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Hot blonde Mama Keri Lynn
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"I want you to fuck me, i want your cock in my ass.", i told him.ive waited so long and i wanted it now, i thourght."You wana loose yur cherry then, boi?", Paul asked me.He looked excited and so did i, becuase i knew i was going to get it off him. We both sat up and i moved to sit on the edge of the bed."You wana use condoms babe?", Paul asked me.

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"I dont wana use condoms, i want you to fuck me bareback.", i told him, i wanted to feel his thick, wet cock slide in me."Mmm, good boy, what style do you want it?", he asked me as he stroked his cock in his hand.

"I want it doggy, i heared its better like that.", i told him."Oh boy, your gonna loose your cherry to me tonight.", he said. I grabbed the lube from the side table, next to my bed.i unscrewed the lid of the long tube.I still felt slightly nervous as i had onyl just met this man.I looked at his cock wondering how to do it, but it seemed Paul had read my mind."You wana lube my cock up babe?", he asked his large cock erect in his right hand.we both smiled at each other sexually and i moved over to him.

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Both of us naked, his large, hairy body next to my teenage hairless body.I held the tube over his cock head and squirted a large amount onto his cock head.I reached out and started to spread the water like lube all around his cock.I grabbed hold of his cock and he let go, the lube felt warm from the heat of his cock, i rubbed some excess lube down around his balls, gently rubing them for him and makeing sure his cock head was properly lubed."You have soft hands babe, oh god yer, let me lube your ass up.", he said.

I possitioned my self on all fours for him, he sat himself behind me.I felt his large hands full of lube spread my legs wider, then i felt his forefinger enter my hole, it slid in cleanly and smoothly. OMG!

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it felt nice, his finger was the first of many to plesure my tight virgin ass hole."That feels good.", i told him."You want more?", he asked, i told him yes.His finger slipped out and two went in."Thats even better, feels fucking great.", i said looking back at him."Good babe, here try this.", he said and then a second later i felt my ass stretch wider than it had ever done.

I had only ever managed to put two fingers in myself while i jerked myself, but i knew that cocks where bigger and thicker and would one day have to stretch it to make it wider for an actuall cock.The lube helped a great lot.

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His fingers sliped deep into my ass, each time felt like a whole new experience, and i was amazing.But then something different happened.i felt something less like a finger and more wet with less diametre stroke up my ass hole.I knew strait away that he was tongeing me and then i felt it dip ever so slightly into my ass and then a finger.I was being fingered and tongued at the same time, Paul could teach me so much, there was much more to gay sex than sucking and fucking and jerking.Paul then reached for the lube and squirted it down my ass, i felt it's light cool texture fall gently ont my ass hole and pauls finger rubbing it in and for the next minute using his two and then three fingers to finger me.Each time my cock felt like it was going to cum.

"Oh jake, i'm so fucking horny for you right now, i'm gonna stick my cock in ya now, i'll be gentle.", Paul said to me and i heared him position himself behind me, i straitened myself up and waited for what felt like ages, but only at the most 5 seconds when i felt his cock on the wetness of the lube slowly enter my ass hole.

His cock head dipped in first and i felt the thickness of it already, so far so good.then he started to slide more of his thickness and inches into me.i had never taken a cock before but my stomache went rigid, i felt the thickness get wider at the middle of his cock lenth, i scrunched my face up from the pressure on my stomach, but it wasnt so bad now.

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"Ahh."i quietly groaned to myself as i felt it go past the 6 inch mark.I could feel it sliding in much further, i didnt want to move incase it went wrong, so i was as still as possible.I could hear Paul enjoying him self in me, quietly groaning to himself as he let himself get deeper in my ass.And then i remembered that i was no longer a virgin, i had just taken in my first cock.Oh god, seven inches but less thicker and then 7 and a half inches.Pretty big for my first time, i hope i was going to do well with it."I'm all the way in you, how does it feel?", paul asked me, i felt like my head was going to explode but i positively answeredwith a groaned yes and a moan.

I coudnt help but moan as he slid it out and moaned as he slid it in me again inless than 2 seconds."Oh oh oh, yes, fucking tight ass hole.", Paul called out.It felt great having a big older man behind me poking his cock in my ass and fuck me, it made me feel special.Pauls hands where perimetered around my ass and waist as he fucked me, each time i moaned.I felt around to my ass hole, i felt his thick cock sliding in my ass, it felt so good as i felt his cock slide in and out of me.

Pauls cock went deep every time and slid out about five inches, leaving in his remaining 2 and a half inches in my ass.Once or twice he pulled completly out and examined my wide ass hole and shoved his cock back in me again, each time i constantly moaned like a little girl.


He then shifted his body so he was completely over my back, like actuall dogs.His hands resed by my own hands and his legs by mine also.I felt his body weight on me but more as he fucked me his cock slide out as much as two inches leaving the remaining five and a half inches in me.It made him seem much deeper in me.As he fucked my like that he kept on swearing to himself and i still moaned like a bitch.

"Oh yer, paul fuck me harder, fucccckkk meeeee ohhhhh.", i wailed out as he slammed his cock harder into me."OH YES PAUL, OHHH GODDDDDDDDDD!", i screamed.It felt so fucking amazing.Then Paul pulled out,"Get on your back babe, i wana watch as i fuck you.", he said.I followed as comanded and lay spread eagle on my back.Paul had my legs in the air as he got above me and i watched as he sorted his cock into my ass without looking, his face concentrated on mine.

My legs were on his shoulders as he fucked me, he reached down and kissed me hard using his tongue.His lips stiffled my moans of plesure.He fucked me so good.i started to jak my cock, the plesure was great.We were both sweating on each other, yet i didnt care cos his cock and cum were in my ass. "Oh god jake, i'm gonna fucking cum in you.", he said to me.He started to fuck me faster now, so quick, my stomache had stopped aching and all i could do was reply with a girlish moan.Mmm, cum in my ass that sounded nice.


Then i started to feel the plesure in my cock now, i was also going to cumThe tension built for ten more second and then i felt him cum in me, i felt the liquid shoot up and deep into my ass.I screamed much louder as i also cummed.Paul to moaned both our bodies cumming and spasming together.His sweat dripped off him and onto me, all my cum shot up my chest, Pauls lips kissed mine and then we slowed down and stopped moving.We breathed deep for air, my girlish screams were slowing and quieting down.

Paul gave one last thrust and slipped out of me.The presure released itself as his cock fully came out and i felt my ass hole close up.yet, not too tight for my next time.Paul grabbed his cock and squeezed out the last drops of cum onto my cummy ass hole.I reached down to feel my hole, it was soft and soaking wet with cum, it felt so good.

Paul bent down to me and started to slide his tongue up my chest, licking up all traces of cum.I gathered up a scoopful of cum from my ass in my hand and brought it up to my lips and smeared it all over them and in my mouth.WOW!

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if youve never had cum, your missing out.Paul reached up to my face and we kissed, cum from out mouths merging, and i swallowed.Perfect. His sweaty body resting ontop of my sweaty body we kissed for a few more seconds and pulled away, his slimey cock againts my own cock,"I love you paul." i said to him, "I love you to, jake.", he said, and we carried on kissing.