Young hot gay guy porn free and male leather boot Since I had them

Young hot gay guy porn free and male leather boot Since I had them
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Your wife & daughter are whores……& watch! A little re-cap If you bothered to read the last installment of "Family of slutsslags & whores" then you'll be well aware that Alice is now well on the way to being as much of a whore as her mother Fiona. But more importantly you may have picked up on where the series is heading.

During the two years that'd I'd been fucking my mother in law and sister in law, Fiona's pissed up useless hubby had rarely been playing on my mind. Fiona didn't have much guilt hanging over her either as he'd been such a useless piece of shit for so long that she'd finished having feelings of any kind for him ages ago. But recently I'd been have thoughts and ideas about showing this worthless piece of shit that I was now in control of this house, and show him that either I or anybody that I allowed at the time had full access to use of his wife and daughter.

On leaving for the dogging site in East Norton in my last story I saw an opportunity in which to exploit my two sluts and expose his shortfalls as a husband and farther. By parading his sweet 19yr old daughter through the living room, dressed like a whore, in front of him before ordering her into the car was stage one. Stage two had him aghast as his wife of twenty odd years walked across him looking like a cheap slut in heels and short skirt.

His humiliation was compounded when I stopped Fiona in her tracks and pushed her head down between her knees, exposing her smooth 42 year old panty clad ass to her hubby. After slapping her ass cheeks a couple of times in front of him I looked him in the eye and held his gaze for a couple of seconds and said, "These fucking whores are coming out with me" I held his gaze for another second before telling Fiona to get in the car and leaving him, dumfounded on the sofa.


…………………………………………………… Next installment from the series.

After telling Fiona in no uncertain terms that all she and Alice had to worry about from now on was doing as I said, and I'd accept nothing less.

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I could tell that Fiona was nervous about arriving home just in case her hubby was waiting for them, I'd be a little nervous to if I looked like Fiona did, covered from head to toe in strange men's spunk after being used as a spunk target at a dogging location!!. Any way it wasn't going to stop me walking her through the house, I hoped that he had stayed up so that he could see for himself what his beloveds looked like after a night out with me. As we pulled onto the driveway Alice woke and yawned a couple of times.

"Home sweet home ladies" I stepped out the car followed by a very hesitant Fiona. "Oh shit mum what about dad!?

What if he's still up he can't see us like this, especially you mum!?" "Oi don't you fucking worry about that anymore you slut, I've told your mum that all you to need to worry about is doing as I say and making me happy.

You got that bitch?" After a slight pause Alice nodded. "Ok, ok I get it". "Good. Now come on let's get inside". As we went through the gate I noticed that all the lights were off, maybe he'd fucked off bed or out down the pub like he normally does.

Once I opened the door and stepped in the kitchen I could see a dim glow coming from under the door adjoining the kitchen and dining room. Maybe the tosser was still up, if he was then in about twenty seconds time he'd of wished he wasn't. I looked at the wall clock and saw that it was 10:38pm. Getting late for a piss head to still be up maybe he would be in bed.

I opened the kitchen door and took three paces into the dining room and looked to my right towards the lounge. There sat her hubby Gez still in the same position as I'd left him well over three hours ago. He looked up as he heard us enter the room. "Alright Gez, you had a good night mate?" I asked with a big smile on my face knowing damn well that he hadn't. I watched his eyes as he looked passed me towards his wife and daughter; his eyes looking up and down their worn out and dirty bodies. "They've had a great night Gez don't worry about that, haven't you girls?" A minute of stone cold silence passed before I asked again.

"You've had a great night haven't you girls!?" This time I had a bit more emphasis in my tone and waited for a response. "Yes " They said in unison, before Fiona added "A great night". Gez's eyes widened a little at this comment and he went to push himself up of the sofa. His weak arms failed to lift his tired drink ravaged body and he sat back on the sofa looking even more defeated. "Alice, go up and shower then come back down here.

