The charm of virgin vagina

The charm of virgin vagina
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I have to admit that I am a 3-minute man. I start with plenty of foreplay, kissing, finger fucking and clit rubbing, and get my wife, Amy, coming and ready but when I start pumping my average 6" cock I am done and soft within 3 minutes.

We screw about twice a week. We love each other and she likes sex with me but I can tell that she is not fully satisfied. We are both 34 and have been married for 10 years. Amy is a great lady. She may be just a little chubby but she has a cute face, great D cup tits and a tight pussy. I know that she was not a virgin when we met and we did swap partners with another couple a couple of times about two years ago but we are not really swingers.

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The other night as we cuddled after sex I had what I thought was a great idea for her birthday, which was coming up in a few weeks. I went to a swingers website and put in an ad that said I was looking for two guys in our area in their 20's that were average size but very long lasting to help me give my wife the best fucking of her life. About a day later I got the first reply. He said that his name was Ed and he was 25 and 6'2" tall with 6-1/2 inches and could go for about 20 minutes.

Next was a reply from Steve. He was 5'9" and age 20 with 7 inches and he said that he could last over 30 minutes. I got another answer from someone who said that he was a 17 year old black with 10 inches and that he could come three or four times without ever stopping or going soft.

I thanked him but said that he was not what I was looking for my wife's birthday present. I got several more replies over the next couple of days but the first two appeared to fit what I was looking for the best so I got back to them and then removed the ad. I told them what my idea was and pointed out that her ass hole was strictly off limits and she considers it as "out only". I also told them that what she did as oral sex was up to her and that she had a strong gag reflex so not to expect any deep throat action.

They agreed to these conditions and we planned her birthday present. On her birthday I took her out to a nice restaurant that we liked for prime rib.

I ordered a bottle of wine for us even though we usually only got a glass. Before dinner arrived I gave her the pair of diamond earrings that I had gotten for her. Needless to say, she loved them. After the wine was gone and between the prime rib and desert I slipped my hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy mound. The first time, she pulled my hand away and gave it a little slap but when I put it back she left it there. I worked my finger up under Amy's panty leg and into her crack and started rubbing her clit.

Just as the waiter was bringing the desert I brought her to an orgasm and she had to work hard at not making a sound as she came.

I got a kiss for that. After we had finished we went to the lounge area and picked out a table near the bar. I ordered us each a rum and coke. A few minutes later Steve and Ed appeared at the door together as we had planned.

I had seen their photos on line so I knew it was them. They were both good-looking guys and had dressed nicely for the night. I waived to them and they came over to our table. I introduced them to Amy as friends of mine and asked them to join us. Each one bought a round of drinks to celebrate Amy's birthday as we chatted. It was a little more than Amy was used to drinking and, as planned, she was getting a little giddy.

We took turns taking her out on the floor to dance and I could see the guys getting a quick little feel a couple of times. I told Amy that I would like to invite the guys back to our house for a little while.

She smiled and said that it sounded like a good idea. We settled into the family room and I made another round of drinks. I put on some slow dancing music and we all took turns dancing with Amy, holding her tight and pulling her ass to us as we danced.

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I could see from the bulges that we all had erections and Amy appeared to be enjoying feeling their cocks pressing against her. I took Amy aside and whispered in her ear that I would like to play some cards with our clothes as the bet and asked her if she was up for it. She nodded her head and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I told Steve and Ed and of coarse they agreed. I wanted it to be easy and quick so I said that it was card cutting with the low card loosing an article of clothing.

We all lost at about the same rate and soon we were all naked with three hard cocks sticking out for Amy to look at. Nobody noticed who won. I came over and gave my wife a big kiss and cupped her tits and told her that it was ok for her to do anything that she wanted tonight.

I told her that I wanted her to have the best night of sex that she would ever have and I told her that I loved her very very much.

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She reached down and held my erection as I did. Then each of the guys shared a kiss and feel with her. I suggested that we all go to our bedroom. Our master bedroom was large with a king sized bed. I pulled down the covers and took Amy by the hand and pulled her onto the bed. Steve and Ed followed us. Amy lay on her back in the middle of the bed and I started kissing her.

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Shortly after, Steve and Ed each started squeezing and nursing on her tits. Her nipples were already big and hard. When the guys latched on she let out a loud moan of pleasure. I moved down between her legs and she spread them wide.


As my tongue first touched her already wet clit she jumped and loudly said, "Oh yes." and pulled the guys more tightly to her chest. We took turns rotating around Amy's body, from one tit to the other and then to her pussy and around again. It did not take very long to bring her to her first orgasm.

