Lesbo head cheerleader teaches a teenie the oral tricks

Lesbo head cheerleader teaches a teenie the oral tricks
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As I play with myself I think about the role play. Can I do it? Can I allow myself to be so humiliated with him? We've never done puppy play before but describing it to him had been so hot.

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Days earlier, in the dark I had whispered to him about my new secret fantasy. "Tell me" he demanded and I did. I was so worried. He had specifically stated before that he wasn't interested in puppy play&hellip.I had too…"what if he says no?!" my brain screeches at me. I tell him anyway "I think it would be so hot if I was your puppy and you were inspecting me to determine if I'm breeding quality." Daddy's dick immediately jumps near my hand, exciting me and before I know it I'm on my back and he's sliding inside of me.

"Tell Daddy more" he says slowly thrusting into me. Over and over he does this and I'm moaning and squirming beneath him "Tell me or I stop", I know the rules of fantasy share time after all.

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I continue trying to form words through my lust fogged brain and frustrated finally spit out "I want you to fuck me like I'm a dog!". He stills and looks confused at my outburst "like now?" he asks, dropping his dominance in shock at my confession.

"Not necessarily" I say and we both laugh at me, "in my fantasy". Daddy smiles sweetly and settles back into me encouraging me to tell him more and I do. Now it's three days later and my pussy is swelling while I think about how the night might go.

I know dinner is almost done, I can smell it. I bend my legs back towards my head exposing my juicy little pussy and place the first ball on my hole.


It's tight for a second but gravity and my hungry pussy gobbles it up pulling the second one down into me. I moan and keep rubbing my clit pleased that my pussy finally has something to clamp down on. I stand up, get dressed and go into the kitchen where Daddy has finished dinner.

He dips two fingers into my sopping wet cunt to check for the balls and sends me to the table with my food. Later that evening I put on a knee length, black lace, see through gown and crawl onto the couch with daddy laying on my stomach putting my head into his lap.

The balls still sit heavily in my pussy reminding me I'm going to be full of his dick soon. Daddy reaches back laying his hand on my ass squeezing each cheek firmly.

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I gasp and gently moan "Go get your plug and the lube" he says. I rise without a word, surprised at at how obedient I am when I'm needy for dick. I bring back my silver blue jeweled butt plug and the lube. Daddy has me get on my knees on the couch facing away from him and has me push my top off the couch so the edge of the couch is pressing on my throat restricting my air flow some and letting all the blood rush to my head making me a little loopy.

Daddy works my plug in and has me turn on my side, balls in my pussy and the plug in my ass. Daddy walks to my head and I open my mouth knowing what he wants and daddy slides his dick in my throat while he has me rub my pussy with a vibrator.

I tremble and my pussy clamps around the balls. Daddy pushes his dick in my throat over and over again making me gag and my spit to run down my chest. Daddy runs his hands over my body and slides a finger in and pulls the balls out of me replacing them with his fingers as I cum all over his fingers.

He slides his fingers in deep using my cum as lube, curls them and starts rubbing my gspot. I'm moaning and daddy fills my mouth with his cock pushing it in as deep as he can opening my throat.

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Daddy pulls out his dick out of my throat and orders "pant". I can't think with his fingers driving me nuts but somehow I obediently stick my tongue out and pant like a puppy embarrassed and extremely aroused.

"Every time I pull my dick out I want you to pant understand?" his dick goes back in my mouth before I can respond and I nod my head as his dick slides in my throat. All my normal thoughts are eradicated at this moment. I'm on my side my head sideways as daddy's dick opens my throat over and over again. One of his hands is buried deep in my pussy driving me crazy while the other one holds my head down on the couch, my ass full of a pretty blue plug. All the mile a minuet, hyper intelligence that makes me me is on pause and I'm nothing more than his little puppy to breed if I'm found worthy.

Daddy pulls his dick out and I gasp a lungful of air and push my tongue out of my mouth and pant, my huge tits rising and falling with each pant. Daddy looks pleased that I'm listening well and he laughs at me, just a little cruelly letting me know he knows how humiliated I am and he loves it.

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His dick slams into my throat "Are you a good puppy for daddy?" I nod my head up and down on his dick as he slowly moves in and out of my mouth. "You love serving your daddy don't you slut?" "Uh huh" I mumble around a mouth full of cock. Daddy pulls his dick out and I go back to panting.

Before he returns his dick to my mouth he takes his dick dripping my spit and runs it all over my face, pausing to flick the head on my small, cute, pierced nose. He loves doing this, seeing his pretty little girl laying below him looking up at him with big blue eyes. He loves taking (what he tells me is) a pretty face and using it to embarrass me and to pleasure himself. He rubs it on my cheeks pausing to smack me on the face a couple of times.

He rubs it over my eyes and forehead and as he does this he tells me he's going to teach me a new command "Are you ready to learn a new command puppy?" he asks gently. I nod my head looking up at him eagerly my spit all over my own face completely unembarrassed. "Speak" he commands and I look at him blankly…surely he can't mean… "Speak puppy!" he commands again, more serious this time.