Put some sexy underwear on won't you?" She nodded as she walked by towards the door leading to the hall and stairs but kept her head down avoiding her father's pleading stare. Once Alice had tottered off upstairs on her heels I turned and pulled Fiona by the arm into the living room area. I pushed the few magazines and newspapers off the chest that sat in the middle of the room, sending them into a heap near the radiator under the window.

Once it was clear I told Fiona to sit astride it facing me. Gez was sat about 3ft away on the sofa to Fiona's right as you looked at her. The chest was about eighteen inches high and about two feet wide; when Fiona was comfortable and astride the chest her feet were pretty much flat on the floor either side the chest.

From where I was standing directly in front of her I could see the white lacey gusset on her spunk covered thong, this was because her very short skirt had ridden up a few inch as her legs straddled the chest.

I was pretty sure that Gez could almost see her thong as well from his sofa seat. I stood for ten seconds looking at Fiona and then to Gez, still quiet and in a trance as he looked on at his wife. He was probably looking at her more closely now as the lights exposed the come covered mess she was in.

As I walked towards Fiona I began talking to Gez, well not so much talking between us it was more me talking at him, describing things to him and revealing things to him. "Can you see this mess here Gez?" I said turning Fiona's head to face her hubby. Gez nodded but didn't speak. "And this here?" I said as I pulled her boob tube top down.

Gez nodded again. "What about this mess all over these hey?" I said as I pushed Fiona backwards laying her down on the chest and pulled the cups of her white lacy bra down exposing her spunk splattered tits.

Gez shifted in his seat and squirmed a bit before nodding and mumbling "Yes". "There's more Gez, what about this fucking mess hey?" Pulling her white spunk crusted thong down as far as her spread thighs allowed I pointed at her matted little strip of pubic hair and the crusty stains that were clearly visible on her puffy cunt lips and across both her thighs. Again Gez shifted and wriggled in his sofa rubbing a hand across his weathered face And closing his eyes briefly.

"This spunk Gez mate, lots and lots of thick creamy spunk. This bit here for instance all across her mouth and nose, you see? That mate might be mine I can't be sure. Can you remember if this spunk is mine Fiona?" "No" "Shit!! For all this slut knows Gez it could've been Vince's." I watched as Gez the beaten man slump deeper into his spot on the sofa.

"You remember Vince don't you Fiona?" "Yes" "Do you remember who came on your tits and pussy Fiona? Was that Lee or Clive, shit I don't know Gez I really can't remember. Can you Fiona?" "No" "But you do remember those guys don't you Fiona?" "Yes" "What and you can't remember which of these strange men covered these big fucking titties in spunk" I said this as pulled her big dark nipples making them hard like bullets.

"Ummmm, no I can't remember" "Do hear that Gez?


Your slut of a wife here cannot even remember who was showering her in come, what do you think of that Gez? Hey?" "Huh" That's all the pathetic man had to say. What a joke he was. I left Fiona's nipples alone after making both stand out hard and erect and rubbed my hands down her sticky crusty stomach and across her matted pubic area.

I asked her to raise her legs high in the air by lifting her legs from either side of the chest and putting her legs together and pointing her toes in the air. I was now able to remove her soiled white thong completely from her legs.

Once her thong was off I held her ankles together with one hand and pushed them back towards Fiona's head lifting her bum cheeks off the chest. "Here Gez, a souvenir from tonight" I laughed as I chucked her soiled thong at him.

He looked at it in his lap for a second before picking it up in a finger and thumb and tossing it on the floor.

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"Did you not want to keep them Gez?" I laughed again at the pathetic man before turning my attentions back to his wife's pussy and tight arsehole. "Fiona tells me it's been a few years since your useless cock has been near this Gez, is that correct?" He didn't answer, and I didn't really expect him too to be honest. He just stared intensely as he watched me run my forefinger up and down the length of his wife's moistening slit. His still couldn't take his eyes away as my finger rubbed and probed at his wife's puckered knotted hole.

