Heroine gay sex with boy We were out on the road with insane fellows

Heroine gay sex with boy We were out on the road with insane fellows
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First things first i am not the original author of the title, came across this on a different site. the original author had finished this very quickly in a single post, but i intend to take the setting and write an elaborate story, different from the original author it will include n/c sex, family, teen, underage, incest, and other genre as we go along, please navigate away if you cant stand this my first attempt at giving some thing back to this awesome site.



RAMKISHAN aka RK. A SADISTIC ABUSER, LARGE MAN WHO TAKES IMMENSE PLEASURE IN DESTROYING YOUNG, NUBILE, UNDERAGE GIRLS. A LAB TECHNICIAN IN A HIGH SCHOOL. SCHOOL WHERE NEETU HAPPENS TO STUDY. OTHER RECURRING CHARACTERS TO BE INTRODUCED LATER AND HERE WE START. Rashid had a good-looking middle-aged woman as his boss. She was a widow and Rashid thought she was available, but when he made advances she got furious and had him thrown out of his job.

Rashid was unemployed and frustrated, and he decided to take revenge. The woman, Rashmi Arora, was around 38 years of age, and she had two daughters, Shalini, 18, and Neetu, 14.

The elder daughter was ravishingly beautiful and had recently won a local beauty contest, the younger, was a cutie and on her way to follow her elder sister. Rashid decided to take revenge on all three of them. Rashid had many rowdy friends, some of whom were professional criminals, and he organized some of them to kidnap the three when they were coming back home from a movie late in the evening.

they knew the path the trio would take on their way back home. the gang had put up a blockade in an isolated part of the road. they waited as the car, driven by rashmi came to a halt. she could not make out any meaning of large barrels blocking the road, she got out of the car to examine, as she moved a few paces. she heared her daughters scream.

she turned back and before she could adjust t the view. some sweet smelling cloth was smothered on her face and the last thing she remembered was a group of men surrounding her car, and she herself, falling to the ground.

little did she know that her life was about to change forever. They took them to an isolated farmhouse, when rashi regained consciousness, she and her daughter were being dragged across a hallway.she could hear her daughters crying and desperately shouting for help.that's when she caught a glimpse of Rashid. her heart skipped a beat. she deduced it was a revenge under progress and looking at the beefcakes of men sarrounding them. it didn't take it long for her t o realise what was going to transpire, Rashmi Arora saw about 7 evil-looking men out there, and Rashid among them, she understood the situation.

She begged Rashid to forgive her but Rashid said, "Ab to tere samne teri beti ka jawaani lutega" ( i will ravish your youg daughters whike you watch ). Rashmi saw the men were already looking hungrily at Shalini and pleaded, "Please, mere beti ko kuch mat karo, tum jo bologe main karoongi." (please spare my daughters, i will follow all your commands, do whatever you want me to do". Rashid told her, "To jaldi nangi ho ja" (then strip nude, quickly". Rashmi begged him, "Please, hume jaane do, tum jitna paisa maangoge main doongi." (please let us go, i will give you as much money as you want") Rashid moved in now and grabbed Shalini's tits from behind.

As the poor girl struggled, he barked at her Mom, "Kapde utarti hain ki iska chut mar loon?" (are you going to stip or should i fuck her in the cunt". she tried a bit more to bargain for her and her daughters' safety but She was silenced by Rashid's shout of anger.


"Shut up, whore.!! You will speak when spoken to. I'm still trying to decide what to do with you. Should I fuck you and make you pay for your arrogance or just destroy this young meat and make you watch as every body fucks your daughters" Hearing this rashmi was shocked, she got very scared and started to plead with him. "Please rashid, don't harm my children.

I'll give you anything you ask for.anything, money, jewellry.whatever you want. Please let us go." Seeing her beg fortheir lives, Rashid seemed to calm down somewhat, he now knew that rashmi was at his disposal.

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He went near her, bent his head so that his face was inches from hers and said, "Okay, you bitch, I may spare them. From now on you will do and say whatever I want you to. If you cooperate, we may let you go without any injury. But if you decide to protest or to act smart, we will not hesitate to rip these two apart." He continued as he gestured the man behind her to untie her.

"There is only one rule; you have to follow every order of mine without hesitation. The slightest reluctance and your daughters get ravished." Rashmi nodded her head to show that she understood. She had stood up from the chair that she was tied to. He grabbed her by the waist and dragged her to a nearby table.

