That babe enjoys stretching her hole

That babe enjoys stretching her hole
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So let's start off right. I'm 24 and voluptuous. My breast are still perky even though I wear a 44 H bra.

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My breast are perfect to me. I stand at 5.4 and have the dark brown eyes and hair. I have a summer tan evenly distributed across my body. My husband is 26 and stands at 6.2 he works out but still has that beer gut. I'm still very attracted to him but we only have sex 1 time a week if that some weeks. I've grown tired of masturbating to my desires and I decided to post an ad on Craigslist. ** I'm 24 and need a hook up. Must be a secret and my husband can't find out.

I just need to be fucked. I'll meet you anywhere you like but you can't come to my house even if he's working. (Photo of my chest & body)** To my surprise I had many offers but only 1 stood out of the bunch.

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It was a tall black man with a huge cock about 8in or bigger. It was hard to tell due to the photos.


Id sent him plenty of photos back and forth hoping to meet up this weekend at the local gym. That Friday he wasn't responding to my messages and my hope of getting fucked was fading. That night I talked my husband into having sex with me and like always he came and passed out. I sat there slowly rubbing my clit and using a rigged flashlight handle to fuck myself almost at my max.

a All of a sudden I heard a sound coming from the back door. Curiously enough I tried to nudge my husband but he wouldn't wake. So.

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I got up and grabbed our sheet that was covering my husband, and walked to the door. As my hand reached for the doorknob the door whipped open and there stood a tall dark man.

He grabbed my mouth and slammed me against the wall. Whispering in my ear "you wanted to be fucked RIGHT didn't you?" I nodded my head and looked towards my room. He grabbed his rope and tied my arms and my legs. Like it was nothing he picked me up and carried my over his shoulders, slamming me onto the bed.

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Waking my husband up the man jumped on the bed and started fighting my husband trying to drag him to the chair in the corner. As I laid on the bed watching in fear he might hurt my husband another tall white man came in and helped tie my husband to the chair. They kept their masks on but began to undress.

As soon as I seen the black mans cock I knew who's it was. His cock was bigger then I thought. Just looking at him my pussy started tp throb. I made eye contact with my husband that was covered in other mens clothing just tossed onto him. When I looked back the white man had his cock inches from my face.

I opened my mouth as he grabbed my hair he started off slow letting me taste and feel every inch of his "7in" cock. As his pace picked up the black man untied my legs and opened them wide. Even more to my surprise he started to kiss my breast and nibble on my nipples as his fingers found my clit. For my husbands sake I tried to fight the pleasure but he was strong and held my legs.

As his mouth got lower I knew I couldn't keep my body in control. His tongue found my slit and started to flick my clit back and forth while his fingers found my hole. My body got out of control from pleasure I let out a moan as my hips bucked wild but held me still until I was in full orgasm. The white male was cuming down my throat as I squirted all over the black mans face. He released my hair and switched positions with the black man.

Now this huge cock is inches from my face and I know he's going to fuck my mouth to get it all the way in. His cock slapped my checks and mouth teasing me more then he knows. I open my mouth as big as I could giving him the go ahead. His cock slipped in as my tongue tried to spread my saliva as far as I could.

He grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth hard and deep. Making me gag he would pull out as my salvia streamed from his cock to my mouth in and out holding my head keeping it there longer and longer. All of a sudden my legs were spread open again as the white man slowly started to rub his cock up and down my slit. Teasing my pussy making me wet all over again.

His fingers parted my lips as he rubbed his cock on my clit. The black man stopped fucking my face and grabbed me. Yanking me up he told his friend he wanted to fuck me first. My hands still tied he sits back and puts me right on his lap his cock pressed against my pussy he leans back and once again picks me up letting me straddle him to ease his huge cock into my throbbing wet pussy.

As his head went in I couldn't wait for more of his cock deep into my pussy. He grabbed my hips and started to push me further down and back up. My tits bouncing in front of his face he pulls me closer to suck on my tits. Laying ontop of him he continued to thrust his cock into my pussy. I was out of control moaning and screaming fuck me. Caring less and less that my husband was watching me get fucked. The white man startsd to slap my ass as hard as he could with each thrust in he'd slap my ass harder and harder.

He stood up and grabbed my hair making me suck his cock while the black man was still sucking my tits and fucking my pussy. The white man held my head making me gag longer then the black man did. Pulling out his cock was cover in salvia.

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The white man grabbed my arms and pulled me back some and as I was getting fucked soft he started to lick my asshole. His tongue pressing in and out making me moaning loader and loader I knew what was coming as soon as he stopped the head of his cock started to press further into my ass and with a quick thrust his whole cock was balls deep in me. With both men in me thrusting together making me orgasm back to back my body went limp and I continued to moan as these two men just fucked me harder and harder.

Feeling hot moister I knew the white man had cum inside me pulsing and slowing down. He grunted and pulled out grabbed his clothes off my husband and walked out. As the black man was still in me he switched positions flipping me on my knees he made me look right into my husbands eyes. As the black man kneeled behind me he asked "did you enjoy being fucked right?" I said no.

And he slapped my ass harder then the other guy.


"Are you sure you didn't enjoy getting fucked RIGHT!" He yelled I moaned and said yes. He started to fuck me harder and hard as I close my eyes. I couldn't watch the pain in my husbands eyes as I moaned and orgasmed. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back forcing me to look at my husband.

His pace got faster and faster as my body started to shake the black man pulled out of my pussy and shot loads of hot cum all over my back. He slapped my ass one last time. As he grabbed his clothes he said "until next time". As soon as I could move I untied my husband and he tried to run out but they were already gone. I got up and showerd as he called the cops. I cleaned every spotnof cum on and out of me. By the time the police go there I was so tired I could hardly talk.

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They tried to swob me but nothing was found. I often dream of being fucked again by those men.


Until next time just rang through out my thoughts.