Fervent sweetie is gaping tight pussy in close up and coming

Fervent sweetie is gaping tight pussy in close up and coming
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That a rap. The show So Random's manager said as Sonny ran to her dressing room. She needed to get out of her bee costume. When she got there Tawni was already getting changed. when Tawni got out of the changing room Sonny told her that she would be a while because she was going to take a nap. As Sonny got into her new clothes she started to think about how lucky she was. She grew up in Wisconsin and had a little wed cast that was so good she was asked to join the cast of So Random.

Sonny had a little secret she was into porn. She told Tawni she would be late so she can watch a few videos. She grabbed her hidden laptop from the vent she could just reach. She went straight to her favorite sites. The first one started off with a girl that had double-d. This made Sonny wish she had a pair as big as her. Sonny had small b cup.

As soon as the hard core sex scene started she was extremely wet. She started to finger her self. She was moaning loudly. Chad was the star for a drama show a studio over. Sonny real did like him and he didn't like her but deep down she was in love with him and so was he. He pasted her room and head her. He walked in to see if any one was hurt. Se didn't say anything when she heard him.

But the door to the dressing room was open a crake. He saw her in a reflection but she didn't see him. He saw her rub her little pink clit. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a perfect little triangle. He was a hard right away.

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He couldn't leave cause any one could tell he was excited. He closed the door and sonny said in soft vioce is any one there Chad didn't answer. Sonny continued to masturbate.

Chad knew he was safe so he pulled down his pants and jacked off to Sonny. He tried his best not to make a sound. He could tell sonny was almost done when she said to herself Yes yes yes… so he quickened and blasted. He left and two minutes later Sonny was walking down the hall to see if any one could have heard her. The next day Chad started to acted nice to Sonny. She thought there was something up but he ensured her he was tired of being rude. Sonny believed him and started to acted nice too.

After a week they were use to each other and started to be a little more then friendly. After one of Sonny's show Chad asked her out on a date.

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She said sure and they made plans for the next day. They went to a romantic movie followed by a dinner at a fancy French restaurant. They went back to Sonny's dressing room. There they sat and talked. Chad got the idea to confront her about the walk in.

He asked to see her computer. She said sure and got it. When he got on he went to the address bar and clicked on the history. There was hours of porn sites she had been on. He asked her why she had so many porn sites. She paused and Chad told it is alright he went on those site all the time to. She broke in and explained.

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She was always getting hot and it was the only way to calm down. He said he always got hard and did the same thing too. Then something caught this attention from the corner of his eye.

It was birth control pills. He asked what are these for Sonny did you think you might get lucky tonight. She said no she. She was having really hard periods.

So Chad said with out a second gone by he replied to bad I was hoping you would be. He was going to tell her about what happened last week. He said Sonny Last week I walked in here cause I heard moaning or something. I didn't see anything then I looked into a mirror to see how my hair was and I saw you in your chancing room doing more then just chancing.


Sonny was shocked and upset. He was disappointed till she asked so did you like it. Now he was shocked. He said as soon as I saw you I got a hard on right there and then. So I drop my pants and jacked off to you.

Sonny was glade she made him that happy. Then She said well you saw me now let me see you. With no hesitations he drop his pants he was clearly hard from the talk. The harder he got the more Sonny got wet. She started to rub her self making Chad even harder. Chad first thing that he said was well you are the pill. Sonny got the message and almost right away she started to strip.

They both made there way over to the much wider couch. Once they sat down they started to kiss. Chad slipped his tonnage in to sonny's mouth. As the French kissed Chad was undoing Sonny's Black bra.


Then she stood up and pulled down her also black panties. Both of them completely naked started to hug kiss and Chad grope Sonny's small boobs giving the best feeling another person as given her so far.

Sonny always wanted to 69 someone so that was the first thing they did.

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Sonny put Chad's 7 inches in her mouth while he stuck his tongue in her pussy. Sending the best feeling she had ever felt up her young body. They both felt better then ever after Sonny first climaxed they started to do it Doggie style up the but so they could be face to face when it came to cherry time. With ever thrust from Chad got faster and faster Sonny knew what to do she started to join and in and after a few seconds they were in perfect rhythm. They couldn't even tell that Tawni had Come in to get her purse.


She gasped a the sight. She couldn't get her self to live so she sat down and started to work on herself.

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Tawni was a beautiful girl. She had near perfect tits they were 36C. She was she was so turned on she began to moan loudly witch caught the attention of the two lovers.

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They turned around in fear of being caught. Tawni Said oh don't mind me im fine by my self. Sonny whispered to Chad and then asked if she wanted to join. Tonis not sure said but what if we get pregnant. Chad Said why don't you go get a condom from the vending machine from the gas station restroom across the street. Joyfully saying yes as she ran out of the room. Sonny Said Lets hurry up and continue before she gets back so you can rest for round 2 with Tawni.

They started to do it hard core style. As Chad shoved his cock in Sonny she started to rub the top of her cunt. He went in slow so he could warn her that he was going to pop her cherry. He popped it having Sonny Scream in pain. Chad asked if she was alright and ready to go on the continued. He picked up speed and Sonny said she was ready to cum to. They knew time would be up soon so they started to go faster then ever before.

Chad said he couldn't told much longer as he heard knocking at the door they cummed at the same time. They yelled to see who it was. It was a janitor seeing if anyone was in the room. They said they were in there and he left. Tawni came back with two condoms and ask if he could double bag it since she didn't trust it would work. He said sure but he needed to rest after all the work he just did. Sonny told Tawni to help get Chad hard again.

Tawni started to strip. Once naked Sonny got up and walked over to Tawni.

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S said kiss me as they leaned furrowed and groped T. after two seconds these two pretty girls were felling each other up in front of Chad.

Then Sonny pushed Tawni into a chair got between her legs and ate Tawni out. This made Chad hard and ready for Tawni. He double Bag just like he said. Then he walked over and Tawni got up then he sat down followed by Tawni sitting right on his hard on breaking right throw her. He noticed she had no cherry and asked if she had done this before. She replied no. she had broken in fingering her self to once again Sonny leaving the door a crack to much.

They hard core for about five minutes with Tawni. He could tell when she came because she grabbed her pussy and Chad Felt her love tunnel tighten around his medium sized tool.

He warned her that he was about cum and she speed up and then he came and told he was done and got off. She then removed the used condoms and licked all the cum right off his cock and balls. The whole time Sonny had been fingering her self. The next couple of days the girls started to wear shorter and tighter clothes to mess with Chad.

Chad chould not take all the teasing so every time there alone now they try to and fun ways. Comment this was my first story so plz help me and give me ideas for other stories and maybe a part two.