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My wife sucks my cock slowly
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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 6 The end of term had finally arrived and Harry, Hermione and Ron; as well as the rest of the Weasley's were enjoying a well earned break in the confides of the Burrow.

Harry had always adored this house, as it was the first wizarding house he had ever been in. The Burrow was even more busy than usual this Christmas.

As well as Harry, Hermione and Ron; there was also Mr and Mrs Weasley, Fred and George, Ginny, Charlie (who was visiting from Romania), Bill and Bill's girlfriend, Fleur. Harry and Ron remembered Fleur well and when they saw her again for the first time, Hermione had to close their open mouths for them with a roll of her eyes.

Fleur was nothing short of a Goddess (they said she was part Veela). She was quite tall for a lady, and had the biggest blue eyes you could imagine; which were accentuated by her long eye-lashes. She had rosy red lips and a small straight nose as well as long blonde-white hair, which seemed to sparkle when the light shone on it. She had a beautiful slim figure and gorgeous D sized breasts, which seemed to always be ready to burst out of her small dress.

'Ronald. 'Arry!' she cried as herself and Bill trundled through the front door of the Burrow with their hands full with suitcases. She immediately dropped her bags and skipped over to Ron and Harry, planting two kisses each on their cheeks. They felt themselves going red and mumbled a hurried hello back before darting off to their bedroom.

Hermione merely shrugged and muttered something that sounded like, 'boys,' before saying hello to Fleur herself. 'Jesus Harry,' said Ron as they finally made their way to Ron's room which they were sharing, 'my cock's rock hard.' 'Mine too,' said Harry in a strained voice as he flopped down on to his bed, 'your brother's one lucky guy.' 'You're telling me,' sighed Ron, as both boys lay back on their beds, fantasising about Fleur. * A week had passed and Harry was having a great Christmas break.

He and Ginny had managed to squeeze in a few make-out sessions during the moments of privacy they shared. Ron on the other hand, was still searching for a moment alone with Hermione. Ron finally got his wish one snowy Saturday night. Everybody was downstairs, relaxing in their own pursuits. Harry was polishing his broomstick, Mr and Mrs Weasley were listening to the radio whilst the rest were sat around in the lounge, chatting. Ron made his excuses early and left to go to his room, alone.

He decided to start on a particularly difficult Potions essay that needed to be done when he got back to Hogwarts. Meanwhile, downstairs Hermione had noticed Ron's absence. 'I'll just go and check on him,' she whispered to Harry as she got up and left the room.

'Ron.Ron,' Hermione said as she slowly opened the door to Ron and Harry's room. The room was quite dark, the curtains were drawn and Ron was sat by his desk, a quill in his right hand and his head resting on his left. 'How's it going?' Hermione asked, resting her head on Ron's shoulder as she peered over his shoulder at his so far blank piece of parchment.

'Slowly,' replied Ron, enjoying the sensation of Hermione's hair tickling his ear, 'I think I may just go to bed and do this tomorrow.' Ron stood up from the desk and took off his t-shirt, revealing his body to Hermione. Ron suddenly noticed Hermione gazing lustfully at his strong torso. 'What was that?' he said quickly. 'What.nothing,' Hermione lied. 'Do ya wanna touch it?' Ron said softly, slowly massaging his six-pack.

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Hermione hesitated before slowly reaching out a hand and feeling Ron's powerful body underneath her delicate finger-tips. Hermione moaned softly as Ron pulled her into a tight embrace, Hermione seemingly melting in to Ron's strong arms.

'I love you Hermione,' said Ron gently, 'I don't care about Lavender.


I've only ever loved you.' 'I feel the same Ron,' answered Hermione. Suddenly, Ron pulled Hermione into their first deep, passionate kiss. Hermione's lips tingled as she felt Ron's tongue ease its way into her mouth. Hermione felt Ron's hands go to her D sized tits as he grabbed them roughly through her top and begin squeezing and feeling them.

Hermione arched her head backwards as Ron quickly began kissing and nibbling at her neck as he continued to grope her breasts. 'Ron! Ron! You'll never guess what Fred has got Ginny for Christ.' said an excited Harry as he entered the room.

'What the hell is going on here,' said Harry, his gleeful expression changing instantly. Hermione looked at Harry in shock; as did Ron who still had his hands on her breasts. 'Harry!' said Hermione in a shocked voice, 'I.erm.I've got to go,' she said as she hurriedly left the room, slamming the door behind her.

