Models men movies gay sex Luck of the Draw

Models men movies gay sex Luck of the Draw
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It was a hot summer day in Belgium, with temperatures rising above 30°C. I woke up in sweat, looked at my alarm clock. 2 PM. Hadn't been able to catch sleep due to that damn heat! The air smelled like liquid mix of flowers. The moisture added up with heat. I felt like suffocating, but it was the claustrophobic feeling of my skin not being able to breathe. Getting up was a good idea, I turned over the sheets. Got up into my slippers. Turned on my computer.

The poor thing would, just like me, have to survive the rest of the day in this heat. I rolled up the curtains, to greet another day of my life. Some sense got into me while walking towards the bathroom.

After putting on some clothes and putting in my contacts, I was finaly able to start the day/afternoon. Checking facebook right before I went to grab some food. 3 new notifications, 1 of them was a picture of July & Joyce.

The two were hanging around a supermarket, in the middle of the night, taking pictures, posting them on facebook and adding them in a new album called "no life". I was used to the everyday shit they put up, weird but true they tagged me in the pic.

I emediately replied: "why am I tagged bitchzzz?". I have this reputation of adapting my way of being to the person I communicate with. This usualy ends up with different people having different opinions about me.

I soon forgot about the message and picture all in one. Went downstairs to grab me some food to silence that damn stomach-growl.

After food and a good shower to wash away the sweat, I went back to my PC. 1 new notification, seeing that the 2 previous unread are not new.

They replied, "YO MOMMA!". Alright, I'm not gonna discuss that. Facebook was just not the way to talk serious to these girls.


My cell went off, 1 new message from Joyzz. I opened, curious to see what she'd say now. "We're gonna chill around and maybe go to the lake, you come along?". NOT REALLY. I threw the cell away, though aimed for a soft spot such as my bed. I'm to drowsy to be going out the house today. It's vacation after all. Suddenly an image from my mind reappeared.

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Last vacation was just like this. Deja Vu. Maybe I should go out, what is there to lose? I grabbed my old puma's from the shelf and went downstairs to scrub them up. I didn't really have a pair of shoes to go with. I grabbed back my cell, 1 new message from Joyzz. Alright now what? "Just come along, we're bored".

Let me give you a little side-info, about Joyce. I met her at school. She, apperantly, was in my class. July was in that class as well but soon changed school. I knew her pretty well. She was the kinda girl you wouldn't have to tell alot of bad stuff just for jokes.

Her self esteem was very low. Remarkably, she covered it up by doing crazy stuff and acting hyperactive, not my problem, unless she was around you. July never seemed the hyperactive type, more calm. But if you stir it up, she will join the action. So both of them act pretty stupid and childish in public. That's why I wasn't so positive about going to the lake. I sent a message, "Alright, I'll be at your place in 40 mins".

Not a second later she replied: "GOOD". Took my bike and drove the centre of my little village. Took the bus to her village where I had to take another tram, which got stuck and eventualy I had to go a long way before actualy standing on her porch, where we are right now! We're standing here and I've just ringed the bell twice with no answer.

Goddamnit I should've known better. They're probably shooting a movie of me here right now. Better act casual. A briliant idea came to me, "they could be sitting outside". I went to the side, suddenly being scared by their BIG DOG. I forgot about her Austrian Black and Tan Hound. It had a name but it escapes me as I was trying to figure where they were.

Joyce soon arrived on scene. "Finaly", she said, "We gotta get some booze". I replied, "Can't you just be happy with some Ice tea? It's fucking hot out here!". She stared at me. It seemed as though she didn't hear what I said. She smiled, "You get my brothers bicycle". She opened the gate, making the dog nearly bite my cock away.

I yelled at it, and I remembered from before, the dog was afraid if you did that. I scratched his throat, he enjoyed it and he started licking my hands. "Eyoww, damn dog".

Joyce said: "You better, but the stuff we need because we're all outa money". -"What? I'm not the one who wants the booze, Just gimme Ice tea". -"We don't have anymore, or something, let's just go man". She smiled again. July came around the corner, "long time no see".

"Yeah", I replied. "We better get moving then? What do you wanna buy, got an idea?". Joyce soon said back: "We need some Malibu and we're gonna try to make a cocktail!". -"What kind of cocktail?". -"Maybe ummm, Piña Colada?". I sighed deeply. "We're gonna make a cuba libre with Bacardi, ok?" I replied. "Fine by me" said July. The supermarket was overpopulated by people we refer to as old. Their slow asses did not answer the vivd mood we were going through. It troubled me.

