure.

I said I would be happy to oblige and she was too as she came back to my place and we had an hour together in bed and she achieved the full list of items women can do together in bed.

From then on she saw Tom privately I gather about once a week and she also spent some time with me if and when we could. Within a month she had been converted form a sexually starved woman to a fully satisfied and capable bi-sexual lover. She called herself a sex maniac now she seemed to me to be years younger. Obviously she was making up for lost time. When I asked how she was going with her husband she said he hasn't changed; but I have.

I let him have what he wants any time he wants to now, and that's utterly boring for me and he cant work out why I have changed. I said don't ask. I am just a cum bucket for him now. I never refuse him and this makes him happy even if it doesn't for me.

I was happy too as we progressed she became quite competent in woman to woman sex and got really good at it and had no problems meeting me any time I wished. I had rarely got mid week daytime sex now I had it as often as I wanted it. We had it often on the beach or in the water as we were the only ones there often and we could be completely uninhibited.

She loved the fact we were naked and in the open air as well. My place was only used if the weather was unsatisfactory for nudist activity. She had no wish to cohabit with any of the other women in our group other than me and Tom. I saw Tom occasionally and continued to share my body with him.

He told me she was absolutely wonderful and he appreciated the fact she was about his age as well. He said if she were single he would seriously consider marrying her. I said I don't like that idea that may take the pair of you out of our circle.

He said that will never happen.

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as she often recounts the times she has with you and how wonderful you are with her. He asked me if she has ever shown any interest in any of the other guys in our group. I assured him she was his alone and had no wish to engage with any other male except her husband. He said he must be a real jerk she is an amazing woman wasted on him. He said I cannot believe how much she has changed since she has been coming to see me and you too. She is a new woman, and I am enjoying her. I said likewise.


It seems we will both share a sexual partner for as long as we wished.