Teen gets a deep creampie

Teen gets a deep creampie
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Jackie had found herself a boyfriend, so we didn't see as much of her as we wanted and some times as much as she wanted to either, saying how she had missed our group fuck's at Keith's, we told her a lot of the guy's had asked how she was, and when was she coming back for more fun, She smiled and asked when were we going next, I told her the following Saturday night, "I'll let you know", was her reply.

Wenesday she asked, did we want company when we went to Keith's on Saturday night, of course, and I told her I would let Keith know too, and he could make sure things were set for a full on night of fucking. Early Saturday afternoon, Jackie arrived, bringing a bag with her clothes for tonight, she took off to get cleaned out and soon returned naked ready for some practise fucking to open up her holes, seeing as she had been fairly restrited with sex and her new boyfriend, even though she had tried to get him to do some kink, it seemed he wasn't into it.

My cock was in her ass quick smart as Sue licked her clit to get her orgasms started too.

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we gave her a good going over, soon the toys were used in her pussy and ass, before I sent my seeds up into her ass for the first time, then with a good sniff of the poppers, Sue rammed her fist up Jackie's ass to realy open her up once more. Sue fisted her for some time, her arm going further up as Jackie took more amyl to relax her anus, then after one huge anal orgasm Sue pulled her fist out, leaving her hole gagging wide.

Jackie rode a few of our toys and gave herself a good workout, saying she wanted to make sure her ass and pussy woudld take any thing the guys wanted to put in her.

Both girls wore bras and thongs with heels, playing on the back seat as I drove to the club, Keith more than happy to see us, told us to look forward to a busy night, he nodded and said he had arranged 4 dogs as well as lots of guys, he shook a bit as Jackie sunk his cock to the back of her throut, hand hand firmly gripping his balls.

We took of into the group room, both girls stripped and thier holes filled within seconds of starting, I grabbed a guy I knew and got his cock hard, before sitting firmly onto his meat, the night was looking good, soon more guys joined us, Keith always loved these nights, some couples can get a few extra guys to come along, but when we bring along a spare sex slut, we get some 25 or more guys turn up, so he doesn't charge us for entry.


Jackie was going well, her ass already leaking cum, as two guys dp'd her both taking her brown hole, another filling her mouth, Sue also had several cocks spare but no spare holes, I got my guys to fuck me hard, then pulsing my ass on thier cocks to get them to empty thier balls, before going over to help dp Jackie.

She had just taken two loads in her ass, so picking out a good sized cock, lay him down and slipped his cock in her ass, pushing mine in next to him as we both fucked her hard, the other guy only lasted a few mintues, the intense feelings set him off, my cock slick with his cum.

I went down licking his cock dry, before asking who else wanted her ass, hands went up every where, Jackie looked around and picked a real good sized cock, I told her it was time for 3 cocks, so picking another good cock lay him down, his cock in her pussy, then I straddled her back, and slipped mine in her ass, telling big cock to stand behind me and shove his in too, it was akward, but we got there, three cocks, rubbing against one another, 2 in her ass and 1 in her pussy, I told more guys to face fuck her.

She took two in her mouth, so five cocks filled her holes and more waiting, we just managed to keep fucking her like this for a couple of minutes before having to move, I let big cock fuck her ass, his long cock now all the way in made her jump, quickly followed by a good orgasm, cum shot over her face as guys wanked off watching her, I told them make sure you have more cum to fill her ass when shes ready for it too.


We all took loads of cum, then Jackie asked, could we move into the kinky room, a trail of guys followed as Jackie and I moved of, it was only then I noticed Sue had already gone, so no surprise when we opend the door to see her with Ralph fucking her ass and guys using her mouth as a cum bucket. Jackie took of, grabbing a new dog, that wanted to join in with Ralph, quickly she got down, her ass up high, he licked her cum soaked pussy and ass for her, I took Lucas, sucked his cock getting him hard, ready to mount me, the three of us lined up on the bench ready for fun, as guys lined up to face fuck us.

Jackie was now taking the new dog deep in her ass, his balls slapping quickly agaisnt her ass cheecks as they swung below him, and they were big too. Lucas soon mounted me, and rammed his cock home first go, the cum in my ass helped him get right in, now all three were mated and going strong.

