Lecken am arsch

Lecken am arsch
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I look up from my position on the floor.

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I tilt my head like a puppy to focus on the footsteps outside my door. I know those footsteps, the steady and confident stride, to belong to my Sir. I smile and turn to face the door. I don't put down my paints or brushes solely because I'll make a mess and Sir doesn't like messes. The door opens and Sir walks in with his arms open and a smile lighting up his handsome face. I squeal and drop my tools, quickly forgetting about messes and clean up afterwards.

I jump into his arms and wrap my legs around his waist. Sir easily takes me into his hold and keeps me close against him. I sit back and look at his elegant features. He looks at me with those deep brown eyes, seeing so deeply into me I can't help but move onto a different part to avoid the intense stare. His lips slide into an easy smirk from his knowledge of what he can do to me by just looking at me.

Those lips that have been so silent at work while mine were loud as a freight train passing by…His stubble adds a grown man quality to his tan 23 year old features. I know he isn't young but surely 23 isn't a stage of complete growth.


His eyelashes are full and his eyes narrow slightly at me. I press my lips together and wonder what that look is for. He takes one of his large hands and wipes my cheeks. When he pulls his hand away, he shows me the bright pink paint that I smeared on my face accidentally. I drop my legs and he lets me stand on my own. I take a step back and lower my gaze, understanding that he noticed the mess finally.

"Young lady, what did I say the last time you were painting?" I shiver at the sound of his baritone voice. "Not to make a mess, Sir." "And what have you done?" I keep my gaze on the floor as he crosses his arms across his well-defined chest. "I made a mess, Sir. I'll clean it up, I promise!

I just was excited to see you, Sir…" I dare to glance up at him and he smiles down at me. I relax a little and look outright at him. "I was excited to see you too Princess. Now go get the supplies and clean this up." He slaps my ass as I walk past him into the hallway. I giggle and run into the kitchen to retrieve the cleaning supplies. Sir isn't mad at me! I'll clean better than I ever have in appreciation for his forgiveness.

When I get back, Sir stops me in the doorway.

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He rakes his eyes over my body. His gaze pauses on the hem of my skirt that hits the top of my thighs and barely covers my bum. He works up my flat belly and small, round breasts in the black low cut tee. I blush and look down to hide it. He hooks a finger under my chin and makes me look at him. "You will clean on your hands and knees.

You will make sure you put a show on for your owner. Understood?" "Y-Yes, Sir." I press my legs together due to the tingling sensation he made me have. He can affect me so greatly, so easily. I get on my hands and knees with my bum facing him. The skirts sits atop my ass and gives him a full view of everything he likes to see. I start vigorously scrubbing at the floor to clean it thoroughly and to make my booty jiggle for Sir.

I hear a low growl come from behind me and footsteps as he approaches me. I try not to get distracted from cleaning but I can't help the moan the escapes my lips as he firmly grasps my entire pussy in his hand.

"Do you know what you do to your Master, Kitten?" He squeezes my pussy and I pause my cleaning, too lost in the sensation. He slaps my pussy and I wince, going back to cleaning.

"You didn't answer my question, young lady." "I'm sorry, Sir. I don't know what I do to you, Sir." I arch my back more and get a spanking in return. I bite my lip to hide my smile. If he knows I like it so much, he won't do it anymore to punish me.

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"Stop cleaning and stand." I obey and stand before him. My small frame isn't comparable to his towering one. I look up at him and I can see the barely controlled desire in his eyes. Give in to me, Sir. I know you want to. He points to the bed and I go stand by it. He turns me so I'm facing it and bends me over it.

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Sir knows I love this position. Maybe I'm getting rewarded? He rubs his finger in between my pussy lips and I try to keep my legs from shaking. I'm already so close to exploding.

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If he touches it even slightly… I moan loudly as his finger brushes my clit, barely containing the orgasm that wants to flood me. He stops and I can feel his weight shift as he tries to see me face. I look back at him and shake my head no.

I didn't cum, Sir. He smiles and leans down to kiss me. I've been a good girl and I'll get rewarded for it. Picking me up and throwing me on my back into the bed, his face is between my legs before I even stop bouncing.

I moan and try to move away from his expert tongue. Where did he learn this sorcery? He holds onto my thighs to keep me in place and I push lightly on his head. I don't want him to stop but the pleasure is too much, Sir. I won't last. I cry out at the hard slap to my sensitive clit. Even through the pain, I almost came from that. Sir knows exactly how close I am though. He grins deviously at me and I start panting as his tongue does magic to my small pussy. His tongue flicks over my clit quickly then moves to fuck my hole then flattens to lick the entirety of my pussy.

"Sir, I'm going to come, please may I, oh Sir, I can't hold on longer, please!" His muffle confirmation is all I need to hear to be sent over the edge. I grip his hair and moan out his name so loudly he has to reach up and put a hand over my mouth to avoid our downstairs neighbors hearing. After I've settled down, he continues licking my entirely too sensitive clit and I giggle and try moving away as my body shakes from each flick of his tongue.

He smiles devilishly at me as he moves up in between my legs and kisses me. I wrap my legs around him and kiss him deeply, entwining our tongues, biting his lip hard enough to earn a slap to my leg. I giggle and look up at him. He grins and I gasp as I feel him fill me.

I hadn't even notice him getting his pants off. He stays still in me, letting me adjust to his size. I start to move my hips against him due to impatience. "Is the little slut eager to be fucked by her Sir?" I blush bright red but nod enthusiastically. He moves incredibly slowly to torture me but I can see in his features that it's taking all he has to not pound into me mercilessly. I whine and move against him more. He holds my hips still and raises his eyebrows at me as lust and desire mixes in the depths of his eyes.

"Did I get a verbal confirmation, miss?" "No, Sir. I am very eager to be used and fucked by you, Sir." The second I finish the last word he is pounding into me, unable to control himself anymore. I moan and close my eyes, focusing on the sensation of being filled again and again with each thrust.

I become so transfixed by it that I forget to ask permission and start to explode on his cock. Sir lets me finish before pounding me even harder and rougher. "Did I say the bitch could cum? No.

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You're going to cum over and over and over until I decide to let you stop. Understood, slut?" "Yes, Sir.

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I'm sorry, Sir." At first the punishment isn't a punishment at all. It's bliss a hundred times over. He fills me with his cum and somehow manages to keep going.

Even when I'm spent, he just flips me over and drills into me from behind. A whole new set of orgasms rip through me. It's a blinding time of pleasure and sensitivity.


Sir doesn't stop for anything including the doorbell, a phone call, and my pleas for mercy. "Little slut wanted to cum so bad before. She doesn't want it now, hm?" "No, Sir. I'm so sorry, Sir. I'll be a good girl, I promise." He lets out a low growl and goes harder into me which I didn't even know was possible.

I feel another climax forming and I moan loud. It's approaching quicker than any of the others had. I grip the blankets and close my eyes. Sir doesn't stop even as his load is spilled into me. As soon as I feel him fill me with his white stickiness the second time that afternoon, I explode and feel my muscles clenching on his dick. He moans with me and we forget about being quit, lost in each other and the feelings. After, we lay on my bed and he pets my hair. I glance at the spot I didn't finish cleaning and he turns my face towards his.

Sir kisses my forehead and lays my head against his chest.

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"Don't worry, little one. I'll finish that for you. You just rest." I smile and snuggle into him, falling in a deep slumber filled with Sir and beaches.