Straight male middle eastern men nude gay Come and witness Connor get

Straight male middle eastern men nude gay Come and witness Connor get
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CH1 Time to be a beast. Walking in to the house, the smell of blood heavy in my closes, I hear the water of the shower running, I see the steam pouring out from under the door. As I walk over to the door I see that she remembered to set a beer on the shelf. She knows I like a beer when I get home from work. I grab my beer and walk in to the bath room; striping off my blood soaked closes.

The long day of working on the cutting floor, has soaked me all the way to the bone.

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I step in to the shower the hot water feels so good. I wash my body and finish my beer. When I step out if the shower I look in to the mirror, my little Angel left a note for me in the Mirror, "chicken for dinner plz." Wrapping a towel around me and walking in to the kitchen, I toss the chicken from the freezer in to a pan and started to make Chicken Yakatoiry her favorite.

The rice cooker clicked telling me it was done which was good as I had just finished the chicken with the sauce in the pan. I tossed a scoop of rice in to are boles and top them off with the chicken, garnishing with green onion. I walked in to are room, where I found my porcelain angel checking e-mail. "Dinner is served love" she turned the computer off and walked over to me taking the boles and sitting on the bed motioning to the tea pot so I wouldn't go and make any.


she began to eat as I got comfortable sitting on the floor in front of her, she smelled of rose petals, she must of taken a shower of her own just before I got home. Her hair was free and covering half her face as she ate. Giving her a slight air of mystery. I could smell a slight must in the air of the room; she had masturbated before her shower.

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she asked about my day as we ate, I told her about how a big order was coming in and that I would be working doubles for the next four days, and asked her about her day she told me about how some customers had been real nice and left her a good tip, and that that's how we had the money for the chicken.

I collected are boles and tea pot after we were done and carried them to the sink and walked back to our room where I stood in the door way watching her go back to her e-mail. I couldn't't get enough of watching her.

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She was a good woman to me, we had are problems but she loved me, she was faithful and all ways told me when I was being an asshole. Something most people were too scared to do. Her jeans hugged her hips so nicely as she sat in the computer chair, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra under my white wife beater she was wearing.

I wanted her, I wanted her right then, I wanted her always. "Let's fuck" the words falling from my mouth like I was saying pass the salt. she looked over her shoulder at me saying " not right now sweaty I'm really not in the mood" then as she turn her attention back to the screen, "I'm not asking" was all I said as I tossed her out of her chair and pined her to the wall. I knew her; she would never be in the mood in less I gave her a reason to be in the mood.

So I kissed her lips hard and then brushed her head aside and bit down hard in to her neck.

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She let out a little scream from the shock and pain, stammering out "Hun I'm really not" but as I told her "I'm not asking you" I wanted her and id be dammed if I couldn't't have her. After biting both sides of her neck I tossed her to the floor face first pinning her hands under mine. This way if she wanted to get away she would have to back her ass up in to me; I loved it when she did that. I got one hand over to are night stand and got my knife from the door and slipped it under the shirt she was wearing and cut it away with a quick motion.

it fell from her and I reached around and grabbed one of her free tits in a death grip, she hate it when men played with her tits but I wasn't going to let that stop me from feeling the soft but firm flesh that I craved so. She then managed to free herself and half way stand before I pushed her to the bed and pull her pants from her before she can defend herself. now she was naked my towel had long been lost in the fray and I flipped her over to her stomach with her knees on the floor I grab her hair pulling back on it, as I drove my dick all the way in to her cunt.

I pause for just a moment to enjoy the feeling of her hot pussy and to let her get a little comfortable. She knows what's coming and she knows it's what she needs. I smack her ass with my free hand as I start to forcefully fuck her; she has stopped fighting me and is now gripping the bed as I work as hard as I can in to her.

Gripping her hips right at the bend I go crazy, slam it and grind just the way I know she likes. I feel the old familiar feeling of my balls telling me it's time to cum, but I know it's too soon for that I haven't had all I want yet.