He then turned her back towards the rest of the group and began to fondle her. He ran his hands on her waist, her soft belly, her sari covered ass and then went higher to caress her neck and face. He was petting her like a new toy. "What is it that you want me to do?" I heard my mom say in a shaking voice. "Oh, nothing too hard. You see, me and my boys have been off a job for quite a while. We're really tired. We would just like you to entertain us." "How.how can I entertain you?" "I'm sure we'll find a way" Saying this the heavy man started laughing.

His mates joined in his sick laughter. As if to show her the way, he took her hand and guided it to his crotch. Rashmi knew all along that this was going to happen, so when he finally pressed her hand on his organ, she sighed in resignation. She knew we wouldn't walk away from here alive unless she gave her body to this vile man. I hope he at least spares my daughters, she thought. She looked down at his bulge and as we looked on, gave it a slight squeeze, as if to show her willingness to please him.

Rashid smiled at her actions. He sat down in a chair and pulled her roughly towards him, so that she almost fell on his lap. He grabbed her around the waist and placed her ass directly on his crotch. She was noticeably uneasy as he ground his organ on her soft ass over her sari and petticoat.

Next his hands reached up and grabbed her breasts. He then began to fondle her boobs over her blouse. The pallu of her sari had slipped from her shoulder, so everybody got a good view of her blouse clad boobs being squashed by his hands.

Then he started to unhook the clasps in front of her green cotton blouse one by one. More and more of her fair breasts were exposed until he pulled the wet garment away from her body and she was left sitting in just her white bra. Rashmi's face was red with embarrassment as she was sitting in her underwear in front of her own children and a group of vile, rowdy men. She tried not to look at her daughters in her shame. Rashid then opened the clasp of the bra and let it fall free.

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Rashmi's large succulent boobs were now free from any sort of clothing and everybody was awed by the firmness of her milky assets, her dark brown nipples were hard due to the wetness of her dress, and the cold damp warehouse. Putting her left arm over his shoulder,Rashid bent forward to take them in his mouth.

He began to press and squeeze her tits as he sucked on her hard nubs. Rashmi put her head over his shoulder, as if to hide her face from her children. She decided to plead for her shame. "Please. not in front of my children. Let us go to some other side.Please." "Shut up, whore.!!

You'll do as you're told." Rashid shouted. "Now get down on your knees, slut. It's time to show you who your master really is." Rashmi was made to stand up first, so that Rashmi could open her sari.

He just sat in his chair and pulled the sari from her body as she turned around in a circle with her head bent in shame and her arms covering her boobs.

She was now standing in her petticoat. She was made to kneel before Rashd as he sat in his chair. She was told to open his zipper, which she did. He then directed her to take his penis out.

Rashmi dutifully reached inside his trousers, pulled down his briefs and took out his semi hard cock. It was so thick that she could barely grab it in her tiny hands. "What are you waiting for bitch? Take it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop." With that,Rashid put his hand on the back of her head and guided her lips to his black cock.

Shalini and neetu looked on helplessly as the vile man's dirty cock entered their mother's mouth. She took the head in her mouth and began to lick on it slowly. He wasn't satisfied by this. He held her head with one hand and tried to stuff his entire tool in her mouth with the other. The two girls watched as more and more of his cock went inside her mouth until he hit her throat. Still a part of his organ was outside. Rashid grabbed rashmi by her thick hair and began to push his penis in and out of her mouth.

Everybody was watching as the man fucked my her face and mauled her boobs at the same time with his free hand.

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Her mouth was struggling to accommodate his thickness and spit was running down her lips as he continued to ravage her sweet, innocent face. Finally he took it out when Rashmi started to gasp from lack of oxygen. She gasped as she took deep breaths, her chest heaving. His black cock had now grown to full hardness. As it glistened with her saliva, it had to be at least 9 inches in length. It was also really thick. He stood up and stripped fully naked.

He was a tall, well built man with a large, thick organ that was sticking out. It was giving small jerks from excitement. He bent rashmi over the table, so that she was lying flat against it. Slowly he lifted her petticoat over her shapely hips to expose her round, fleshy butt to everybody's view. Rashmi felt her panties being pulled down to her ankles. She went red with shame as she knew that her daughters were watching her naked ass. "Oooh. the bitch has got a nice ass, isn't it boys.?" Rashid said loudly as he slapped one cheek with his rough hands.

