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Latino babe playing with the perfect black cock
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Katherine picked herself up off her bed. Her breathing was still heavy, but it was slowing down considerably. She picked up a hand mirror and glanced in it. The redness was leaving her pretty, youthful face. Bending down, she grabbed her underwear and short shorts and pulled them up. "Katherine?" came a call from outside the room. "What?" asked Katherine. "Can I grab the keys? I'm going to John's." "Sure," said Katherine. Quickly, she adjusted her messy hair, and pulled the straps of her tank top to the side so that it fell down even further, revealing the very top of her bra.

Likewise, she adjusted her shorts so that the thin line of her panties showed. She then unlocked the door and her brother Tim walked in. Tim was 16, 5 years younger than Katherine and she had been madly in love with him. He was slim but muscular build and messy brown hair. "Where are they, Katherine?" "Here, I'll grab them." She ran over to the corner of her room and bent over to pick them up from the floor, showing off her ass and panties to her brother.

He appeared not to notice. "So, what are you doing at John's?" asked Katherine in a flirtatious voice. "I just need to grab the video game I lent him and I'll be right back," said Tim, failing to even recognize his sister's flirtations. "Well, have fun," said Katherine, hugging him slightly. "Thanks," he said, turning and leaving. "I love you," she whispered, when he was out of sight.

Katherine went to the bathroom and undressed, preparing to take a shower. She looked at herself in the full-body mirror and was confused by why her brother failed to find her attractive. Every part of her seemed to be designed for love, from her womanly hips to her firm, D-cup breasts to her bubble-shaped, wonderfully tight ass.

Her face looked young, and her medium-long brown hair framed it beautifully. Why didn't her brother want her? She climbed into the shower, turning the water on. It was scalding hot, just the way she liked it. Soon, all of her worries were forgotten. Ten minutes later, she climbed out of the shower, drying herself off. She pulled up her panties and was about to strap her bra on when the doorknob turned and opened. It was Tim. "Oh my God," he said, looking at his sister in only her underwear.

"I'm so sorry." "No big deal," said Katherine. "We used to bath together, remember? It's nothing that you haven't seen." "Katherine, that was more than ten years ago," said Tim.

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"Back then you weren't so- I mean, you didn't have- I mean, you hadn't-" Flustered, he left the room. Katherine smiled to herself. Perhaps he did notice her after all, he was just too shy to do anything about it.

That would have to change. After dressing, Katherine headed up to her brother's room. "Can I come in?" she asked. Tim grunted. "Just a minute." She heard sounds of rustling, and then he opened the door.

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The first thing she noticed was that his zipper was down, and that his face looked red and flustered. Hmm. "Hey, big brother," said Katherine. "I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight. " "Hang out?" asked Tim. "Yeah," said Katherine. "We used to be so close, but it seems we've drifted apart. I just want to spend some time with my young brother " Tim still looked kind of surprised.

"Well.okay, sure, sis. How does 7:00 sound?" "It sounds great," said Katherine, glancing at the clock on her wall. She had less than an hour to prepare. She hugged her brother. "See you then," she whispered into his ear during the embrace. He had a bewildered look on his face as she left the room.

Katherine went to her room and got to work right away. First, she applied liberal amounts of her most alluring perfume. Then, she selected her tiniest bra and panties, struggling to pull them on. She put on a white button-down shirt, choosing not to button the top two buttons, which revealed her chest almost down to her bra line.

She also made sure that she was wearing a dark-colored bra, so that it was clearly visible through the shirt. Next, she grabbed a tight black skirt and threw it on. She was happy to see that it accentuated the curves of her perfect ass. She applied finishing touches to her makeup and brushed her brown hair so that it shone behind her head. Finally, she grabbed her pink bikini from the dresser and put it in her purse. She had a feeling she'd need it later on. She glanced at herself in the mirror.

