Andre Dumont getting fucked in the ass outdoors

Andre Dumont getting fucked in the ass outdoors
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As our parents drive off leaving us alone for the week, you are nearly drooling thinking of the freedom you will enjoy. As a sister, you are a pain in the arse, and you have been teasing me since you reached puberty. Even though I'm older than you, I'm the shy one and you are the extrovert. You learnt early that guys love looking at your pert, sexy nubile body and you like to show it of to, knowing they can't touch you.

I've lost count of the times you have bared your body to me and laughed delightedly as I walk away, red-faced, cock hard. Now, as they approach the corner of our block, you are leaning out the window waving to them, the perfect obedient and innocent daughter on the surface. However, as you wave, you undo your short skirt and let it drop to the floor, knowing I am behind you. Now you smirk over your shoulder at me as you wiggle your nearly naked arse at me, barely covered by your tiny white thong.

Seeing that I am watching, you lift your right leg as though you intend to climb out the window. You pull your thong to one side showing me your slightly swollen lips, glistening in the light. You push your thong off, head and chest out the window, and drop it to the floor. Then you stand and face me, loving the total look of lust on my face as I stare at your pussy. "Do you like my cunt, Phil?' you ask, smiling.

I stand there dumbstruck as you slowly lift your short shirt over your head revealing your perfect 34c breasts to me. Instinctively, I grasp my hard cock and you laugh derisively at me. "You will never fuck me you nerd" you sneer at me and I rush out of the lounge to my room. I strip my clothes off and lie there, imaging my cock deep in your tight young cunt as my hand moves up and down the thick shaft.

Then the door opens and you walk in watching me. You sit on the bed beside my hips, your eyes glued to my rigid prick. "Wank for me, Phil" you order and my hand moves faster as I watch you start to rub your clit while your eyes never leave my cock.

"Cum, you deadshit" you snarl at me. "Aren't you good for anything?' you sneer into my face. At this moment, your finger slide into your sopping cunt and something seems to snap in me. All the indecision I have felt all my life seems to slough off me like a snake's skin. Suddenly, I jump up, grab you by your wrists and pin you to the bed. You laugh at me and ask "what are you going to do, rape me?' I answer for the first time, "yes".

You look less certain of yourself as I reach into my dresser and pull out a couple of ties. You try to wrestle me off you but I am too heavy as I sit on you, pinning your arms and my cock is standing to attention in your face. I tie your two wrists to the head of the bed as you abuse me vilely.

Without saying a word, I get up and get two more ties and tie your ankles too so you are naked and spread-eagled. You beg me, "Phil, let me go now and I wont tell Mum", but I simply say it's too late for that. You ask, "What are you going to do with me?" and I tell you that I am thinking. I lie beside you, on my side, my cock pressed into your hip.

You start swearing and cursing but I can see you cannot get away so I simply wait you out. When you lie still, I start running my hand slowly over your left breast. You abuse me again but you lie there and watch as I first caress you, then squeeze the soft flesh. I can tell you are determined not to react to my hand but your nipple soon hardens and I laugh at the anger in your face. You take another tack saying "Phil, you can play with me if you want and I won't tell but that is all".

I smile at you as I start fondling your other breast. Your breath quickens as I play with you and I can see how wet your baby slit is. I lean over and suck on your nipples and lick you from the base of them up to your aureoles. I lick and kiss you down your body to your navel and lick it out as you squirm uncontrollably. I lift off your body and smile lazily at you before I lick down to the stubble of your pubes.

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Your legs display a mind of their own as they spread a little despite your restraints. I kiss your inner thighs on each side, my chin pressing into your pussy. You feel my tongue caress your lips, moving down one side then up the other. You moan loudly as my tongue intrudes into your lips, slides over your hard clit. Electric shocks are streaking into the core of your body as my tongue caresses you. You writhe gently lifting your hips to offer your cunt to me. I sit up now and gaze at you quietly even though my rock-hard cock is revealing my arousal too.