"Fiona also tells me that you've never had your cock in her arse Gez, something about you could never get it hard enough all those years back when you actually wanted to fuck Fiona instead of going pub" Again Gez didn't reply. "OH GOD YES………UMMMMMMMMMMMM" Fiona moaned loudly as three of my fingers pushed past her puffy pink shaven lips and slid into her soft wet hole. Other than the dildo it was the only thing she'd had in her cunt tonight, only because her daughter had been lucky enough to be the meat in the cock sandwich.

I could tell she was very very horny and desperately wanted a cock in her pussy. She was wriggling and moaning like I'd seen her do so many times previously in the last couple of years. I continued to hammer my fingers in and out of Fiona's cunt, harder and faster making her orgasm rise through her body; I couldn't wait to make Fiona come all over my fingers as her husband looked on, my cock was straining against my jeans as the filthy scene overpowered my thoughts.

"Do you know how many cocks have been in your wife's cunt since she became my whore Gez? I'll tell you shall I?" Fiona was moaning and groaning loudly now and her breathing was becoming faster and faster.

I knew she'd be releasing a massive orgasm very soon. "This fucking whore has had 23 hard fucking cocks in her cunt Gez. 23 loads of come inside your wife's beautiful wet pussy". He didn't say a word he just shifted in his seat trying to hide the small bulge forming at the front of his trousers. Fiona then came. "OH FUCK OH FUCK……&hellip.YES YES YES YES………MAKE……ME ……FUCK…ING……&hellip.COMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE………………YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS…&hellip.ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…&hellip.FUCK ……&hellip.YES&hellip.OH GOD YES" I slide my sticky fingers from her pussy and watched as a little trickle of her sweet fragrant juice ran from her velvet folds, running down to her tightest hole and coating it before carrying on its journey down her arse cheek and down under her body.

I looked up at the noise coming from across the room and watched as Alice entered, freshly showered and smelling wonderful. Like a good little whore she'd returned in a sexy matching pink and turquoise bra and French knicker set. "God you look hot Alice, sit over there Alice" I said pointing at the arm chair. "I'm nearly finished with this whore".

Alice looked terribly embarrassed and didn't look in her dads direction. "Gez, not only have those 23 hard dicks been in Fiona's pussy but they've been her fucking tight arsehole as well.

Look how the whore takes things in her arsehole Gez". I forced my thickest finger deep into her anus again making her moan, when my finger was almost out I added another finger and buried both deep into her bum. Fiona again couldn't control her moaning. I repeated the process until Gez had watched his wife easily accept three of my fingers in her tightest hole.

I pulled my fingers out and lowered her legs back down onto the chest. "Now get upstairs and get cleaned up, I want you dressed sexily like that slut". I said pointing at Alice. Fiona was gone within seconds leaving the three of us in the lounge. I looked at the clock; it was 11:23pm.

I didn't care too much I still had things I wanted to show Gez, and the next bit involved his sweet 19 yr old daughter. He was about to find out just what a slut his daughter was becoming.

"Alice fetch me my work bag from the table there". I followed Alice with a lustful gaze as she walked to the table and back in only her very sexy matching underwear.

"That's a fine piece of pussy right there Gez you should be proud of her, she fucks as good as her mother". I laughed at Gez again as he sat defeated and beaten on the sofa. Once Alice had bought me my bag I fished out a DVD from the inner pocket and loaded it into the playstation under the TV. I grabbed the controller and the TV remote and sat down on the sofa a cushion space away from Gez on the opposite end.

I loosened my jeans and pushed them down my legs, taking my boxer shorts off at the same time. I wriggled my feet from my jeans and kicked them aside. My thick 6 inch cock was already solid from the enjoyment of abusing Fiona in front of Gez.

I noticed Gez look across and down at my cock, his gaze lingering for a second too long.