The pressure, the moist heat! The girls that did not need booze more to become completely insane. I had to keep an eye open for them. Inside the supermarket, it seemed as though bacardi wasn't really there. I took another alternative bottle of rum, which caused another discussion wether Bacardi was rum or not.

Meanwhile every old slacker that passed us took a good look at me, as if I was the one responsible for the trouble. We were standing at the exit eventualy, with a bottle of malibu. They wanted to take overprized champagne, but sinceI was paying I refused to take it along. Back at her house, I didn't even go inside yet. When I finaly was inside the fresh house, I was soon taken into the spirit of the music that was playing there. It came from television. They opened the bottle & drank it very fast.

I took some good sips as well. There we lay, talking rubish on the sofa. Talking about what we would be doing in the future. "Are you going to Qbase festival?" said July. "No, it's too expensive for my broke ass." is what I said. -"But you don't ever go with us". "It's always fun when you're along with us". I used to be alot more active indeed, that I admit. But those days are over, I'm over 18 now I don't really feel like that. -"Girls, you're nearly 18, some booze isn't bad, but you girls don't need booze to be like crazy-active.

It's a bid worrying". -"Don't be lame man, we gotta try all sorts of stuff". -"Wowow, wait, are you taking stuff?". -"Yes, yesterday we took MD". I sat there staring with my mouth open. I said: "What?

Are you crazy?" -"Hell no, it's great fun man, you should try it too" said July. I was amazed, I wasn't sure wether all that time they had been taking drugs or were just 2 stupid kids.

Joyce suddenly said: "But we're not really on something now, we're still plain stupid crazy ass bitches!". July Screamed out: "OH YEAH". They did something which was closely linked to a HIGH FIVE. I wanted to smoke some pot. "Why don't you girls smoke regular shit? Like weed or just sigarettes?" -"Waste of money mate, for the same dough you can get some pills".

Holy shit I'm hangin' around with addicts what is this shit! The bottle was already empty when I reached for it, so I aborted my action. At the same time I had noticed my increase in drunkness. I finished most of the bottle.

The girls were tired from the heat.


I was daydreaming. "Hey." Said July, "Why don't we try that shit we got for free yesterday?". "Nah, I'm not too sure about it" said Joyce. "What are you on about?" I replied. "Well, when we bought MD, we got a free XTC pill, and 4 of these small red pills". Said Joyce. I was really unsure wether these girls were living a safe life, but didn't reply. "What do you think Joyce?" Said July.

Joyce replied: "Nobody knows what it is, so I don't take it". I said: "Alright, you gotta tell me what those pills look like". Joyce looked at me.

Then she looked at July, and she looked at me. We were all unsure what was going to happen next. I bit off the tip by saying: "I dare one of you to take it, I know what to do if it goes wrong". "No way" Said Joyce. I played a dirty game by saying: "But joyce, don't be lame, try all sorts of stuff in life". She rolled her eyes and was a bit angry, but scared nontheless. She stood up, "Let's try it then". She went off. July looked at me, and then at Joyce, not really having followed the conversation, and barely knowing what's going on.

We followed her to her room. I took place on her desk-chair, which rolled smoothly over the wooden carpet. They were both sitting on the bed like worried wives. Taking the red pills out of the box. I had imagined them like the pills from the Matrix. But these were more like red matte stones with white spickles in them. "I really have no clue what those are" I said. I looked at them, I started focusing. It suddenly disapeared into the mouth of July.

I gasped for a while. But I provoked this so I didn't speak. Joyce looked at her with worried eyes. "Now we wait it out" I said. We waited 1 hour for the effect to kick in, but no obvious change occured. Joyce didn't really like it. "What if it's something like cyanide". I replied: "A drug dealer will not kill his clients for fun.

If it's a free one it's promotion, so there is an effect tied to it, or it's a placebo". We said nothing for a moment. July said she wasn't feeling any different. I did not believe it. I took one. Joyce saw that, and she swallowed the 2 remaining. "That, wasn't smart Joyce". "IF July throws up now, You will have it twice as bad in an hour". She shouted back: "Shut up! Don't scare me" with a sad face.

