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Rico anal a joven morochita
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When Jim woke up he was greeted by the scent of breakfast. He got up from his bed, looked around for clothes and remembered his situation. As he walked through his doorframe he noticed the lack of door. "What the hell, why would someone remove the entire door? And how did they do that while I was sleeping?" He settled on the guess that it was a prank by one or a few of the girls.

As he walked down the stairs to the main level, into the kitchen, he saw Allie and Lilly eating breakfast. "Oh, hey, hun, you just missed breakfast, sorry," Lilly greeted him. "Where is my door?" "Oh, yeah I noticed that. I don't know, the girls were still pretty crazy after you went to bed." Lilly then got up to put her dishes away. "Speaking of the girls, before Diane, Olivia, and Meredith left for the stores this morning they mentioned a small problem they have. You did not do anything wrong, but they have discovered they are uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with you." "Ok, well there are two bathrooms, so." "Surely you can't expect five girls to share one bathroom while you have one all for yourself?" Lilly asked, in a tone that said that she was offended.

"So, what do you suggest?" Jim asked, not knowing what he would get as an answer. "You are a guy, so we were hoping when you need to, umm, pee, you could go under the deck, and when you need to go number 2, you could use one of the bathrooms." "Umm, ok, I guess." Jim agreed.

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Just then the missing girls walked into the house, retuning from their shopping trip. Jim immediately noticed the three girls added up to five. After the three finished their conversation and everyone was inside Olivia introduced the strangers to Jim, "Karen, Emily, this is our naked boy, Jim," she said in a giggle.

"Wow, umm why is he not wearing anything?" Karen asked, staring at the red faced boy. Meredith ignored the question and continued the introduction, "Jim, these girls are at the place on our left with some of their friends for spring break, like you. Emily, how old did you say you are?" "Sixteen," she said, finally breaking off her gaze on Jim's cock, "both of us are." "So same age as you, right, Jim?" Lilly observed.


"No, I'm seventeen," he said in a hoarse voice as a result from not swallowing in a while. "Well, nice to meet you, Jim, " Sarah said as she put her hand out for him to shake. Jim shaked the two girls' hands, noticing Emily's confidence and Karen's shyness. He could not decide which characteristic he hated most.

Everyone eventually settled in the living room where they talked and made plans for the week. Jim was understandably shaken by two girls younger then him being there, and when lunch came up he almost burst in anger at the news that they were invited and were attending. As he sat down for lunch he could not figure out why Karen had not done the same. She was still sitting on the living room floor.

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As the food came in she started to crawl and eventually he found her directly on his right. Emily being the maturer one informed her hosts, "Karen doesn't have much experience with the male anatomy so she's quite curious." She and the rest of the girls giggled at this.

"Why do they all refuse to talk to me directly?" Jim thought in annoyance before he realized that Lilly had gotten up and walked behind his chair.

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She pulled it out and told him to scoot forward. Jim complied until he felt his balls fall forward and then swing back, hitting the front of the chair. He had no clue what was the reason for that until he felt Karen's hands massaging his balls. Jim jumped a little at her touch.

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Lilly put her hand over his and said, "Relax, honey." He looked into her eyes with self pity but she responded only with a smile.

After lunch the girls left, both happy with their visit.


Jim ran straight to his room after they were gone; He had the urge to masturbate like never before. Once to his room he jumped into his bead and started. He closed his eyes with no fantasies in his mind, just the memories of the previous hours.

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Little did he know that without a door he had forgotten to attempt to close one, and Olivia stopped dead in her tracks when she saw him. As she saw her friends going up and down the stairs she quietly called them over.

When Jim opened his eyes toward the door he was shocked. "Fuck!" he yelled, but he could not stop.

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"Don't worry, Jim, we won't bother you," Allie comforted him. He kept on pumping at that and right before he ejaculated Meredith ran forward and moved her hand above his cock.

The cum exploded onto her hand. "Didn't want it to go everywhere," she said as she rubbed her hand off onto his shirt.

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Jim had no coping mechanism to use so he just went down under the deck to pee. Lilly followed him. As he turned to pee he caught her in his peripheral vision. "Oh my god! What! What do you want! Can't I per in privacy!" "Go ahead honey, I just wanted to talk." Lilly tried to explain to Jim how much he cared to welcome him into his stepmom's and other nonsense he did not pay much attention to.

After around five minutes of this Jim finally got over his shyness and started to pee. "Of course, ugh," Jim complained to himself when he heard multiple people coming down the stairs. "Oh, umm, are we interrupting something?" Diane asked as she stared at Jim's stream.


"No, no, of course not. What's up?" Lilly answered. "We were going to go out to the beach, do y'all wanna come?" "Sure, let's go!" Lilly said as she grabbed Jim's free hand and walked.

Jim was careful walking as his stream was still running, in front of him. As they arrived Jim finally finished peeing, sadly not before a few spectators watched him walk and urinate. As he finally took in his surroundings he was both scared and relieved.

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Scared because he was in public, relieved because all in sight were in the distance. Jim sat down on a towel and laid back and drifted away.