Tattooed British MILF rims officer in pov bj

Tattooed British MILF rims officer in pov bj
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It was a stormy December day as Bob Martin walked out of his last final of the semester towards his car. He had just finished up his fifth of eight semesters in college and now he was going home for a little R & R. that he greatly deserved. It had been the roughest so far but it was now behind him and he could check it off of his calendar, only three more to go.

Bob had suffered through Sats class and Calc in the same semester in fulfilling these requirements for his major in Business Administration which was a major feat all by itself but to get very good grades in both, well now that was an accomplishment. But to top it off, he had broken it off with his girl friend and lover just after Thanksgiving and had suffered the consequences ever since. Nina was a knock out; about 5'2", 100 pounds, blonde and a real looker.

But most of all, she loved to fuck and she did it at every chance she got. That may have been the problem for poor Bob because he was looking for someone that he could do more with other than take to bed and she was not. He was looking for a soul mate at his age of twenty and she was looking for a swinging dick.

But the timing really sucked as far as Bob was concerned because he didn't realized how much he enjoyed taking Nina to bed until she wasn't there any longer. But as he got ready to go home for the Christmas break, he realized that he was horny as hell and nowhere to find any relief except one place and he wasn't that horny yet. Michele Martin was a petite little 16 year old, a junior in high school with light brown hair, a nice body weighing about 95 pounds but only stood 5" tall.

She was rather popular in her school, a good student and a lot of fun. She was still a virgin despite every effort from her boy friend Carl because he was always trying to feel her up at every chance.

She had fought him off to this point in their relationship but he was sure he was wearing her down and he just knew on any date, he would strike gold. School was about to get out for Christmas break and both of these young kids could hardly wait but for much different reasons. Carl just knew that he would break her defenses down during the break but Michele was anxious to see her brother who was coming home from college to get some advice on how to tell her friend to keep his hands to himself or to kiss off.

Bob and Michele's parents were both successful business executives, each working for major corporations in the town that they lived in. Mr. Martin was a vice president for the largest construction company in the state and was in charge of every major project that they had while Mrs. Martin was the managing director of the third largest realty company in the state with emphasis on the commercial division which was gaining market share every year since she had taken over.

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With their success came the responsibility of the title and that meant that each of them had many more obligations than time to perform them. Mr. Martin had taken young Bob under his wing during the summer months and had got him a job in the office so he could get some practical experience but poor Michele got nothing out of the deal except lots of TV dinners all alone in their rather large house. It was a lonely existence for the younger girl in the family but she had adjusted to the singular existence pretty well and had learned to enjoy the solitude.

But as she came home that last afternoon marking the beginning of her Christmas break and saw her brother's car parked in the driveway, she ran through the opened door of the house and called out his name. "Robby, where are you Bro?" Ever since she was very little, she had called her brother "Robby". Her father called him Robert and her mother called him "Bobby" and he went by the name of "Bob" but only she could ever call him "Robby" and that's the way he liked it.

"I'm up here," he called from his second story bedroom. "Come on up and give me a big hug," he shouted down to her. Taking the steps two at a time, she bounded up the stairs and ran to his room and once there, she spotted him unloading his duffel bag of dirty clothing and jumped into his arms.

"Oh Robby, I've missed you so much. You don't know just how much," squeezing him around the neck with her arms. Twirling her around with her knees bent upward, he gave her a mammoth hug right back as he felt the warmth of his little sister against him and his strong young arms. They adored each other because they always had. It was just that simple; they had grown up depending on each other and they still did.

At times it seemed that they were all of the family that they had and they would never desert the other when called upon.


But that didn't matter right then, giving and receiving a big overdue hug with the other, it didn't matter at all it felt so good to the pair. When Michele came bouncing down the stairs and over to where her older brother had plopped himself on the sofa in front of the TV, she scooted up close to him and asked him what's on the TV to which he answered that he didn't have the foggiest idea. But he flipped through the channels in an attempt to magically find something of interest at this time of the day, but, in the end, he fruitlessly turned the thing off with the remote, tossing it on the coffee table and turned his attention to his little sister.