She looked gorgeous, but was it gorgeous enough? She met her brother at the door a minute past seven. He took her in and his mouth dropped open. "You look really. really nice," he stumbled. "Thanks, bro," said Katherine, extremely pleased with his reaction. "Should we get going?" "Sure," he said, a little awkwardly. They headed out to his car. "So, Katherine, any good ideas for what to do tonight?" Katherine smiled.

"I'm sure we can think of something.

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You eaten yet tonight?" "No, not yet. Let's take care of that." They headed to a pizza place, where a discussion about their childhood days soon ended the awkwardness between them. Katherine noticed that Tim's pizza kept missing his mouth, he was staring so much at her. "Remember that one asshole you used to go out with?" asked Tim.

"Sam something?" "Sam Hollis? In eighth grade? That was a long time ago, bro." "I know, but I hated that guy," said Tim. "He was always acting so cool, like he'd done everything with every girl in the world.

He hadn't done anything with anyone. He was in eighth grade." "Well, I did break up with him at the freshman homecoming," reminded Katherine. "When he actually did try to make a move on me." "What a bastard," said Tim.

"Well, it happens a lot," admitted Katherine. "This is the first time in a long time that I've had dinner with a guy who's not trying to feel me up." Tim smiled. "Well, you never know what I'll do," he joked awkwardly. "Oh, bring it, big brother," said Katherine. "I've got half a bottle of pepper spray right here in my purse." "Only half a bottle?" "You think every guy I've been with was an asshole." She laughed "Yeah, well I'm sure you'd feel the same way about my girlfriends.

If I ever had any." Katherine smiled. "Yeah, how long has it been since Monica?" "Three years." "Why's that?" asked Katherine, interested. "I don't know, I just feel uncomfortable talking to girls sometimes.

It's always so awkward when I go on dates." "This doesn't seem awkward," pointed out Katherine. "You're my sister.


It's different." Katherine smiled. "Not that different." She spent the rest of the meal staring into her brother's deep blue eyes, her attraction to him bordering on painful. All of her actions were automatic; at least, until the meal was over.

She could tell everyone thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend as they were leaving. Tim seemed oblivious to this, but it aroused Katherine further, she walked a little closer to him and, just as he opened the door, grabbed his hand. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Don't worry about it, it's a brother/sister thing," she told him.

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"What, does it make you feel uncomfortable?" "A little," admitted Tim. Katherine smiled, and led her brother's hand in her hand across her perfect ass. "And now?" Tim's face was a little red. "Uh, yeah, kind of." They reached her car, and got in. She could tell Tim was glad when she released his hand, and when she looked at it she saw that it was wet: her brother's palms had been sweating from nervousness.

"Let's go to the park," said Katherine. "I kind of want to just be with you.


you know. in private." They drove their in silence, parking in the gravel parking lot and stepping out. Katherine adjusted her skirt so that her panties were visible; she hoped that her brother would notice. The two of them walked in silence briefly, until Katherine, squinting, looked off into the distance and said: "Shit, I think that's Jeff. Jackson." "The guy who tried to make a move on you?" "No, another Jeff Jackson.

Here, I know it's kind of awkward, but can you do a favor for me?" "What?" "Hold my hand. Just pretend to be my boyfriend. If he thinks we're going out, maybe he won't bother me." Tim sighed.

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Katherine could see the apprehension on his face. She was scared too, but just as much excited. She had always dreamed of being Tim's girl, and even pretending made it seem all the more plausible.

She grabbed his hand and they continued walking. "Hey, Meg," called Jeff jeeringly. He was with one of his friends, and they both had cigarettes lit up. Jeff let loose a puff of smoke annoyingly close to her face. "What you doing here tonight?" Katherine didn't return the smile.

"Just taking a walk here with my boyfriend Tim." "Tim, huh?" asked Jeff, looking suspicious.


"I thought you said you had a brother named Tim." He took a step closer. "A brother? No way. I've been going out with Tim for almost a year." She didn't dare glance at her brother to see the expression on his face.

His palm had become sweaty again. She didn't blame him. Jeff Jackson was a creepy guy. "Bull shit," Jeff said. "I know a couple when I see one, and you two aren't a couple.

