Lustful latina hottie treats her snatch to a big meaty cock

Lustful latina hottie treats her snatch to a big meaty cock
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It was 10:00 pm. A warm April night. A friday. And Will was stuck in his house, instead of being with Lydia. He felt like hitting himself in the face with a shoe or something, being so frustrated at his stupid decision. Failing algebra (pretty low percentage, a 39), and then getting detention with Lydia. He enjoyed the time he had with her, but wished he didn't have to deal with the bad after affects.

At least he got to keep his computer in his room. He walked over to it and opened up his e-mail. Inside there was a messge. It was from Lydia! In it Lydia told him how much she missed him. It had been a solid 2 weeks since he last got to go on a date with her. The last date he had with her was incredible. They hung out at the mall and kissed by the fountain. God he regretted not making love with her that night.

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At the end it read: "I miss you Will. I love you so much! Love, Lydia. Files attached: 5" He felt a warm feeling inside of his chest. In fact he felt it all over.

He knew she meant what it said. She love him, and he loved her. Every second he cherished with her.

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"Hmm. I wonder what these files are.?" He asked himself. "Well open it fuck nuts." He took his own advice and opened a file. Inside was a picture of Lydia nearly naked. She wore the same robe she was in the night they first had sex. Her nipples, pink and erect, the aerolas puffy visible.


He had a very strong erection in his pants after seeing that. He saved it to his computer. The second picture had her completely naked. It was in black and white, a finger in her pussy. He looked down at his boxers. He saw a nice small spot of precum on the top. He saved this last one as well. The third had her top half, her sucking on a clear dildo. Will moaned, and again saved the image. The fourth was his personal favorite.

On her breasts, in some black ink was written "I love Will!" The o of love was around right nipple (left if facing her), and the dot for the i was a circle around her left nipple (right if facing her). He saved that one too, while beginnging to stroke his cock.

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The fifth and final image had her face, and her hand lifting her right tit. She had her tongue out licking the nipple. It looked shiny, probably from the light and all the saliva.

He saved this one too and freed his throbbing cock. He began to rub his cock to all five images opened at his computer screen. Going up and down, enjoying the feeling and the pictures. He moaned quietly in the middle of it, touching the tip of his dick. He thought of Lydia, giving him a blowjob, paying special attention to the head of his dick. He grabbed a tissue and stroked faster as he came into the tissue.

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He threw the tissue away and cleaned himself in the bathroom. He stretched out on his bed and relaxed. Slowly he felt his eyes droop. and soon he was asleep. He was grounded for a week. 7 more days of not seeing her. Only in school, and they had only one class. Will was especially pissed when his teacher wouldn't let them "Go to the bathroom" together. He relaxed on thursday. Now being with her a day away. He lay on his bed, awake. 'I can't sleep' He pointed out to himself.

He saw it was midnight now. He was going to be wreaked tomorrow if he didn't fall asleep before 3. He rubbed his eyes with his thumb and fingers, just like he did a few weeks before. He lay like that, in that position on his bed. His bed against the dark blue wall. At the foot of his bed was a window, about a meter high which reached almost to the celing. He left it unlocked always.

He could fight a burgler. Maybe. He stretched on his bed and popped. It was really relaxing. But being in that state he failed to notice the light knock at the window. He opened his eyes at the second set of knocks.

He shot up, sitting on his bed now. Trembling with fear, he moved his curtains. It was Lydia! He got out of bed and pulled up the window, holding her hand and leading her in. He let out a breath of relief. "Hey, handsome" She said with a smirk.

"You scared the shit out of me" he said with a laugh.

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He wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close. They both leaned in, and met in a passionate kiss. Lasting minutes, their tongues exploring each others mouths. Will smiled at Lydia as she pulled away. She stood in that damn spaghetti strap top of hers again. No bra. AGAIN. God, how he loved seeing her in that. It made her breasts look incredible. She wore green short shorts, a white line at the bottom of the legs. Will took his hand and felt her leg.

He moved it up and rubbed his hand on her soft mound. He wrapped that hand around her waist, and pulled her in kissing her for a long time, this time more passionately, more force. When he pulled away, with eyes closed he moved to her ear and whispered those three magical words.

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"I Love You." He opened his eyes and looked deep into hers. She stared back, lovingly. She wrapped her hand on his dick, standing tall through his boxers. She went to the small of his back, and raised her thigh to his waist pulling in.

She kissed him longingly. she pulled away and lowered her leg. She rested her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat repeating "I love you." Will moved his hands to the bottom of her top and pulled it off of her. Her tits now free, nipples erect from the cool of the night air.

