Hinata Komine getting initiated to the office ways

Hinata Komine getting initiated to the office ways
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My eyes snapped open. Her eyes snapped open. I looked down. She looked down. I looked at her womanly legs, her sexy as hell womanly hips, her flat feminine belly and the swelling of her breasts. I looked at her pretty face, which seemed to be pretty even with the shocked expression on it.

I took two steps back and looked at the beautiful woman in front of me. The kind of woman that you would crawl over broken glass to speak to. I watched her as her eyes welled up with tears. I watched her as she walked past me with her hand over her mouth trying to stifle a sob. I turned and saw her walking away towards the toilets. I watched her stunning arse carry her through the people and through the toilet doors.

I turned to see Paul looking at me trying to figure out what had happened. I walked off the dance floor and up to where Paul was and in shock said, "She's got a cock!" Paul's eyes blinked a few times and he slowly turned around to Jenna who was standing there with both hands covering her mouth. Paul walked up to her and whispered something in her ear. She nodded her head and cowered. Paul put his hand under her chin and lifted her head. He leaned in and kissed her. Jenna melted into Paul's huge frame.

He turned back to me and smiled. "Water off a ducks back bro." I nodded in agreement and turned towards the toilets. I waited outside the toilets. I thought to myself how I would have reacted if this had happened to me a year ago - or a month ago.hell.even a few nights ago. I thought that I should be angry that she didn't tell me before we got intimate. But as I waited I realized that it actually didn't matter.

I liked her company. She was gorgeous. She was a great kisser and after my experience with Paul the whole 'cock' thing didn't bother me. The more I thought about it, the more I was actually finding myself getting excited at the thought of seeing her. Of being able to apologize to her. I saw a glimpse of her black hair pushing it's way through the crowd and then saw Caley emerge. She had cleaned herself up a bit but I could tell by the slight puffiness around her eyes that she had been crying.

I walked up to her, "You OK?" She was a little taken back, "Oh - you're still here?" "Why wouldn't I be?" "Weeeell.you kind of discovered my secret.and I'm sorry, I should have told you. I was going to tell you but it's tough trying to bring it in to conversation in a loud bar." She looked like she was going to cry again.

"Caley - do you want another drink?" "You want to buy me a drink?" "Of course. When I see a beautiful girl in a bar I buy her a drink." She smiled her beautiful smile, "That'd be lovely thank you." I told her to sit down on one of the sofa's that had come free.

I watched her walk over to it and was again astounded at how womanly she was. There was no suspect masculinity about her. I got a couple of Rum's and walked over to her. I handed her her drink and we clinked the glasses together. "Here's to finding out secrets." I winked She took a sip and put her glass down on the table in front of her. "So I guess you need an explanation?" she enquired "Not if you don't want to give one." She took a deep breathe, "I left St Lucia when I was 15.

At that stage I was a gay teenage boy called Christo. My Father said that he was moving for work but I knew he was moving because of the terrible things happening to me. I was being beaten up, mocked, teased and bullied.

I knew that nature had made a mistake when it gave me a man's body. I never wore it well." "So when I turned 15 I took my Father aside and told him my problems. We talked about it for about 3 or 4 days.

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During all that time he was always on my side, always making sure that I was being listened to." "A few weeks later I was talking to our family doctor about gender reassignment. The doctor was unsure how to proceed so we got in touch with a doctor here. 3 months later we had sold the family house and had moved here." "Over the next few years, after extensive counselling, psychiatric appraisals, drug regimes and eventually plastic surgery I turned into Caley." My curiosity had got the better of me, "So what's been done then?

If it's not rude to ask?" She blushed, "Well I've had hormone treatment which has basically caused my body to change shape. I got breast implants when I turned 19 and various bits and pieces nipped and tucked. I'm on the waiting list for the big snip though.

I think by the time I'm 25 I'll be completely a woman." "You already look like a complete woman to me." I said leaning over and kissing her gently on the lips.

She kissed me back but with more vigor. Soon we were tightly pressed up against each other, exploring each other's mouth. "Come home with me." I gasped "But Jenna.will she be OK with your friend?" "He's staying with me - he'll make sure she gets home OK." "Let's go." She hopped up ready to leave. I stayed sitting. "What's wrong?" I smiled, "I think I need to maybe give myself a few minutes?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once I was in a position to walk through the crowded club without embarrassing myself or anyone else I took her hand and went over to where Paul and Jenna were.

