Sexy latina Mariah trades an expert blowjob for money

Sexy latina Mariah trades an expert blowjob for money
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Tara walked in a way that caught everyone's attention, guy or girl. Jake noticed her everyday as she walked across campus. Jake always wanted to ask her out, but he had heard so many stories from the other guys she'd went on a date with and they all said that she was easy, a piece of cake.

Jake wasn't into loose girls at all, but something about Tara alays seemed to get attention from his groin as well as his eyes. His eyes were locked on her as she walked up the stairs and opened the door of the administration building.

"Hey, man. Don't even think about it," said Dave, a friend of his, snapping him out of his trance, "She is what you call an A-class slut.

I heard she got her clit pierced 3 times. It's sexy to have your clit pierced once, a little weird to have it pierced twice, but three times, strike you're out." " Oh, shut up. You went out with her last week.

You're just mad you didn't get none from the so-called 'A-class slut'." Jake replied. " Hey, don't say that too loud. I told everyone else we did it 4 times. I didn't want to seem like a bitch or nothin'." Dave whispered back.

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"Whatever man." Jake said, rolling his eyes. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ A few days later, Jake had finally got the nerve up to ask Tara on a date. "Come on Jake, it can't be that hard. She's a slut remember. She's gone out with every guy that's asked her so far. She won't say no to you," He thought to himself encouragingly.

He decided to clean up a bit.

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He went to his dorm took a shower, shaved, the whole thing. He looked at his 6'2" 200 pound body in the mirror. He flexed, making his muscles ripple beneath his tight, tanned skin."I look damn good, "he thought. He went to his closet and pulled on a thin dark green sweater and some jeans. He walked to the door, looked at himself one last time, and left. He walked around campus and went to her building. He found room 269 on the third floor and gave three knocks.

After some inside stirring, a girl answered the door. Jake looked her up and down, taking in her bulging cleavage through her tank top, as it slid down to her slim waist and curvy hips in her low slung jeans. She was oriental he realized as he noticed how her slanted eyes reminded him of a cat.

She watched him and waited for him to speak. "Ummm. hi, is Tara home? he asked, his voice coming out a little higher than he wanted. " Yeah, hold on." the girl replied. Soon enough Tara was at the door.

God, she looked good. Her black hair fell straight around her shoulders, contrasting against her fair skin. Her blue eyes were large with thick black lashes. Her nose, dainty and small, traced down to her lips. Pouty pink lips. The perfect kind. he stared down her neck to her chest, that was at least a 34 C, as her tight v-neck t-shirt made them call out to Jake.

It all wound down to her slender waist that curved into her perfect hips that were wrapped in a small black skirt that showed off her long slender legs. She watched him, watch her as she shifted her weight to the other leg. "Why did this always happen to her?" she thought. " Hello. Are you there?" She said, trying to get his attention elsewhere.

"Uhh. yeah. hi. I'm Jake Gribley. I know you don't know me but I was wondering if maybe we could go out and get to know eachother cause I know we'd have a really good time together." He didn't mean to ask then, but he didn't know what else to say. She looked at him. "Wow, he looks so nervous." she thought. She wondered how someone could look so good but be so nervous to ask someone on a date. She decided to keep him waiting a bit and focused on him, physically.

That sweater he wore made his green eyes sparkle. His square jaw made him look so manly, almost like a super hero. She laughed to herself. She stared down his broad shoulders to his abdominals that were hidden beneath his shirt.

She looked up at him and realized how almost terrified he looked. "Well I guess we could go out. Tomorrow pick me up at 8.

I'll choose the restaurant." She replied, with a small smirk on her face, turned and scribbled on a piece of paper. "Here's my home and cell numbers. Call before you come." She watched Jake's eyes widen then, his body relax. "O.K. that's great.

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O.K. Bye." ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Jake got ready the next day. Called her at 7:50. Got to her room by eight.

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She looked fabulous as always. She had chosen a sushi restaurant and they talked and had a great time. At the end of their date, he walked her to her room. He didn't know what to do, so after they said they're goodbye's he went in to kiss her and she turned, making him kiss her on the cheek. "Maybe another time Jake Gribley." She said, smiling. Jake didn't know what to expect.

So the next day he called her and they planned another date, and another and another. Soon enough they had been going out for a month and he hadn't even kissed her yet. She always said that she wanted to take it slow. Dave would ask Jake why he stayed with her and Jake would always say, " I like hanging out with her." at that was it.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ After Jake and Tara had been going out for 6 months, Jake was realizing that he was building up some serious sexual tension. He told Tara about it, and she looked at him almost pleadingly."What's wrong," he asked.

"I know that all the guys say I'm a slut and all that other bullshit," she paused, "the truth is that. im a virgin, and i don't know who started saying crap. but I think im ready to do everything, finally.

I think that you held out for so long, I think you should be my first, this weekend." Jake looked at her and couldn't believe, that all those guys had been lieing the whole time and that she chose him to be her very first. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yeah, im sure." He hugged her reassuringly. Jake was excited and decided to plan the perfect evening.

Lucky enough for him Dave would be gone for the weekend at his parents house, so the dorm would be just for Jake and Tara. He bought condoms, KY jelly, and a couple toys from the sex shop downtown.

He bought some champagne and some really sexy music. Once saturday came around everything was perfect. He called Tara and told her to meet him at his dorm at 9pm. She agreed and said she'd be there.

Soon enough 9 came around and at that moment he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door to see Tara in a white trench coat and red stilletos. She had dark sunglasses covering her eyes and her hair was curled into big loops that bounced as she walked. He invited her in. His groin was already beginning to tighten. He went to his CD player and began the music. "Go sit over there," Tara directed, pointing to the bed.