I muster up all my courage and make a small "woof" sound that actually sounds kinda cute. Daddy beams at me and I positively glow. "Down" he commands and grabs my hair pulling me down onto the carpet on all fours.

He leads me by my hair "come on puppy, follow daddy. Who's a good puppy?" he's making fun of me again knowing the humiliation makes my pussy drip.

He stops me in the kitchen in front of the fridge. "Sit puppy. Stay." I sit on my butt my hands resting on my thighs and watch him get a glass of water, his thick dick bouncing around hard as he moves.

He catches me watching "speak", "woof" I bark. "Good girl" he says petting me on the head then grabbing my hair leading me back to the living room.


He leads me up onto the couch on my hands and knees and orders me to stay. He runs his hands down my back and over my ass, pausing to run his finger over the blue jewel still plugging my ass. "If you want to be bred you'll need to be checked over." daddy tells me.

He runs his hands over every inch of my body.

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Spreading my ass cheeks, spreading my pussy, dipping a finger inside of me to taste me. He runs his hands down my legs and over my feet. "Speak" he orders suddenly, pulling me out of my thoughts "Woof" I say.

Daddy says "roll over" and I do, my legs bent in the air like they were when I was on my knees. Daddy wastes no time bending my legs down to my chest, pulling my ass up and slamming into my soaking wet pussy. I moan loudly and daddy says "speak" "Woof!" I speak enthusiastically, thrilled he's inside of me. Daddy starts moving in and out of me. I notice that the plug is moving in and out of my ass some each time he moves in and out. It's different than the sensations I've had in other positions while being fucked with the plug in.

Instead of it just feeling like it's being moved around or pushed in a little deeper each time it feels like it's fucking me too. I moan, it's so intense I want desperately to be used by two cocks at once. Daddy moves in and out not pausing for anything, it's overwhelming with the plug moving too and I'm almost incoherent in ecstasy. "Speak" the command comes "woof". " Again" "Woof woof". "Again" "woof".


Daddy's going faster now, my breathing is increasing and my pussy is swelling as I get closer to cumming. I know what daddy wants, he doesn't have to order me.

I start barking at regular intervals as he slams into me over and over again, harder and harder. I'm often amazed at how long daddy can go without cumming and this is one of those times.

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He thrusts and I bark, over and over again. I'm on my back on the couch, my legs are bent almost to my chest with daddy's hands holding my thighs down so my pussy is open for him to dive down into. I bark for daddy again and he laughs at me, amused at the situations he puts me in. I have no idea how long I've been laying here getting fucked.

Daddy can go for so long sometimes, it could be close to an hour that he's been inside of me. "Up" daddy commands, pulling out of me leaving me feeling empty. He grabs my hair again and leads me off the couch, across the living room and into the bedroom, me crawling on all fours. Daddy pats the bed and I scramble up from the floor. He grabs my knees and flips me over onto my back, dragging me to the edge of the bed. I love when he touches me this way, when he handles me with the comfort and ease he would handle his own body.

I look up at daddy waiting to see what else he is going to do with me and my heart swells for the man I love more than anything. His shoulder length long hair is pulled back in a messy pony tail, there's sweat on his brow and his emerald green eyes have darkened to deep forest green with lust. He looks at me hungrily and slowly reaches down to my jewel nestled in my ass and slowly pulls it out.

I think "damn it would be hot if it put it in his mouth or in mine". I'm not sure where the thought comes from but it's extinguished when I feel the head of daddy's dick press up against my asshole. I gasp and whimper. Daddy pushes the heads into my already primed ass and he looks at me so he can drink up my expression. He pushes further inside of me and he looks at me caught in agonizing pleasure and he pushes in more.

Soon daddy's all the way in and is slowly moving his length in and out of me. I'm moaning and squirming around on the bed. Daddy pulls out to the head and slowly fucks my hole knowing I love opening my ass hole over and over again for him. Daddy uses my ass this way until he surprises me by pulling out of me and slamming hard into my pussy making me yelp. He thrusts in hard and deep inside of me the way I love. He pounds harder and harder pulling little gasps from my throat.

I imagine he's creating a dark purple bruise deep deep inside of me and loose it cumming and yelling daddy's name. Daddy smiles as he continues to pound me through my orgasm and says "speak".

I'm still moaning and shaking and let out little "woof" after little "woof" with everything I have left. Daddy starts to moan, slamming harder and harder until "woof" turns into whimpers and little growls. He thrusts one last time covering my bruised insides with delicious hot cum.

I squirt my cum gushing over both me and daddy and onto the bet. I moan as I feel every single spasm and contraction of his dick inside of me. Daddy has the expression I akin to experiencing a miracle as he feels my pussy clench and my cum gush all over him. He leans forward kissing me passionately and pulls out laying down and pulling me to him on the bed. He holds me close soothing my hair and giving me gentle sweet kisses until he gets up puts everything away and tucks me into bed handing me my favorite teddy bear and curling up around me.

"Good night sweet baby" daddy whispers "I love you". "Good Night Daddy, I love you too" I mumble sleepily and happily.