They were just heading down to the dance floor when we reached them. "Caley and I are heading to mine." I informed them.

Paul spent the next few minutes umming and ahhing about heading back with us or staying and dancing. Jenna wanted to dance so eventually he decided to stay. He told me to enjoy myself and that he'd see me later. I gave him the codes to the garden gates and we headed off to the coat check where Caley picked up a little leather jacket.

We walked outside into the still warm early morning air and hailed a cab. The cab ride back home was spent talking about her life in St Lucia. What she missed about it, how her parents split up shortly after arriving here, her non-existent relationship with her Mother and her wonderful relationship with her Father. We arrived at my place. The main house was dark but the garden lights meant that heading around to my apartment through the gates and via the small walkway was easily done.

The pool area was a warm shade of yellow with the dim security lights. I walked to my apartment door and opened it for her. She stepped through. I followed her and closed the door behind me. She walked over to the counter top and put her bag and jacket on it. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist. She sank back into me and bent her head forward when my lips found her neck. She softly moaned as my gentle kisses coated her smooth neck.

I allowed my hands to explore her front. Her baggy shirt not making it easy to feel the contours of her body. I decided to make the first big move. I reached up with both hands and started to undo her blouse. There was no resistance.in fact she seemed to welcome it.

I undid the final button and she move forward as I pulled it down over her shoulders and on to the floor by our feet. She now stood in front of me in just her skirt and bra. I traced my hands over her tight belly. Her skin was warm under my touch. I slid up so my hands felt the lacy material of her bra. She was leaning back against me now with her head back resting against my shoulder. Her body was shaking ever so slightly, her breathing was loud but steady. I moved my hands higher still so they were resting on the upper swell of her tits.

They felt large and solid.not hard.but a definite heft to them. Her arse was rubbing up against my cock which was painfully erect in my trousers. As I continued to kiss her neck she reached down with one hand and took my bulge in it. With a soft and slow circular motion she rubbed me through my jeans. It felt amazing.

I took this as a sign that she was ready for me to go to the next stage. With one hand I slid down her body until I was at the point where the hem of her tight skirt ended and her slim thighs began. I pulled the material until it was up around her hips. I traced my fingers along her naked thighs enjoying her reactions to her arousal. I then placed my hand between her legs and pushed up against the space where a woman's pussy would usually be. But instead I only felt the hard bulk of an erect cock, tucked in to her tight panties.

My cock hardened even more when I felt the pulse of her member up against my hand. "Can you take my panties off Chris.I'm so hard it's sore." she breathed. "You sure?" "Yes please - oh God please." I push her skirt up a little more and found the waist band of her panties. They were very tight. I managed to get my fingers under the elastic band and started to pull them down. Caley moved her legs a little which helped them slip down over her hips.

I kept pulling on them and eventually they fell to her ankles. She moved forward a little and stepped out of the panties. Caley then stepped back into and again reached down to fondle my bulge.


While she had stepped forward I had taken the opportunity to unclasp her bra. The straps fell off her shoulders and it joined her panties on the floor. My hands roamed all over her belly and tits. Caley's breasts were round and firm. Her nipples were small but she responded euphorically as I pinched them. Her skin was so soft. Any trace of her former life as a boy seemed to have been completely vanished. As I kissed and nuzzled her neck and played with her tits I realized that everything about her was feminine.she was exquisite.

Continuing with my exploration of her breasts with one hand I allowed my other hand to snake its way down her belly to her bunched up skirt. Slipping over the crumpled material I felt her skin. Her skin then segued into finely trimmed hair and then a little further down.

The base of her cock. I allowed my fingers to explore her crotch. I reached down under her shaft with didn't find any balls. Her testicles had shriviled to a tiny size with the onslaught of the hormone treatments. Instead I felt the underside of her rod. She moaned as my fingers closed around it. It pulsed and jumped in my hand. I slid my hand along amazed at how smooth at felt. As I got to the head my hand immediately became slick with her pre-cum.

I slowly pumped her, allowing the moistness to lubricate my hand. "Wait." she gasped. I quickly moved my hand thinking that I had done something wrong. She turned and faced me. "Are you sure you're OK with this?" "No.your skirt is still on." She smiled and quickly pulled her skirt down over her hips. When it fell to the floor she was completely naked. She stood back and allowed me to gaze at her. Her figure was so feminine. Her legs were completely hairless and a rich dark caramel colour.