He followed directions wondering where all this was coming from. She took her sunglasses off and set them down. She stood in front of him, staring him straight in the eyes and began to sway her hips to the music.

Each time a bit of a deeper sway.

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She unbuttoned the coat to reveal herself in a corset with garters that held up her fish net stockings. She pushed her breasts into Jake face. He reached up to grab one, when she suddenly slapped his hand away. "Bad Boy. no touch." she said wagging a finger at him.

She pushed her breasts beneath his chin. She backed away and continued to dance, now moaning to the music. She bent over in front of Jake's face, making Jake realize that the lingerie was crotchless.

He smiled as he saw her juices glisten against her smooth hairless skin. She sat in his lap, humping him, making his cock harden instantly. She kissed him hard forcing her tongue into his mouth, roaming. She kissed down his neck till she got to his nipples, she sucked and nibbled gently making him moan. She turned kneeling. He stood as she pulled his boxer shorts down and he stepped out of them. His thick 9inch dick pointed upward, ready.


She stared, looking amazed. He sat again and watched as she took his hard cock and blew her hot breath over it, making him flinch. she put one hand at the base of his cock and lifted as she licked the underside of his dick.

She came back around and swirled her tongue all over making his dick shine in the dim light. She brought her mouth to the front and put the head in her mouth. Her hot mouth made him groan with pleasure.

She sucked hard, taking in little, by little, by little. She wrapped both hands around the shaft of his cock and pumped him in and out of her mouth. She took one hand and rubbed his balls, gently at first and then with more force. She stared up at him, and their eyes locked.

He moaned and began to rock his hips, practically humping her mouth. She felt his body tense, and she knew he was going to cum soon. She let some of him out of her mouth and kissed the head of his pulsing dick. She roamed her tongue over the head as if she was french kissing his dick.

His body tightened. "Im. going . to. cum." He said between deep breathes. He watched her as she opened her mouth wide and slid his hard cock down her throat and sucked hard one last time. It sent him over the edge. He shot stream after stream of hot cum down her throat until he was drained. She looked all over his cock, cleaning him off. His dick began to soften but it grew hard again as he watched her stand up and undress.

Her breasts were firm and her nipples stood at attention as she wiggled out of the stockings, unclasping her shoes. She stood naked in front of him. "she is perfect," he thought. He stood up and kissed her. Softly then hard.He brought his hand up to stroke her smooth skin, but she again, slapped his hand away. "What did I tell you." she said with a smirk. "Sit," she directed pointing to a chair. He followed directions and watched her as she walked to the bed and laid down.

He had put the vibrator and dildo on the night stand for open use and she grabbed both and laid them next to her. "Tell me how sexy I look." She demanded. " You're the sexiest girl I've ever met," he began, " You're beautiful, and your body is great." He stared as she put her finger in her mouth and traced each nipple.

She began to massage her chest. He watched as little playful moans escaped from her mouth, turning him on to the fullest. She left one hand stroking her breast and another trailed down her stomach to her naked, wet pussy.

She stroked slowly, staring at Jake watching him struggle to keep his hands off of her. He watched as she inserted one finger, then two into her soaked pussy. He couldn't take it anymore. " God Tara. I want you so bad!" Jake reached over quickly replacing her hand with his, massaging her. "Ohhhh." she moaned, feeling a new sensation as Jake's strong touch guided her to pure bliss. He quickened his touch, now pumping in and out with his thumb, playing with her ass.

" Oh yes Jake, please don't stop!" Keeping his hand moving he moved his head up to suck on her protruding pink nipples. He sucked hard, nibbling here and there, watching her squirm in pleasure.

" Yes! Oh God! I'm gonna. I'm gonna cum! Yes! Ohhhhhhhhhh,,,," She wailed, her body flexing as her juices streamed from her already soaked pussy.

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Jake continued to suck, alternating from each breast. Tara's body shook as her orgasm diminished. Jake couldn't wait any longer, he had to get his long dick inside her now. He practically jumped on her with excitement, kissing her hard.

They stopped and looked at each other. She smiled a smile of sure satisfaction and Jake knew she was ready. He grabbed his dick and guided it to her small opening. He pushed slowly at first, not wanting to hurt her. He pushed a little harder and heard her gasp. He looked to her face knowing she would want to stop, but her eyes told him to keep going. He started with a slow thrust, forming a rhythm. She wrapped her legs around his back, feeling the first surge of pleasure.

He began pumping faster, feeling the walls of her tight pussy massage every inch of him. Soon she met each of his thrusts with her own as her excitement built within her.


Jake couldn't help but to go even faster, harder, hearing Tara's deep sensual moans. He felt his dick begin to pulse and he knew he was going to cum soon, but he wanted her on top of him. He picked her up and flipped over, surprising her.

He smiled at her as he grabbed her hips, pushing her in a rocking motion.

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She followed his unspoken direction, rocking back and forth, squeezing him inside her. She started rocking faster, feling her orgasm building fast as his dick tensed. She wanted them to cum together so she turned around, giving Jake a good view of her ass as she continued to rock back and forth. She squeezed harder now loving the feeling of his dick filling her up. She knew she wasn't gonna last long.

" I'm gonna cum Jake, but I want you to cum with me." " Ohhhhh." he groaned ".yes!".

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She slowed her rocking and then quickly sped up as fast as she could as Jake thrust upward with each rock. " Oh My God Jake! I'm cumming!" She screamed. "Me too.!" He groaned in reply. Their bodies spasmed as their juices mixed within them. Soon they were both asleep, smiling.