The others laughed in agreement. "Maybe I'll taste it later." he grinned, exposing his tobacco stained teeth. He started to spank my rashmi's ass cheeks as her daughters watched helplessly. He repeatedly slapped her fair buttocks until they were reddish in colour. Rashmi was lying flat on the table and whimpering in pain as she endured Rashid's beating on her soft ass flesh. Rashid's penis was quivering with lust as he spanked the MILF.

Finally, he stopped and started to finger her vaginal lips from behind. "Are you ready, you slut?" Rashmi didn't know what else to say but she knew she had to be completely submissive or the men would harm her children. "Yes, Sir." "Do you want it, randi?" (randi=whore) "Yes, Sir." "Yes, what.???

Tell me you want my hard cock in your pussy. Tell me to make you my whore." He urged her. Rashmi had never used such filthy words, but again, she forced herself to mouth them.

"Yes Sir, put your hard cock in me and make me your whore." Without wasting time, the horny man placed his cock head at her pussy hole from behind and pushed it in. Rashmi groaned in pain as her long unused hole was stretched by the thick pole. "Oooohhh. the whore's cunt is still tight. Guess you haven't been getting too many customers, huh?

How do you like my cock, you slut?" Rasmi said as he began to fuck her with long, hard strokes, slapping her ass cheeks for his pleasure. Neetu watched helplessly as her mom was being raped before her very eyes. Raashid held onto her hips as he pushed more and more of his thick pole up her vagina.

His hard slaps on her plump buttocks made a smacking sound as he continued to fuck her from the back, using all his anger in the strokes.

He put one leg up on the table and pushed her down with even more force, so that she was lying with her face mashed against the table and groaning in pain as his hard organ invaded her pussy brutally. All this time, the men were getting impatient to do something about the virginity of beautiful young Shalini.

Shahid could not hold on any longer. He went up to her and tried to smooch her. The terrified young girl resisted violently, but Rajan, another accomplice quickly pinned her hands behind her. Refusing to give up, Shalini kicked Shahid in his groin, and this infuriated him. Shahid was a huge bearded six and a half feet giant, and Shalini was no match for him.

The man effortlessly threw her on a nearby mattress.He effortlessly tore away her shirt and bra, and pulled off her jeans. Little Neelu started screaming, and Rashmi tried to get off and rush to her daughters help, but the men held her back. Even as her agonized mother watched, Shalini's panties were torn off her and the beautiful young virgin was standing botomless and helpless in the full bloom of her beauty.

Shalini was really beautiful, with an angelic face and long hair and tight round boobs and long silky legs. Shahid could not wait to fuck her, he could feel the hard-on almost bursting his pants. He and Rajan dragged the struggling girl across the room and threw her down onto a large table.

Rajan held her hands tightly and two more men came up and took hold of her thrashing legs and pulled them apart to expose her pink pussy lips to Shahid.

Shahid saw Shalini's cunt open and helpless in front of him, and breathing hard, he unzipped his pants and drew out his monstrous cock. Shalini screamed when she saw the 9 inch long and very thick rod. It was the first time the innocent young girl had seen a cock.

She couldn't imagine that getting inside her and struggled desperately to get off the table, but she was held by three strong men. Shahid placed his cock at Shalini's cunt opening,as she squirmed desperately and her mother wailed in despair. Shalini's cunt was amazingly tight but as she squirmed desperately and her mother wailed in despair. Shalini's cunt was amazingly tight but Aftab entered her brutally, tearing apart her virginity and making her scream in agony entered her brutally, tearing apart her virginity a and making her scream in agony while burying 3/4 of his cock into her cunt.

but he was a sadistic man. jsut fucking a girl was not enough for him., he want to make her suffer and revel in it. he pullled back until just the tip of his monstrous organ was buried in nubile shalini and then. after waiting for a few second. long enough for shalini'spai to subside a little and for her to open her eyes. he drove back into her. this time with unimaginable force and brutality.

depositing his entire organ inside of her. Salini gave an ear splitting shriek. she had been turned into a woman instantaneously, against her will and mercilessly.

her shrieks brought an immense sense of pleasure to Shahid. and loud cheers from rest of the men.Shahid kept himself in.motionless for what seemed an eternity to the poor girl and then bent forwards and depositied his face between her bg, round, firm anf juicy boobs.He placed his hands under her and caught hold of her ass cheeks.squeezing them without mercy and using them as a leverage.

all the while he was sucking her boobs and kissing, succking and bitting her nipple. Rashmi wailed when she saw her daughter being destroyed in front of her eyes but that only fuelled Rashid's frenzy. who started to pile drive into her. each action bringing a grunt from rashid and a shriek from rashmi. all the while shahid biting the poor teens boobs. shahid then started to fuck her.

