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Amateur gf cuckolding restrained bf and fucks
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Will sat behind the rock, he made no noise except for his panting. The terrain he was in could only be crossed by foot, even if the reverend could drive his truck, he would have to get out and climb the mountain to catch Will. Sitting by the mountain stream, Will thought about what might happen to Maggie.

"It's all my fault." He thought to himself, "If anything happens to will be all my fault." (a few hours earlier) Maggie quickly slammed the window shut as she watched Will hop the fence to freedom. She sighed with relief, but then remembered the four officers sprinting up the stairs to catch her younger cousin.

She ran for the door to his room to run downstairs and tell the officers to leave, but as she walked for the door, the first officer with the knight-stick kicked the white-wood door open, and stormed inside. "Where the hell is he?" The officer asked angrily. "I-uh-I don't know" "Look!" Another officer said, pointing out the window. All four of them ran to the windowsill and forced the window open. They saw the young Will running at top speed out to the desert. "He ran" One officer stated.

"Yep. And the Reverend will be ready to deal with that problem when it get's there" "What!" Maggie said in surprise. "Yeah, that son of yours is wanted by the reverend for some reason or another.

And he's waiting out there for him" Maggie had a feeling of dread come over her, she ran for the window to yell after Will to run somewhere else, but the officers knew of her plan as they each stood in front of Maggie, glaring at her. "Look. Don't worry, your son is saved now, he can be freed from his sin" "Shut the fuck up!

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My cousin did nothing wrong! You bastards are just crazy zealots who think they know everything!" Maggie shouted. She pried open the window and screamed after Will, who was now a dot on the horizon. "RUN AWAY WILL!!

RUN AWAY!!" The officers restrained her, cuffing her, they pulled her back into the house. After warning her not to make an outburst again. They un-cuffed her hands and left the house, but before they did, one of the officers turned to speak to Maggie. "He'll be in the Farm, he'll be fine, just LET it go" Maggie sat at the table crying, her blanket wrapped around her, a cup of chai tea was in her hands.

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"Dammit." she thought to herself, ".Goddamnit" She felt confused now. She got up form the table and walked back to the bedroom. On the way she saw a picture of her and Will when they were kids at a Christmas party. He sat next to her in the picture, hugging her and smiling from ear to ear. Picking up the picture, Maggie held it against her heart and sobbed uncontrollably. At about ten, Brook and Lisa showed up to the Reed household.


Hearing the door-bell, Maggie forced herself out of the bed and went to the front door. "Maggie?" Brook asked, as she saw her red eyes and tear stained face.

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"You! If you had any part in this you better tell me now, or as God as my witness I will fucking kill you!" Maggie yelled through her teeth, grabbing Brook by the arms.

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"What are you talking about?" "WILL!" Maggie shouted, "They came for him, but-but he ran, and he-he.they said that.Greene was there and that.he-" "They got Will?" Lisa said in a surprised manner. "What!" Brook yelled. she barged into the house and ran upstairs to Will's room. The door was already open, and she ran inside. Grabbing his pillow she smelled his sent, she wept bitterly clinging to the last piece of Will she had. As she fell on the bed she look around the room.

The first boy she had ever loved, he was gone now, and what's worse, she probably would never see him again. Lisa and Maggie walked into the room to see Brook having her break down. Maggie sat next to her on the bed, gently rubbing her back. "I'm sorry, Brook, its just-you're Greene's-" "it's okay, don't worry" Brook replied, "It's not that, I can understand that, but Will, they took Will" Lisa sat next to the two and looked around the room as well, thats when she caught sight of something in the corner of her eye.

It was a small devise and hung from the corner to a cabinet in the corner of Will's room. It was small, black, and barely noticeable to the human eye. "Look!" She said, as she pointed out the camera that had led to Will's demise, "A Camera!" "What?" Maggie said, jumping up she darted for the devise, "They-they were spying on him.Oh god.she didn't!" "Who?" "Anna" "What?" Brook said in a worried manner.

"Anna, she and Will had a 'thing' a few nights ago. I remember she threatened me not to talk or I would be killed.I guess she was planning to-" "They what?" Brook said, now becoming mad. "Oh." Maggie suddenly felt on the spot, "Well, they were in the bathroom, I only heard them, but Will was defiantly moaning, and I-" "That BITCH!