You whisper "Fuck Me Phil" but I pretend to yawn in your face, which darkens with rage. If looks could kill, I'd be dead but I go to the kitchen and return with the egg-flip and a medium cucumber.

You look intrigued as I return with them. I start to ease the egg-flip handle into you and I can see you are excited, welcoming its intrusion into you. I slide an inch or two into you, watching the pleasure obvious on your face. I take it out and you look disappointed. I carefully untie you, a tie at a time, until I have you face down with your knees pulled up under you but spread wide.

This excites you more and you are expecting the toys so you are shocked as I ram my hard cock into you from behind.

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After the initial shock, you say "Don't cum in me" as I start fucking you. You are moaning as my savage thrust force your head into the headboard and you feel me stretching you're your cunt-hole wide.

I reach around you, squeezing your breasts hard and you cry, "Don't hurt me, please" as I pound you. Every humiliation I have suffered at your hands is behind each thrust and you sob quietly as I rape you. The excitement is undeniable for you and you cum for the second time as I explode in you, filling you with my cum as I ejaculate so hard you can feel each spurt.

As I slump on your bare back, you relax; thinking it is over at last. I pick up the egg-flip and I can see in your eyes that you think it won't be too bad. Instead I leave the room and you ask me to get a drink. I return with the drink and our Labrador follows me in. I give you a drink your eyes widen as I call Rocky up on the bed. I lead him to your pussy and you look alarmed as he sniffs at your dripping cunt.

Tentatively, he licks you and you stiffen in fear. He licks you more assuredly and firmly as I sit back and watch and I can see the fear is gone from your face as your pussy throbs with pleasure as his tongue works non-stop. As you enjoy his efforts, you smirk at me and say "Don't you ever tell anybody about this, Phil" and I just smile.

You can't see but as Rocky licks you, he is getting harder and protruding more and more. I get a towel and put it over your shoulders. You watch, horrified, as I fasten socks on his front feet.

You start shaking as I pull him up on your back, screaming "Nooooooooooooo!!!". I ask "what's wrong Frances, do you regret being such a bitch now?" as I guide his cock into your cunt. Rocky starts fucking you slowly at first as he steadies himself and you are crying piteously. I ask you "Frances, have you seen this huge knot in his cock" and you look back under you, watching his prick fucking you. You go white as you see his knot but I assure you that I won't let it enter you.

Rocky starts fucking you harder now and your pussy is taking a fearful pounding from the dog but soon your crying stops and your eyes half close in ecstasy. His machine-like thrusts are ravaging your body and you moan helplessly as you orgasm time after time. You are pressing back against him as cum runs down your legs, face contorted with bliss when he barks loudly as he cums inside you.

I have held his knot out of you but a good 6" has fucked you thoroughly. I pull him away from you as you relax. "Are you ok", I ask. You reply "Yes but I'm very tired" and I laugh and say that's too bad and you jerk around to look at me. You start crying as I lift the cucumber. I start edging it into you getting it wet in your cum and you moan loudly as it stretches you to your limit. I get about 3" into you and start fucking you slowly.

You immediately react, pressing against it as I say "God, you are a slut". You smile and answer, "Your Slut, Phil". I wet my finger as I cucumber you and slowly ease it into your arse. You scream "Phil, NO, not that" but I wriggle it in slowly, and it is the newness of having something in your arse that scares you rather than real pain.

After awhile, you stop crying though you are still tense and my finger is fucking you as far as it can go. I take the cucumber out and my finger and you relax again.

You never learn. I position my cock at your arse-hole and power into you slowly. I rub your clit as I bugger you so that the pleasure would mix with pain.

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Your arse was so tight that I came quickly as you spasm around me. We both slumped on the bed and I helped you into the shower to clean up.

You were very affectionate as I tended to you and I thought, 'Great, I wont have to tie you up all night" as we went to bed that first night. I awake in the morning and you are beside me facing away from me still asleep. I cuddle into your naked back, my hand cupping your bruised breast. As you awaken to my touch, you feel my hard cock pressing between your legs as my hand slides down over your flat stomach and cups your pussy.

