Fucking asian with big tits

Fucking asian with big tits
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My daughter Jen turned 21. She was away at college but when she came home for the weekend my daughter and I were going to go out to celebrate. I knew she would have gone out drinking with her friends at school.

When my daughter came home I realized or had just forgotten just how attractive she is and that I had not had sex in long time since her mother and I got divorced. Jen is 5' 3", long red blonde hair, petite frame and 34C tits; I knew that from bra's I had to buy her before.

We made plans to go out later that night; she wanted some time to unwind from her drive home. As she got ready for our night out she went between her room and the bathroom in her bra and boy short panties, she was not shy around me. I tried not stare but I could not help myself as I found my daughter to be very attractive. I found myself getting an erection so I quickly went into the other room. Little did I know that was just a small sample of what was to come that night.

Jen wore a very sexy top, tight fitting, no bra and a hot skirt. I kept catching myself checking out my daughter. We had a nice dinner then we went out to have few drinks. I asked her if she felt odd going out with her father, she said no, she thought it was cool that I wanted to take her out like that and didn't care if she got drunk.

We went to the downtown area which had a lot of clubs; we spent several hours down there bar hopping. Needless to say we both became very drunk. At the last bar we were at we ran into one of my work buddies, Ron a tall black guy. He hung out with us for the last hour we spent celebrating.

I saw him checking out my daughter as much as I was doing. While we were in the restroom he leaned over at the urinal next to me and said, "Doug, your daughter is really hot if you don't mind me saying." "I don't mind, I agree, Jen has really matured and is looking really attractive." We didn't' say anything else after that, we went back to join Jen. She was busy dancing out on the dance floor, Ron and I were so drunk we got out there and started to dance with her.

To our shock and enjoyment, Jen started dirty dancing with us, rubbing her great ass on our crotches. Nobody there knew us, knew she was my daughter so I let her rub her ass on me. All of the alcohol made me not care that Jen gave me an erection and the fact she was rubbing up and down on it through my pants. Jen did the same thing to Ron and I could tell he had a raging hard on as well.

When we left the club, when the closed, Ron asked if he could sleep it off at my house. My house was much closer than his place so I said sure. It was a pretty quiet ride home, my daughter and Ron dozed off and on; I found myself looking at my daughters' tits, watching them bounce whenever we hit a bump. We got back to my house and dragged our drunken asses back into the house.

We got into the living room, when Jen spoke up. "I had a lot of fun dad, thank you." She gave me a huge kiss, pressing her tits against my body; I felt her knee rub against my hard cock.

She pulled away and looked at us smiling, "I couldn't believe how hard I made you two when we were dancing. Most of the guys my age never get that hard that quickly." I didn't know what to say, my mind was bogged down by all the booze. Ron spoke, "That's cuz you are so hot!" I added, "He's got a point Jen. As for me, I haven't had it in so long; even my own daughter can make me hard." Jen looked at us then at me, "Daddy, do you care if I give Ron a blow job?

I never sucked off a black guy before." Ron got a huge smile on his face; I thought for a moment, I never thought to hear my daughter ask me that! Then the booze spoke for me, "Only if I get to watch you Jen." "Of course you can watch daddy." Then Jen dropped down to her knees in front of Ron, she fumbled at his zipper and pulled out his huge black missile.

It had to be 11 inches long! My daughter smiled as she stroked it and then licked his prick head. "I love giving head." was all Jen said. Then Ron said, "What about your dad?

You said you never sucked a black cock before, have you ever sucked your father's cock?" She shook her head no while she was sliding his prick into her mouth. She sucked on his prick for a bit then she slowly let it slide out of her mouth, pre cum and saliva covered his shaft. "No I haven't. Daddy, do you want me to suck your cock too?" "Hell yes Jen!" I didn't give a shit that this was incest, she was hot, I was horny and I wanted my cock sucked and I didn't care that it was my daughter.

She unzipped my pants with one hand as she kept stroking Ron's huge big piece of meat.


My cock is not as long as Ron's but that didn't seem to bother my daughter; she licked the pre cum dripping off of my prick head. Both Ron and I enjoyed watching Jen work his prick, making it harder with each stroke of her lips up and down on his prick.

It took a couple of minutes before Ron's cock was fully erect, a great 11 inches of hard black cock. Ron looked at me smiling, "I always wanted a hot white chick to suck my cock.

