Masturbacion de ella con vagina depilada

Masturbacion de ella con vagina depilada
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----------------------------- Chapter One - Kidnapped Lisa was not the average girl, not the girl next door. She always had a thing for attention. For eyes following her all over when she walked somewhere, entered the room or got on a bus. Since she turned 14, she was wearing high heels and short stuff. Mostly red which fitted her bright blonde hair really well.

She was really what you call an early starter. At the age of 15 she already had a B cup which then kept growing until it reached the D she had at the moment. The moment? Yes, breasts keep growing until you're 22 and she was only 17 by now.

But it was not only her breasts but also her whole body size. She always kept an eye on her weight. 162cm and 47 kilos fits quite nicely togehter - a real size sero but size L breasts.


There she was now, buying mascara at the moment and wearing a shorter red dress with stockings underneath. Her 10cm heels were causing that funny noise when she walked through the store - at least she thought it was funny noise.

Whatsoever. She never noticed that guy following her for 3 days now. He met her in a club and found she was the perfect victim.

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He was the average guy. And if there was a "girl next door style", he'd be the guy next door.

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Nobody ever took special notice of him - not a positive one and also not a negative one. He just slipped through. So there he was, following Lisa through the exit of the store and down the stairs towards the tube. He then sat right next to her so he could feel her tiny body. She was typing on Whatsapp the wohle time and again took no note of him. They got off the train near the last stop and went up with the escalator.

He had parked is car nearby because he already knew her daily routine. It wasn't too complicated. School till 4 pm, then into that store and home by tube and then on with a bus.

His plan was made quite quickly since the perfect place was that bus station where no houses were around and nearly nobody ever passed by. There they stood together at the bus stop. Lisa not knowing what was about to happen next and the man preparing the tissue with chlorophorme behind his back. In a sudden movement he stepped behind Lisa and pressed the tissue on her mouth and nose. Lisa tried to scream but was lifted off her feet and carried away with ease.

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The man threw her right into the trunk and kept pressing the tissue onto her until she stopped moving. He then zip tied her hands and feet together and closed the trunk. On his way home he was not too nervous.


He was driving a new car and the police never stopped him. The chance anyone would find that girl was minimal and not present in his head. He thought of what he would do to her in the next couple of weeks.

Already he had laid out a huge plan and by the time he would be finished, Lisa would never be the same again. ----------------------------- Chapter Two - Awaking Slowly lisa gained conciousness again. It was cold and dark. The feeling came back really slow and her head immediately started acing badly.

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She tried to focus. What had happened? Where was she? Home? In her bed? She felt a cold and hard floor. Not the one she had at home. As she tried to get up she noticed her ankles and hands hurt really bad. The zip ties were still in place. Next she noticed she was naked.

That was the moment she paniced. Rolled around on the floor until she hit the wall. From there she tried to crawl to a door or something but even after 10 minutes of crawling in a circle around the rooms walls she couldn't find a door or anything else. It still was dark and completely silent. Trying to pull her arms and legs from the zip ties had only caused bleeding and strong pain so Lisa had already stopped that.

And by now she saw no sense in moving around further so she kept still in a corner of the room. Minutes and hours passed. Lisas mind started to imagine the most weird things. What was happening here? ----------------------------- Chapter Three - Getting to know each other Suddenly light was switched on and Lisa was blinded by it.

After the time in darkness her eyes could only slowly accomondate to the light. A foot hit her in the stomache and she gasped for air while pain pierced through her body. "Hey my little slave, you're awake already? Looks like you're a strong one, huh?" Slave? What was going on? Lisa tried to get air into her lungs for an answer. The tears and the brightness of the light still kept her from seeing anything. The man grabbed her arm and pulled her across the floor.

The zip ties were cut open and Lisa was pulled onto her feet. She immediately fell over since her feet and arms were completely numb from being tied.

"Haha, look at you slave. Look at you. That's what I like to see" Lisa finally found her air again and shouted: "Slave? Who are you bastard?!" "I'm your owner now so better behave" Another kick to Lisas stomache ended the conversation.

Again tears filled her eyes and she tried to breathe away the sharp pain.

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"I've got something for you. A little welcome present.

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There'll be a lot of presents for you in the near future but I bet you'll hate them all. Better get used to this one quickly slave." Lisa heard the sound of bare metal and maybe a chain. Something cold was placed around her neck, ankles and cuffs. "This is your collar and cuffs.

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They're now permanently screwed in place and connected with a short chain. Enough practice will allow you to walk but never to run. I want you to be able to walk by tomorrow slave! If you fail there will be pain for you" ----------------------------- Chapter Four - Walking The man had left for what seemed like half an hour as Lisas eyes finally were able to see in the bright light.

She was on a stone floor in a quite grey room. In the middle of the floor there was a sink and in the ceiling there was a small vent opening. One of the walls had a small door in about half a meter of height. That's why she hadn't found anything Lisa thought.

She inspected her naked body but couldn't see anything exept the chains and her now blue stomache. Maybe she could open the door? She tried to get on her feet numerous times but the short chain caused her to fall over and over again. Finally the numb feeiling in her legs began to fade and she could rise herself onto her feet with the help of the wall behind her back. Soon again though, she found herself on the floor once again.

She had underestimated how short the chain between her legs really was. After another ten times of falling over she finally found how to do very little steps and could reach the other side of the room on her feet.

She immediately started to scratch on the door trying to open it somehow but there was no use in that. It was shut, had no handle on the inside and didn't move in any way. Lisa was trapped and she knew there was no use in wasting her power now.

She sat down in a corner of the room and tried to focus on not freezing too much. ----------------------------- Chapter Four - Toilet? After sitting on the cold floor for quite some time Lisas body had gotten cold from the inside out.

She was shaking all over and due to her ice cold feet she had a huge urge of peeing. Since there was no toilet and she didn't care to much, she lifted herself off the floor, tipptoed over to the sink and relieved herself.

Afterwards she tried to warm herself by tipptoing around through the room which worked quite good. Of course she was hungry and thirsty but she tried to shove that thought away from herself, trying to be strong for her chance to escape. Time went by and Lisa still was alone in the room. The light was switched on all the time and she lost track of how long she was there.

Since the first time Lisa had relieved herself another time over the sink and now she had the urge of pooping. The sink didn't look like her feces would dissapear through it so she tried to hold it in for as long as possible. But after what must have been another hour there was no more holding.

She simply and badly needed to empty herself and so she did. As feared nothing disappeared. It just stayed on top of the sink. Lisa looked at her poop with a mixture of disgust and questioning herself how to get rid of it but she simply couldn't find a solution.


So she sat down on the ground once more, the lack of water slowly demanded it's tribute and Lisa felt that.