Her tits actually looked pretty natural. But her face was the crowning glory. Even now knowing her backstory, I couldn't really make out any masculinity. Her eyes and mouth were kind and soft. Her lips full, teeth white. Her hair in tight ringlets framed her beauty.I walked to her and kissed her. She pushed me back, "Woah there guy. If I'm here naked then why are you still fully clothed?" "I guess I got caught up in the moment." "Well, we're not having that then." Caley pushed me back and pulled up my shirt.

She pulled my shirt off and threw it to the floor. She stepped up to me and kissed my chest while her hands loosened my belt. Once my belt was undone she used both hands to undo my trousers. As my fly opened I felt her hand close around my bulge.

She looked up at me and kissed me as her hand rubbed my hardness. Caley stepped back a little. I took the opportunity to kick off my shoes.


She pulled my trousers down and I stepped out of them. I saw her eyes widen as my boxers pitched like a tent, my cock rock hard. She got onto her knees and placed her fingers in the waist band of my boxers. She slowly pulled them down. As the waistband passed my crotch my cock sprang out, fully engorged and already leaking pre-cum. She let me pants drop and took hold of me with both hands. She looked up into my eyes as she slowly stroked me. She shuffled a little on the ground and brought her mouth up to the tip of my cock.

She opened her mouth ever so slightly. Just enough to let the tip of her tongue trail up the underside of my cocks head. She opened her mouth again, but wider. I saw my cock disappear into into. I felt the warmth of her mouth close around my member and the tingle of the first contact.

Her lips closed around me as she took a good 3 or 4 inches into her moist mouth. Then she took me to heaven. Her slow and deliberate sucks as well as her hand movements caused a real fire through my body.

As her mouth slid up my pole her tongue danced around. Her technique was exquisite. For 3 or 4 minutes she teased, sucked, deep throated and wanked me. I was so entranced by what she was doing I didn't even have time to think about cumming. I wanted to it to go on for ever. She released my cock from her mouth and stood up. I held her in close, relishing the feeling of her breasts up against my nude torso and her cock up against leg.

I reached behind her and grabbed her arse, pushing her in closer to me. "Do you want to head up to my room?" I asked. "Yes please." she replied. I went to lead her up the stairs. She briefly let go and picked up her bag and then followed me up and into my room.

I lay down on the bed and motioned to her to join me. "I'm sorry, but can I used your bathroom?" "Yeah of course you can, just through that door." She walked through the doorway and closed it. I lay back in bed and took stock of the situation. A week ago I would never have been in this position, I would have run screaming from the club when I first felt the hardness on my leg.

I certainly wouldn't have gone looking for her and kissed her. My mind did grapple a little with what this new found openness meant. I knew I wasn't gay but the thought of being with a guy sexually no longer held any sort of taboo. I knew in my mind that I wanted to be with Paul again. I wanted us to have time to actually have sex properly. Paul had opened this new world to me and I now seemed to be heading down the road at 100 miles per hour.

I was, however, still confused over my feelings towards my Mom. I could reconcile spying on my Mom sunbathing, I could even reconcile the fact that I had watched her fuck Paul and been turned on by it. What I was struggling with was the fact that if the opportunity to fuck my Mom did present itself, I'm not sure I could say no. I had been thinking about her in ways that I shouldn't have been.

I was lusting after her nakedness. I wanted to be inside her, I wanted her to be moaning my name. I told myself to stop it. My focus needed to be on Caley for the next short while. If only she'd hurry up in the toilet.

10 minutes later Caley came back in the room. "So sorry about that. I had to take care of some stuff." "That's OK." She climbed onto the bed and lay down on her back. I lifted myself up so I was above her. I reached out with my hand and caressed her breasts again. I watched as she reached down and took hold of her own cock and started to stroke herself hard.

I leaned down and took one of her nipples in my mouth. The taste of her skin was divine. I loved her reaction as she sucked in a deep gulp of air. I rolled over a little and straddled her legs. I felt her cock up against my own. I leaned back down and kissed her.mouth, then her tits, down her belly until I reached her rock hard pole.

"I've never done this before." I whispered. "Well you're doing everything perfect so far." she said breathlessly. I moved my body so I was straddling her lower legs. Just below me I saw her proud cock, fully erect with a glistening droplet of pre-cum oozing from the hole. I took her on my hand and slowly pumped her pulling down her foreskin to reveal her purple head.

