Mandy Muse shows of her curves and fucks

Mandy Muse shows of her curves and fucks
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She awoke to find herself in overwhelmingly unfamiliar surroundings.

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Nothing was even vaguely identifiable as being of earth. Her heart sprinted, adrenaline surged through her, her breathing coming in panicked gasps. As she looked around for a way out of this bizarre environment, she became aware of being covered in a slick substance. She was saturated in it. Her stomach turned at the sight and she vigorously began trying to wipe it from her exposed flesh.

It occurred to her then that she was stark nude. What the hell? God, I've got to get out of here, she thought desperately.

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As more of her surroundings began to penetrate her awareness, she heard the sounds of screaming, grunting, groaning. Her terror knew no bounds. Escape became her only conscious thought. She stood up, the surface beneath her soft, cushioned and apparently organic. She took two, three steps. That was as far as she got before whip like tentacles shot from the surface beneath her and ensnared her wrists and ankles.

She was yanked onto her back and her limbs bound to the floor spread eagle. She struggled only momentarily, immediately realizing that any attempt to free herself would be a waste of precious energy. After mere minutes, the first creature entered the vast chamber in which she was imprisoned. It was hideous. Moving on four limbs in a primate like position, it was mottled orange, brown and black. Scaled, but soft like a jungle serpent, it had no eyes, only a gaping hole in it's face that she supposed was a mouth.

It had two sliver like slits above it's mouth that it used to scent her like a hunting hound. It had a large phallic protrusion between its hind limbs that swung free and obscenely between her splayed legs. She was trembling uncontrollably. She had an idea of what was in store for her and part of her was in denial while another part of her, a part she'd tried to silence for years, began to respond.

It sniffed and huffed over her entire frame until it stopped with its face right above hers. It leaned into her until it's face was all but touching hers.

She was surprised to find that in spite of it's repulsive appearance, the smell emanating from it was actually pleasant. Thank God for small favors, she supposed. Then, with it's face still just a few millimeters from hers, a long slick probe slid from the opening of its mouth and began to slide all over her face.

Her first thought was that she wasn't about to let it inside her. But as the creature caressed her body without hurting her, her fear began to ebb. It's appearance may have been unfortunate, but its scent was appealing, pheromones getting under her guard, and she began to relax a bit and visually explore it as it physically explored her.

It pushed its probe against her mouth. She wouldn't let it in. It jabbed a sharp claw into her side, causing her to cry out. Taking the advantage, it thrust its probe between her parted lips and deep into her throat. Her eyes teared up at first and she initially gagged around the intrusion. But as it secreted sweet venom into her mouth, her mind swum and her reflexes relaxed. She was stunned to find that she was beginning to enjoy the encounter. She wondered what it'd done her mind.

This wasn't her, it wasn't what she wanted. She was no longer in control of herself. Needs she'd been suppressing the whole of her life would no longer be denied.

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She was being forced to confront her own sexuality. Her body began to come alive with need. Her nipples hardened, her mound began to swell, and the moisture dripped from her tight hole. She wasn't even aware that she had started to suckle the probe in her mouth. But suckle she did.

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Hungry for it now, her hips arched and her chest heaved with wanting. It pulled it's probe from her hungry mouth and her tongue followed it, questing for more.

"Please!" She begged. It made some kind of grunting noises, and soon there were five of these creatures in the room with her.

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Two were built identically to this one, but two were crudely identifiable as female with four mounds that could only be described as breast like in nature with long wicked nipples, and dripping slits between their hind limbs. She wondered idly what they may taste like. She was about to find out. Her first captor repositioned her so that she was on her hands and knees with her straddling one of the male newcomers. The other one mounted her from behind and the third dangled it's large member in front of her face.

She eagerly took one cock in her ass, one in her dripping mound and the third in her hungry throat. The two females got to either side of her and latched onto her aching nipples with their mouths while she fingered their wet holes.

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She'd never been so full to bursting with cock in her life! She never thought it could feel and taste this good! She wanted more, so much more.

She thrust her hips hard and fast taking cock as deep and as hard into her ass and cunt as she possibly could. She fucked her own face on the tasty cock in her mouth. She worked the cock in her mouth quickly because she wanted to get to the alien pussy to see if it tasted equally intoxicating. The cock in her mouth spasm'd and shot its load onto her tongue. She let it linger for a few moments, indulging in the flavor before swallowing it down.

Then the female to her left traded places with the male who's spunk she just swallowed and she eagerly buried her face into alien snatch. She laved her tongue into the creatures strange hole. It was sweet, like the best nectar.

She couldn't get enough of it. She fingered it as she lapped at it, encouraging throb after throb of orgasmic pleasure from it. She herself was orgasming again and again as her ass and pussy stretched around the long thick shafts penetrating her hard, deep and fast.

She screamed out her pleasure as they took her over and over and over again.

She was tireless! This was her sustenance, her lifeblood. She never wanted to leave. The females switched places and she suckled four long nipples. They also secreted a sweet substance that she swallowed like a parched man stranded in a rain starved desert gulped water.

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As she writhed in obscene pleasure, she was unaware of the changes happening to her physique. Her mouth traveled down again, to the sopping wet slit of her new female companion, and her tongue probed the opening with relish. But it was longer and thicker now. More phallic in shape than before. She thrust her tongue deep into the female's hole, fucking it with abandon as her own ass and mound were being fucked by the males in relay fashion.

At one point she had TWO cocks in her soaking wet hole. She'd never experienced anything like it before and she wanted more. She was becoming one of them. A sex crazed alien beast. One with nothing but the most carnal of needs. She fucked and was fucked. Sucked and was sucked. She had one, two, TEN partners at any one given time. It was her entire world now, this world of fucking.


Her skin began to change texture to become more like theirs. Her limbs longer, thicker. Her ample breasts grew larger and heavier, and multiplied to four with long highly sensitized nipples.

Her slit was longer and more sensitive, and her ass was a new kind of heaven for orgasm. And there was something else; she was impregnated.

She was now a breeder! She felt the offspring of her masters growing in her womb. They continued to fuck her day and night.


She continued to lick and fuck pussy hour after hour. It only took days before she produced her offspring. They grew to maturity quickly. Two males and a female. And her male offspring lost no time in mounting her. It would seem that the only purpose she now had was to create as many fuckable creatures as possible.

She sired countless beings, every one of which she fucked and sucked. She was even able to impregnate her female offspring via the probe that was her tongue. Her favorite thing to do lately was to ass fuck her male partners with her tongue. She would mount them from behind and slide her probe deep into their nether regions and show them just how to fuck her ass properly.

And fuck it they did. Her life had become one continuous orgasm. She guessed there were worse things in life.