You smile and whisper "Good morning, that was pretty intense last night, wasn't it?". You open your legs as I ease my finger into you, leaning back on me, offering me your body. I kiss your lips passionately, my tongue exploring your mouth, as my fingers are fucking your wet cunt. I move on top of you and you welcome me happily, lifting your hips to greet my cock as I thrust deep into you.

You wrap your legs around my waist, drawing me even deeper inside you. As I start fucking you, you say "We need to get some condoms, this is too risky" as my hands are kneading your breasts and my cock is pistoning in and out of you. I kiss you again, our tongues wrestling as you moan through our kiss. You are bucking and writhing under me as we approach our orgasm and you cry out as you cum and I pump my seed into you.

I lie in you as our breathing relaxes then I tell you to stay there while I get you breakfast. You have a quick shower and I come back with your breakfast on a tray, which you lie across your naked lap as you eat. I call Rocky in and you blush and smile at me.

I say "He wasn't too bad was he" and you shyly agree. I tell you that Rocky wants you again and you look at your food and don't answer. After you eat, we lie around talking and, at one stage, I have you and Rocky on your sides cuddling, with your wet cunt pressing into his groin. Just then the doorbell goes so I grab a towel and go to answer it. You hear loud talking and after awhile I walk in with four naked guys wearing masks. All are at least half-erect as you try to cover up with a pillow.

I say" There you are guys, she's yours" and I smirk happily at the shocked look on your face. Seconds later the pillow is gone and eight hands are on your body with a cock in your mouth already. You soon stop trying to fight them all off and they have you straddle one cock while another is rammed painfully into your unprepared arse-hole.

Another fills your mouth as your hand is wrapped around the fourth. As they use you, you see me watching your face, as I play with my cock, hard again now. Soon they start cumming and swapping positions and you feel like it is no longer your body. Cum is running out of both your holes as you dimly hear the doorbell again. Soon you can hear more voices crowding into the room and tears run down your face.

Your body has betrayed you though as you have enjoyed numerous orgasms and even as the newcomers stare at you with wide eyes, your face contorts, as passion possesses you again. I now call the first wave off you but you just slump there, exhausted. I tell them you need a rest but the newcomers can give you a bath. They take you into the warm bath and lie you in it. They are all running their hands over you with your hard nippled breasts and your sopping pussy receiving lots of attention.

They dry you and bring you back to the bed where I have changed the cum covered sheet for a clean one. They lie you down, still looking very lethargic. The guys are impatient to continue but I make them wait. However, I offer them entertainment as I spread your legs wide and insert the egg-flip handle into your cunt. They marvel at how much your loose cunt can take and your face is flushed as you get aroused again as I fuck you. Instinctively, your body starts wriggling under my touch and I make you sit up on your haunches.

I get one of the guys to use the flip slowly as I ram a carrot up your arse.

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I send the guys to get clothes pegs, which I clip on your nipples and clit as we use you and the pain and pleasure soon sends you over the edge, cumming so hard you hardly know where you are.

As you try to slump onto the bed I take our toys off you and let the next group of guys have you. The first group and I go down to watch the game on TV while you fuck. When they finish with you, I tell them to bring you downstairs to the lounge room where I have cleared the coffee table away.

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I tell the guys I have some entertainment for them and you start crying again as I call Rocky. We lie you on your back and get him licking your plentiful juices out of your tortured pussy. The guys are loving this as you cant hold back the pleasure you are feeling and I show them his hardening cock.

After awhile, I let you slump in the lounge with your cunt pushed out towards Rocky. I lead him on top of you and guide his long cock into your cunt.

At this stage you show no emotion until he starts fucking you hard and your eyes widen with disbelief when I tell the guys "Wait till you see his knot fuck her". Your body is covered in perspiration as he frantically fucks you and you look down your body watching his huge knot edging closer and closer.


Soon he is pounding it against your cunt and you are screaming as he finally pounds it into your enormously stretched snatch. As he continues, you start moaning loudly with desire as he fills you to bursting. You cum time after time as he pumps you and he growls loudly as he adds his cum to yours and it's pouring out of you.

