Foot fetish stud stroking dick

Foot fetish stud stroking dick
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Emile had gotten off the plane a couple of hours ago, but was already quite exhausted from his long flight to an unfamiliar country. Just seven hours ago, he was sitting comfortably in his bedroom in Marseille, France.

Typically he was a laid-back and casual type of guy, but traveling across the country as part of a foreign exchange program had gotten him pretty nervous. He had been assigned to the "Hill" family as part of a two month deal where he traveled to America to experience American culture and to ultimately perfect his English. Luckily, Emile had been taught English for many years already, and he was already quite fluent in the language. He had already met the entire Hill family, and they had a lot fewer people than he expected.

The father named Tom, the mother Theresa, their only son Michael, and their only daughter Maya. Michael, however, was in France with Emile's family as part of the foreign exchange program. It was kind of a trading children type thing for a couple of months. The Hill's seemed nice enough. They had accommodated him with anything he needed, and his bed on which he was currently sitting - was a lot larger and more comfortable than the bed he had in France.

He was contemplating how he would arrange his clothes in the closet for the stay when suddenly, Maya opened the door. "Would you like some snacks?" she asked. Her uncontrollable giddiness and overwhelming sense of enthusiasm was apparent to Emile. He calmly looked at her. Maya was very cute and short. She had the type of personality where you felt like she was oblivious to how attractive she personally was.

With brown hair, a skinny figure, and with curves in all the right places, Maya had already become the subject of admiration of many boys in her class. As a junior in high school, Maya had made the cut for the varsity volleyball team due to her athleticism and fitness. And Emile could definitely tell by her physical appearance. "No thank you." Emile said. Maya hesitated as if she wasn't sure if it was polite to insist he eat something.

She was already nervous before she met him, and now that Emile was staring at her with two steely blue eyes, she was downright awkward. "Oh yeah, that's fine. Whatever." Maya finally sputtered. "Whatever you need, just tell me. Or uh - us. Just tell us. It doesn't have to be me." She sprinted away to her room. There definitely weren't many boys that had made her a melting, sputtering mess before just by looking at her.

Maybe it was simply because he was French, but Emile was arguably the most attractive boy she had seen in her life. He had wide set shoulders which tapered down to a narrow waist. And even though he wore a loose-fitting t-shirt, Maya noticed the distinct outline of a six-pack.

His biceps bulged and flexed with every movement. She would definitely love the feeling of having his two muscular arms wrapped around her, protecting her. Maya now sat on her bed with her cell texting her friends. It was already 10 pm after a long and exhausting day helping her mom make the house look nice for Emile and picking him up at the airport.

Although she was having conversations with her friends, Maya's mind was definitely preoccupied with something else. She couldn't help it. A muscular and handsome boy, the same age as her, was in the room next to hers. Only a thin wall separated the two. If this were a movie or book she thought, the possibilities were endless. They could end up making out by the end of the night. The thought of this got Maya hot and heavy. Her mind wandered to a thousand different places as her loud breathing became noticeable and she became flushed.

Maya didn't masturbate very often, maybe once or twice a week. However, she quickly decided that now was as good a time as any.


She quickly stood up and went to lock her door when the spitting sound of the shower turning on stopped Maya dead in her tracks. "Holy shit." she thought. Maya hadn't really told Emile which shower he was supposed to use - either the shower near her mother's room or Maya's own shower - but apparently Emile had made that decision for himself.

Maya was about to finally lock her door and do what intended to do when she realized something. Emile hadn't locked the bathroom door. In fact, the door to the bathroom wasn't even completely closed. A simple nudge of the door would give Maya an all access view of Emile and his body. Maya couldn't believe she was placed in this situation. By now, her heart was beating so quickly it felt as if it was trying to flutter away in her chest.

"Was he lathering himself in soap at this very moment?" "Is his six-pack as amazing as it first seemed?" Maya took a deep breath. This was entirely inappropriate! Emile had only arrived from France today and was probably exhausted. However, Maya couldn't deny it.

All this vacillating and mental conflict had gotten her really wet and turned on. Right across from her in the hallway, she thought, Emile was standing naked. Maya tried to will herself to close her door, but instead she found herself taking her first step out of her room. All she wanted was a peek. Maya quickly glanced down the hallway and saw that the light in her mom's room was already out.

There was no chance for her mom to walk out and catch her. She tiptoed across the hall and stopped her hand just short of nudging the door open.

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"Crap!" Maya thought. She really needed an alibi or an excuse in case Emile caught her looking. Maybe she could say she was getting her toothbrush and towel because he was taking too long? "No way," Maya thought. She couldn't sell that excuse in a million years. After ravaging her mind for another thirty seconds, she ran back and grabbed her iPod and settled on the excuse that she was listening to music and simply "didn't hear" that the shower was on.

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She slipped her earbuds in for no reason besides her pathetic excuse and began to open the door. Calmly, she slipped her face through the crack and glanced at the glass shower door. "Oh. My. God." she whispered. Although the glass was a bit steamy, Maya could make out everything clearly. Maybe she was wet before, but after seeing Emile's body, she was positively soaking.