We sat there one more hour speculating about the effects. "What if it's a sex drug, like ruffies?". Silence filled the room after that. July's cheecks turned red. I didn't notice at first. But after she started smiling I knew what was going on. "What's up July" I quicly said. "Just funny, If it were ruffies, then we'd all be paralised or something" She said. Joyce stared at the ground, she didn't feel like sitting here much longer.

"Let's play a game or something" she said. "Ok, what do you wanna play?" was July's reply. "Dunno, truth or dare?". We all agreed to kill the time with that. "Truth!" July said. "Ok", said Joyce. "Is it true, that you have kissed another girl before?". "Like hell no" Said July". Joyce said dare, & I had to tell her what to do, so I though the next thing was funny.

"Joyce, you have to give July's first girl-girl kiss". Joyce's face went from smile to shit. July started laughing. "No I don't wanna do it" said Joyce.

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"Yes you will, and tounge must go inside". July went over to her, she seemed more okay with it. Joyce was still a bit on the refusing side. But when July touched her cheeck gently, she gave in.

Tounge didn't go in, but it was a sensual mouth to mouth kiss. "Good one" I said. They both went back to their original position without sharing words. I bit through the silence by shouting "DARE".

July looked at me, "Kiss the dog!". I didn't even notice, but the dog was already on the room, so I went over and pushed my face against the dog, who kept refusing my kiss. Filthy, but I was loyal to my task. So it went on, task after task. We were all laughing hard when Joyce had to drink 3 beers in 1 time. It was July's turn, and suddenly joyce said, "Suck, the dog".

To my biggest surprise they kept laughing, even though July had to go and do what I thought was a bit overrated? I watched her as she moved to the dog, she went lying underneath it.

"Can't find his penis" she said. Joyce couldn't stop laughing at this point. We went over, I was turned on by the idea that I would actualy witness a dog-cock-suck in front of my own eyes. I had seen one before on the internet, but this gave me a real bizarre feeling. Joyce & July looked for it's penis, and pulled something small out. A bad odor came along. July said: "Hmm, I don't wanna do it when it's not clean".

"Alright, I'll get a sponge & some water then" Said Joyce. She came back with the needed tools, and July took the sponge & started rubbing the small cock, which started growing already. The color of the dogs penis suprised me, the penis wasn't vainy like others, but was very even and had the skin looked soft. After some time the penis was fully erect. It looked as big as mine I thought. The dog was hissing and moving his tail around. July first gave a few licks to check the taste.

After it was ok or after getting used to it, she opened her mouth. Slowly she put her lips around the top gland of the penis, but didn't go deeper, she was unsure. She licked the top which caused the dogs leg to twitch.

She noticed it too, and slowly pushed her lips closer. Now she was sliding in slowly. Pushing that dog cock deep into her mouth. She pulled it out and smiled.

Joyce started laughing. "What does it taste like?" -"Nothing special" said July. We were looking at the dogs penis, which was awaiting another blowjob. Suddenly Joyce said "Wow can't believe that turned me on". "Me too" said July. I was out of words.

I could not speak or didn't dare to anymore. July looked at me and said something quietly but I couldn't make it out. "DARE" said Joyce. "Why don't you finish the blowjob?" I replied. Joyce got down like she was waiting to do it. She got under the animals legs and started giving a very nasty blowjob. She emediately put the cock deep to touch her throat. She rapidly thrusted back & forwards making all kinds of dirt sounds.

The sound was so dirty I though I heard some light moaning. Defenitely she was enjoying that, but how come? Who would do a dog just like that? Suffocating sounds emerged from her mouth. A white slimy substance came out of her nose & mouth, she was still sucking that dick hard. July looked at me with amazed eyes, smiling and laughing a bit.

"Joyce, I think you did your job" I said. She let the cock out of her mouth. This came along with a load of cum that fell on the wood. Just, lying there. She had very red cheecks & she was looking a bit fuzzy. "Everything ok? You should push that thing to quick you know" I said. Suddenly she went over to me, she looked overheated, but pushed me over.

July went over to catch Joyce, who was losing balance. Joyce soon came back to a more aware state, but suddenly said: "I'm fucking wet". "I know" said July to my surprise, she said it on a low voice so that I couldn't hear it, but I clearly did.