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As she was coming I slipped my cock into her very ready pussy. She was really enjoying the attention of three men. She bucked her hips up in time with my thrusts into her wonderful cunt. As always, in about 3 minutes I shot my load into her. I pumped a few more times before I started to go soft.

Amy was breathing hard and holding us all tight. I pulled out and we rotated. Steve was the next one in her pussy. She looked down to see his cock enter her and then laid her head back.

Amy spoke. "Oh Steve that feels so good. Fuck me hard." Steve pounded away into her cunt. As he pasted about the five minute mark Amy started thrashing her head back and forth and screamed through another, even harder orgasm.

Steve just kept fucking her. As Amy came down she pulled me off of her tit and told me to come up to her face where she took my softened cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. Then she had Ed bring his erection up for her to suck.

She sucked him as deep as she could till he touched the back of her throat causing her to gag but she just kept at it. Ed Looked at her and told her that she could do that as long as she wanted that he was not even close to coming.


Amy switched back and forth between the to of us as Steve kept giving her a great fucking. After several minutes I was getting partly hard again and Amy gave me a big smile. A couple minutes later Steve started to moan and said he was ready to come and asked Amy if it was all right to come in her.

She said "Oh fuck yes. I want all of your hot cum in my pussy.

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Please give it to me." Amy came with him and he kept pumping for a full minute or more before he pulled out. We rotated and he started for her tit but she told him to bring her his cock to suck.

Amy was never much for sucking a cum covered cock but tonight was different and she seemed to be wanting it. More than half of Steve's cock disappeared into her mouth and she licked and sucked on it as Ed slammed his 7 inches into her. She had already been sucking and playing with Ed's cock for over 15 minutes but he was still ready for more. Steve and I sat back and watched for a while.

Amy said that her jaw was getting tired. Ed fucked long and hard and deep into Amy's cunt while he played with her tits. Amy went into a series of orgasms that appeared to almost run together but Ed just kept slamming her hard with his pelvis hitting her clit as he pounded her.

Amy told him that she wanted him to take her doggy style so they switched positions and he stroked into he pussy from the back. Amy motioned Steve over and told him, "Steve, Fuck my face. Make me take it all." I went over and got my camera.

Steve positioned himself in front of Amy so that she had to lift her head up a little to get at his now hard again shaft. This gave him a better angle at her throat. I got a picture of his cock just touching her lips. Amy took Steve's cock into her mouth. He fucked about half of it into her and then pushed a little further touching the back of her throat and making her gag.

As she gagged Steve took her by the back of the head and pulled her forward while pushing into her and his cock disappeared fully into her face and for the first time Amy had a cock in her throat. I got another picture. He pulled out and she gasped. Then he pushed back into her throat.

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After several times she stopped gagging and relaxed so he was throat fucking her and she was taking it all the way each time. I got another picture, to go with the first ones, with her nose buried deep in Steve's pubic hair. I thought she would enjoy seeing these later. I knew that I would. Steve held her tight to him as he shot a load of cum straight down her throat. He pulled out and she gasped and took several deep breaths then looked at him and me and said with a smile, "I did it." All this time Ed was still doggie fucking her.

He started to fuck faster and said that he was ready to come. I told him to pull out before he finished coming. After two squirts into her pussy he pulled out and I got a picture of a big string of his cum flying out of his cock onto her ass.

Ed shoved back into her and amazingly stayed hard, fucking her for another 5 minutes before saying that he was ready to come again. Amy told him to bring it to her mouth and she sucked his hot salty cum out of his cock. She held it in her mouth with some dripping down her chin. I got a good photo showing her with a mouthful of cum running down her chin.

Then she swallowed it, looked at all of us and told us that that was a birthday that she would never forget, collapsed on the cum covered bed and fell asleep. The guys went to the bathroom, cleaned up, thanked me and left. I told them that I would keep in touch. Nobody had counted the number of orgasms Amy had but I am sure we would have lost count if we had tried. The next morning when we woke up we talked about that night. Amy said that she never expected anything like that but that she had really enjoyed it and would never forget it.

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I suggested that if she wanted, I would enjoy doing it again, maybe every couple of months or so. She smiled and asked me if one time I could find a guy with a really big cock.

I thought about the young black guy that had answered the ad. She told me that one of her girlfriends was someone that I would probably enjoy being with because when they were talking girl talk she had mentioned that she really enjoyed getting fucked in the ass. Amy said that she would invite her over for an evening sometime. Then before I got up to go to work Amy gave me a great blowjob.

She took me fully into her throat two times before I came. She gagged but she did it. After I came she held my cum in her mouth and came up and gave me a big kiss. That was a shock. 608.