"Your pathetic thin little cock is not good enough for your wife now Gez, not when she gets this thick cock in her, it might not be very long Gez but believe me pal she likes the feeling of having her cunt stretched. Plenty of the blokes that have fucked her provide the length she craves Gez, maybe if you wasn't pissed all the time your fucking cock would still get hard".

I motioned Alice to come over to me and knelt her down between my legs, my hard dick she'd sucked and fucked many times pointing up at her face. "Sit there and enjoy the rest of tonight's show Gez".

I clicked the start icon on the DVD menu and four seconds later a picture appeared on the 32" plasma screen. I showed my car as well as Paul's and the farmers' Landrover in one of the gate ways down Cottage lane.

Whilst I made the DVD's on my computer I'd added little features such as place names appeared on the bottom of the screen, and the person's name as they came into view on the screen. I liked to do this so I had a permanent reminder of these wonderful encounters. Also I didn't have to talk anybody that I allowed to watch these movies; everything was clear from the added features.

I cranked the volume up so he could hear everything clearly. "Why aren't you sucking my cock slut?" I said to Alice. She lifted up on her knees a little and rested her arms on my thighs and Alice hovered her head above my big purple helmet. "Well what the fuck are you waiting for?" She looked across at her dad on the other end of the sofa, and he glanced at her before turning his head back to the scene on the TV.

Alice looked at me then at my hard dick, her mouth then opened and moved towards my dick, her gorgeous soft lips engulfed my helmet and slid tightly down my thick shaft.

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"Oh yes…&hellip.that is so fucking nice you little tart" I placed both my hands on the back of her head and controlled the pace of my cock invading her throat. I constantly told her she was a slut/whore/bitch/tart and tramp but always told her that she was such a good cocksucker.

Every now and then I'd catch Gez looking across then back at the TV, I moved the hair from the side of Alice's face and held it with my hands, every time he looked over he'd have an unobstructed view of Alice's mouth being stretched by my thick cock.

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On the DVD it was showing Alice bent over with Paul's cock deep down her throat. (Paul you'll remember is Alice's boss at the pub where she works). Coming up behind her and removing her knickers was the farmers mate Steve, about 5 minutes later Gez was watching his daughter being spit roasted by two men, Paul he knew very well from the pub, steve he didn't know.

"You see Paul there Gez? Doing what all good bosses do by taking advantage of extra benefits that have been granted to him by me. Here we go look coming into view now on the left there, you see? There's your lovely wife". The DVD was now showing a section with Fiona sprawled out on my car bonnet with her legs spread wide and her incredible 38EE tits hanging out of her bra. Between her legs was Roger the Cottage lane farmer, he was having a good old feast on Fiona's wet pussy and fingering her hole at the same time as licking her sensitive clitoris.

"That's Roger in case you are wondering Gez, he's a local farmer that likes to enjoy Fiona's readily available charms". Gez then pushed himself up off the sofa and went to leave the room but I quickly stopped him, "Where the fuck do you think you're going you piece of shit?

Get back her you fucking pathetic useless arsehole, the show aint over yet Gez". He turned slowly and walked to the arm chair slumping deeply into it.

I was really enjoying this, it was going even better than I'd hoped and planned. But I also knew that Gez had very little choice, he hardly went work to earn money, and he had no other means of a roof over his head. He was fucked and he knew it. He probably didn't expect to be degraded and humiliated in such a way though. I admit I was being very harsh on him but I couldn't stop myself I wanted to see how much I could do in front of this man before he cracked.

"What have I ever done to you hey?" croaked Gez, looking at me still as I continued to work his daughters' mouth up and down my penis. "Nothing, you've gave me a roof over my head, we'll Fiona has actually, you don't contribute do you? You only take to feed your drinking habit. It's not my fault Gez that you cannot satisfy your wife or look after and provide for your family properly is it?