"I've never been this wet, what the hell". was what Joyce whistled. July took Joyce to the bathroom, there was something worrying about the way July looked. I stared at that load of cum. Then I looked at the cock which was becoming a bit sloppy. What the hell is this, my boner was killing me in my pants.

And a lot of fore-fluid in my shorts as well. My attention was drawn to a sudden bounce. Somebody fell in the bathroom.

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I went over & openede the door. A shocking image rolled over my retinas. Joyce pushed July over & was making out heavily with her! The only thing I could do was stare.

July didn't really seem to like it. We pushed Joyce back to her bed. Then everything got alot more quiet. Then I snapped silence once more: "So, those pills made you girls very wet". She said: "For just a moment, not now really". I knew she was lying, because I still had my boner. "Are you sorry about what we've done to the dog?" I said. "Maybe, it didn't feel wrong, but Joyce just crossed the line". -"Yeah". Joyce fell asleep after some time. July was staring at me. I intercepted her by looking into her eyes.

She suprised me by saying: "The dog cock was the first suck I've ever done. Is that cock big in relation to guys?" -"Yes it was pretty big, & you suprised me when you pushed it all the way in!". -"Am I good at it?" -"Yes!". -"How big is yours?". I was quiet after she said that. I looked down. I was ashamed but I said it was a bit smaller. "Can I see it?". I froze, my eyes pointed straight front.


I did have a boner, but July was more like a friend. Although I got very turned on by that blow job. I started being a bit nervous. "Come on don't be shy, show it! I showed you a blowjob!".

-"That was because of truth or dare!". -"No, well yeah, but you saw it just show me yours now".

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-"If I can see your tits, I'll show you mine". I don't know what I just said, but she's looking at me right now. -"Ok". She got up, turned around and took her top off. She looked behind her at me, with a teasing look. She unhooked her bra with a small click-sound. She then turned around, a bit shy, but loyal to the request. I was flashed by to firm B-sized breasts with small but hard nipples.

They had a dark pink color. She started blushing after she noticed I was staring. "Show me yours now!". My turn to start blushing!

I made slow but sure moves. I unzipped my pants, and didn't care to take that off first, but took off both shorts and pants in 1 turn. There I stood, with a dick pointing straight at her. She looked down. I was still stepping out of the pants. So there we stood, she topless, I pantless, and joyce started making weird sounds in her sleep.

She walked over to me & stroked me smoothly around, but not on, my dick. She went very close to me and whispered, "may I?". Without any reply or grants, she got on her knees, and she licked my cock. First her lips touched my gland, then she went all the way. The sensation was the best satisfaction ever. It felt warm and her tounge made muscles twitch, just like the dog. She did it slow, and was drooling heavily along my balls, where it all dripped to the floor.

It made new wet sounds I didn't hear with Joyce & the dog. She wasn't accelerating & I couldn't climax quickly enough before she stopped. "Did you like that?" -"It felt great, you did this before". -"Don't be silly". I went over to her and touched her tits without asking. She smiled, I rubbed over her nipples with my thumbs. She closed her eyes. I went down to suck her hard nipples. I smoothly bit it and she reacted with a pull-back reflex.

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I looked at her & smiled. We looked at Joyce. "You know", July said, "When she was making out with me in the bathroom, It felt great as well". -"What do you mean by that?" -"Well, she's sleeping, we can do what we want with her body right?". A sort of dirty feeling rose up into me.

Joyce isn't really the prettiest girl but I sure as hell want to see her body. "Let's take her top off" I said.

We took off her top, and eventualy her bra. Which revealed a C-sized pair of tanned hooters. The nipples looked thick, juicy and hard. I did not hesitate to start sucking them.

July took the left tit to my surprise. She felt like sucking her too. After playing around with Joyce's breasts, we went down & took off her pants. Leaving Joyce lying there with nothing but her underpants. "Are you ready?" Said July. I nodded. She pulled Joyce's leggs up & pulled the pants off with one hand pulling from her ass, upwards. This made a fine pussy appear, pressed together by the leggs. We took the pants from her feet. After a closer look and spreading her leggs we saw a very clean shaved pussy with alot of wetness everywhere.

Her pussy had a brown color in the inner lips, and a pink color inside. Everything was shiny like it was oiled. July disrupted the image of the innocent pussy by sticking her to fingers in. I was amazed and shocked. It made some slimy but attractive sounds. Joyce started moaning a bit in her dream. July looked at her. July was making her hand all wet with Joyce's pussy. She then pulled out her fingers and forced her whole hand inside Joyce's pussy. I hadn't seen this before in front of my eyes either.