he started moving in and out of the the poor teen. each thrust moved the girls by a feet, with her boobs swaying.shahid got upright.roughly grabbed her milky thighs and pinched them. and then took hold of her ankles and folded her legs over her chest.

raising and exposing her pussy even more. the two guys holdin shalini's hands grabbed one boob each and squuezed them mercilessly.turning them into red blobs of hot meat.

drawing screams of agony from her. Neetu, the 14 year old teen who was still in her school uniform watched in horror as her mother and elder sister were being violated and the room reverberating with the lustful grunts of the men and the painfuls shrieks and wails of the women.

the man holding her back. could not hold back any longer. he started running his hands over her uniform. cupping her breat over hir shirt and squeezing them.and then down to her legs. reaching the bottom end of her skirt and once on her thigh. started to trace her thigh. upto her crotch.once there. he wasted no time in thrusting his rough cold hand in her panties and onto her cunt.

this man was no other than RK, who had recognised Neetu as soon as he had seen her and had planned to use the tee for his pleasure.


she was just his type, young, budding, shy, frightened and vulnerable. He had turned many girls in the school to his personal sex slaves and neetu was going to be the latest addition to that list. she however was oblivious to this as her mind was numbed to make any possible deductions. With a groan, RK went down on his knees beside Neetu and started fondling her right breast in his hand.

Rubbing the soft flesh,he unbuttoned her shirt and sifter her bra upwards, exposing her teen budding breasts he flicked his tongue out to lick at her nipples. The pink nubs were rapidly becoming erect against her will. She couldn't control her excitement, even though she knew she would be raped in this deserted warehouse by the horny men who surrounded her. The other guys lokked on, cheered and finally two of them reached neetu and started to grope her followed suit.

All this while, Neetu watched helplessly as her sister's ripe young body was being enjoyed by a dirty, vile middle aged man. while Shahid was relentless in his assault at Shalini's pussy, driving in and out of her with a maddening force, the 2 guys holding her down had also joined in on abusing her body. Each of them had completely tore off her shirt and bra on each side and the beauty was completely naked lying on the table, with a huge shaft ravishing her cunt, groaning and crying with each thrust.

the two guys then took a tit each in their hand while with their other hands they held the fiesty girl back. Needless to say, her breasts were now being subjected to an assault that was beyond tolerance. Her plump, juicy fruits were being squeezed and kissed and licked while her stiff, pink buds were being pinched and sucked and bitten. The men sucked away at her nipples, pulling them with their lips as far as they could.

Her soft nubs were stretched painfully. They bit her soft tit-flesh, leaving red marks all over her boobs. Shalini groaned in pain as one guy pinched her nipple between his teeth and pull at it repeatedly.

The 2 guys abusing Shalini's tits soon stood up as they couldn't control their excitement any longer and started to strip. One by one their shirts and vests, then their trousers came off in a hurry, they left their boots on, probably because the farmhouse floor was quite dirty and strewn with junk. Their dicks made quite a bulge in their briefs. Both of them were quite well built, with muscular chests and bulging biceps, they were close to six feet.

Then they took off their briefs. Shalini gasped as she watched the hard cocks come in her view. They were as long and thick as Shahid's cock, if not more. They were thick, veined pieces of coal-black meat which were sticking straight out from their bodies. The men grinned at her amazement. For a recently virgin girl, seeing two live cocks in front of her, while one continued to destroy her pussy that also of this length and girth was just too much too process.

Her eyes became glazed as she went in to some kind of haze. The two men circled her. One of them put his organ on her lips. She submissively opened her mouth and allowed the man to guide his thick meat in her wet mouth. The other one took her hand and guided it to his cock. She started to rub it on her own. The men exchanged smiles as they watched this young girl begin to pleasure them without any prodding on their part.

Shalini's mouth moved against her will, opening and closing in response to each stroke of the cock between her lips, as her shining waist length hair was grabbed roughly. Her head rose and fell with her movements as she moved from one cock to another, trying to satisfy the carnal desires of both the men.

