Pete de una tetona divina en estados unidos

Pete de una tetona divina en estados unidos
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Druids Ordeal Chapter 4 by E.Y. Toad I stood in the hallway outside the gnomes room, tying to work up the courage to knock. I knew what I had to do; I was the 'entertainment' for the five gnome brothers tonight. I had put my shame behind me and swallowed what little pride I had left. I wanted nothing more than to leave this place and go home.

If I had to 'entertain' even ten gnomes, I would do so happily to make that happen. I had met several gnomes in the past. They are strange creatures; about 3 feet tall, pale skin and many are at least partially bald. They are very intelligent and rather reclusive, preferring building things to being social.

They have a particular knack for mechanical devices. I don't think they are evil so much as just mischievous. I straighted my robe, took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Who is it?!" I heard someone say impatiently. It was a high-pitched, almost comical voice. "It's Dahlia. You requested my. company. tonight." I replied. I heard some banging noises and feet shuffling around, then the door opened.

"Ah Ha! Come in. yes, yes, do come in." the gnome said, rubbing his hands together excitedly. He wore blue overalls and had some strange goggles over his eyes. I did not see anyone else. I stepped in to the room, leaving the door open behind me. I felt quite nervous; something did not seem right.

"I've been preparing for your arrival!" he said, walking over to me. He flicked a lever on his goggles and his eyes grew very large, as if they were being magnified. He stared at me for several seconds. "Yes, you will do just fine." he began, "Boys!" Suddenly, I heard the door slam behind me. I quickly spun around and saw another gnome locking the door, looking at me with a devious smile on his face. "What. what are you doing?!" I asked, "I. I am here to entertain you.

you don't need to." Just then, three more gnomes came out from their hiding places and encircled me. The gnome with the goggles returned to the bench he was working at, turning his back to us.

"Please. I will. I can't." I began, trying to get control of the situation, "Which. which one of you should I." Almost simultaneously, the four gnomes grabbed me, pulling my robe off and throwing it down by the door, leaving me in just my undergarment.

"Please!" I pleaded, "I will entertain all of you, one at a." The gnome behind me grabbed my undergarment and stripped it off, the buttons flying off in all directions.

I quickly put my arms over my breasts and vagina, trying to hide my nakedness. The gnomes were pinching and grabbing my ass, breasts and vagina, as I moved my arms to cover two of the areas, leaving the third exposed. "Please, stop!" I begged, "I will entertain you all, I promise!" "HeeHeeHeeHEEE" they laughed, continuing to grope me.

They pushed me down on the bed. I was laying sideways on the bed with my feet on the floor. One of them grabbed my arms and held them over my head. Two of them grabbed my legs and spread them apart, the third put a box on the floor between my legs and stood on it. "Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!" he cackled, as he caressed my vagina. "Get her ready!" the gnome with the goggles yelled, "It's almost done!" The gnome between my legs bent over and spit on my vagina several times.

He then worked the saliva in to my lips and spread them apart with his tiny fingers. He kept working my vagina open with his fingers, inserting one, two, then three fingers in to me. He eventually fit his whole hand inside me. His hands were very small; it was uncomfortable, but not painful. He worked his hand in and out of me several times. "She's ready! Hurry it up!" he shouted.

"Please! What are you doing?!" I asked. Then the gnomes with the goggles turned around to face me. He was wearing some type of harness around his waist with a mechanical box over his crotch. He grabbed something from the bench and attached it to the front of the box.

It was tubular, about six or seven inches long, smooth and made of brass. It looked like. Gods, it looked like a penis. He stood up on the box, grabbed a handle on the side of the box and jerked on it.

Nothing happened.

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There was a rope attached to the handle and on other end, to something inside the box. When he let go of the handle, the rope was pulled back in to the box automatically. "Damn!" he shouted, pulling the handle again. This time, the box started sputtering and popping but then went silent.

"Wait." he said, adjusting something in the back of the box.


He pulled the handle again and it started making an awful racket. Small puffs of steam were shooting out the bottom of the box. Then the brass penis started slowly moving, thrusting out to its full length, then about half of it receding back in to the box. This repeated over and over, getting faster and faster. He made some adjustment in the back of the box and it slowed down to a steady pumping motion.

"Gods! What are you doing!" I asked, "I will pleasure all of you! There is no need for this! Please!" The gnome guided the contraption to my vagina. I could feel it bumping against me. He held my vagina open and inserted it. "AHHHHHH!!!!" I yelled, "It's HOT!!!" It was painfully hot, but not enough to burn me.

"EeeHeeHEE" he laughed, as he adjusted something in the back. The penis sped up. I tried to pull away from it but the other gnomes held me firmly in place. "PLEEEASSEE! It hurts!!!!" I begged. He adjusted it and it sped up even more. "Ah. ah. ah.

ah. ah. ah." I stuttered, as it pumped my vagina, "Pl. ee. ee. ee. se.!" I could feel it getting hotter. "IT"S TOO HOT!!! STOOOOPPPPP!!!" I screamed. The gnome reached down and touched the brass penis as it was thrusting. He jerked his hand away in pain. "Hmmm." he said, pulling it out of me, "Maybe if insulate the steam modulator." he trailed off.

He walked back to his bench and turned away from me. "Forget your gadgets, come have some fun!" One of the gnomes said to him. "I think I can fix this. Carry on, boys!" he said. The other four gnomes ripped off their robes. They were quite pitiful looking, all old and wrinkled. Their penises were only about four inches long and slightly pointed. They were roughly the size of a human males index finger.

