Dylan get shis fine tight straight gay porn

Dylan get shis fine tight straight gay porn
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Its midnight and i wake up with you sleepin beside me.I stared at you cause you was looking so sexy sleepin in my T-shirt with your pink boi shortz on.All i can do wuz lick my lipz and find a way to wake you up.So i slide close to you and kizz you on your 4-head then slide my lipz to your neck.You start to wake up a lil cause you felt my soft lipz touchin your neck,you knew what was goin to happen so you played along with it and start to grind a lil on me.I start giving soft kisses below your neck then you start to get turned on when u felt my dick gettin hard,poking against your ass.I turned you over,layin u on your back and took off my shirt that you was wearin.I start kissin you on ya lipz to ya chin then make my tongue run down to your nipples and lick it all around nice and slow.I see you bite'n ya lipz cuz you like tha way i do it.I start suckin on ya belly and rubbin ya thights at da same tyme&hellip.I start teasin you by pullin ya boi shortz down half way down and licked on ya thights.Your mouth gettin wattery cause you gettin horny and know what wuz about to happen.I grip tha side of your boi shortz with my teeth and pulled it all tha way down and threw it on da flo.Slowly i start lickin on tha top of ya pretty wet pussi and hear you let out a soft moan so that tell me you ready……I place both of ya legz over my shoulders and start suckin on ya pussi lips,massagin it real gud to tha point you start breathin hard.I place my whole mouth on ya pussi and start suckin on tha full pussi and tasteing how wet you are…YOU TASTE GOOD.Your legz let out a shake and you start grinding and put you hands on my head while i rub on ya titties.I stick my tongue out and slide it in you far as i can,stickin it in and out,twirlin it in diff motions.Now you moaning and chills goin thru your body…&hellip.

You lookin at me while im still eatin you cause you think its soo sexy.You can hear the effects of me tastin you,sounds like a straw bein sucked on when there's no more drink in tha cup(you kno dat sound; )…)I stopped and said "Baby stay right there"&hellip.5 mins lata,I came back with sum ice in a bowl.Your face lookin like "O damn what daddy bout to do now?"I place the blow full of ice beside you oand looked at you with a smile.I grab one little ice cube and put it in your mouth,then i lean foward and slowly lean foward and slowly took it right back out your mouth with my mouth,and wrote it around your nipples leavin it with a wet trail.I see ya nipples gettin harder.I LIKE DAT.Now your body full of cold bumps but dont worry ill get you warm.While the ice still in my mouth I put it around your pussi lipz,then i play with it by placin the ice in ya pussi den takin it back out.Now i got you how i want you,cold and filled with chilled.I slide back up on you and whisper in ya ear "Now baby you ready for me to warm u up?"You replied "Yes Daddy"I left in tha room leavin you on tha bed and came back with warm chocolate syrup.m m mmmm.It's bout to get real freaky.I got back on tha bed with you and pour sum of the warm chocolate syrup on ya sexy lipz,to your stomach,drippin to your pretty pussi.I licked my lipz and stick my tongue,lickin the syrup of your top lipz to your bottom lipz and gave your bottom lipz a lil suck.Then i kiss your chest to your stomach and licked the rest of tha chocolate syrup,now the best for last.Warm chocolate on ya pussi.I picked you up and hold you in tha air with my head under you.I start lickin,suckin and slurpin tha chocolate syrup from your pussi.You moanin hard sayin "OOO SHIT".When i heard that,I start to go faster and faster.Now you cant speak.You speakin with your tongue.Im movin your pussi in diff directions with my lipz to hit ya spot.I knew i found ya spot cause you start scratchin the top of my head with ya nailz.I didnt care so i keep on goin movin faster den ever.All you see was my head movin real fast gettin into it.Even tho you couldnt talk,you still try to let words out.Finally you said "D d daddy Im bout to c cum"Your legz shackin,toes curlin,eyes rollin to your back.Im bouncin you up and down while im eatin you.You screamin sayin "Ooooooo" "Damn" "FUCK"…All that screamin makin my dick real hard and strong.Im like fuck it and said "Cum in my mouth baby"You let out a big scream squezzin my head while im tastin your cum.Im tastin it till all your cum GONE.I layed you back on the bed.Your breathin real hard,tryin to catch your breath and weak.You open your eyes and seen my hard thick dick out my boxer hole and I said "That was just a warm-up.now its tyme for tha real deal"……… You said "You gonna give me daddy dick" I replied "Yea mami&hellip.Its tyme to get serious now"I grab tha babyoil from tha dresser and told you to bend dat azz ova on da bed.Im just starin at your sexy smooth body while im stroking m dick real slow.I took tha top off tha babyoil and pour it on ya azz.I start to rub tha oil all ova ya azz,lookin all shiny and sexy with tha tattoo on top of ya azz that say "Sexy Domi"You look back at me bitin ya lipz with your freak face on cause you like tha way i massage ya azz with my smooth hands.I grabbed my hard chocolate hard dick with vains poppin out of it and put it on top of ya soft azz.You start shackin dat azz,makin my dick go side to side with it.You said in a lil sexy voice "Give me tha dick now daddy"I took my boxers off and start playin with ya pussi while you bent ova.I feel you gettin wetter and wetter.I grabed my dick and slowy put it inside ya wet,warm,juicy,tight pussi.I said "Damn its tight and wet"I took it back out and slowly put it back in you just to tease.You moan and said "Mmmm Yes"You felt how hard and thick my dick was.I start strokin slow,in and out of you.You moanin,im lookin down and my dick is covered with your juice.I grabbed ya waist and start to pick tha speed up.Your moans gettin louder and louder.You grabbin tha sheets real tight sayin "Damn daddy please dont stop.It feels so damn good"Every stroke im goin deeper and faster till i hit tha bottom.Your azz hittin my pelvis.I grabbed your hair and start pounding thiz dick in dat pussi.You start goin crazy.I said "You like daddy dick?" You screamed out "yes daddy".i said "Say that shit again" You screamed "YES DADDY".Tha covers are messed up.You start backin ya azz on my dick tha same tyme im goin in and out.You start creamin a lil on my dick.I slapped ya azz and you start goin faster and faster.Im sayin "Damn this pussi good&hellip.keep backin dat azz up on diz damn dick…dont stop"You said "Ok papi".You moanin hard.Im moanin a lil with you.You like when i moan cause it turns you on; ).I grab you by da side and start goin crazy.All you can hear was the sound of ya azz slappin my pelvis and my balls slappin on ya clit.Im strokin,hard,fast and deep.Im not bullshit'n.I looked down again and all your white cream is all on my dick.You sayin "AHHHHH FUCK.ya dick feel good in me.FUCK ME DADDY"I put your legs round my waist while im still hittin it from da back.Im goin real deep.You wont stop moanin and screamin.You shackin,im poundin.I start grabbin ya titties and massage them.You cumin cause i can feel it.You lean foward and i grab you back.DONT RUN FROM THA DICK.Im still fuckin tha pussi while you cumin.You start to get stiff and i slide my dick out slow.My dick is full of your wet juice and cream.I got nasty and start to eat ya pussi from tha back,lickin it up and down and gettin sloppy with it.Im suckin ya cream dat was left over from ya pussi.You didnt think i could make you come dat fast.I got up and you turned around.gave me a wink.and grab my hard dick.you start to open ya mouth then all da sudden your phone start to ring.uh oh.

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To be continued.