My hands pushed her member flat against her belly. I moistened my tongue and then for the first time on my life, licked a cock. I felt the smoothness against my tongue as I licked up her manhood. I expected a strong musky smell, but instead there was a slight fruity aroma. "You smell amazing." I offered up. "Thanks," she panted, "Thought I'd clean up for you." The lack of the musk made being that close to her pleasurable for me. I lifted her cock so it was vertical and closed my lips around its head.

I immediately tasted the juice that was seeping from her hole. It wasn't as I expected. It was almost tasteless and it definitely wasn't unpleasant. Spurred on by my rapidly dwindling fears I took more of her inside my mouth.

I felt the beginning of the shaft pass past my lips. Everytime I felt it was too much I released a little bit of her length and then began again. Soon my lips were wanking her shaft. My gag reaction which occurred a few times at the beginning subsided. I was able to concentrate on giving Caley the best blowjob I could manage. I found that she really liked my tongue tracking up the underside of her cock as I sucked on her. I tried my best to take more of her in but I think deep-throating was a little past my skill set at the moment.

Instead I made sure that I excelled at the more basic skills of a blow job. It must have worked. Within a few minutes I felt Caley's hands on the back of my head. "I think I'm going to cum. Do you want me to cum?" I really wanted her to cum. I hurried my sucking and concentrated around the head as I knew that was what I liked when I was getting a blowjob. As Caley gasped in pleasure I felt her cock expand and harden even more.

Suddenly my mouth was awash with Caley's cum.

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I felt a few squirts hit the back of my mouth. The warm, slightly salty jism filling my mouth. I wanted to impress her, so I swallowed.

The liquid slipped down my throat. Much like a milky shooter. Once the initial amount was swallowed I spent the next 10 or 20 seconds cleaning her cock, being careful not to pay too much attention to the sensitive area at the tip.

After her orgasm subsided she pulled me up and kissed me passionately. "Oh my God, that was amazing. That was your first time.

My God I can hardly breathe." she panted. Before I could get any words out she pulled me back in and kissed me. Her tongue powerfully attacking the inside of my mouth.

Caley motioned for me to move my legs to let hers out. When both her legs were free she spread her legs and allowed me to lie in between them. She continued to kiss me. I could now feel what she was doing. By moving her legs it meant that our cocks were right up against each other.

I was so hard it was ridiculous. She reached down with one of her hands and took hold of me. She moved a little and placed her legs so we were in the missionary position.

She took my cock and placed it against the opening of her arse. "You OK with this Chris?" I smiled and kissed her on the cheek, "I'm really OK with this." The first thing I noticed was that she was already slippery down there and the fruity aroma got a little stronger. She smiled at me, "Sorry - I was pretty sure this was going to happen so I made sure I was ready.

You don't mind do you?" I smiled back at her and pushed my cock against her tight arsehole. I felt the slightest give as her hand continued to guide me. A few more pushes and she gasped as the head of my cock pushed past her sphincters resistance. Slowly her arse relaxed and accepted more of me into her.

"Oh my God Chris.slowly baby.slowly." she moaned With every push and draw back I felt less and less resistance. Soon I was thrusting into her. "I'm not going to last long Caley. You're so tight." "Ooooo baby.cum whenever you want.just cum inside me." I drew myself up onto my knees and looked at the scene below me. Caley's exquisite body spread eagle on her back. Her tits bouncing with the force of my thrusts, her mouth open in pleasure, words pouring out, words like 'fuck me', 'cum in me', 'fuck my arse'.

And then the most amazing vision, my hard cock thrusting in and out of her arse while her semi erect, spent cock slowly hardened again. I felt my balls and arse tingle. My cock became super sensitive. "I'm gonna cum Caley, I'm gonna cum." "Ooooo please baby, fuck me hard when you cum." I needed no second invitation. As I felt my balls tighten I rammed my cock, full length into Caley's arse. She gasped as I exploded inside of her.

My cum spurting out in great rivers of pent up lust. I felt her hole grip against me and was amazed to see cum shooting out of her cock as well. Within seconds we were both lying on the bed panting for breathe. Caley rolled over and put her arm across my chest. "That was pretty amazing." she said. I didn't know how to respond. My head was spinning. My orgasm was so intense it had totally fried my thought processes. I just put my arm around her, pulled her in close and closed my eyes.

