Pasivo gay con rico pepino en el culito

Pasivo gay con rico pepino en el culito
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(this is mt first story and I suck at grammar and spelling I hope you like it and can read it) My name is Jerry, I am 16, I am 5'6", I have brown eyes and hair, I am chubby but not fat. I have a 5.5 inch penis which I am on the average size for an adult man. Unless you watch porn the guys on there are big, and the average size of them is like 7 inches. But I am ok with what I have, I have been masturbating for about 5 years now and I have done it at school a lot.

I think that is my favorite place to jack-off. I am not gay or I don't think I am, I believe that I am bi-couries. I am in my tenth grade year at Fulton High School in Michigan. I am not in to sports but I love gym.

I love seeing all the boys change. I am always last to enter the lockroom and leave it.

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Even knowing I have been watching the boys change for the past year in a half, but no one in my class is worth my time or my rep.

But today is a little different, it's the day before spring break and the 8th grades boys where here to check out the high school, like they do every year. They attend our classes and have lunch and by the end of the day they head back to the middle school to get their bus or their ride. When I entered the lock-room I seen my friend Timmy we have been friends since like third.


I think he is a good looking guy and I love to watch him change. Timmy was taking down his shorts and putting his white tee on. When a group of four 8th grade boys enter the lock room, scared out of their minds as the other boys where changing.

The taller one I knew from my brothers yearbook, his name was James.

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He was about 4'9 to about 5 foot tall, his hair was black and he was sporting a shag hair cut, but his eye is what got me looking at him hard, they where blue, like the sky. His skin was pasty white. I could not stop looking at him. I was standing there by my locker when Timmy slammed his locker close to get my attention, saying Jerry" stop daydreaming and get your ass dressed." The locker room was empty the only one in there where me and the four 8th grade boys.

I was sitting on the banch when the boys started to change into their gym cloths. I was still in my school cloths when James came over and asked if he could put his close into my locker. I said yes and told him my name, but he knew who I was from my little brother. So we started to talk about high school, as we were changing the other three left for the class. James had a nice 14 year old body no hair anywhere and when he lowered he pants he was wearing a pair of blue boxers.

So I started to remove my shirt and pants too. I was wearing a pair of heart boxers my mom got me. When I looked up James was looking at my boxers and laughing. I asked what was so funny and he said that he would never wear heart boxers if his life was depending on it. As James was putting on his gym shorts I seen his penis head poke out a little. It looked nice and this made me start to get hard. I tried to hide it but it was hard cause I had a tent in my shorts, so I turned around quick as James put on his tee, and put his cloths in my locker.

I was praying to God that he didn't see the tent. I said to James that I had to pee before I left the locker-room and I would see him in the gym, but now that he was alone and his friends left he said he would wait for me. I put my shorts on as fast as I could and I walk to the stall in the locker-room as I was putting my tee on.

When I enter the stall all I could do was think of James penis poking out of his shorts. So I though I would jack-off quick and then I would not have to worry getting a hard-on again.

So I sat down pulling my shorts and boxers as low as they would go. Then I started to jack-off slowly cause I knew that James was out there waiting for me. As I start to go faster my balls started to slap on my hand as I down stroked.

I have jacked-off here many time before and I would almost shoot as soon as I started. But this time was different.

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I had James waiting for me which I guess made me a little scared, cause I didn't want to get caught. So as I got faster and my balls and foreskin start to make a slapping sound it must have been loud. Cause I soon seen James walk past the stall door looking in the crack. He stopped for a second and I meet his eyes.


Then he walked to the stall across from me. He shut the door and I though I was safe and I open the door a little like I always do. Because even knowing I didn't want to get caught I want to, that is what I liked about jacking-off at school you never know what will happen.

When I cracked the door like not even an inch I heard James open his door and start to walk out of the stall.

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I was scared as hell that he would see me and tell. But it was to late I was about to cum and them James open the door and said what the fuck is taking you so long. I lowered my tee to cover my hard throbbing penis. And said I was sorry.


Then I seen that James had a small tent too. He entered my stall and locked the door and lifted my tee and asked if he could watch me finish. I said yes, because I need to cum. So I started to stroke my penis slow and fast, when he said that he wanted me to stand up so he could see my dick, like I said before it was 5.5 inches and had a small patch of hair above my shaft.

He looked at it intensely, and said he like to touch it. I was so happy, I have never had anyone touch me sexually before. So I stood there with my hand on my hips as James right hand reached out shacking, grabbing my penis. I let out a gasp for air, his soft hands worked up and down my shaft and on the third stroke I shoot out three shoots of cum, all over his hand and tee. He laughed but I was sacred now that he had cum on him.

James still had a small tent in his shorts as he turned around the face the door, I bent down to pull my shorts and boxers back up. I said thank you to James and he said no problem he always want to see a boy cum.

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So as I was waiting for him to open the stall I turned and ask, in a shy and tumbling voice if I would like to watch him cum. I heart stopped and my mouth fell open and I said yes in a low hush as if it didn't even leave my lips. Them James short and boxers where down to his knees. His penis was hairless just like his body and his penis was about 4 inches sticking up to the sky. James blushed when I looked his little body over. Even knowing I just came I got hard again at the sight of his body.

James started to stroking his penis and I sat back down, to watch him. I smiled, and so did he. He asked it I wanted to touch him. And I said yes! So I was sitting down and he walked up to me a little so his penis was at mt face. I was the cute thing I have ever seen, it head glisten with pre-cum and he had a vain that poped out to the side, the head was curve up. I took it in my thumb and two fingers and started to storck his penis.

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He leg started to shake a little and he stood on his tip toes and let out a sigh as he came in to my hand. It was warm and stick, wasn't as thick as mine. He smile and pulled his shorts up and walked out the stall tucking his tee in. As we left the locker-room he said that he will talk to my brother and see if he could stay over sometime and we can do this again. (if you like this story comment and rate, if I get good comment and ratings I will write more)