So I pull out and hold her in place. Taking a moment to control myself. I grip her right ankle and flip her on to her back, grab her waist and toss her all the way on the bed. She is beautiful. She thinks it's over and is starting to relax, her mistake. I grab the backs of her knees and push her legs up to her shoulders and dive my face in to her pussy, she lets out a little scream of no, but I just start my assault.

her clit is nice and hard just the way I like, I run my tong over it first up then down and then in arctic patterns but I never let my tong leave her clit. She pushes her hips up to my mouth, she wants this, she would never admit this to me but this is what she wants. all her talk of how men don't know how to eat her out, but that's because they all try to make love to her with their mouths, but she wants to feel like it's being taken from her not given. She tastes like sugar and salt.


her hands pulling at my hair, but I won't let my assault end, I'm hungry and I won't stop tell I get my fill. Her hips are now pushing up in to my hungry mouth at a study rhythm I can feel the presser in her body building like a spring. I can't get enough of her juices.

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She is ready; I can feel that she's been pushed as far as she can go. I stand and slam my dick all the way in to her tight cunt, the heat she's giving off feels like it's going to burn me, and telling her, "rub you cilt dam it!" she atomically starts to rub her sore clit and starts to cum.

I can't hold back any longer. I ride out her storm of her lust and just as she starts to calm I release my passion deep in to her, the sensation casing her to buck one last time before I collapse on top off her.

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She wraps her arms around me and starts to stroke my hair; I kiss her cheek and rest my head against the bed. "That was good baby" she tells me. I rise up off of her so that she can move over and I can cuddle her in my arms with her back to me. The perfume of her body was mixed with are sweat fills my nose, she feels so warm against my chest. Her breathing is calm, her skin begging to cool as the rush has begun to leave us, slowly being replaced with a loving calm. I know time is against me so I start to rock my groin against her ass, I feel my dick responded.

she knows what I want, she hates it when I want this, but she knows I won't fuck again in tell I get it, so she rolls over on her stomach. Reaching back she spreads her ass cheeks apart for me to see my goal. I retrieve the lube from the night stand and startle her legs. I applied lots of the lube to her tight little ass whole, and give one of her cheeks a kiss before lubing up my cock.

For me this is her greatest gift she can give me, this is the act that well quench my hunger for her, for a little bit at least. I can hear her breathing pace quicken, I know she's trying to stay calm and relaxed, as I push the head of my cock too her ass, she pushes back to me slightly telling me to proceed. This is not like the fucking we just had, I can't take this from her, she has to give it to me. As the head makes its way in I hear her making little cry's and sniffles.

I stroke her back and tell to relax, that I'll go slowly and I'll try not to make it hurt any more then it has to. She moves her hands from her ass and bites one of her thrums while moving the other to play with her clit. The head finally sinks in to the crown. She lets out a sigh of relief as I let out a gasp. She is so tight I feel like she's going to cut my dick off and she's so hot I can't hold back for too long, only the heads in but I already want to cum.

I bite my lip as I push farther in to her slowly working in a quarter of a inch in at a time stopping after every push to let her get used to it before pushing in farther. My dick finally is half way in and I stop to take time for her to get ready for the hardest part and to gain control of myself IV almost lost my load twice because she was so hot and tight. She's biting down on her hand as I work the last half of my dick in to her ass.

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Finally my hips rest against hers and she lets out a sharp cry from the sudden fullness she feels. I lean down and kiss her face, she opens her eyes and tells me as a lone tear runs down her cheek "I love you", with that she let out a moan as my cum fills her ass. I couldn't't hold back any longer. She knew that telling me that would push me over the edge. We didn't move for what felt like forever my cock buried deep in to her.

Finally I start to feel my rapidly shrinking cock coming out of her, to my surprise it's clean. She planned for this and cleaned up well. I lay next to my wonderful woman and cuddle her next to me. We both fall asleep and she asks me if I liked fucking her ass, she knows I did but she wants to hear it from me.

I tell her I loved it and that I would miss are fuck Sessions over the next four days as I would be working doubles.