And Will! First it was with Darby, now with-" "Whose Darby?" Maggie asked. "She was sent to catch Will-you know-jackin' off.


But somehow, she fell in love with him." "Blond hair, tan, little titty lookin' chick?" Maggie asked. "Yeah, why?" "She's in the paper, she's been missing for over a week, that means that the Reverend probably-" "Yep. And then next he used Anna." Lisa chimed in.


"But still.Will.I loved" "it's okay, Brook. Listen, he's-" "NO! You listen! I loved that boy! Anna-she was one of my best friends, she.I." Brook's anger suddenly melted into sadness. She buried her hands in her face and sobbed, "Damn, damn them all!" She stood up and ran out of the room.

Sprinting down the stairs and out of the front door, she put her face in her hands and cried bitterly on the front porch.

Will rested on the cold ground by that river.

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He was exhausted, and every fiber of his being begged for rest. As he lay on the ground, he saw a rustle in the bushes. Still de-sensitized from his earlier experience, he just lay there.

He saw a pair of feet step from the bushes, and yet he was unable to move. "Go-go away." He muttered, as he drifted off to sleep, his body feeling heavy and tired. Will woke up feeling rejuvenated. He stretched, and scratched his eyes. Looking around him he found himself in a small tent, barley big enough for a single person, a flannel blanket wrapped around him.

"WILL!" A familiar voice shouted, as Will jerked his head to see who it was. "Da-Darby?" he asked, confused about the situation. "Oh, Will! I can't believe I found you!" The joyful girl shouted as she pulled back the tent cover and hugged Will with both her arms, "I missed you so much!

I thought I'd never seen you again!" "Good to see you too, Darby, but where are we?" "It's called Sangre Montana, we're about three miles from Brownsville." "I see" Will said, looking down he suddenly realized what had happened to him.

The taser marks where pretty prevalent, and had left scares. Darby noticed Will's fright at the scares and crawled into the tent with him, having to literally lie on top of him.

Will looked down to see Darby's familiar cleavage, and his thirteen year old hormones kicked in. Darby obviously felt his boner, as she jumped a little upon feeling it poke her stomach. "Will, I'm glad to see you haven't changed." Darby, still smiling happily, reached down and removed her stained shirt, revealing her subtle and soft breasts to Will.

Will almost jizzed himself as the two breasts were pushed into his face. He unconsciously began to lick and suck on one of the erect nipples, which was hard from the morning breeze. "Oh.Will!" Darby moaned, shuttering form the touch.

She moved her hand down under the blanket and touched Will's erect cock. She swirled it's shaft in her hand, before stroking the teenaged dick. Will, still content with his nipple, moaned under his breath from the orgasmic feeling of Darby's fingers.

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She played with the head, massaging it with her thumb and pointer finger. She next reached down to grab the lose skin and with her entire hand, began to stroke his hungry cock.

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"Oooohhhh Darby" Will moaned, He felt the feeling of an orgasm overcome him as he licked her tender nipples, and arched his head back, enjoying his much needed orgasm. His cum spurted out, coating Darby's hand and Will's chest. The two lay in the tent for a second or two, when Will, reached under Darby's body, into her shorts, and inserted two fingers, gently into her twat. "OH!" She yelped, "Will.ooohhh" She enjoyed the feeling of his fingers working inside her teenaged twat. He twirled them around, and slowly pumped the in and out of her vagina.

He began to pick up speed, she moaned and suddenly jerked her body. "OOOOHHHHH!" he yelled, cumming on Will's fingers. he brought the ejaculate up to his mouth, and wit her watching, he licked it off with his tongue.

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In a few hours, the two had washed each-other off, and had made arrangements to return to Brownsville immediately. Darby gave Will some shorts she had found on her hike up the mountain, but was unable to provide a shirt.

But Will was content with that, he truly loved showing off his athletic body. Darby said they could leave everything were they found it, and that some camper would com get it eventually.TO BE CONTINUED AFTER SPRING BREAK!!!!