I never thought it would be your own daughter with you watching!" He stroked my daughter's hair back off of her face, "Hey Jen I think it's your dad's turn." Jen very slowly slid his prick out of her mouth, saliva dripped off his prick head.

She looked at me and just swallowed my cock. My prick was about 7 and half inches, no where near as long as Ron's' but my cock is larger in girth to his. I let out an incredible passionate moan as my daughter swallowed my hard cock. I yelled out "OH FUCK JEN! THAT FEELS GREAT!" Ron said, "Jen is a great cock sucker!" My daughter quickly pumped my prick in and out of her mouth; her tongue ran all over it as she slurped away.


She let my cock out of her mouth and ran my prick head across her lips. "I love giving head and I love to swallow too. Are you enjoying my blow job daddy?" I let my uncontrollable dark lust out, "YES JEN!

Now shut up and keep sucking our cocks!" At this point my daughter was still wearing all of her clothes I knew both Ron and I wanted to see her tits. I watched Ron reached down and pushed the strap of her shirt off of her shoulder. He pushed it down her arm so it was barely covering her tit.

Jen released my cock from her expert cock sucking lips and looked at Ron. She just stroked both of our cocks, taking turns licking the pre cum off of the underside of cocks as she milked it out. Then she gobbled down Ron's cock again, deep throating his long throbbing shaft.

It was my turn now to push down the other side of my daughters' shirt. I pushed it down as far as Ron had done on the other side; her shirt was now barely covering her tits. I couldn't hold back anymore as my hormones raced through me. I felt like a teenage boy again having sex for the first time. I slid my hand down Jen's shirt and began to fondle her tit.

It felt so good in my hand as I played with her nipple, pinching it and squeezing her tit like it was a ripe fruit. I looked at Ron and without any communication I let him know he needed to feel my daughter tit. Jen loved having both of her tits fondled. She went wild sucking Ron's prick then quickly grabbing mine with her lips, sucking and slurping away at it. I an odd thought went through my mind as my hand pleasured my hot daughters' tit. I thought to myself if maybe I was pushing things too far with my daughter but then I looked down and watched her sucking my prick and that thought disappeared from my mind.

We kept this up for awhile and then Ron looked at me and looked at him, we both knew what each other was thinking and at the same time we pulled my daughter up to her feet. Jen kept her hands clasped around our cocks as we stood her up. We tore her thin shirt off! "We will buy you a new one Jen." That was all I said to her as she watched these two wild animals tearing her top off.

She didn't skip a beat as she kept stroking our hard shafts. I felt my load building up in my prick as I rammed it in and out of my daughter harder and faster.

Then without any warning for Jen and myself my cock exploded as my cum wad burst out and flooded her wet cunt with my hot jizz. I groaned with deep dark glee as my torrential cum load kept spurting into Jen's pussy. Jen moaned aloud "Oh yes daddy! Keep cumming please!" Ron was stroking his cock quicker now, watching me blowing my wad into my daughter.

"Oh yeah that's it, fill her tight cunt with your cum." My hands clamped down onto her tits as I held her on my cock until I had finished. Jen leaned back onto me for a few moments, both of us needed to recover from our hot passionate moment.

"Ron, it's your turn with my daughter." As I said that I helped Jen off of me. Ron sat down next to me and Jen moved over to him and impaled her herself on his huge cock. Her pussy made a loud slurping noise from her wetness and my cum as she pounded herself up and down on his black shaft. Ron held onto my daughter by her tits as he pulled her up and down on his cock. My daughter's eyes were glazed over with pure horny lust.

"That's it Jen, fuck my cock! Fuck it good you little slut." Ron kept saying over and over to my daughter. Jen would ride his cock really fast, then slow down, then speed up again. Finally she stopped and looked at Ron. "Do you want to see how big of a slut I am?" Ron and I looked at each other and Jen took that moment to get up. She bent over grabbing my half erect cock in her hand.

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My daughter looked into my eyes and then said, "I love sucking cocks especially after they have been in my pussy. I love the taste of cum and my pussy juice." She turned around and looked at Ron. "Come on Ron and fuck me! Fuck me while I suck my dad's cock!" She gobbled down my cock; Ron leapt up and slammed his hard meat shaft into her cunt. I could hear his balls slapping against her as he hammered her cunt. I never thought I would see a guy fuck my daughter, let alone fuck her with such animalistic passion.