It must have been a couple of hours later when I woke up to the wonderful feeling of Caley sucking my cock. It was slow and easy, "Morning.I think?" When she saw I was awake she scrambled on top of me and inserted my cock inside of her. The view was wonderful. Her whole body just seemed to glow as she slowly fucked me. I reached down and wanked her as her tight hole encompassed me.

I felt myself ready to cum. Caley could sense it as well and she started to up her pace even more. I heard her moan and then gasp as her cum shot out across my stomach. A minute later my cock unloaded into Caley's arse again. The same intensity ripping through my body caused by her tight arsehole. Caley and I lay like that for a good 10 minutes. Talking about the night, what we were planning for Sunday, the week ahead and the sort of stuff you discuss in post coital bliss.

Finally when I was completely soft she hopped off the bed, stretched and told me she was going to have a shower. Part of me wanted to join her.

But I was exhausted, "You go, I'm going to see if Paul got home." I heard the shower start up so I climbed out of bed, wiped myself down and heading down stairs to the room Paul was in.

With Paul's and I new 'understanding' I thought nothing of walking around naked. I think secretly it was a turn on for me that it might lead to something. I walked up to his door which was slightly ajar. It was quiet. I peeked in and saw the unmistakable outline of his large frame. Curled up alongside it was another smaller frame which I could only assume was Jenna's ravaged body. I went over to the laundry basket and pulled out a pair of clean boxers. I walked back to the kitchen and got the breakfast process underway.

Soon a fresh pot of coffee was brewing. On a low heat I had bacon, sausages and eggs cooking and in the oven a whole draw of hashbrowns. I heard some movement from Paul's room. He walked out in his boxers with an obvious morning glory. "Hey rockstar. How was the rest of your night?" He asked.

"Pretty good. Bit tired now." I winked at him. "That'a boy.good for you." "So how was it for you.what you expected?" He suddenly looked a bit confused," Huh.Jenna didn't come home with me. She got tired and bailed." Now it was my turn to be confused, "Oh.so who's in the bed then?" "You spying on me?" "I just popped my head around." My brain suddenly clicked into gear. The small frame in the bed, "You fucked my Mom again didn't you." "Sorry dude.

I came home by myself and she was up. We chatted a bit. Had a few drinks and fucked." I rubbed my eyes, "Arrrgh.I guess it's something I'll need to get used to." "Well it's not like we're boyfriend and girlfriend. We're just.um.friends with benefits?" "Uuurgh.steady guy. It is my Mom you know!" "So I guess you don't want to hear the gory details then?" "Maybe when I'm drunk or something." Paul stretched up towards the ceiling.

I unashamedly stared at his body paying particular attention to his obviously semi erect cock. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a plate, "Load me up." I placed sausages and bacon onto his plate along with some hash browns. Once he had enough he sat down at the table and proceeded to inhale his food. I wondered how Caley was getting on. The thought of my experience with her last night and this morning caused me to harden slightly. The image of her tight feminine body and her hard cock was burnt into my mind.

"I should probably check on Caley?" I said, knowing full well that all I wanted to do was fuck her again. "I'll keep and eye on the breakfast." Paul offered. I headed up the stairs and opened the bathroom door. I stepped in and closed it behind me. Caley was in the shower washing her hair. She turned as the door clicked. "Hey wonderboy.breakfast smells good." she beamed. "Thought I'd try and impress you?" "You manged that last night! Can I ask you a favour though?

I've only got my skirt and blouse. Any chance you could ask your Mom or Sister if I can borrow some clothes?" "It'll have to be my Mom.she's pretty small but I reckon you'd fit her stuff. I'll go and ask her." "Thanks dude." I turned around and walked out. My cock was still semi erect and frustrated that a wee session wasn't forthcoming. I walked down the stairs to see Paul standing by the cooker.

He turned to me, "That was quick!" "Oh yes ha ha. I need to get some clothes for Caley. Is Mom still in your room?" "Nah, she heard you go upstairs and took off back to the house. I don't think she wanted to bump into you," "Right, best go and ask her then." "Well I didn't tell her that you knew she stayed with me. So maybe don't mention it." "Fine." I walked out the door into the morning heat.

The main house looked quiet. I'm guessing that Dad was away on business again. I can't really remember the last time he spent an entire weekend with us.

I walked in through the kitchen and only dressed in boxers realized how good of a job the air conditioning did on a day like this. I walked through to the far end of the house. Mom's bedroom was down a long hallway and up a small flight of stairs.