Rocky keeps pumping slowly but he is stuck inside you and his efforts to get free make you orgasm again and again. Finally, he goes down and slides out of you and your cunt is a gaping hole, pouring cum on the carpet. Even so, some of the guys want you again but you are shocked as I tell them that their $100 only covered one go with you.

However, as you have humiliated and embarrassed each of them, I would let them punish you for your transgressions. I tell them to bring you to the garage and they walk you naked across the back yard to the garage. We tie your hands to a beam above you and your ankles are tied wide apart. One guy is wearing a wide leather belt and I borrow it off him.

I grab an old, dirty rag and force it in your mouth before tying a hanky to hold it in. I suddenly lash you across your swollen pussy with the belt, leaving a red welt, the width of the belt. You stiffen and moan piteously as the guys applaud. I look you in the eyes as I lash your bruised breasts and you sag on the ropes holding you. At first the guys are reluctant to abuse you but I goad them with memories or your past meanness and soon your arse is red raw. As they are reluctant to belt your breasts and pussy, I brutally peg them again.

I smile as the tears run down your face and I quickly tie a string from one nipple peg to the other. I start attaching washers to the string pulling your agonized nipples down from your breasts.

As you start to get used to the pain, I pull on the string sending shockwaves of pain through your nipples and bolts of pleasure to the center of your cunt. I give you one solid whip across your breasts and you pass out, only held up by your tied wrists.

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I pull out my prick and hose a stream of piss up your body and into your face. You regain consciousness quickly and gasp when you smell my urine on yourself.

I laugh and call the guys to piss on you too and you cry with humiliation as they hose out your cunt. Then I invite the horny ones, which is all eight, to cum on you as a final treat and you are soon surrounded by hard cocks being wanked. They soon have you covered in cum, your embarrassment complete. After they go I untie you and follow you into the house. I run you a bath and I get in with you and clean you up, being particularly tender with your raw pussy and bruised breasts.

I keep you naked, at my feet, and when the movie gets sexy that night, I order you to suck my cock and you obey instantly. I suddenly get an idea as I gaze at your bobbing head and I tell you to go get your thin white tank top and the scissors and you run from the room. When you return, I cut the top in half so you have two half-sized tops. Then I cut one half into quarters, which looks like bands. I tell you to put the quarter on your breasts, which show your nipples through the material, and the bottoms of those lovely orbs are visible.

Next I tell you to put the half on as a skirt. When you have wriggled into it, it just covers your pubes, if you had any, and your pussy while a lot of your arse-crack is showing. You look resigned as I smirk with satisfaction. I take you to my car and as you get in you see our widowed neighbor watching intently as your legs spread revealing your tunnel of love.

I laugh when I see your nipples are hard and drive off. You ask me where we are going but I just laugh and drive. I go well away from our suburb to a 7/11 where I instruct you to buy some food and condoms for us. However, if you are touched, you are to let them do what ever they like with you. You start to beg me but I cut you off and tell you to go.

As you enter, I follow close behind, watching as the checkout girl checks you out as you walk past, half-naked.

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I follow and am disappointed there is nobody in the shop and you quickly gather our goods. The air-conditioned air has your nipples poking holes in your top and your skirt has risen up a little showing little peeks of pussy.

I walk up behind you as you checkout and the girl is staring at your body intently. I ask her " Do you like her body?" and she replies with a quick nod as she licks her lips.

I say "Would you like to see more?" and she nods again as she looks at me for the first time. I tell you to lie on the counter and you reluctantly do so. I tell the girl to pull your top down and she does, caressing your pert breasts and squeezing those hard nipples as she does. Her nipples are hard through her uniform and I tell her to pull your skirt up. She does and runs her hand over you tenderly.

I tell her to eat you and she spreads your lips and runs her tongue up your wet slit. Meanwhile, I pull her thong down and lift her skirt. I start fingering her as she eats you and your eyes close as your breathing quickens. I watch her tongue lapping at you as I guide my cock into her tight cunt and she moans in unison with you as I thrust into her. Your legs are spread wide and you are holding her head to you as her tongue teases your clit and stabs into your cunt.