"Well Chele," he called her by her pet name, "what have you been up to? How's your love life anyway?" "Oh that. Well, from what I understand from your latest text message, it's better than yours," she said with a joking tilt to her voice.

"Yeah, well, I guess I asked for that one, but seriously Chele, how are you and Carl getting along these days?" he asked "Oh Robby, nothing has changed. He still is trying to get into my pants and I'm still trying to keep him out," she said in a discussed way.

"You'd think that he would either give up and accept the idea that I don't want to do it with him or dump me. But NO. I have to get a boyfriend that is so dumb that all he can think with is his dick." "Chele? Where did you learn words like that?" he said with surprise. "God Robby.

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I'm 16 years old, not 6. I can say much more than dick and cock and tits and…" "Okay, okay, I get the picture. You're a big girl now and you can cuss and swear and everything, no matter how much of a slut it makes you sound like," he said sarcastically. "But Chele, I don't think it makes you look much like a young lady but that's just me." "Oh Robby, I'm sorry. That's why I love you so much.

You always think of me as a young lady," she said with a slight smile on her face. She touched his leg and gave him a little squeeze and then changed the subject. "What happened between you and Nina? Why did you break it off?" "Well, she just got too obsessed with making love all the time.

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My God, I'm not a rabbit. But that's all she wanted to do, go to bed and make love, all the time," he said in a mocking tone. "Maybe I should introduce Nina to Carl and that would solve both of our problems," she said with a twinkle in her eye. They chatted for awhile until they both got hungry and decided to order a pizza and turn on Netflix to see the new movie that was out. They sat there the rest of the night, eating there pizza, watching the movie and cuddling close unlike most brothers and sisters do because they really did adore each other and now especially, they enjoyed the closeness of being together.

Bob and Michele formed an ever increasing bond between a brother and sister that very few siblings have the privilege of experiencing. They not only spent more of their time over Christmas break together, they actually liked spending time together. They went to the mall and Bob talked the mall Santa into letting Michele sit on his lap to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

They would joke and play tricks on one another as the days went on and everything was going great. Then on a Saturday night when Michele had a date with Carl and Bob decided to stay home, everything took a turn for the worse, or better depending how you looked at it. Bob had stayed home, as usual, while his sister had gone out on the date, taking a shower and slipping into his pajamas bottoms and a cut off tee shirt. He was lounging on the sofa, watching some TV at about 9:30 when Michele opened the front door and came bursting in.

You could tell that she was very upset and mad as a wet cat as she came stomping into the family room. She was wearing a new cool dress, the one that falls off of your shoulder. It was mid-thigh and belted at the waist. You could tell that she was wearing a sleeveless bra because you could make out cups from her skin if you were looking at her bust line and with it falling off of her shoulder, everyone was.

Bob sat up when she entered the room and asked, "Well, you're home early, what happened?" "OH," she said through clinched teeth, "that Carl, I've had it with him! I broke it off with him! Why I waited this long is beyond me! God, how stupid can I get?" "What happened, Mr. Horny strikes again?" Bobby inquired. "God, Robby, you wouldn't believe it. Right after I told him to keep his hands to himself and to stop trying to feel me up, what does he do but brush up against my boobs and pretend that it was an accident," she said in disgust.

"Well, was it?" he asked innocently enough. "Whose side are you on anyway? Of course he did it on purpose," she exclaimed. "Well, I was just wondering. My God, Chele, have you taken a look at yourself in a mirror or do you actually go out looking like that?" he had to ask. She stopped and looked down at her attire and then looked back up at Bob with a questioning look of amazement in her eyes. "What? What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?

It's fashionable; all the girls are wearing the peasant look. It shows off my shoulder but I'm wearing a bra you know.

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It's not like I'm showing anything." "Yeah I noticed that you are wearing a bra because I can see it clearly through the dress. I mean, the cups are much bigger than wants in them and when you standup straight, they gap by about an inch or so," I explained to her disbelieving ears. "And besides, your panties are grabbing the fabric of the dress and clinging to it so much you can actually make out the outline of your underwear.

No wonder poor Carl was grabbing for anything he could touch, you were showing him enough to make him horny as hell." Her eyes flew open and her lower jaw dropped at the though that he was actually taking sides with Carl. She turned on her heels and stormed off to her room. "Now that's nice kettle of fish you got us into," Bob muttered in my best Oliver Hardy imitation and scooted back down into the couch to watch the TV.

