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Juicy ass blonde Tiffany Watson gets big cock doggystyle
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Ugh, another day at work… "I'm so sick of working at this stupid old tractor store" I thought to myself as I vaulted out of bed. I was going to be late, but what do I care? My dad is the boss, and I can get away with anything I want. I love that thought.


Getting away with everything. Everyone doing what I want. Whether it was my sleepy state or my day dreaming that caused me to bump into my bookshelf, I don't know, but when I did an old Avon bottle that my grandmother gave to me fell over, the cap came off, and the contents splashed all over me and my floor. I smelled like an old woman. Great, I'm looking forward to my work even more now.


As I said, I was going to be late. Usually, being the 18 year old boy I am, I masturbate before work and after I get home, sometimes even in the bathroom at work. Well, today I didn't have time to masturbate, and because of that, I was in for a long horny day. After driving to work, I show up and punch in my time card.

My dad walks up to me. "Glad you could make it. I need you to clean the bathroom. Some kid took a shit on the floor." He said. I looked at him for a while and said "no." He looked back at me, his eyes glazed over for a moment, almost like he was day dreaming. "Okay, sure. Go sweep behind the parts counter." That was a surprise. Something as important as shit on the floor usually forces him into not having an option whether or not to do it.

I guess he was having a good day.

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As I'm sweeping behind the parts counter, my big lumbering coworker comes up next to me. "MOVE." He demands. "No, fuck you." I replied. I look up at him, expecting to get shoved out of the way, but instead I see the same glazed over look in his eyes, and he wanders off.

If that wasn't weird enough, no one had said anything about me smelling like 40 year old perfume. I expected to be laughed at a lot. Maybe I showered well enough. Oh well. I'm a fan of the sciences, and a big part of scientific discoveries is noticing patterns and the irregularities in them.

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Twice now I've gotten my way in a situation that I shouldn't have. And twice that glazed over look came over their eyes. Maybe something was irregular here. To test it, I walked up to a customer.

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I shoved him, hard. "OW, what the hell, kid?!" He protested. "You liked it. You want me to push you again." I said calmly. "Push me again, please." He begged. I replied "No, actually you want to buy the biggest, most expensive tractor we have for sale.

No matter what it takes to buy it." "That sounds like a great idea!" He said gleefully. So that's it, then.

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Somehow, people are doing whatever I say, no matter how self-deprecating it would be. I must say, I'm a little spoiled and sometimes a little too mean sometimes, but I'm not a bad person. I don't want to disappoint my father, even if I could tell him not to be. I'm still a good son. So, I offer to go down and rearrange some stock tractor parts out behind the warehouse.

Naturally, he thinks that it's a great idea. There's another part to my job that is a totally double-edged sword. There's this house right on the other side of the warehouse that belongs to a widowed mother and her three kids.

Three boys to be precise. Now, I said that I wasn't a bad son, and that I am not a bad person. Decency ends when things become sexual. I have come to grips with the fact that I like younger boys.

The oldest boy, Michael is 19. Older than me, but still pretty hot. The middle child is Alex. He's fifteen, and he's growing up to be quite the looker.

The youngest is Dillon, and he's only 11, but definitely already a hotty. The reason why them living there is a double-edged sword is that they're all always outside, and always shirtless and barefoot.

I guess it's pretty important to mention that I am really really really into boys' feet. It gets me going like nothing else. I love seeing them out there, but the sexual tension it gives me makes me so frustrated most days. Today isn't most days. Today is the day I get whatever I want.

They're out in the yard playing football with each other. Michael thinks, the tall, slender older brother thinks it's funny to throw the football so far that Dillon and Alex can't hope to run fast enough to catch it, and it happens to end up in the middle of the parts I was about to move.

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Alex, the middle child with brown hair and eyes, and a bunch of freckles runs over and grabs it. As he's getting it, he falls to the ground. Since I'm there, I run over to him.

"Are you okay?" I ask. Choking back tears, he says "I twisted my ankle tripping over this piece of metal." I look at his ankle, and being an EMT, I can tell that it isn't broken or dislocated.

Probably just sprained. So, I pick him up and carry him back over to his brothers. The youngest, Dillon, who is basically just like Alex, but younger and missing the freckles is worried about his brother. "Is he going to be alright?" Dillon asks. I reply "I think so. Is your mother home?" Michael, having taken the place of their father who died of a heart attack a year prior, said "Yeah, she's in the dining room sewing right now." So we all go to the house, and I walk up to their mother.

"You are going to get up, tell your kids you need to go shopping in the city, and you're going to leave without saying anything else. You may come back in one hour. Buy something so they know you went." I demand. With glazed eyes, she complies, tells her kids she's leaving, and then promptly exits the house without another word. Her kids all look confused. I look down at their feet. "All of you sit down on the couch, and put your feet up on the coffee table." I demanded.

They did it without question. Here I was, looking at the soles of three incredibly hot brothers, surprisingly clean from running in the back yard. I went to Alex's feet, and I began rubbing his soft soles. They're so warm and soft. They don't smell, which I like.

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I rub in his arches, then between his toes. He has such nice shaped feet. I bend down and give a big lick right from his sole to his toes. He actually gives a little moan. "Get undressed, all of you." I implored. They did it quickly, and then sitting in front of me are three naked brothers.


Hot hot hot. "Alex, put your head back on the couch so you're looking at the ceiling. Dillon, I want you to get up on the back of the couch and hover your butt right above Alex's face.

Michael, straddle Alex's legs on the couch, so that you're facing Alex's face." I demand. They get in that position and I say: "Now, Alex, lick Dillon's butthole like you love the taste and can't get enough of it. And Michael, I want you to suck and lick on Dillon's penis the same way." They begin ravishing Dillon's asshole and dick, and Dillon is immediately distraught with pleasure; moaning and squirming and making faces of lusty frustration.

I can hear the slurping sounds they're making on the young boys parts, Alex twirling his tongue up inside his butthole, and Michael licking and sucking and slurping on the small penis. As they did this, I continued my rapt worship of Alex's beautiful feet; licking between his toes, up and down his soles, all the while rubbing the foot I'm not treating. Dillon's moaning has reached a fever pitch now, and he's squirming more than ever, making whimpering sounds and trying to express the sheer amount of pleasure that he's experiencing from his two big brothers .

With a devastating whimper, Dillon thrusts into Michael's mouth, shaking from what is probably his first orgasm ever, while Michael latches down on his little brother's penis and sucks for all he's worth, while licking the underside of his penis. Dillon takes a little while to come down from his earth-shattering orgasm, but eventually sits back down on the couch. I look up at Michael and Alex, still sitting with Michael straddling his younger brother, whose dick is very close to the older boy's asshole.

I smile and look at the clock. I still have 45 minutes.