Milf Schlampe figging bekommt mit Rohr ihren Arsch schlagen

Milf Schlampe figging bekommt mit Rohr ihren Arsch schlagen
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I almost couldn't breath from the way she sucked my entire dick down her teenage throat. She was a-fuckin-mazing. I don't ever recall seeing tits like those either. For one reason or another I loved to fantasize about her showing her new tits to me before any other man had the opportunity to exploit them. We had all seen them poolside and every one of us had felt them at one point or another.

That wasn't what the fantasy was about. I wanted to fuck them. No one had even exposed their cock to her yet but they had jacked off thinking about it more than they would ever dare to report. Man they were big. Big, round, full and tight titties on a young girl who had no idea what she had. .or did she?.naaw! She was just an innocent big breasted teenager with curves that locked up cocks in many many self-servicing acts of imagination. Heck, I even tossed a load about those knockers.uh, I mean _these_ knockers.

The smooth and tender tits that are spread out across her rib cage. As she lay before me a little bit intimidated by my lack of shyness, waving my cock around like a weapon that she knew she would have to accomodate in more ways than one today. Her one piece bathing suit was at the foot of the bed.

I stepped on it as I brandished my cock, gripping the base tightly and pumping it to fucking quality status, so that it swelled tightly, fully engorged, pointing menacingly in her direction. "That is so.big. I'm getting worried.

I'm.excited.but a little scared of how big your cock is. Will you take it slow.please? In fact, can I touch it? I don't think I'll even be able to get my hand around it. Look at that fat sucker." She was probably right. Not because I have the fattest cock but her hands were tiny.

They couldn't hide her tremendous boobs in the least. Shit, her arms couldn't even cover them. Which was why she just stopped trying. Especially since I had her legs, one ankle in my free hand and the other on my hip causing her to lose her balance on the futon she fell back on. "We're not even close to that part yet. I'm nowhere near done admiring your tits. Funny how that sounds. You've got so much tit!

Damn, I remember when there was a time you didn't. I wanted to fuck you _then_. Your mouth is so sexy, I always wanted a hummer from you.

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Now, you have body to go with it. It just makes me wanna fuck you more. But we'll wait. Trust me that by the time I push it into you, you won't know or even care how big it is. You might even wish it was bigger." "uh.I totally doubt it.

I've seen like a couple of them before and they weren't as big as yours. Your balls are big too! Anyways, those guys were always like pushing it into uncomfortable places. Like. what is it about my tits that guys always wanna put their cocks between them? Sometimes they like want _that_ more than my pussy. _sometimes_ After they get all worked up from my tits, they like always want to go inside. But like that? That just wasn't going to happen.

So they'd like get all stupid and ask for other things." Her legs began to relax. Opened, her little pussy was swelling as I played with her nipples and she did her best to grab a hold of the girth of my tool.

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Her middle finger and thumb could touch but none of the others could. She stroked the length slowing and a little awkwardly as she got used to the angle we were positioned. I pumped my hips to guide it through her fingers and she took her other hand off off her chest to fondle my nutsack.

"You probably made it clear that they weren't getting in your pants so they might as well put it as close or in the next best opening. You suck their dicks?" I swelled as she licked her teenage lips, gazing at my member as if she had a deep hunger and curiosity for it. I flexed my dick involuntarily. "yes.that's like how I know you're totally bigger because yours can be like between both my titties and in my mouth at the same time.

Not to mention that it doesn't get lost between them." She demonstrated by pulling towards her by my cock and, in a seamless motion, caught my dick between her titties popping the head into her full and moistened lips. Her tongue swirled around my cock like a fuckin' pro! "Well I hope you're excited because tonight all of that is going to change forever.


Tonight, you get promoted to getting your pussy slammed." I have no idea how that sounded because I was dizzy from the teenage blowjob I was getting while titty-fucking a pair of the firmest, D cup titties I had felt since.well, truthfully, _all_ of my girlfriends had big, firm titties.

Even the ones with smaller ones had enough for me to brag to the boys about. But these were the youngest since I was her age and even then, they were never this big then.

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"And I get it by a big cock too." She nibbled the tip and pulled my balls back so that I wouldn't drive to much into her mouth. Her tits were pushed up around my balls making me harder still. "Now, be quiet, suck my dick some more and swing around so that I can lick your little teenage pussy. I wanna eat your tender box, fuck your mouth and squeeze on those titties. Man, you got some hips now too." Her curves were countless. Any more and she'd be fat. But, at this age, it was all in the right places.