After about an hour or so, Michele made her way back out into the family room to join her brother.

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She had changed into her sleeping gown which was no more than a long tee shirt that had bold writing all over it. She came over and sat down right next to Bob and put her arm through his and leaned into his shoulder with her cheek.


"You're right," she admitted softly. "I looked at myself for a long time in the mirror and I guess that I can see your point. But all the girls wear these clothes and I never even thought about what is might do to guys. I mean I honestly never gave it one little thought about dressing too provocatively for the guy; I only though about dressing for my girl friends and to wear what they wore.

No wonder Carl got so grabby and things." "Are you going to call Carl and make up with him then?" he asked. "Hell no," she said with distain in her eyes and voice. "He's a creep and I'm glad that I told him where to go. But the next guy, well that will be another story," she said teasingly and gave her brother a jab in the ribs. "Hey," he shouted as he made a swipe at her hand. "What's that for?" "For always being right," she said giving him another jab to the ribs. "Hey, little girl, if you mess with the bull, you'll get the horns," he said as he got up from his slouched seat on the couch.

Sitting straight up now, he turned to his tormentor and made a grab for her belly as she squealed and tried to move away. But he was too fast for her and his hand caught her at the tummy and it dug in and started to tickle the sensitive spot right at her sides. She threw herself back and turned her body away from his hand and in so doing, her knees came up to deflect his assault. As they came up, he pushed at her body and over she went onto her back. Her knees were in the air as her tee shirt came up to her waist exposing her tiny little panty covered butt.

His hand went down to it as he took a swipe with his open hand and a resounding "SLAP" was heard from the area.

"OUCH!" she yelled. "That hurt!" "It was supposed to hurt, just like this is supposed to tickle," and he threw himself down upon her and placed his hands on either side of her writhing body. They had always delighted in their wrestling matches as he had always let her win, but this time something was different. This time he was exerting his control over her more than before and this time he was getting very aroused.

It had been a long time since Bob had had any sexual release and it was showing in his aggression. But she was putting up quite a fight and the two of them were rolling on the floor as they battled for supremacy of the situation. Finally, Bob had proved that his muscles and stature were superior to hers and he laid there on top of her with his knee pressed between her legs and her night gown gathered around her waist, both of them panting, out of breath.

Michele looked up into his lustful eyes and tucked her lower lip between her teeth and just stared into them for a second with a questioning look on her face. He was staring back with this wanting look in his eyes and a disturbed feeling in his chest. He then did something most unexpected but very bold, he leaned forward and kissed his sister right on the mouth. She was shocked at first and almost threw his off of her panting little body but something in the kiss, in the way he kissed her, with his lips parted slightly, caused her to second guess her initial decision and accept his loving demonstration.

She felt his lips part further and she honestly wanted to stop him, but the feeling down in her soul and the restraint of his warm body pressing into her crotch caused her to open her lips and to kiss him back.

Her mind was twirling around, wondering what she was doing. "This is my brother that I'm kissing! It is Robby! But it feels so good. It feels so right to be kissed by him.

I wonder what he's thinking anyway," she thought to herself. "My God!" Bob thought, "What am I doing kissing my little sister? I know I shouldn't, it's not right, but God she's kissing me back and I love it.

Oh my God, how I love it!" They continued to press their lips into each others as they opened and closed their mouths in a loving yet desperate way. Her arms were all over his back as she pulled him down upon her and his hands were working their magic up to her breasts. The closer they got to their target the more alarmed that she got and when she detected them a mere inch below where she could feel his hand start to caress the softest of skin, she broke off the kiss and looked back up into his eyes.

"Robby?" she asked in a way that meant to stop. "What are we doing? He looked down into her eyes and smiled a gentle smile. Tipping his head down to the tip of her nose, he gently placed his lips on it and said softly, "I don't know Chele.

Do you want me to stop? I don't want you to stop and I sure as hell don't want to stop but it's your call. If you want to stop than I will, but I've got this feeling deep inside of me that says it's alright." "But you're my brother," she insisted in a way that made him not want that to be anymore.