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Sue was first to be filled with dog cum, Ralph had knotted and made her his bitch, the sound of her orgasm filled the room together with mine and Jackie's, I just saw him turn back to back, as Sue let out a louder moan with her orgasm, Jackie too squirming around under her dog, trying to get him to knot her, as Lucas and I fucked away happy to keep going longer.

The sound of dogs panting and us having orgasms filled the room, Sue was now under Jackie ready to eat her dog cum, as another guy fucked her dog cum filled ass, I was knotted with Lucas, his cock filled my bowels with sweat juices, each pulse of his balls injecting more cum into my sweaty body, sending me into one long orgasm.

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Jackie was also moaning loudly as her dog shot his sperm into her bowels, she had obvisouly missed being used by guys and dogs as her orgasm sounded louder than before, her ass and pussy getting a good work out tonight, her body was flush with sweat too, as she took his knot and cum and enjoyed it all again, so nice to see her in action once more.

Some 5 minutes later Lucas pulled his knot free, my ass leaking his cum every where, so quickly moving over Sue I opened up my ass and let her have all my doggy cum, she ate most and I licked up the rest with a few guys, Jackie now being pulled back by her dog trying to get his knot out of her tight little ass, so I got under her ready to take his load, licking her clit kept her high as she waited for him to release her.

Cum dropped out in gallons as he pulled back, her ass swollon and gagging wide, I went up licking and sucking her ass taking all the cum I could get, her orgasm going strong as another guy fucked her ass while I ate her out.

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We let the guys use us for a while longer, then told the girls to join me in the shower room, as guys followed, cocks in hand we lead them out, most having had fun before with us, some not knowing what to expect. Jackie and Sue were first to kneel down, as cocks shot thier streams of piss over them, I bend over and let several guys use my ass for thier piss, then turned and shot that over the girls, soon they too had guys fill thier holes with piss and they lay me down to return the favour, a nice warm shower and we returned to the kink room.

It was still early, and lots of guys had good stiff cocks as we got going, all three of us getting a good share of cock and cum, I had taken on the new dog his cock was great, and he shot heaps of cum deep in my bowels, as the girls also got fucked by the other dogs, guys took turns using our holes and feeding us cum. When I saw big cock with a hard on again, I asked if he was kinky to try a doggy dp,he looked a bit stuned at first but my ass devoured his cock and I told a guy to bring up a dog to dp me with him.

As the dogs cock began its journey up my ass, big cocks eyes lit up, the pressure felt great as both cocks worked away inside my abused ass.

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The dog built up speed, his cock just about setting fire to my insides as he fucked harder than normal, he also must have been enjoying the tightness inside me. I grabbed the amyl, trying to get me ass to open for the knot, with a few good sniff, and some for big cock, the dogs knot slapped harder against my cheeks. I eased my ass lips open, and the knot went in, big cock now thoughtly enjoying his dp, I knew it wouldn't last to long, as the ddogs cock jerked and shot reams of cum deep inside me, the heat of the cum set big cock off, and both filled me to over flowing.

As his cock went soft and he slipped out, I asked him to let me suck him dry, he moved around me and slide his doggy cum soaked cock in my mouth, I licked and sucked his balls inside out, before he pulled back saying he was done.


The girls also had been knotted and filled with cum, all three taking turns eating cum from one another, while we did guys used our holes to play in, fisting and fucking as at will. Between us all the guys had fun, and the dogs had fucked us 3 or so times each, it was getting late when we had one more water sport session, each being filled and pissed over before a shower and more fucking. Keith had been in a few times and fucked the girls, both had taken his cum, then as the guys thined out, we had one more good fucking, before heading of home.

Both girls playing as I drove, my cock in need of relief, so when we got home, I shoved it deep in Jackies ass once more, and fucked her hard, Sue enjoyed sitting on her face, while I did, but I wanted some more, so getting both to lay down and arms up sat on them, thier fists working away inside me as my cock began to shot its juices over them both. As my orgasm subsided, I got them to sit on my fist, one on each arm, I went between them working thier ass's hard sending them wild, then Jackie squired over my face, her orgasm causing her to fall, as she did Sue rammed her fist up her pussy, sending her into another huge orgasm, and another squirt of fluid shot out, she was going wild now, her holes sensitive and full of cum, we told not to leave it so long next time, he replied, I might be looking for a kinkier boyfirned too, this is to much fun to miss out on.