Maybe if you'd fucked Fiona once and a while she wouldn't have needed to come after my cock. The whore is so starved of dick she'll suck and fuck anybody I tell her too. And this little slut here was just a nice added bonus along the way, but don't be fooled she's as keen on cock as your wife Gez".

He watched for another thirty seconds as my cock invaded Alice's pretty mouth before I again addressed him. "Not my fault Gez, it's yours pal. You've nowhere else to go; no money and no steady job so what you going to do?

Nothing that's what, you'll stay here and we'll sort your money to get pissed, we'll even leave you a dinner out. But from now on this sofa is your bed. If you don't like it fuck off" I didn't talk to Gez again, if he didn't like it he knew where the door was but I knew that he knew he had no choice for the time being, he was fucked; Gez never left the house that night he stayed rooted to the arm chair.

Fiona returned to the room at around 11:48 after having a shower and dressing in very sexy underwear, her massive tits looked sensational in her new pink bra with a frilly edge around the cups. Her French matching knickers also had the same frilly trim adding to the appeal of her smooth arse.

She looked at the DVD playing on the screen and flushed a little on the cheeks almost embarrassed that Gez was seeing her taking Alice's bosses cock in her willing cunt. Or maybe it was the fact that Alice was still working my solid cock in front of her dad. I pushed Alice off my cock and slid on to the middle cushion of the sofa freeing up space for Alice and Fiona either side of me. I patted the sofa either side of me and of course both joined me on the sofa.

I didn't have to ask what I wanted them to do it was plainly clear. Both got onto their knees facing into me and Fiona grasped at my dick first and shoved it down her throat, she gave me one very wet slimy blowjob for a minute then passed me over to Alice. This went on for about eight or nine minutes. I have to say I think the four or five minutes that Fiona spent sucking my cock were probably the best blowjob she'd ever given me, maybe it had something to do with Gez being present in the room and watching I don't know.

I certainly wasn't complaining. I could feel the familiar sensation of my spunk boiling up in my balls and the end of my cock becoming very sensitive to their mouths and tongues.

It wouldn't be too much longer until I was filling one of their mouths. I'd already decided that after my blowjob I'd be sending Alice back upstairs, my main aim was to show Gez that he'd lost his wife to me for good.

I was going to fuck her holes in front of him and prove what a whore she now was. Making his daughter suck my cock and swallow my come was just me pushing him and proving to him that I was now in control of the house. The spunk in my balls was now boiling over and I could feel early strands of pre-come seeping from my spunk hole, I pushed Fiona's head away sending her backwards into the back of the sofa and out of my way and Gez's view.

I pushed Alice down onto the floor on her knees and stood up above her and aimed my cock back down her throat, I pumped her face five or six times like a tight cunt then held my cock down her throat on the seventh stroke.

I could feel my spunk hole open a little and a large glob of spunk spurt out hitting her tonsils, as my second load fired from my cock I was pulling out and my sperm covered her tongue and bottom teeth.

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My third and fourth loads coated her pretty mouth and chin area with a few strands dribbling down onto her neck or falling onto her cleavage or her pinky/blue bra. I never took my eyes off Gez the whole time and he in turn watched until the last drops of my come dripped onto his daughters' breasts.

"You can leave now slut" I said to Alice and fell back onto the sofa, my cock going limp. Alice left the room to head off upstairs with my come on her face and tits. She didn't acknowledge her dad as she went by she didn't even look at him, probably too embarrassed to be seen with my spunk on her face. I looked across at Fiona and looked at my slimy limp cock lying across my left thigh; she was soon down picking it up and wanking my back to hardness.

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Fiona had an expert technique when making a cock hard, she'd spit on it a few times making the shaft really wet then shed grip it like a vice and tug it hard for around a minute once the cock showed signs of life she'd wrap her gorgeous mature lips round the helmet and suck the dick deep into her throat.