I put my hand on the back of Jen's head, keeping her head down on my cock. I could hear her trying to moan through the slurping sounds coming from her mouth with my fat prick hardening again.

Ron started to rub her ass, "Man I would love to fuck your daughter up the ass." I responded by saying, "Jen does have a great ass. Do you like getting fucked in the ass?" My daughter could only nod her head up and down. I looked at Ron, "Well we have time, just blow your wad into her cunt and will fuck her ass in a bit." Ron went back to fast hard work on my daughters' pussy with his shaft as she worked her magic on my cock with her lips and tongue.

Ron didn't last much longer. Within a few more strokes of his long shaft in and out of Jen's cunt was all it took. Then he groaned aloud, "Oh fuck yeah!" I knew at that moment he was releasing his wad deep inside of my daughter.

Ron's whole body kept jerking with spasm's as he emptied his cock of all his cum. As I held my daughters head on my cock I could feel her squirming around, moaning with my cock in her mouth as Ron filled her up with his sticky goo.

Ron pulled his cock out of Jen's pussy and looked at me smiling away. "Shit, that was the best pussy I have fucked in long time! Damn your daughters' cunt is awesome!" I smiled back at him and nodded yes as I kept running my hands through Jen's red-blonde hair. By now I was hard again and ready to fuck my daughter some more. I pulled her head off of my cock, saliva and pre cum drooled out of her mouth onto my prick head.

"Jen, why don't you suck Ron's cock. I am sure it needs to be cleaned off from being in your hot, sticky pussy." Ron sat down as I got up off of the couch. My daughter turned around to face him, her face was glazed over as she was lost in her own deep desires, not caring that her own father was enjoying taking out his carnal pleasures on her.

She grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it getting pussy juice and cum all over her hand and fingers. Ron grabbed her head and pushed her mouth down onto prick. "Come on Jen. Fucking suck my cock and get me hard again so I can have some more fun with you!" As I positioned myself behind my daughter I kept stroking my cock to make sure I stayed erect. Then I looked at her great ass, now it was time to fuck my daughter right up her ass. I pressed my cock against the crack of her ass Jen reached behind, grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart for me as I slid my cock into her tight asshole.

I grabbed Jen by her ass and very slowly began to pump my cock in and out of her. Ron asked me if her ass was as good as her pussy and I responded yes. I slowly increased my pace as I fucked my daughters' tight hot ass but not to go so fast as to blow my wad. I had other plans for my cum. The three of us kept this up for quite a while. Ron held Jen by her long hair and helped pull her head up and down on his ever hardening cock.

Jen happily sucked his cock while moaning from my slow, steady reaming of her ass. Then Ron pulled her head off of his cock, "OK Jen that's enough cock sucking. I want to fuck your ass now." Ron stood up and I reluctantly withdrew my prick out of her ass.

I looked at Ron and told him he was going to love fucking my daughters asshole. Then I thought for a second, I thought about how much I loved hearing Jen moan. "Let's DP her." was all I said to Ron.

He got a wicked smile and nodded in agreement. I sat down on the couch as I did Ron pushed Jen forward. I looked Jen in the eyes and she was so dazed. Sweat was running down her body, her hair was messed up and she was just dazed, lost in this taboo world we were creating.


I held my cock in my hand and shook it at her. "Come on Jen. Sit down on your daddy's lap.

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I want my cock up inside your pussy again." At first Jen was going to sit down with her back to me. I spun her around and said, "NO Jen, face me so I can suck on your tits. I know you want your daddy to suck on your nice tits." Jen slowly climbed up on my lap and then slowly lowered herself down on my throbbing prick. The anticipation I felt was incredible, even though I just fucked my daughter, waiting to feel her cunt wrapped around my cock again was almost unbearable.

I moaned loudly as my prick slid inside of her again. "Oh yeah Jen. That's what daddy wants!" As soon as her cunt completely swallowed my prick I grabbed her tits and pulled them to mouth.

I licked both of her erect nipples before sucking hard on each of them. Jen moaned loudly as she began to ride my cock. Ron didn't waste any time in pushing his prick deep into her ass.