Her figure was in progress. And couldn't get over the fact that I was going to put my hips between those lucious rump-framing lines. "Yeah, they came with the tits. I like my hips because now I can do the splits.

Wanna see me do the splits over your mouth? Boys usually like that." "No, sweet thing." I licked on her pussy lips to find her clit sweetly moistened and lined with light, new pubic hair.

She wasn't a hairy one at all so I could eat her up right without worrying about gagging on a stray. "I want you to do it over my dick.but later. For now, lay on your back and let me pile drive my cock down your throat. You can clearly swallow it whole. Big or not, you suck a mean dick so my dick is gonna get meaner." "Meaner and _bigger_ if you get any more excited." She grabbed ahold of it at the base as I poised it over her mouth.

She sucked it deep. I drove it in as far as I dared. She handled it pretty well. But you could tell, it wasn't her favorite. "Can we fuck yet? Feeling it in my throat is turning me on. Look when I stroke it.


It's so proud. Long and thick. You really have one of those like legendary dicks that the girls talk about in the locker room.

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The one I've like heard about about but like never had." "Tell me more about it. I think I'll skull fuck you while you talk.

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Just be sure to lick it when it comes out of your mouth. And I'll play with your pussy lips at the same time. Before you know it, you'll be ready for entry." I tickled her pussy with my lips, tongue, nose, and even my chin. "But I think I want it now." She was hungrily sucking down more and more of my cock.

Almost all of it but.not quite.

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I could feel her teeth close in when it got too deep. "You have to wait. Tell me about the girls in the locker room." I was totally turned on by the idea that my johnson was the topic of naked teenage girl's in the lockeroom. Each telling stories of my dick in various places of there lusty, busty, hot and horny young bodies.

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The only thing better than a set of boobs is a room full of boobies, hard-nippled and turned on for the heat of my juicy boner. "They always walk around in their panties and like no bras. I think it's like to show off or something. The girls with their little mounds show off because they don't hang at all. Perky and pointed. The .whew!.you got about an inch from my tonsils that time. yummy!.anyway.

the girls with what I call like the 'nice tits', the ones that like have cuppage but no overlapping at all, hard as steel and barely move when they walk Again, your monster tool is reaching where the little boys can't. I like it when the hair on your balls like hits my nose. They're firm like those the nice tittied girls. Anyway ." I slowed down as I pushed the fatter stalk of my dick into her lips.she attempted to squeeze it with her lips but she couldn't because my head was pressing her throat open.

She started to gag but breathed in and relaxed into my cock, engulfing it in her hot teenage mouth. I didn't miss a spot on her hot little box. It was tasty and fully lubricated for the full fucky but I wanted to get my share of suck-the-dick from this teenaged sex toy. Nothing could get me to believe that she would continue to do this for men when she got older and would undoubtedly switch her sex offering to her pussy instead.

So I stopped and flexed my dick in her throat. I could feel her molars press against my fattened dick and slid it slowly out almost coming from the sensation. ", like I was saying, the big titted girls are _big_ but they aren't anywhere near as big as me.

They hang like big ole melons and they hold them up as if they were cold but.they just want to make people believe that they're as perky as the little ones, only bigger. They're like so beautiful. Round. Feminine and sexy but know.they trip. I love my tits. They get me this. and she began sucking and stroking my dick once more with the grace of an experienced cocksucker. I had to stop her before I blew my wad.

"gimme that pussy.I think we're due." "You're telling pussy is like so wet, I feel like you already fucked me. You eat pussy like nobody else either. Wait until the next locker room storytelling. I've got the best bragging rights in the shower!" She wagged my dick as I pulled it away from her and swung around for the main event. "It _is_ the legendary superdick!" She laid down and I entered her without so much as a bit of resistance. Well, except for that little 'pop' when I snapped her hymen into the history books.

Superdick once again overcomes the challenge of virginity! "Wwoooooooow! That big fuckin' tool is just _filling_ my little box without any resistance at all!! Lots of _pressure_ but lots of _pleasure_.excuse me while I enjoy your manhood." She laid back and I fucked the virgin thoughts out of her mind and drove her virginity into a distant memory.


First slowly with inch by inch variations and then full on drilling down to her backbone. Letting her know that this was the very first time and not just with any high school boy. A man.