Her lips were being stretched by the thickness of their meat. The well hung men fucked her mouth relentlessly, taking turns in using her. All this while Shahid's assault on her had continued, it was unbelievable the amount of time and vigour she was being fucked by this man and he showed no signs of relenting, Shalini felt as if there was a raging fire between her legs and her innards were being smashed by the rod prodding her, but she could do nothing, not even shriek as her mouth was stuffed with throbbing cocks, all she could do was to make painful muffled sounds, and that only seemed to further fuel the sadistic men's desire and frenzy All this while Rashmi watched helplessly as Neetu, the youngest was stripped by RK, the underage teen was slowly relieved of her shirt and then her bra was removed.

making her completely topless.and at the same time one of the other two men fondling her pulled at and tore off her panties, making the girl shriek with pain.now she was wearing only a school skirt and given the penetration of fashion into idiotic schoolgirls, it reached only upto a few iinches above her thighs.

RK was in a mood to completely use this beauty, not just to fuck her but to use every nch of her body to pleasure him.and given that he had access to her at school.to use her for a long time to come. With a devilish grin, RK got up and went behind the girl and caught her from the waist. he started kissing her back, biting lightly and rubbing his hands all over her stomach and finaaly stopping by cupping both her breasts and squeezing them, gently at first but then with a firmness that made Neetu very, very uncomfortable.

One of the other guys went on his knees and started licking her leg, starting at her knee, he raced his tongue upwards on her shapely, milky flawless thigh, moving inwards at the same time.he finally reached the hallowed ground.

a little mound that was hairless and pink. without wating a second, he started licking at it.drawing groans form the nubile teen while the third guy just held her and stroked his now erect cock. Rashmi now watched in horror as both her daughters were being forced to perform for the men's pleasure. Meanwhile, Rashid, still pounding Rashmi had put his leg down on the ground and had grabbed Her shoulders as he continued to plow her pussy with full force.

After a while, he pulled out. Rashmi was pulled to her feet and dragged to the mattress beside the table. It was quite dirty with holes in it, but it was better than the floor. Her petticoat was opened as she stood there, shaking from the battering she had just received from Rashmi. The pussy lips were slightly open as Rashid's hard blows had loosened her long unused hole.

She was still a bit disoriented as she was pushed to her knees by the man.

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He grabbed her hair and pulled her head towards his slimy, wet cock, which was covered in her juices. It was hard and throbbing with lust. RAshmi looked at it and shuddered in disgust, but one look from Rashid silenced her.

Regina knew that she would have to suck and clean this cock which was wet from her cunt juice. He pushed his wet penis between her ruby red lips and Rashmi obediently opened her mouth to take his dirty cock in.

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Vijay closed his eyes as her enjoyed Regina's lips and tongue on his tumescent cock. She was cleaning his cock dutifully, licking at the juices sticking to the sides and sucking on his fat reddish knob. He hadn't cum yet and he must have been aching for release. Soon, his cock was ready. "Is it clean yet, you cock loving slut?" He asked in a stern voice.

Rashmi timidly said, "Sir, it is clean now." "Good, now lie down on your back. It's time your cunt got a dose of my cream." saying so, Rashid positioned the woman on her back and went down on his knees before her. He then lay on her fully, his whole weight on her as he grabbed her neck in an elbow grip.

Licking the side of her neck, he whispered something in her ear. Rashmi was told to put his cock back in her cunt. She reached between them and grabbing his penis, proceeded to guide the stiff pole into the soft folds of her moist warm sheath. "Aaaah." She groaned as Rashid's fat cock head penetrated her for the second time that night. He forced his lips on hers as he continued to push deeper into her juicy hole.

With Rashmi being raped for the second time, and Shalini's ordeal continuing, the three men fondling Neetu could hold back no longer, their cocks had started twitching with excitement and their assault on her body had grown fiercer.She had by now understood that she was going to be raped and started to sob softly. Big tears were forming at her eyes. She was too scared too cry out loudly as she was stunned by the turn of events. Her mother was being raped before her eyes as two men with huge dicks fucked her sister's mouth, while a third pole shattered her cunt.

It was a shock to her system.

She just stood there as the two men started to strip. Her 32-inch breasts free of any covering came into view. She went red with shame as she vainly tried to hide her assets from the view.

The guys then opened their shirts and vest to reveal their well developed chests. RK told the other two men to wait and suddenly grabbed her and started to kiss her madly. He fondled her lovingly at the same time. His hands traveled all over her body, from her bare back to her bra covered breasts to her hips and thighs. He just couldn't get enough of this young, virgin girl who was at his disposal.

He grabbed and caressed her flesh anywhere he could.


Neetu was helpless to stop this assault on her. He was just too strong for her. The other guys just watched, waiting for their turn to prey on her.