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You're brother and sister. I can tell. He is way younger than you.You've got the same eyes and everything." Katherine suddenly realized what it would take to make Jeff go away.

She had wanted it for almost as long as she could remember, but she hadn't imagined that it would happen like this. Still, she was excited. "If he was my brother, would we do this?" she asked. And then she moved her face, and her mouth, towards her brother. Her mouth pressed against his, and she was glad to see that he didn't back away. Still, his eyes were surprised as she looked into them.

She wanted to give him a reassuring look, but she was in too much bliss. slowly, his mouth opened, and their tongues began to move together. she was French kissing her own brother. she let out a muffled moan without even intending to. and then, after about ten seconds, they broke apart. Jeff and his friend were staring at them with disbelief, confusion, and maybe even a hint of jealousy.

"Let's go," Jeff's friend finally suggested. "We can find some girls who will date outside of their family somewhere else." Jeff still looked pretty dumbfounded, and his friend practically dragged him away. Katherine was left alone with her brother once again. She had never felt more awkward, and couldn't meet his eyes.

"Um. thanks," she mumbled. "No problem," he replied. She realized suddenly that they were still holding hands. Neither was making a move away. "Do you. do you think they're going to leave us alone now?" Tim asked. "I think so," said Katherine. "They don't want to mess with you, apparently." Tim smiled. "I don't think that's it." They started walking again, still hand in hand, a little closer together than they had been before the incident.

"Katherine, can I ask you a question?" asked Tim after about a minute's silence. "Sure," said Katherine. "You spend so much time trying to ward guys who want you away," said Tim. "Have you ever, I mean, actually." "I'm a virgin," said Katherine. "Why? Why haven't you ever just decided to go with some guy?" Katherine laughed nervously.

"I guess I'm just waiting for the right one." "Someone in particular, or is this just a man in your head?" She would have loved to admit right there how madly in love she was with him. How she held her breath every time he spoke, how she couldn't stop staring at him, how her pussy was currently soaked wet just from imagining doing anything with him. But she couldn't tell him that now, and risk scaring him away.

Not after they had come so far in just one evening. They approached the park's pool, which was closed until Memorial Day weekend, which was next week.

"Want to go swimming?" asked Katherine.

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"Sure," said Tim. "I don't have my stuff, though." "No prob," said Katherine.

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"Just wear your boxers. Or go naked." He smiled a little, taking it as a joke. Katherine went behind a bush, unbuttoning her white shirt and black skirt, and then her bra and thong. She put on her pink bikini top and bottoms, tying the top on herself. She then approached the pool and jumped in, splashing water everywhere. When she resurfaced, she saw her brother staring at her.

She looked down. The tiny bikini accentuated the curves of her body, from her tight abs to her round ass and thin waist. He was staring at her perky tits, though, and when she looked down she saw why. Her bra had come down, showing off one rock-hard, perfectly placed nipple. She gasped and pulled her bra up. "Showing it off already?" joked Tim. "The date isn't even over yet." "Shut up," said Katherine, splashing him.

He responded by splashing her back, and a war had begun. After going back and forth a couple more times, Tim grabbed her midriff and began taking her to the deep end to dunk her. She screamed and grabbed his leg, and down they went in the water together, her pressed against him. She felt her front push against his, and realized that he was hard. As his hard dick under his boxers pressed against her pussy under her swimsuit, she let out a moan.

As they surfaced, Katherine grabbed him again and pressed her body up against him, causing him to go under again. She hoped this would make him get even harder, she was not disappointed. "Katherine, what are you doing?" he asked, as they surfaced again.

She was still clinging to his body. Katherine had lost all control of what she was doing. "I love you," she whispered passionately, kissing him full on the lips. Their mouths opened, and they were French kissing, just like before- he lost his balance, and they were in the water again, but neither could stand to let up the passionate embrace- finally, they resurfaced, and breathing heavily, they broke the kiss for an instant.