I could feel his huge piece of black meat sliding inside of my daughter as my fat cock working in and out of her cunt. Jen squealed and screamed out in pleasure! She closed her eyes as we both began to fuck both of her tight holes; I kept sucking on her nice tits at the same time. Jen just sat on my lap letting us have our way with her body. She just moaned and would groan, "Fuck me. Oh yes don't stop! Fuck me daddy, suck my tits! Fuck my ass, oh yes, harder!

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Fuck me harder!" This was the best fuck I ever had! The more I sucked on my daughters tits and fucked her tight cunt, the more I gave myself over to my dark desires. Now all I could think about was fucking my daughter and nobody else. Ron loved fucking my daughter too, he said he never fucked a white chick before and he had several black friends who would love to fuck my daughter as well.

As we worked ourselves into a frenzy I thought about Jen getting gang fucked, I could picture her getting fucked by myself, Ron and his friends.

The more I thought about it, the horny it made me. It took Ron and I awhile though to really bring our cum loads to the ready. I could feel my wad slowly building up in my prick. I grunted to Ron to let me know when he was ready to cum.

I said I had a great place for us to cum and it was not inside of Jen's ass or cunt! Ron knew exactly what I had in mind. We kept fucking Jen for another few minutes before Ron wildly pulled his prick out of Jen's ass. He stood back holding his cock tight, I knew he was ready to blow his wad. I pushed my hands against my daughters' tits, "Time for you to get on your knees!" Jen didn't say a word, she slid off of me and down onto her knees in front of us.

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Her head tilted back, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out ready for our cum! Ron and I stood in front of Jen speedily jacking off.

I knew we both had the same thought in our minds, blowing our wads all over my daughters' pretty face. Ron was stroking his 11 inch cock like a wild man as he looked down at my daughter. "Oh yeah Jen. Get ready, I'm gonna cum. Oh yes, here it comes!" Jen opened her eyes, curious to watch the first spurt of hot jizz erupting from this long, hard shaft. Ron told her to lean back and tilt her head back as well. Jen silently did as she was told what a good daughter I raised.

I actually saw Ron's cock stiffen and with one stroke up his shaft he blew his wad. His first long spurt of cum landed on her chest and tits. Ron smiled as he had done that on purpose. He kept sliding his hand up and down his prick, grunted and sent another shower of his sticky goo across Jen's face. His cum made a gooey line going from her forehead, across one closed eye onto her nose and cheek. He held his cock in a firm grip for a moment, stroked it again and spent a small spurt into her hair.

Finally he let the rest of his seed spurt then drool out of his prick onto my daughters' lips. Jen opened her eyes, wiping the cum off of her right eye, licked her lips and then she looked at me with a hungry look. There was something about this scene that really sent my perversion over the edge. Seeing my daughter naked in front of me, on her knees, cum on her face and tits just brought out a very deep passion. She was my daughter but in another way she was just Jen, a cum slut.

"Open your mouth!" I shouted at my daughter as my hand worked my cock in a blur. Jen opened her mouth just a bit as she still licked her lips. Some part of my mind said, 'this is your daughter you about to blow you wad on. You are going to cum in your own daughter's mouth. It's wrong!" Something about that thought made me cum. I groaned as my jizz erupted from my cock. I spewed my seed all over Jen's mouth and her tongue.

Jen kept licking her lips as I kept pumping spurt after spurt of warm, sticky semen all over her mouth. I loved watching my wad slid down her tongue and watching Jen swallow it all! Unfortunately I did not have a big load; I wished I had cum in her mouth first instead of cuming in her pussy.

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I had a larger load the first time. When I milked the final drops of cum from my cock I released my grip on my red, throbbing cock. Jen reached up and grabbed both of our softening cocks. She worked them over with her tongue and mouth, sucking dry any remaining cum we had left.

Ron and I just looked down at Jen, enjoying how through she was. She spent several minutes slowly sucking and licking us clean before cleaning off her face. Ron pointed out the cum on her tits and all my daughter did was smile and reply, "I was saving that for later." By this time all three of us were very tired.

Between the hot sex and all the booze, there was no way Ron or I were going to get hard again for awhile. We retired up stairs to my bedroom where we all collapsed on my king size bed.

Before passing out, Jen gave us another show as she very sensuously licked Ron's jizz off of her nice tits. "I didn't want to get any cum on your bed dad." I just smiled at my daughter. Then she lied down between us and we all went to sleep in a naked pile, Jen snuggly between Ron and me.