The man was kissing her neck and face and gradually came down to her mouth. He forced his lips on neetus mouth and kissed her forcibly, sucking on her lower lip. His tongue darted in her mouth and she had no choice but to accept it. As the man kissed her, his hands went to her back. He grabbed her ripe fruit like breasts and kissed and sucked on them as he squeezed them with force. The other guys couldn't wait any longer as they also joined the first man and grabbed her breasts.

Rashmi watched helplessly as the three well-built men mauled neetu's soft flesh. They were squeezing her boobs and kissing on them while licking and sucking on her hard nipples. Neetu had stopped trying to fend them off and was caught up in a wave of lust as pleasurable sensations flooded her nubile body. She didn't protest as the men lowered her on to the floor, on top of the flattened packing boxes.

They swiftly undressed. As their briefs were lowered, neetu gasped at the sight of their erect cocks. all of them were well hung. They had to be as long and thick as the guys who were face fucking Shalini. Their erect organs swung in the air as they approached her.

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Neetu by now started to whimper in mild protest. "Please sir, don't do this, I beg of you.Please.I'm a virgin, don't ruin me." She said in a soft voice. The men paid no heed to her. In fact, they seemed to get more excited on hearing that she was a virgin.

Both of them went down beside her on the makeshift bed held her down and continued to fondle her body, focusing on her breasts and nipples. They were pulling on the hard nubs for their pleasure, even as neetu groaned of pain each time her nipples were painfully pulled away from her body. RK, while went down and parted her legs and took the position between them. he had his fully erect cock in his hands and could hardly wait to taste the fruits of the young girl's body.

he touched the quivering tip of his penis to the entrance to neetu's womanhood. Her cunt was very small, unused and tight.tighter than RK had ever smashed before. he pushed in a bit, burying just the tip of his enormous phallus in the little girl's pussy.

Neetu felt a bit of pain, se was relieved, she had heared a lot about the pain and agony of being fucked for the first time from her friends, she could hear her mother and sister wailing. but this wasn't that bad, she could hardly feel a thing. she was relieved and thought that she might actually make it through this.

little did she know that it was the Sadist RK's way of doubling her pain and by extension, his pleasure. As soon as neetu opened her eyes and relaxed her pelvis a bit, RK lunged forward with all his minght. He put all his weight into the thrust,breaking the virgin girl's hymen and burying his monstrous cock in the poor girl's warm, moist folds in one go.and then held it in. It was couple of seconds before neetu could make out anything.and after thhat it was the most agonising thing she could have imagined.it was like her innards were on fire.

The hall reverberated with the loud, shrill painful cry of the underage teen who had been turned into a woman well ahead of time. so horrendous were her cries that her mother, who was being subjected to an onslaught forgot her agony and tried, in vain to rush to her daught's aide.

Her elder sister, who was still being pumped from both the ends, renewed her attempts to breakfree, however futile, to be able to reach her baby sister.her baby sister, who was now being fucked mercilessly be a deranged man.who was laughing maniacally, enjoying every moment of the agony he was causing to the girl, reveling in her cries and thoroughly abusing her body. Neetu's ordeal had started, and by the looks of it was going to continue for very long RK started to fuck her, he gradually built up a rhythm, withdrawing a little more each time and then driving madly back in, until he reached a stage where he would leave just the tip of the shaft buried and then smash in using all his weight.

He would drive in to such an extant that his balls struck the poor girl's crotch each time, and each stroke brought forwards fresh screams of pain. intensifying RK's lust and doubling his vigour. the other two guys holding neetu back were enjoying every moment of this and were charging themselves for when their turn came, they had a tough act to follow, to make the girl suffer more than RK was doing currently, if it was even possible.

RK continued to pound the girl, and grabbed hold of her breasts, hard. with her flesh oodling from between his fingers, he used tis as a leverage, as a leverage to pull hiself inwards for each stroke. One of the men holding neetu down, Rajesh, had enough of the shrieks and he took his cock, pulled the poor girl's head backwards by cruelly pulling back her hairs.and shoved it in with all his might. He kept shoving it till he could feel it reaching the back of her throat, and once there, he built up a rhythm.mercilessly face fucking the teen.

It was unbelievable, a girl who was a virgin a few minutes ago, lied nude on a floor, sarrounded by three devils and was being fucked like a hardened hookre from both ends.her cries had stiffled because of the cock, and all she could manage were gagging sounds, ones that made RK go crazy with lust and he increased his speed further. THAT'S IT FOR PART 1 I DO HAVE A LOT OF IDEAS FOR TAKING THIS TITLE FURTHER AND DEVELOP THIS INTO A SERIES.