Their bedroom was large with kickarse views over the plains below. I could hear the radio on as normal as I climbed the stairs.

My Mom loves listening to classic rock when she gets ready in the mornings. It had become a bit of a joke in the household. Whenever she went to get ready she'd tell us that she was off to rock out. When I got to the top of the stairs I could also hear the shower coming from their quite frankly ridiculously large ensuite bathroom.

The door was slightly open through to the bathroom. I could hear the water falling onto the tiles of the shower. I pushed the door open a little knowing full well that I was hoping to see more of my Mom that I should.

As the door opened it revealed the large shower. It was a glass walled rectangle about 3 metres by 2 metres. The main shower head was located in the centre. It was a huge round 'rain' shower that came with all sorts of extra jets at various heights. My Mom was sitting with her back to me, leaning up against the wall with her legs spread.

She had one of the detachable shower heads in her hand. The head was pressed up against her between her legs. Over the sound of the water I could hear her breathing. Through the steam I could see her chest rising and falling like she was panting. Her free hand was pinching one of her nipples. I stood in the bathroom drinking in the vision that was in front of me. I knew I should turn around and leave but I stayed. I stayed and my body reacted. I reached down and tugged my boxers down a little.

I was already hard and after a few strokes knew that I was not going to last long. I wanked myself as I stared at my Mom masturbating. I listened to her moans and watched her naked body tense and shudder. I stared at her skin, her wet shiny skin. Her loudest moan was saved for her orgasm. She hunched over as her body spasm'd. Once they stopped she slouched back slowly against the glass, catching her breath. I stood transfixed at the image of my Mom soaking wet trying to catch her breath.

I watched her slowly stand up. 'Move' I thought to myself. But it was like this whole weekend had been leading up to this.

It was the taboo that I thought was impossible.But here I was. In the bathroom. My Mom naked in front of me. She turned towards me. "CHRIS! Oh my God.CHRIS.what are you doing?" I suddenly crashed back into reality. What the hell WAS I doing?? "I'm.I.I'm sorry Mom. I just.it's just I heard the music and.Caley.Caley needs some clothes and she's about your size." She quickly turned off the water and grabbed her towel.

Covering her nudity. "So you thought you'd come into the bathroom while I'm having a shower!" She spat. "I needed to get some clothes.for Caley." I was absolutely rooted to the spot. I couldn't make my legs move. She opened the shower door and stepped out. She had the towel around her breasts trying to hide from me.but this just meant that the lower hem only just covered her arse and crotch. As she stepped out I got a great view of her shapely legs, glistening with water.

I felt my cock spring upwards. Her eyes darted down and saw my tented boxers. I had been so close to cumming that I knew there would be a large wet patch where my pre-cum would have leaked, "Oh.oh Chris.Chris what did you see." "It was fine Mom.I didn't really see anything." I thought she was about to cry, "This isn't right Chris. You can't look at me like this." "I'm sorry. It's just that I'd never seen you like that before and I.I couldn't stop myself.I'm so sorry." She softened a little, "I'm sorry honey.

I shouldn't have yelled. It's just that you gave me a fright." "I know. I'm so sorry." "Stop saying sorry. She was still in her towel. I couldn't help looking her up and down. She looked so sexy. The glow of her orgasm was still on her face. She squirmed a little. "It makes me feel uncomfortable when you stare at me like that." "It's hard not to stare when you look like that Mom." I offered. She blushed ever so slightly, "I'm just your Mom sweetie." "Come on Mom, you're way more than that.

You're a sexy woman. Do you know how hard it is to be around you sometimes. You're always sunbathing in bikini's and walking around in jogging bottoms and yoga pants. It's tough when you find yourself have.well.having thoughts about your own Mom." "I sorry honey.I guess I never thought of it like that." "You don't need to apologize. I know I'm not the only one who's noticed." I saw her face change in panic, "What do you mean?" I sighed, "I know about you and Paul.

I saw you both out by the pool and I know you were with him last night and this morning." She gasped and threw her hand up to her open mouth, "Oh God Chris.I." "I'm OK with it Mom." "Pardon?" "I'm OK with it.with you and Paul. It's fine." "You're what?" "It's OK. Are you OK Mom?" She straightened up a little, "Of course I'm fine.I'm.just." I wasn't quite ready for the outpouring of grief that escaped her mouth. Her whole body collapsed into a convulsing, sob wracked mess.