WIll had an idea. He wrapped his right arm against her naked back. He took his other hand and lifted her legs and carried her to the sill of the window. He kissed her neck, and rubbed her back as he set her down to the right of him.

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It was a beautiful night. A cresent moon with many stars.

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Only a few thin clouds littered the calm night sky. He moved her on top of him and pulled down her shorts and thong. He rubbed her pussy. Her bald, clean pussy.

He moved her under him and went to her pussy. He moved his head in and began to move his tongue up and down her slit. "Oh." She moaned. She began to slowly move her clit, enjoying his tongue. He slipped it in her and she bucked. Will caught the small of her back and let her down slowly, trying not to disturb his parents. He moved his fingers in now as he licked her clit as fast as he could.

He now, longed to please his girlfriend. The "Oh" now being a long drawn out one. He pushed his fingers as fast as he could ignoring the wanting to stop. "Fuck, fuck" Lydia cried out. She covered her mouth and muffled her cries as she felt the orgasm sweep through her body.

Her legs straightened and she bucked many times Will catching her everytime all while licking her now more-sensitive clit. Slowly her orgasm faded. "Oh my God" She moaned in his ear as he climbed up. "That was incredible!" He smiled, and laughed a little bit. He bragged almost "Yeah, I know." "Asshole" She said with a huge grin. She kissed him tasting herself.

She wrapped her hand on his neck and moved it to his chest as she moved to his cock, now a little penis/boxer tent. She gladly pulled off his boxers. He put his head on the wall supporting himself. A nice breeze came as she opened her mouth and went down. She sucked hard, in long, deep motions. She moved to the base and cupped his balls. Occasionally she would go all the way down and roll his testicles in he hand.

He groaned out in pleasure. The suction amazing on his cock. He moved her hair to see her face as she concentrated on his cock, bobbing up and down, coming up and swirling the top of her tongue on the sensitive head.

Minutes passed of the slurping and sucking. Soon he felt the tingle. "Oh god. Here it comes." He said through his teeth. She sucked his cock even harder and jerked off the few inches she didn't suck. Focusing on the head she sucked hard and Will cried out. "Fuck.! Oh Christ!" He was desperate to be quiet. The feeling was amazing. Heat sweeped him.

Then the cool air a refreshment. She slurped up the last of his cum and swallowed. She smiled and walked into his room taking a drink from his soda left on his desk. She came back and kissed him. HE smiled at her. "Your soda's flat" She said with a smile. He laughed at her and kissed her. She kissed back, and rubbed on his dick, making it hard once more. They eyed each other and smiled mischeviously. She got on her knees and began to lower on him.

"Fuck. I'm out of condoms." He said hitting his head on the wall. He regretted it hoping his parents didn't hear. "Don't worry about it" Lydia said sexily.

His eyes widened, but he didn't argue.


She went down onto him and was on him in about a half minute. She leaned in and kissed him. She smiled and began to ride him. Will reached up and grabbed onto her breasts as she rocked. He rubbed her nipples as she rocked on him.


He rubbed her clit in a rhythm. When she was down, he rubbed up. When she went up, he went down. She moaned in enjoyment. He began to rock with her. The quiet slap was like music to their ears. Lydia began too coo loudly. "Pull my hair. Mmm I want it." He took his hand off her tits and grabbed her hair. He made it into a pony tail and pulled. Hard enough for her to moan. "Mmm fuck yes! Harder!" She said it a little loud but WIll did as asked. He kept rubbing her clit, and pulled her hair harder.

"Fuck yes! That's it!" Will enjoyed her talk. He loved it when she wanted it harder. He began to fuck her harder now. "Fuck me you dirty boy!" She moaned. He pumped faster now, and once again felt the tingle. "Oh. shit! Lydia. Im gonna cum!" "Will. me. toooo" She said, and moaned. She exploded on him and that set him off.

Will came hard in her as he did one final thrust, her pussy milking him. She collapsed on his chest and they both panted. Soon she kissed him again smiling. "I'm on the pill" She smiled. Will laughed. A good hearty laugh with his girlfriend.

"This is awesome. Being grounded ain't so bad. Especially if you get to be with the girl you love." She stared at him in the eyes and her eyes began to tear. "I love you." "I love you too" He replied with a smile.

She smiled back. Both lay naked together outside. They spent that night together in each others arms until six in the morning when Will took her home, and fell asleep with the biggest smile on his face, glad he forgot his key those 4 weeks ago.