Fiona would then occasionally go back to the vice like grip and beat your cock hard and fast whilst kneading your bollocks with her spare hand. She got me hard as rock every time. "That's it whore make my cock really hard, get my cock rock solid for your pussy and arse Fiona, we're gonna show your useless husband what you've been craving for all these years aren't we slut?" "Umm Umm" she said with a mouth full of my dick.

"Right slut, stand up". Once she was standing, I too stood up and pushed the chest out of the way up against the radiator clearing the floor space. I moved Fiona slightly to the left nearer the sofa so she didn't obstruct the DVD that was still pumping out scenes of Fiona and Alice getting pummeled by cock.

I turned her to face Gez slumped in the arm chair. I unclipped her ping bra and let it fall from her massive 38EE boobs onto the floor at her feet; I reached round and grabbed a nipple between each of my thumbs and finger. Much the same way I'd done earlier in the night in East Norton.

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"Huhhhh Ummmm, Ohh". Fiona loved having her sensitive big nipples playing with in this way as it got her very excited helping to juice her lovely cunt at the same time.

"I bet you didn't even know this whore liked having her nipples pulled did you? When was the last time he touched these amazing tits Fiona?" "Oh…ummm about seven or eight years". "Seven or eight fucking years Gez, since this bitch was 34 or 35? What the hell were you playing at man? No wonder she came after my cock". I turned her round so she had her back to Gez and pushed her forwards making her bend over.

"Hold your ankles". Her perfect ample size 14 arse looked amazing in her new frilly edged French knickers. "Doesn't that arse look amazing Gez?" I asked running my hands all over his wife's bottom.

Standing to the left hand side of Fiona next the sofa I hooked my fingers into the frilly seams of her knickers and slowly eased them down. First over her smooth ass cheeks then with a little yank I freed them from the folds of her moist cunt and eased them to the floor round her ankles. Fiona stepped out of them like she had a million times before but remained in the bent over position holding her ankles.

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"Open your legs a little, show him how wet your pussy is". I stood up and pulled her bum cheeks apart totally exposing her puffy shaven lips and tight knotted anus.

Fiona's pussy was clearly wet as the folds of her outer cunt walls were glistening with fragrant female love juice. I bent down and scooped up her pink knickers and held them to my nose and inhaled deeply.

Umm she smelt as sweet as she always did. "Fuck Gez I gotta tell you she smells sweeter than ever tonight. This whore smells like she is desperate for some cock up her that's for sure. When's the last time this piece of shit even came near your pussy Fiona?" "Seven or eight years ago". "Fucking hell Gez you useless shit, what's wrong with her cunt? Me and the other twenty two blokes that have fucked it can't find anything wrong with it mate, the same goes for this tight little arsehole".

I said this as I inserted my middle finger into her rectum. "ARRRRRRGGGHHH Fuck". I fingered her three or four times then removed my finger and pushed it into her mouth to suck clean. "What a fucking whore you are now Fiona, get down on your hands and knees right there. Now lift your arse in the air nice and high like a good fucking whore. Good, I suppose you want some cock don't you Fiona? How would you like my nice thick cock deep in your cunt for starters hey?" "Oh yes please" "Tell Gez what you'd like?" "Gez I want his nice big, thick cock in my cunt and arse over and over again until I come all over his wonderful dick" "You hear that you useless piece of shit?

It's your fault that she's such a whore now Gez, maybe if you'd fucked her once and a while she wouldn't fuck me and strangers.

Maybe it's because your dick is too small I don't know. Is his cock to small for you Fiona?" "It wasn't years ago but it would be now" "Why is that Fiona?" "It's because I fuck lots of big cock now, I could never fuck his little dick now" "Maybe we should see it before we start, yeah that would be good actually.

Fiona get up and get his cock out, take off his jeans". Again I was getting carried away with humiliating Gez, but I couldn't stop myself I loved it. Fiona popped open his jean button and pulled down his fly before grabbing the jeans near his knees and yanking.

