Asian raven has a wild pussy

Asian raven has a wild pussy
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Loving Cousins This is my first story please be kind but also somewhat firm in your criticism. This story is a work of pure fiction. It involves two teen cousins. Dont read if you're offended or it's illeagel to view such materal.

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My name is Steve, I'm 14 in fair shape,short dark blonde hair brown eyes and a nice 7" cut cock. My cousin's name is Jenny, she's 14 with blonde hair blue eyes nice tight ass, 32b breasts and a sparsely covered pussy. It all started when everyone but us were left in the house.(It's a big 2 story house btw.) Her room is on the top floor.

I was watching t.v. when I decided to check on her. I go upstairs and her door was slightly closed,I peek in and she's getting ready to goto a party, my heart skipped a beat as I saw her in only a blue bra and lavender with cute monkey panties. I decided to be bold and open the door more and asked where the party was.

Her eyes buged out and screamed for me to get out! But I told her that I was just curious what a gir's body looked like. "Please don't tell anyone! I promise not to say anything!" Jenny thought for a moment, then said, "I won't say anything if you do me a favor." What?" I asked.

"You're curious what a girl's body looks like, well I'm curious what a boy's body looks like." "Take off your shirt." she comanded. "O okay." I said timidly. I put my hands under my shirt and slowly lifted my shirt over my head.


There I stood topless just in my jeans. "Nice now loose the pants." she said. I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. There we stood both just in our underwear. She could see the effect this was having in me.

"Looks like someone likes what he sees" she commented. "Well you are beautiful and sexy" I replied.

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Next she unhooked her bra letting me see her small tits. They had small pink nipples with nice areaolas. Next she walked towards me and planted a hard passionate kiss on my lips slipping her tounge in my mouth. I returned the favor, our tounges intertwining. We soon had to break for air. "Wow! That was amazing Jenny!" I said. She walked to her bed and laid down and beckoned me over.

Wasting no time I was on her bed next to her. We resumed kissing. I moved to her neck leaving small hickeys. Then her clavical,then her breasts sucking on each nipple in turn.

"Ohhh uhhh that feels so good keep going!" she moaned. Smiling I moved to her stomach licking her bellybutton. I finally reached my destination blocked by her panties. I took in her aroma. "You smell really nice Jenny." Her arousal in the form of a small wet spot. I licked her vagina through her panties.She bit her lip. I stopped. A look of dissapoitment on her face.

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I slowly took off her panties. "Oooh so that's what a girl's pussy looks like." "I heard from my friends about something call a period. What is it,and do you get it?" "It's when a girl is ready to have a baby and if she doesn't have sex,blood comes out of her pussy." She explained. "Does it hurt?" I asked.

"No and there are products called pads and tampons to catch the blood." She answered. "And yes I got mine last month." "Okay." I replied. I then resumed licking her pussy paying special attention to her clit. She shuddered and moan. "Ohhh Ohhh Steve! Right there! Don't stop!" I continued my assult on her clit. I stoped to remove my underwear. "So.uhhh huff, that's what a penis looks like." She commented.

"I'm going to stick it in now okay?" "Go ahead and fuck me Steve!" She demanded. That's all the motivation I needed.

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I lined my cock up with her slit. Putting just the head in. Man she was tight! I push further in untill I hit a barrier. "What's this?" I asked concerned. "That's my hymen. You're going to have to break it." She answered. "Will it hurt?" I asked. "Only a little,but it's okay." She reassured me. With that I pulled back untill just the head of my cock was inside and pushed hard breaking her cherry.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" She screamed. I stopped,waiting for her to tell me to continue. After a few minutes she nodded. I began a slow pace at first. Inching in and out. "Oooooh! Steve,Sooo Good! Faster!" She moaned. "You're soo tight Jenny!" I said mid groan. "Your cock is soo big inside of me!" She said. I resumed kissing and sucking her nipples while going at a good pace. Her juices covering my cock.

Sweat covering my forehead. I felt that all too familliar feeling in my balls.


"I,I'm comming,Jenny!" I yelled. "M,me too! Let's come together!" She requested. "But what if I get you preginet?" I asked concerned. "I it's okay I'm on the pill.

Just come inside me!" She reassured me.


That's all I needed to hear. I pumped her pussy at a fierce pace two more thrusts and we came together. "JENNY!" STEVE!" we yelled together.

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our orgasams hitting us like a hurricane! With the last of my strangth I rolled off of her. Both of us exausted, basking in the afterglow of our climaxes. That,that was awesome Jen!" I said "It sure was.

We'll have to do it again." She said giving me one last kiss before falling fast asleep. "We sure will Jen,we sure will" I replied as I too fell asleep!

The End! Masterjerk21