"It's all falling apart Chris. I can't make it work. He's never here. He's always away. I'm so lonely. I just want company. I just want to feel like someone wants to be around me." I quickly made my way over to her and she collapsed against my chest. "Why does he not love me anymore Chrissy.I try so hard." I grabbed her robe from the hook and helped her put it on.

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Once she was covered I walked her out into the bedroom and sat her on the bed. "I'm sorry Chris. You shouldn't see me like this. It's just.your Father.he hardly calls me anymore. He never tells me he misses me or loves me. He just hands me over a credit card and tells me to buy something nice.

But is that all I'm good for.spending money?" I whispered to her, "Of course not Mom. Look at what you've done for me. You've taught me more in a last few years than Dad has ever taught me. I've seen you at his ridiculous parties. I know you hate them, but you are the star attraction." She looked up at me, "Well no, but thanks." "Are you kidding me!

Mom, remember what you wore to the last one. The tight blue dress. You looked incredible. I heard most of the guys commenting on how lucky Dad was to have a smokin' wife like you." She smirked, "I did look pretty killer in those heels." "Yeah you did.

And don't forget that you look after his properties. You sold the last one for a 40% profit.I remember because even he mentioned how good that was. You do soo much for this family Mom." She stood up and went to the large mirror, "Oh god I look like I've been in a boxing match." She said checking out her puffy eyes.

"You look great. Dad's a fool." I saw my Mom mull something over. She wanted to say something but wasn't sure if she should. She turned to me, "You know that your Father and I haven't been.um.intimate with each other for almost a year now." I didn't really know what to say. "I felt so ugly and unattractive. But then Paul comes in and starts commenting on how good I look and how sexy I am. I just wanted to be close to someone." She walked over to her chest of drawers and opened the top one.

She then put on some panties under her robe. "Chris - I'm going to show you something. I want you to tell me what you think." She reached back into the drawers and pulled out a bra.

She untied the robe and let it fall to her feet as she stood topless with her back to me. My eyes immediately darted down to her butt. She was wearing a golden lacy pair of hot pants. The view was amazing, "Uh Mom.you don't have to do this." "I want you to tell me what you think. I want you to be honest." She reached around and clasped her bra into place. It was made of the same material. She bent down and pulled up the robe so she was covered again. She walked over to the walk in wardrobe and pulled out a pair of heels.

Gold. About 6 or 7 inch stilhettos. She turned and walked back to the drawers and turned and faced me. "Please be honest sweetie. Do I look desirable?" With that she dropped her robe and threw it onto the bed. She stood there in all her glory. Her legs accentuated by the heels. The strong cords of muscle flexing underneath her smooth skin. The panties clung to her figure.

Her hips beautifully framing her crotch. The material of the panties was soft. The outline of her pussy was defined. The flat skin of her lower belly peeking out over the waistband joined seamlessly with her toned stomach. Her waist slightly curving inwards until pushed out again by the flare of her hips.

Her breasts swelled under the confines of her bra. Their false volume pushed outwards allowing the cut of the bra to create two beautifully formed orbs. The material, although textured, showed the outline of her nipples. Maybe due to the atmosphere, or the fact that she was genuinely excited, they stood proudly in the centre of her orbs.

She looked amazing. And my cock agreed. Her eyes bore into me, "Well.what do you think? Do I look OK?" I could tell that my pause had thrown her a bit. Her voice waivered with a sense of insecurity. I finally spoke, "You're beautiful Mom.absolutely stunning. Dad's a fool." The moisture in her eyes broke free.

One single tear fell down her cheek and she whispered, "Thank you Chris.thank you." I hopped up off the bed and walked over to her. She opened her arms and pulled me in for a hug. She started to sob quietly. "You're gorgeous Mom.never ever forget that." She held me closer.

I was already hard when I had walked over to her. Now in her embrace I was fully erect. My cock was pressed up against her belly. But I didn't care. The hurt and pain that I had seen in my Mom's eyes when she talked about her relationship with my Dad meant that I didn't care. I just wanted her to feel better.

I lifted her chin up so I could see her face. She looked up at me.

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"I will always be here for you. Do you understand me?" I asked "I know baby.I know you are. I love you honey." With that she reached up and kissed my on my cheek. I felt her hand on my other cheek. She lingered with her lips resting against me. I pulled her in closer, tighter. I kissed her on her cheek. Then her ear. Then her shoulder. She moved her head into mine. I felt her breath against my jaw.