Harry and Ron were left alone in the room, Ron with a smirk on his face. 'What you playing at Ron? Your going out with Lavender, how could you do that behind her back?' 'O I don't give a damn about Lavender,' responded Ron, 'I love Hermione with all my heart. I was so close to fucking her. It's alright for you, you've already shagged her.' Harry's resolve softened. 'Your right mate, I'm sorry.

But you have to split-up with Lavender yeah?' Harry replied. Ron hesitated. 'Ok Harry,' he finally replied. 'Good man,' said Harry, patting Ron on the shoulder, 'now let's get some sleep.' Both boys stripped down to their boxers and got into bed, eventually falling asleep. * Harry heard a voice call-out to him. 'Hello.'ello,' said a familiar voice. Harry wiped the sleep from his eyes as he looked at his clock.

It was 3 in the morning and Fleur was standing before Harry and Ron in nothing but her knickers and bra. 'Am I still dreaming?' said Ron rather stupidly, his eyes wide in shock. 'No Ronald you're not,' giggled Fleur in her sexy French accent, 'I never thanked you boys properly for saving my sister from ze lake last year. So, from now till ze Sun comes up, I'm yours to command,' she said with a glint in her eyes.

Harry and Ron looked across to each other; their mouths wide open. They looked back at Fleur, who stood hands on hips with all her weight on her right leg, so that her curvy hips stood out.

',' Harry demanded weakly. Fleur smiled as she reached behind her back and undid her pink bra. Slowly, she removed her left shoulder strap, and then the right till it suddenly dropped to the floor. Her breasts were absolutely stunning. They were perfectly round and glowed a golden colour in the dim light. She had puffy looking areolas and large erect nipples.

Her hands lowered to her tiny thong she was wearing and in an instant that was off too, revealing her shaven pussy to the teenage boys. Fleur slowly beckoned the boys over who were too in shock to move. Finally, feeling came back into Harry's legs as he quickly kicked off his boxers and made his way over to Fleur, standing directly behind her.

Seeing Harry move; Ron also rose from his bed, completely naked and joined Harry and Fleur by the foot of the bed. 'Not bad Harry,' said Ron with a nod down to Harry's hard cock. 'Not bad yourself either,' said Harry with a smirk at Ron's fat 6 inch cock.

Fleur stood sandwiched between the two boys as she began to French kiss Ron. Harry reached around Fleur and cupped her breasts in his hands, feeling their soft suppleness in his palms.


Harry playfully bounced them in his hands, feeling their weight as Ron lowered to his knees and began to kiss Fleur's pussy. Fleur ran her fingers through Ron's hair, feeling her legs begin to weaken with pleasure as Harry began to lightly kiss her neck. She turned round to Harry and after rubbing her finger across his lips, began to kiss him. Fleur's golden, round ass was now in Ron's face as he took each cheek in his hand and began to squeeze and slap them.

Ron then spread Fleur's ass cheeks wide and began to lick around her asshole. Harry felt Fleur moan inside his mouth as Ron continued to rim her. After a few minutes, Ron stood up behind Fleur and began to roughly fondle her tits as Harry and Fleur continued to kiss. Ron smiled at Harry as he continued to slap at Fleur's breasts and tweak her large nipples.

Suddenly, Fleur dropped quickly to her knees and took each boys cock in her hands. 'Hmmm,' she said teasingly, 'I wonder which one I should suck first?' Harry and Ron both quickly stood closer to Fleur, so that they were standing side-by-side as Fleur started to slap her face with their cocks. Deciding on the famous Harry Potter first, Fleur drove Harry's cock deep into her wet, small mouth.

'Ahhhhh,' Harry moaned as he felt his knees weaken.

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As Fleur began to quickly jerk off Ron with her other hand, both boys held on to each other for support as Fleur began to alternate between sucking each of the boy's cocks. Harry felt he was the luckiest guy alive when he looked down to see Fleur's golden hair bobbing up and down swiftly on his dick. 'I need .to tap some.of that,' Ron said in a strained voice as suddenly Fleur swapped to his dick and engulfed 5 inches of it in one go. Harry and Ron reached down and picked up Fleur by both legs, leading her over to Ron's bed like a prized trophy.

Delicately, they laid her down on the bed as Fleur smiled erotically at them both. 'Let's see if all ze Weasley's are good in bed,' said Fleur teasingly as she grabbed Ron by his cock and guided him towards her pussy. Ron's fat dick eased easily into Fleur sopping wet pussy, which even though she was not a virgin, was still as tight as if she was one.