They had no pubic hair, and very small, smooth testicles. They started molesting me. Two of them were licking my breasts and I felt a tongue enter my vagina. I kept trying to push them away but I could not fend them off. One of them crawled up and straddled my face, putting his penis up to my lips. I tentatively opened my mouth and he immediately thrust his penis deep inside.

He buried it all the way, my nose smashed against his groin. I could feel it in the back of my throat, but thankfully, it was not long enough to gag me too much.

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I wrapped my lips around it and started massaging it with my tongue as he pumped my face. I just wanted to get this over with and decided to do whatever I could to help them. I could feel one of them licking my vagina and two others still working on my breasts.

I had stopped fighting them now and just let them do whatever they wanted. After about two minutes, the one started to ejaculate in to my mouth. "EyyeeeeEEEEE" he yelled, shooting rather small loads of semen in to the back of my throat.

I fairly easily kept it all in my mouth until he pulled out, then swallowed it in a single gulp. I felt my stomach twinge as the foul liquid worked it's way down my throat. Even so, it wasn't so bad. If they all go this quickly, we would be done soon enough.

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He then pulled his soft penis out of my mouth and put his testicles up to my lips. Gods, what did he want now? Wasn't he done? I stuck my tongue out and licked his smooth, bald testicles. It was disgusting. It felt as if I were licking a baby's testicles. I circled my tongue around them and flicked my tongue along the underside. After about thirty seconds, his penis was hard again.

He moved his penis back to my mouth and again thrust it deep inside. This time it took maybe three minutes before he started shooting loads of semen in to my throat. I swallowed it as before, hoping he was now done. He crawled off of me, pushing the one that was licking my vagina out of the way. He stood on the box, rubbing his penis for about thirty seconds until it was hard again. He slid it in to my vagina with a sigh.

He started pumping his penis in and out of my vagina and moaning. By the Gods, how many times can they do this? Just then, the one who had been licking my vagina mounted my face and put his penis to my lips. I wrapped my lips around it and started gently sucking on it as he slowly pumped my face. The other two gnomes continued to lick my breasts. Apparently, there is some kind of hierarchy or pecking order. One of them uses me as he pleases and then the next in line can take his turn.

After a short time, I heard the gnome between my legs yell out and start to orgasm. "EEEEEYYAAAAHHH!!!" he yelled, louder than the other two times. I could feel loads of warm semen filling my vagina. Just then, the penis in my mouth started to spurt. The sprays of semen were shooting down my throat and it was hard to keep from choking on it.

The gnome on my face crawled off as the one in my vagina pulled out of me. They all worked together to turn me over on my left side. I offered no resistance, but did not move voluntarily. The first gnome rubbed himself for a few seconds until he was hard yet again.

I could then feel that he was bumping his penis up against my assholes. "NO!" I yelled, "Not there! I will not allow." Before I could even finish the sentence, I felt his hard penis violate my ass. "YEEEEAAAAAAAGGGG!!!" I screamed as he buried his penis is to my ass. I tried to pull away but could not. It was quite painful but the pain eased up a bit he pumped in in and out several times.

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The second gnome positioned himself and slid his penis in to my vagina. The first two gnomes where thrusting and humping my ass and vagina at the same time as one of the others held my right leg high in the air.

The third gnome then put his penis to my lips. I opened my mouth and allowed him to slide it in. I closed my lips around it but did nothing else. I just laid there being molested in all three openings for several minutes. The gnome holding my leg then grabbed my hand and put it on his penis.

I wrapped my hand around it and gently started sliding it up and down. I was servicing four gnomes at the same time! I looked over at the gnome in the goggles and he was still at his bench working on his device, oblivious to us. The gnome in my ass started to yell. As I felt the semen shoot in to my bowels, I had a sudden urge to defecate, but I held it back. I lost track of who was doing what. Every minute or two, I would feel one of them ejaculating in to my mouth, vagina or ass.

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I had quit swallowing the semen and just let it dribble out of my mouth on to the bed. At some point, one of them put their penis in to my mouth and I could smell that it had already been in my ass. I gagged and wanted to vomit but I somehow held it back. I just wanted this night to be over. I had no idea how long this night would actually turn out to be. After quite a long time, probably an hour or more, I saw that the gnome with the goggles was no longer at his bench.

I looked down and he was ejaculating in to my ass, naked except for the goggles. I had not even noticed he had joined in. The night dragged on.

I have no idea how these gnomes can keep this up for so long. There was semen everywhere; my head was lying in a puddle and my vagina and ass were dripping with semen. I laid there for hours, as the gnomes had their way with me over and over, rarely a minute going by without a penis in one or more of my openings. ***** I woke up as first light was breaking through the window.

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I do not remember falling asleep. All five of the gnomes were still asleep, naked and lying all over me, and all over each other. My hair was stiff and sticky from semen. My vagina and especially my asshole were sore. I badly need to use the waste bucket. I tried to get out of bed, but the gnomes stirred awake, one by one. "Good morning, Dahlia!" the one with the goggles said.

"What a fun night we had, don't you think?" "Fun?." I said angrily, then caught myself, "Um. yes, it was. fun." "We can do this all the time once we get home. yes?" He asked. "Home? What do you mean?" I replied. "I mean when we all get home!" he said, "You will be happy living with us!" "Living with you.


?!" I asked, astonished. "Why yes. Kelmane promised we could keep you if we signed the alliance." he said, "You will enjoy living with us!" Kelmane! That lying bastard!