Novinho gozando forte e gostoso

Novinho gozando forte e gostoso
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Fall 1989 It was the bleak end of fall, days before the cold would soon wrap its icy fingers around the banks of the missippi, so the misfit street punks I was living with now, would have to huddle closer over bottles of rot gut whiskey.

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I had left home at in my mid teens, I was a baby with no money and no real ambition, I was heavy set, but with a curvy figure, all torn t-shirts thrift store dresses, often wearing fishnets under my ragged kilts and bondage skirts.

with a ring though my baby doll lips.

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I first witnessed the spectacle Irene at a coffee shop I loitered at, she was a very butch older lesbian, I had seen her around the gay clubs further down bourbon we snuck into, she was easily three hundred pounds and carried every ounce like she was proud of it, her hair was black and sheared very short like a mans, wore flannel and demmin, and smoke cigars that made every one cough, I think she was somewhere between thirty five and forty.

She was the manager of the coffee joint and would have to chase us kids out when ever she got irrtated with our long stays over single cups of coffee, taking up lots of table space in the trendy french quarter cafe.

"Dyke." one of the gutter punk guys would snicker. And Irene would stare them down and order them out with her booming voice. One time during a awful drunken night during Mardi gras, I saw Irene beat the snot out of a silly redneck from Idaho, I never knew what he did to offend her, but he left with blood pouring from his nose like a faucet, and she wore his U of I hat as a trophy for a week.

Me and some other kids had crashed a local artists gallery opening, I was proud of myself cause I was wearing twenty hole docs I had pilfered from a poseur girl while she was sleeping.

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I was stuffing my mouth with crackers, when I heard some one snort loudly behind me, I turned quickly, and Irene was right behind me, breathing down my neck, she towered over me, dressed in a mans shirt and tie, each of her breaths were heavy, tainted with whiskey.

Full of cocky punk additude I muttered, "What do you think you are looking at you fat dyke?" "Nice boots." Irene slurred, pressing her weight into me, her hand cupped my ass, under my skirt, my heart was racing, no one noticed us in the corner, away from everyone else, over the noise of people drinking and laughing and Bauhaus on the sound system "But," she wondered aloud "how would they look on me?" I couldnt say anything, my pussy twitched, soaking wet, I swore I could feel my clit hard through my clothes.

Her large arm surrounded me pulling me back into a bear like hug, Her hand grabbed roughly at my breasts as the other found its way between my legs. "MMM, wet." she breathed into my ear, she ripped her fingers through my fishnets and under my white cotton grannie panties, when I fet her rough fingers part my pussy lips I struggled against her.

She held me tighter. "I could yell." I warned her. "No one cares what happens to a lil quarter rat." her fingers played with my clit, then paused on my tight hole, she penetrated it with one finger then two, hooking her fingers in deep, pulling and stretching.

"Besides," she laughed "for some one who acts as tough shit as you and your friends you are still a lil cherry, maybe some one should teach you how not to be such a little snot. All I could do is moan, riding her fingers, wanting more. "uhhh," I whimpered, nodding in agreement. One of my drunken friends, stopped to laugh at me as he passed, then disapeared to the mens room.

I scowled at him for not helping me. "Come." she snarled, I followed her like a puppy out the door, into the rain, one of my friends shouted my name but i ignored them, stumbling after Irene in a lustful trance.


She lived in a appartment on canal St. just outside of the quarter,at the top of a twisty pair of dark stair cases, it was old and dark and smelt like sweat, in the centre of the cluttered room was a futton piled with pillows.

She said laughing, "I know you ve never been with a boy before, ever made love to a woman?" I stood by the edge of the futton and shook my head nodumb with lust and fear, she was staring at me like a cat on the prowl, she pushed me down on the futon and landed on top, that knocked the wind out of me, straddling me. A storm was now raging outside, she smiled as lightening cracked, it was truly winter in louisiana, "Theres no way your going out in that storm lil one, no way, you might as well get comfy." She ditched her tie and shirt, she peeled of a black sports bra, her strong arms were decrorated with tattoos, womens faces smiling coyly, japanese writing.

Each heavy tit swung heavily, at the end of each nipple was a silver ring. She tugged at each nipple, then guided my hand to do the same. "You know, " Irene said "I ve seen alot of kids like you over the years, you last for like maybe a year then you are turning tricks, so it seems like I should take care of you, or, at least teach you something." she said the last part laughing.

Irene flipped me over so I was ass up, in a sort of doggy style, she tugged of my clothes, my ripped fishnets, yanked of my docs even though they were only half unlaced, those she threw into some dark corner. Her hands burrowed into my wet snatch, gentler this time but they were going deeper and deeper, When she had worked her way past one finger to all four she started gently pumping, slowly spreading her fingers inside me, taking obvious glee in stretching me out, working in, she could of been smaking her lips at the sight, but I closed my eyes and decided to enjoy the experience that I had no control over.

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I was chewing on a pillow trying not to cry out. Irene grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled me up on to all fours and smacked my ass with a belt, I yowled, and she laughed. "Just wanted to make sure you didnt pass out. " she giggled almost girlishly"I dont want you to miss out, not the next part." I tried to turn to look at her but I rene smacked me again, a matching set of welts now decorated my ass, and throbbed burning red.

She was fussing with something, putting something on herself.

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"stay up like that" she commanded, I pointed my ass up high at her, she squirted some cold lube around my pussy. I laughed, what did she need that for? I was already wetter then the rain soaked streets outside, slicker then black ice.

She parted my pussy lips, a hard cold rubber dildo, black and thick and long, "I am going to be your first fuck you lil slut." she growled, and thrust all of the long hard shaft of her strap on inside of me. My insides screamed, she yanked the moster out almost all the way but then returned with another merciless thrust, then another, then another, she began replacing the strokes with a quicker tempo, I fell forward with the strength of her thrusts but she pulled me back up by my hair.

"Be good, or I ll do your ass next." she growled. Irene pulled out, I felt the wet dildo slap againts my inner thigh. My pussy begged for more even though it throbbed. She flipped me over again, even though I was big a girl myself she threw me around like a pillow, she tore of her pants and stood above me.


Her belly was large, she squatted over my face, she had three peircings through her clit, and was very hairy. Despite my protests she lowered her fat pussy on top of my mouth.

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smoothering my face, I sarted licking at her, pulling at the rings with my teeth, I must of finally pleased her, as I ran my tounge around her hole, she grunted and groaned grinding her crotch in my face. "Oh Yes!" she screamed, and rode me till she orgasmed and I was out of breath.

Hours later, Irene laid snoring beside me, I slowly crept out of bed, my walk was a little challenged. The sun was coming up through the clouds, I had a bruised ass and blood stained thighs. I found my clothes amongst the clutter, my bag of stuff.

I stuffed the dildo in the sack.

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I didnt dare pinch her wallet, she taught me she was more then capable of dispensing horrible punishment, thinking agian I grabbed her wallet and put it in my pocket.