'Oh my God,' Ron panted as he looked down at Fleur, who was easily the best looking girl he had ever fucked. Fleur's pussy clamped down onto Ron's dick as it lay deep inside her. 'Ride moi Ronald,' whispered Fleur as she wrapped her long, slender legs around his waist and smacked Ron hard on the bum with her hand. The stinging sensation on Ron's bum brought him back to his senses and with a smile; he began to buck his hips forwards and backwards slowly. Harry sat watching from the side of the bed, pumping his cock with his hand as he watched Ron begin to quicken his pace.

' 'Arry,' Fleur called through her excited pants. Harry knelt beside Fleur on the bed as she grabbed his cock with her hand and quickly began sucking on it eagerly.

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Ron, encouraged by the moans he was eliciting from Fleur began to thrust harder and faster as Fleur's tits began to bounce along with the motion of her body. Ron grabbed them with his hands and pushed them closely together so that her nipples were barely an inch apart from each other. Ron drove his face into her tits and began to suck and bite on each of her nipples. He shook his face playfully into her tits, enjoying the sensation of her tits on his face.

Fleur grabbed Ron's ass with both hands and squeeze hard on it, so that all of Ron's fat 6 inches plunged deeply into her. 'Arghhhh,' moaned both Ron and Fleur, as Ron felt his tight balls slap against Fleur's pussy. ' Arry's turn,' said Fleur playfully as with a slap of Ron's ass he withdrew his cock from out of her. Fleur pounced on Harry and pinned his wrists to the bed as she straddled his hips.

She kissed Harry fully on the lips, as she then started to slowly kiss and feel the rest of Harry's strong body. She took hold of Harry's cock and guided it into her pussy, which after Ron's' pounding, slid in with ease. Harry lay back, his hands resting behind his head as Fleur took full control and began riding his cock. Fleur started to pound Harry's cock like an engine, her body thrashing all over the place as she stared Harry straight in the eyes.

Harry grabbed her by her curvaceous hips and began thrusting deep into her. Soon, all 7 inches of his dick was sliding into Fleur.

'Ronald!' Fleur cried suddenly over the loud panting of Harry, 'Fuck moi's ass!' Ron hurriedly knelt behind Fleur as she stopped her relentless pounding of Harry so that he could enter her. Ron spat on his hand and quickly lubricated his cock. He slapped Fleur's ass quickly and then placed his cock by her asshole.

Suddenly, Fleur rammed her ass against Ron's groin and a few inches of Ron's cock entered her. 'ARggghhhh,' they both moaned out loud as the rest of Ron's cock started to ease into Fleur's tight ass. Harry started to buck his hips and soon, both Harry and Ron had picked up a steady rhythm. Ron began to feel Fleur's ass loosen slightly around his cock and he was soon thrusting into her ass comfortably. Both Harry and Ron grabbed and slapped Fleur's ass as they continued to double team her.

Fleur's lowered her body so that she lay on top of Harry, giving Ron a better angle to fuck her. Harry could feel her large breasts pressed against his chest as the two boys continued to fuck her for another 15 minutes.

'I'm.gonna cum .Fleur,' eventually said a red faced Ron. 'Me too,' said Harry in a strained voice.

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Fleur panting soon went out of control and Harry felt her beautifully warm juices gush all over his cock. 'Arggghhhh.hmmmmmmm.,' both Harry and Ron cried, as their bodies tensed up and they emptied the contents of their ball-sack into Fleur's pussy and ass. Fleur panted wildly as she continued to fuck the two boy's cocks after they have orgasmed. Ron's body shuddered with a pleasure he never felt before then suddenly flopped on to the bed beside the Harry, laughing and panting at the same time.

Fleur eased herself off Harry and let Harry's and Ron's cum ooze out of her onto Harry's stomach. Once every last drop lay on Harry's stomach, Fleur scooped up the combined cum of Harry and Ron and with a gargle, swallowed it in one.

'Well,' she finally said,' that was z'incredible, I 'ope you enjoyed your reward boys.' Both Harry and Ron just nodded, not having the energy to reply back, 'I really must be off, Bill may wander where I am. Au Revoir 'Arrry, Ronald,' Fleur said, giving each of the boys's a kiss on each cheek.

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She quickly re-dressed and left the room, leaving Ron and Harry lying next to each other speechless. 'Did that just happen?' Ron asked eventually. 'I think so,' Harry replied, and with that, Harry and Ron both fell asleep beside each other, naked and very much satisfied.