Maya didn't know how to react. Maybe he had been masturbating in the shower, and that's why, Maya noted, his cock had become quite stiff. She obviously hadn't noticed it before, but Emile's cock was incredibly large.

Many well-defined veins bulged out of it and Maya swore she could make out its pulsating head. She estimated him to be well over 8 inches. To be honest, she didn't even think he was completely hard yet. Maya then checked out the rest of his elite figure.

She previously suspected Emile to have a six-pack, but now noted that in fact he had a full on eight pack. It was insane. Every time Emile turned his body, each ripple and muscle movement of his abs could be seen. His skin was taut and tight, and lacked even an ounce of excess body fat.

His large and well defined chest visibly rose each time he took a breath.

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With any arm movement as he jacked off or washed himself, his steely pectorals often involuntarily twitched in unison. Physically, Maya was now just soaking wet. Mentally, she was a horny, uncontrollable mess. If Emile were to step out of the shower and asked her to spread her legs, she doubted her ability to resist his command. The skin on his back was smooth and tight as it rolled and dipped over all the muscles he had on his upper back.

She could imagine the scratches that she would leave on his back after a wildly hot night with him and his beautifully large cock. Maya had a few sexual experiences with boys before, but having sex with Emile would be something she probably couldn't take. She doubted that even a forty year old mother of eight could handle the sheer aestheticism of Emile's body and his massive cock. Emile could probably deliver any woman a quadruple set of orgasms and turn them into a spluttering mess before he even inserted his entire cock into the pussy.

"What the hell!" Emile shouted as he covered himself. "What are you doing?" He had just noticed Maya's face gazing wide-eyed at him as he took a shower. Maya panickedly began stating her rehearsed alibi.

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"Oh sorry I was just trying to get my stuff and uh. didn't hear you because of my iPod." She awkwardly held it up. Emile continued to stare at her. "I was just looking at you for a bit because I wasn't sure um." Maya paused.

She had no clue what to say. She really hadn't thought this through, and now Maya was in a predicament where a naked, ridiculously attractive boy was staring at her while she herself looked like a peeping pervert. Emile glared at her and wrapped a towel around his waist. He saw that Maya was clearly a bit distraught at this point. She was dressed in her pajamas, but Emile could still clearly make out her large breasts and apple shaped bottom. Her hair seemed pretty frazzled and she seemed even jittier than before.

Suddenly, it dawned on him. Maya had been peeking in on him to get a look at his body. This extremely cute American girl who he had only met for a day was peeping in on him taking a shower.


Emile's glare quickly changed into a small smirk. He wasn't stupid. Emile was pretty self-aware, and he knew the effect he often had on girls. "What were you actually doing?" He confidently asked. "Honestly nothing." Maya desperately responded. "I just didn't hear you because I was listening to my music." "Really," Emile responded with a small grin. Gathering her emotions and fully committing to the story, Maya asserted "Yeah that's pretty much what happened." "It was a total accident," she added.

"That's funny, since I saw you hiding behind the door staring at me for a good two minutes before I actually called you out," Emile retorted. Maya stared at him. She looked utterly speechless. Emile was completely bluffing, but Maya didn't know that. He hadn't actually seen her, but Emile was pretty confident he knew what Maya was doing. And by the looks of it, he was correct. She opened her mouth as if to say something, and then closed it again. Maya was completely dumbfounded.

She had been caught. Realizing what a predicament she was in, Maya panickedly began spewing out an apology, "I'm so so sorry. I just saw you and I don't know why but something made me stop and I had no idea you were watching, but I couldn't look away and this is totally my fault." Emile gave her a dazzling smile with his perfect white teeth.

He strode toward her, stopped just half a foot away from her, and cut her off with a question. "So what do you think?" he asked. "About what?" Maya whispered hoarsely. Emile quickly contracted his muscles and flexed his chest and abs. It wasn't much, but even this made Maya weak at the knees. Emile had yet to dry off his upper body, so wet droplets of water glistened over every curve and vein in his body. His eight-pack gently moved with every breath he took, and his wide set shoulders made her feel as if she was under the looming figure of a muscular superhero.

"You look pretty good," Maya finally managed to say. She opened her mouth again to explain why she should probably leave when Emile leaned in suddenly and kissed her deeply.

Maya had a fleeting thought that this was wrong and that she should stop, but she never seriously considered it. She placed her hands on his chest and wrapped her legs around his waist as Emile picked her up and carried her across the hall to her room.

Maya quickly stripped off her pajamas and they continued to make out on her bed in a writhing, tangled mess. Emile whipped the towel around his waist off and gave Maya a good look at his semi-hard dick. "Wow," she said, admittedly impressed. "That's basically 6 inches and it's not even close to hard right now." She gently placed her fingertips on the skin that seemed to be tight around the head.

Maya stroked up and down the massive girth and was about to place her mouth on it when Emile aggressively pushed her down on the bed.

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"Not yet. First I'll make you cum, then you can return the favor." Emile asserted. Maya stayed down and opened up her knees. She was kind of embarrassed. She had basically been wet from the first time she had laid eyes on Emile, and after being turned on for so long, one flick of the tongue might send her right over the edge.

