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Fbailey story number 538 Three Little Words When I first stuck my cock in my twelve-year-old sister's mouth she said those three little words, "I love you." When I first stuck my cock in my thirteen-year-old sister's pussy she said those three little words, "I love you." I only have the one sister and Peggy really does love me.

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She lets me use her any time that I want too and I really mean that. I would stick my cock in her mouth while she was sitting on the toilet. I would fuck her tight pussy while she was talking to her girlfriends on the telephone.

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I would fill her pussy with cum just before Dad took us to church on Sunday. I fucked my sister every single day, morning and night, for a full six years and every time she would tell me that she loved me.

Peggy was eighteen when I left home to attend college. That means that I had fucked her well over four thousand times. In those six years I watched her breasts enlarge, her pussy grow a nice fur coat, and her ass to develop nicely. She told me what happened on every date that she went on, who she kissed, and who she let fuck her. +++++ When Peggy was first allowed to date, she was thirteen years old, and Dad made us double date. They were certainly interesting dates.

Peggy would take charge right away and dare my girl at the time to do whatever she did. Immediately Peggy would remove her top and bra, sit there topless, and badger my girl until she too was sitting there topless. Once Peggy got the other girl topless she went right for her tits. Peggy would kiss them, suck them, and play with them for just as long as the other girl would let her. After that Peggy would slip my girl's pants or skirt off, then her panties, leaving her fully naked.

Peggy would strip out of her remaining clothes and a sexy sixty-nine would then ensue until we guys couldn't take it any longer and had to pull them apart and fuck them silly.

Most of my girlfriends during that time were Peggy's classmates. I fucked almost all of the girls in her class. Most of them were virgins.

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Then one day Peggy somehow conned her prettiest female teacher into double dating with me while she dated one of her male teachers.

The date was for an entire weekend. Dad thought that we were elsewhere of course. Actually it was the male teacher that had helped con the female teacher into the date because he really wanted to fuck my sister. When he picked us up for our date Miss Amour was already in the backseat waiting for me. Mr.


Brown drove us out of town and up into the hills to a secluded cabin that the school principle had let him use. Mr. Brown the male teacher must have really had the goods on Miss Amour because Peggy had no trouble getting her topless, then fully nude, and finally into a very hot sixty-nine.

Watching a thirteen-year-old student try to suck the lining out of her twenty-six-year-old English teacher was exciting. Miss Amour tried to get the upper hand but Peggy was awfully good and gave Miss Amour a lot of orgasms. Eventually, that caused Miss Amour to cry out 'uncle' and give up the battle. Peggy smiled and took Mr. Brown into the bedroom while I took Miss Amour up into the loft where we found a bed.

Miss Amour was a broken woman, she had been beaten in a carpet-munching contest, and Mr.

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Brown had broken her long before I had gotten in the backseat with her. On the way up she had not resisted my advances in the least when I rubbed her breasts through her blouse causing her nipples to stiffen, or when I reached between her legs to finger her pussy. Surprisingly, she started out dry but she moistened quickly as I played with her pussy.

She may not have wanted to succumb to my manipulations but she certainly did and in a very big way, she practically oozed her girl cream onto my fingers. I had her remove her panties and raise her skirt up above her ass. I then proceeded to masturbate Miss Amour for the rest of the trip, drenching Mr. Brown's backseat. I hoped that her scent would remain in there forever. Back up in the loft I undressed so that I was just as naked as she was.

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Miss Amour smiled when she saw how hard my cock was. We both knew that she had no need for foreplay so she lay back on the bed and let me slip my cock into her. For the first time I saw her smile like she meant it. I lasted just a few minutes like I always did. She could feel my cum squirting into her and she cooed as she held me tightly. I only need a few minutes to recover and we did it again. Then as I was recovering the third time, I asked Miss Amour what dirt Mr.

Brown had on her to get her to go along with his plans. Miss Amour said, "I worked my way through college as an entertainer, well as a stripper for bachelor parties, well actually as a call girl for bachelor parties." I asked, "What's a call girl?" Miss Amour replied, "A fancy name for a whore or a prostitute.

I sold my body for money. One of those parties was for Mr. Brown's older brother and he videotaped the whole party including the eight of them fucking me in all of my holes until they couldn't get it up anymore.