They came down without his boxer shorts so once she'd pushed his jeans round his ankles she pulled his boxers from him exposing his pathetic little cock. That was probably the closet Fiona had been to his dick in a long long time; once he was exposed she turned away from his little dick and got back down on her knees with her arse in the air.

Gez's cock was small and thin, don't get me wrong it wasn't even erect but it looked about two inches in length and looked like a pale shriveled chipolata. "Now wonder this whore craves big cock you joke". I turned my back on him and stooped over Fiona and aimed my solid thick cock at her wet pussy entrance. My helmet nudged the outer folds of her entrance and I could feel her slick lubricating my shaft as I forced my way through, my cock pulling her velvet folds open making them stretch around my shaft as it disappeared down into her amazing wet womb.

Fiona moaned loudly and screamed out for my big cock over and over as I began to hump her hard from behind. I turned slightly to look at Gez whos little cock had hardened a little. "This is what your wife needs now Gez, a thick cock in her cunt, and believe me she gets plenty of it". I ignored Gez for the next ten minutes as I pummeled Fiona doggy style right before his eyes. His dick had grown to a maximum 5" and pointed up from his frail alcohol ravaged body.

It was only an inch shorter than mine but you'd need three of his little things to match my girth. Girth that was well on the way to making his wife orgasm and cover my dick with her amazing juices. Around ten minutes did the trick and then Fiona shook uncontrollably for twenty seconds and flung her arms out grasping at the carpet.

Her screaming went on and on as her cunt contorted around my thick shaft which was still stretching her pussy open. After about forty seconds her body went limp and she panted heavily on the floor; my solid cock slid from her pussy hole with a loud squelch followed by a little trickle of fragrant lady come. "I bet you can smell her now Gez? Umm she smells fucking amazing don't she?" The room was full of the intoxicating smell of sex, it hung in the air for us all to enjoy.

Not that Gez was enjoying it as much as me. I flipped Fiona onto her back then knelt by her head allowing me to feed my dick into her mouth. "Taste your pussy come you slut". I didn't waste to much time having her suck my cock as I wanted it buried in her pussy again whilst she was still ultra sensitive from her monster orgasm only minutes ago.

Once back between her legs I lifted them over my shoulders and rammed my dick into her gaping cunt hole. Fiona loved this position as it allowed the dick fucking her to really get as deep as possible; she also came very quickly from this style of fucking and within a matter of three minutes my deep pussy fucking had her screaming and coming once again.

Once I'd pulled my cock out I stood astride her head and held her ankles wide apart showing Gez how wet and stretched his wife's cunt was. "Look at that Gez, can you now understand why your cock will never come near her cunt again.

Look how stretched and wet her cunt is Gez you and your little dick could never do that to her. Your little cock wouldn't even make her come, hell it wouldn't even touch the sides mate!" I jumped back between her legs chucking them over my shoulders again driving my dick back into her cunt.

I humped and pounded away for a good seven minutes fucking straight through Fiona's third orgasm until I needed to empty my own balls. I thrust deep into her and flopped on top keeping my dick lodged in her pussy hole until all the come I had left had filled her womb. I stood up and again held her ankles and spread her legs wide. I watched along with Gez as my spunk eventually dribbled from her gaping hole down onto her arsehole before pooling on the carpet.

"That's why your wife's cunt is mine, don't you fucking forget that. I was going to fuck this sluts arse but there is always tomorrow for that isn't there you slut?" "Umm Hum" Fiona said as I dropped her legs to the floor for the second time. "Get up we're going to bed, leave this piece of shit here to watch the end of the film, there's your bed." I said pointing at the sofa. Me and Fiona made our way up to bed, I left Fiona at her door and headed for Alice's room, I wanted to wake up next to her hot ass for sure tomorrow.

It's just a good job my missus had been seconded to America for a year else I'd still be sneaking around to fuck these whores. More stories to follow. Names changed in all stories to protect people's privacy. Locations are genuine.