The sounds increased & My boner was going to explode. July noticed how I was rubbing over the sheets of the bed to stimulate my cock at least a bit. She pulled her hand out and she rubbed my cock in with all Joyce's wetness. The sensation was very nice. It felt like having my cock in her. July kept giving the handjob but turned her face down to Joyce's pussy to lick her clit.

Again Joyce was moaning and it turned me on so much I had to pull back from the handjob. "What's the matter?" Says July. I said I didn't want to cum just yet. "You dare put your cock in her pussy?". I stared at the gaping hole. Without saying anything I got into position. But July pushed me away onto the bed. She was on top. My cock was rubbin her jeans & her tits were smoothly sitting on my torso. I squeezed the soft goodies. "I want to have you in me first" she said.

My cock got a sudden streak of heat. She stood up on the bed and unbuttoned her pants. She dropped her jeans and I could see her cameltoe with some wetness. She dropped her pants and I could see her puss between her legs. She soon lay on top of me, blushing abit. "Don't be shy, I wanna suck your clit before I enter" I said. She was staring at first. Then she got up and before I could get up she sat on me with her pussy facing to me, pushing it closer. I said: "Noo, not this way, turn around so your clit is facing me".

She did so, in this position I could make any girl come by pushing my tounge hard on her clit. First I teased her by sucking on her lips. Then I licked all around and eventualy tasted her inside, which didn't really taste good but very acid. Then I licked her clithood, thrusted my tounge hard, it made her moan harder & harder.

After a while I went closer to her clit, she was on a streak by this time, she pulled back: "Stop stop". "Too hot for you?" I taunted. "I wanna come while fucking you, idiot" she said laughing. She turned around and started kissing me, I could taste some of the wetness of Joyce's vagina.

She was looking for my cock with her pussy. But she was only poking it with her clit. She seemed satisfied with it. So I helped her out and slipped it in. The heat in her pussy was intense, & it felt so great. It made my stomach turn in a good fashion. She was rocking up and down, but I told her she had to slide. This made us fuck very deep & fast. I felt her wetness dripping on my balls & thighs. It felt so dirty, so I fucked her harder. She started getting loud too!

She got up, and fucked me cowgirl style facing me. She was going up & down moaning every second touching her breasts and biting on her fingers. We started going wilder & wilder. She was screaming so nicely, I couldn't help but go deep in her and cum it all out. She soon after seem to have climaxed as well. She fell down on top of me. Breathing in my ear. She stood up, making my load fall straight out on top of me again.

"Sorry" she said. It seemed she didn't get enough, she was now licking and fingering Joyce. Something weird occured to me, I was still in the mood. Probably that pill I thought. I went to Joyce, and moved July away, and put my still-a-boner straight up her dirty wet cunt. Which made some wet sound. This pussy was even hotter! The moisture was more like slime here. It felt great! It was everywhere, between legs, on my balls, so dirty! I fucked her hard with the remaining energy and I fingered July.

She got up and stood in front of my face with her ass. Then she bent over, I licked her out while fucking Joyce. July nearly climaxed again, I felt fluids roll into my mouth by every step she came closer to orgasm. Suddenly July removed her ass from me, and looked at Joyce in a scary way. I looked at her and I noticed that she was looking very seriously at the both of us, she looked at me and suddenly started shouting "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS".

I feared the worst, what seemed to be a good threesome, soon turned out to be a rape. Joyce started screaming. I removed my cock, which was vibrating along with the vocal chords Joyce was utilizing.

Could be worse, could be raining. Suddenly I hear the door open downstairs, Joyce's parents were going to arrive at 6PM, which was, NOW.

July looked at me with sharp and scared eyes. We raced into our clothes, which we only had put on half. Joyce was still screaming, which pretty much force July & I to jump outside the window into the pool, which we did last year.

We, both wet, ran to the back of the garden to exit it via the gate which led to the fields. Once there we ran all the way to the construction piles to hide in them. With the both of us wet and dirty from the mud inside the pipes, we just put off the remaining clothes to dry on the pipes, thanks to the heat, and we fucked there, in the pipes, completely naked and wet, the whole afternoon.