She guided my face around with her hand until her lips locked onto mine. "I love you baby." she breathed Our lips stayed locked with each other.

I felt her moving against me. I felt her pushing against my erection. Slowly our mouths opened. Her hot breath gave way to the coolness of her tongue. We melted into each other as the kiss became deeper. I pulled her in and inwardly gasped as I felt her skin against mine.

Her breasts squashed up against my chest. Gone were all thoughts of who I was kissing. I was lost in the moment. I thought of nothing but the feeling of her body against mine. The sensation of her tongue in my mouth. Her tight body grinding up against mine.

I felt her hand slip down the front of my boxers. She lowered the front and allowed my erect cock to spring out. I felt it rubbing up against the expanse of her belly being held down by her free hand. She stepped back a little and proceeded to wank me off. I didn't last long. While falling deeper into the passionate kiss I came. I felt my cum pump out of me onto my Mom's hand and stomach.


I heard her gasp as the warm milky juice covered her belly and dripped down to her crotch. We continued to kiss as she gently stroked me careful of avoiding my sensitive head. A few minutes later we parted. My Mom stumbled a little almost like she had awoken from a dream and wasn't sure if she was actually awake. I stepped backwards and sat on her bed. I looked at her standing there. My cum was in an intricate pattern on her stomach.

Thick globs of it were running down, over her waist band and trickling down towards her pussy. Silence. "Thank you Chris." my Mom finally said in a hushed whisper "No need to thank me Mom. I should be thanking you!" She laughed her infectious laugh, "I don't think we need to get into a circle of thank yous.I think maybe we both needed that?" "I'm pretty sure every psychologist on earth would beg to differ!" I joked.

She sat down next to my, wiping the cum of her hand and wrapping the robe around herself. "This is all a little strange Chrissy.what I did isn't right. No Mother should be doing that to her Son. But I felt so close to you.it was so intense" I looked her in the eye, "Of course it isn't 'right'," I said punctuating the word right with my fingers. "But it felt right.and I don't want you getting worried about it." She smiled at me, "I'll try not to." She brushed my cheek with her hand, "How did I get so lucky to have a Son like you." I stood up and walked over to her draws, "I'm not that great Mom.

I actually came up here to see if I could borrow some clothes for the girl I brought home last night." Her eyebrows shot up, "A girl! Why didn't you say. What's her name? Can I meet her? Will she stay for lunch?" I laughed, "Settle down Mom, we're not getting married just yet. Her name is Caley." "Oh what a lovely name." she said clapping her hands.

I was nice to see her smiling again. "She's different Mom.she's kinda.um.special?" I said instantly regretting the word. "What do you mean?" I walked back over to the bed and sat down next to her, "Caley used to be.well.she used to be a guy." My Mom stared at me with a dopey look on her face, "Wh-wh-what?" "Caley used to be a guy. She looks like a girl now.she looks stunning now.seriously.she looks incredible.

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It's just that she.well.she still has some 'male' parts." I broke eye contact with her. I felt myself blush. "Is that a problem for you?" Came Mom's reply I stared at her, "Well.no. It's not an issue at all. She's amazing and it certainly didn't bother me last night." She grabbed me by my neck and pulled me in for a long kiss. Her hands roved over my body and she held my flaccid cock through my boxers. She parted from me, "That's why I'm so lucky to have you Chrissy. You're a wonderful man." She hopped up and took off her robe.

As it hit the floor she also removed her heels, bra and panties. She stood naked facing away from me. I allowed myself again to appreciate her smooth and toned body. She walked over to the drawers and opened them. "So what does she need clothes wise?" The next few minutes was my naked Mom pulling out clothing options for Caley. Eventually I had a few ensembles that consisted of a summer dress, daisy duke cut offs and a singlet top, a couple of bathing suits and some pantuy and bra sets.

"Thanks Mom, really appreciate it." She walked over to me again and hugged me. "Uh Mom.hugging me while you're naked is not helping me leave." I joked as I felt the blood rush to my crotch. She stepped backwards, "Oh yes, I see what you mean. Maybe you could use that on Caley?" I smiled, "That's a plan Mom." She walked over to the bathroom door and turned, "You go look after her.but thank you Chris.you just stopped me from going off the edge.

Not a word to your Father though." With that she turned and closed the door behind her.