Emile breathed hotly on her thighs and proceeded to tease Maya's surrounding areas before ever touching her pussy. He grabbed handfuls of her large breasts and quickly flicked his tongue up and down each nipple. As Emile went up to kiss her one last time, his dick, now nearly fully erect, gently skimmed across her pussy, which elicited a breathy moan from Maya.

Emile traced the curves of her body back down in between her legs and gently licked Maya's pussy lips and leaving hot, breathy blows on her cleanly shaven pubic bone. Like a careful craftsman, Emile paid meticulous attention to every detail of Maya's pussy and was careful to avoid contact with her clitoris for a good three minutes. "Come on, give me something," Maya pleaded. She had been turned on for way too long, and she felt like she was going to explode.

She spastically moved and her breaths became ragged as the pressure built up. She needed release soon, or she just might have to rub an orgasm out for herself. "Please I need you. Please Hur-" was all she could say before Emile gave her three concise and powerful licks on her clit and then sucked on it while giving it rapid flicks with his powerful tongue.

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Maya's breath caught in her mouth as she instantaneously arched her back and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her hands desperately grabbed for anything they could reach, and she ended up grabbing fistfuls of Emile's hair with one hand and crumpling the bed sheets with the other.

Her muscular thighs locked around his head, but they spastically shook every time the sensations were too much for her to handle. She tried to scream, but couldn't. Waves of intense pleasure and gratification overcame her mind and body until she felt her vision dim and almost she passed out.

She had received oral from other boys in her grade before, but it was utterly nothing compared to this. Emile was now focusing solely on the clit.

Creating a vacuum with his mouth, he didn't stop his tongue's quick and powerful flicks for a long time. Maya was flowing with juices, and Emile lapped them up eagerly. For Maya, this meant that as she came down from each orgasm, she instantaneously rolled into the next one. Emile had grabbed her waist with his muscular arms and wouldn't let go. The process repeated itself until she came down from her 6th or 7th mind-blowing orgasm. But if Maya was honest with herself, she wasn't sure how many orgasms she had had.

After periodically blacking out from pleasure and the multi-orgasms, there were quite simply too many too count. Maya gasped for air. "That. Was.

Amazing." she said. "Honestly, what do they teach in France?" she asked as her chest continued to heave. Emile grinned as he leaned in and kissed her deeply. At that point, Maya would normally be sexually gratified and satisfied for at least a month, but a quick look at Emile's incredible body refueled her. She eagerly kneeled down.

It was her turn to repay the favor. Maya quickly became aroused again simply by seeing Emile's rippling of muscles as he performed the simple action of standing up.

His cock was nearly 9 inches long at this point, and it looked even girthier than she had seen in the shower. She placed her hands on her abs and passionately felt them as she placed her lips on the head of his penis. Maya really doubted that she would be able to fit anything even close to his size into her mouth, but she resolved to do the best she could. In a swift motion, she enveloped as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

Emile groaned and gritted his teeth. He was intending to actually fuck Maya later, so he used all the staying power he could to prevent him from cumming. It was nearly impossible though. Maya's pretty brown eyes gazed up at his as her small, warm, and wet mouth sucked and blew his cock.

She could only fit around 3 inches of his cock in, but the stimulation on his head alone was enough to make any man come. With both hands, Maya rubbed the rest of Emile's large cock as she tried to fit more of his cock into her mouth with each stroke. She hated admitting this to herself, but she loved the thought of blowing a dick that was way too big for her. The image of her kneeling down and attempting to shove way too much man meat into her mouth turned her on greatly.

She began moving her head back and forth rapidly and sucked every last drop of precum that oozed out of the tip of his penis. Occasionally, she would get her face so close to the hilt of his penis that her tight throat made these delicious gagging noises, and Emile would audibly groan.

For Emile, the simulation eventually became too much. She looked way too cute and hot trying to fit his entire cock into her tiny little mouth. Not to mention the incredible sensations he physically felt when she tried deep throating him. Maya may not have known it, but she was a total pro. "I'm cumming!" Emile exclaimed. A familiar feeling arose in his loins.

He gritted his teeth as load after load of his thick, rich sperm shot out of his cock. To his great surprise, Maya continued to suck as fervently as ever. Maya really wanted to be that girl who could suck a man dry and swallow with no qualms about it, but the sheer amount of cum that came shooting out of his large cock made it nearly impossible.

Maybe she had looked pretty experienced after she got the hang of giving a blowjob, but after she tried - and failed - at swallowing her mouthful of cum, she ended up spitting the majority of it out and giggling like any typical innocent high-school girl. Emile grinned down at her. Then he bent down and kissed her deeply as they both got in bed and lay under the covers.

They had only met each other eight hours ago but already their mental and physical connection was unquestionable. Maya honestly couldn't believe her luck. They now lay facing each other, with her head on his chest.

She slowly brought her hand up and felt each bulge and dip on his abs. His right arm curled around her so that his bicep looked like a powerful python protecting her. She looked up at his well-defined jawline and clear blue eyes. "What do we do now?" she asked with a smile.