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I earned a thousand dollars that night but in reality I only made about forty dollars a fuck." I asked, "Then what?" Miss Amour continued, "When I came to this school to teach, he recognized me, and then he started to threaten to expose me if I didn't cooperate with him." I asked, "And what did that entail?" Miss Amour replied, "Letting Mr.

Brown fuck me in the teacher's lounge…and talking me into this…just so that he could fuck your little sister." I smiled at her and said, "Two can play that game." She didn't catch on to what I was saying. Then we had sex two more times before going to sleep.

The next morning Peggy and Mr. Brown came out of their room after he smelled the coffee brewing. I got Peggy aside and told her about Mr. Brown blackmailing Miss Amour. Then I told her what I had in mind. Peggy got him outside so that I could plant my digital camcorder in their bedroom and turn it on.

Thirty minutes later Peggy was dragging Mr. Brown back into their room for more sex.


Miss Amour and I stood near the door listening to them having sex. Peggy asked, "Why did you want me here this weekend? There are prettier girls in my school." Mr. Brown replied, "Because you were the youngest girl in my classes this year. I like young girls." Peggy said, "So, I'm not your first." Mr. Brown laughed hard and replied, "Hell no! I've fucked a dozen girls your age over the years.

Some even younger." Peggy asked, "What do I get out of this?" Mr. Brown said, "For fucking your cunt I'll see to it that you get a C on your report card. If you let me fuck your ass I'll give you an A. If you suck my cock clean afterwards I'll make it an A-plus." Peggy asked, "Have any other girls gotten an A-plus?" Mr.

Brown replied, "All but one. She wouldn't suck my cock. She wasn't too crazy about me fucking her ass either but I did anyway." Peggy asked, "So if I don't let you, will you rape my ass too?" Mr. Brown said, "Why don't you just let me and then we won't have to find out. Will we." As we listened through the door we knew that we had more than enough incriminating evidence but Peggy had told me to let her play it out.

So I did. Now I had not butt fucked my sister at that time but I had seen her stick some pretty big dildos up there before letting me fuck her pussy. That made her a much tighter fit and increased the pleasure for both of us. I just smiled when I heard Peggy say, "No! No! I changed my mind…ouch that hurts…take it out please. Mr. Brown your cock is way too big." We heard a lot of grunting followed by, "Now suck it bitch." We heard Peggy gagging and coughing.

Then she said, "I didn't like that! Don't do it again or I'll tell." That was followed by a slap and then by my sister crying.

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Miss Amour and I burst into the room to find Peggy cowering on the floor in the fetal position. Miss Amour went after him with both fists and then just one knee to his groin. After that he too was cowering on the floor next to Peggy in the fetal position.

I retrieved my hidden camera without him or Miss Amour seeing me. That afternoon Miss Amour made Mr.

Brown take us home. As we sat in our driveway I hit play on my camcorder and we all heard: "So, I'm not your first." "Hell no! I've fucked a dozen girls your age over the years. Some even younger." "What do I get out of this?" "For fucking your cunt I'll see to it that you get a C on your report card. If you let me fuck your ass I'll give you an A. if you suck my cock clean afterwards I'll make it an A-plus." "Have any other girls gotten an A-plus?" "All but one.

She wouldn't suck my cock. She wasn't too crazy about me fucking her ass either but I did anyway." "If I don't let you, will you rape my ass too?" "Why don't you just let me and then we won't have to find out. Will we." I turned off the camcorder and then I said, "Okay, now if you don't stop harassing Miss Amour and turn over all of the tapes and copies of her at your brother's bachelor party, then I'll give copies of this disc to the District Attorney, the Police Department, and to the School Board." Peggy added, "And you have to stop fucking your students too." Miss Amour got out of the car with us as he sped off angrily.

I introduced Miss Amour to my father and asked him to take her home. Over the next few weeks Dad dated Miss Amour several times.

He had a sleepover at her house one night but after that she had a few sleepovers at our house. Dad didn't know about Miss Amour and me but Peggy was invited in bed with them occasionally.

Dad never fucked her but he did kiss her and finger her clit. Mostly he liked watching Miss Amour give Peggy some wonderful orgasms. Of course I still got to fuck Miss Amour whenever I could. Eventually Miss Amour became our stepmother. The End Three Little Words 538