Two older guys walk in and stop dead in their tracks but none of us are about to stop at this stage and I'm pounding my rigid digit into her as I reach under her and rub her clit. You cum noisily and your cum hitting her tongue sends her over the edge and her spasm causes me to explode inside her. She stands up and turns to me and I kiss her over her shoulder.

I invite the old guys to play with you but they only squeeze your tits tentatively so I tell you to get off the counter, we are going. I tell you to bare your body and finger as I drive home and I deliberately drive beside a bus so some of the passengers and the driver can see you.

You cum just before we get home and I tell you to cover up. We chat to our neighbor, who can't take his eyes off you, before I take my slut inside to pleasure me.

You are my sex slave for life. Next day, I dress you in an extremely short skirt and we look at you in the mirror. Just half bent forward shows off your pert arse and your swollen pussy.

Just walking gives small glimpses of your pussy from the front. You tell me you cant go out dressed like that but your rock hard nipples betray your arousal. I tell you we cant hide those and I get a lowcut top of yours that clings to your breasts. Using scissors, I cut a line down the middle causing the material to fall away from you.


Your nipples are only just covered but even walking normally causes them to pop into view. As we get ready to go, I glance out the window and see our neighbor watering his lawn as he watches our door avidly. I tell you to go out and talk to the old man. You are to show him your nipples and cunt and do anything he wants. You complain that he is too old but I roughly squeeze your nipples til you sob and you go outside. As you approach him I see him bend down to pull a weed and you stop with your legs apart.

Your naked cunt is only a hands length from your cunt and you glance back at me as you scratch your belly so your skirt lifts even higher. Hearing him gasp, you bend over to help him up watching as your firm breasts fall out of their sparse covering. I watch as you walk inside his garage with his hand sliding up under the back of his skirt.

I go out and stand near his door. All I can hear is his panting and your moaning until you both moan loudly. A few minutes later you cum out and I smile as I see his cum running down your thighs.


I tell him he must cum over tonight as we are home alone and he thanks me profusely as look stricken. He walks over and opens your door, perving on you as you show your pussy as you get in. I reach over and pull your top to each side baring your breasts and you love us looking at you. As we drive off, you spread your legs and grin mischievieously.

I drive beside a bus, letting the passengers enjoy the view. As we stop at traffic lights beside themI tell you to finger yourself for them. Soon you have three fingers deep in your wet cunt as you stare at the driver while he watches you. You pout in disappointment as I roar away from them. When we arrive at the mall, I tell you I will follow you around but I want you to show yourself to any old guys and let them use you if they wish.

You give me a filthy look but you know better than to argue with me now. Near a parked car, before we even get inside, you see four guys talking. I watch you approach them and press your near naked breasts against them as you talk. They quickly gather all around you and I can just see your skirt around your waist and your top pulled down. They are fingering your wet cunt and your arse as they roughly play with your tits. You get in their car with them and I sidle closer to listen thru the open windows.

I listen to your lustful cries as they take turns fucking you. Their hands are feeling, fingering and pinching you as everybody wants a piece of the action. At one stage, you are hanging out the back window, breasts bouncing, as you are fucked up your arse and I gaze into your eyes as you orgasm again.

Then you are dragged back inside and I see your head bobbing over a mans cock. After a couple of hours, you totter out of the car naked. You dress shakily as people walk past eyeing your nakedness but you hardly notice. You move off but turn to me to say you cant take anymore. I just laugh and guide you into the mall. I walk over to the first group of guys we see and offer you to them. You sob quietly as they walk you back out to their car while I go for a coffee. Later you cum back to me and collapse on a seat, cunt bare, rivers of cum on your legs and bruised breasts bare.

I look at you distastefully and tell you we need to get you cleaned up for tonight. I take you to my car, tell you to strip and get in. I drive you home, naked and totally exposed.