"And you're my sister; my young, beautiful sister that I love more than anything, so I will not go any further without you saying you want it too," Bob said. The look of despair and confusion swept over her face as he rolled off of her young body and lay there by her side.

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She missed the feeling down between her legs when he no longer was lying upon her. She missed the wonderful sensation of his hands searching for her breasts but wasn't this the same thing that had only hours before had made her skin crawl with Carl's touch.

She was so confused she didn't know what to do or what she wanted. It was her decision and she didn't know what to do. "WHAT DO I WANT?" Bob was panting with desire as he lay beside the body of his sister. His cock was pulsating with blood as it tented his pajamas bottoms out, not straight out because it lay there on his abdomen in plain view of anyone who wanted to see it, but it was rock hard just the same.

He glanced over at his confused little sister, waiting for her to make up her mind when her head turned to look at him. The look in her eyes was one of total confusion, of uncertainty and doubt. She looked lost in her decision for the longest time and then it all seemed to clear. It was now so certain, so convincing in its purpose that one would wonder what took her so long.

A smile came to her face as she rolled towards him, got up on her hands and knees and crawled towards him.

She stepped her legs over his thighs and settled herself down upon his legs and gave him a reassuring grin and then took her tee shirt by the hem and started pulling it upward. As it rose, the look in Michele lovely eyes was one of confidence in the decision that she had made and as it cleared her head and she took it up and off of her outstretched arms, she drew it tight around her chest for a second and then threw it off to the side exposing those soft little breasts to his hungry eyes.

They were magnificent in size, beauty and shape as they hung there a few inches from Bob's sight. They were neither too small nor too big in their beauty but were perfectly sized with her young body. They were round and perky, jetting up just a little in their acceptance to the nothingness of the air around them and they were raw with excitement over the attention that they were sure to attract.

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They each had a small pinkish brown areola which was topped by the noblest of sentinels that stood tall for inspection. Her hand went down to the bottom of the tee shirt that he wore and ran it up to his chest hair and over his head until it too was tossed to the side. He moved his hands up to meet her two soft breasts waiting to be introduced to the loving touch of her brother as she moved up over his engorge cock under his pajamas, waiting to join in on the excitement.

As she settled down on top of it with her crotch, her eyes closed in a loving show of lust and a slight moan escaped from her lips. She rocked into it as she settled herself down on it as his hands made their way up to touch the softness of her mounds.

With the back of his fist, he lightly caressed the sentinels as they each sprung to life and tightened themselves up into an ever tighter ball of nerves and desire. They were pebbles in shape and texture and waiting to be tasted with his longing lips. He put his hands around to her back and slowly pulled her down into his eager oral assault. She felt the stimulation of his cock rubbing through his pajamas and her panties as it separated the two pussy lips and rested on the bright pink canal that lay below them.

The treasure button that hid under the inverted "U" of a hood that she had between her lips was soon introduced to the constant stimulation of a cock rubbing itself against it and the sensation was volcanic. Back and forth, with every rubbing action caused her to grave even more his direct touch and she longed for the time when it would be appropriate.

But there was much more to do and to explore before she would feel the thrill of having that pearl plucked. His hands worked their way down to her small little butt cheeks and they aided her in rising up to where her breasts were in perfect position to be suckled by his lips. His tongue licked his introduction and then his lips made final contact with the nipples as he took them each into his mouth.

She moaned out loud with the thrill of having her sacred spots find the inside of a males mouths but the unbelievable sensation of feeling the sucking from the lips of her brother caused her the lust even more for his completeness. As his mouth revenged the skin of her tender breasts, Bob's hands and fingers were working their way up inside of Michele's panties through the leg holes and were, by prying and probing in between her legs, finding the source of the wetness that was apparent in her crotch.

Her moisture was starting to escape from her two lips and was seeping out and gathering at the crotch of her panties.

The aroma of her feminine fluid was intoxicating to Bob's nostrils as he extended his reach into the junction of her legs. All the while, his hungry mouth was devouring his younger sister breasts and his cock was rubbing her crotch raw with its constant friction.

She was breathing very erratically by this point at the constant stimulating of her emotions as he played her like a fine musical instrument. He wanted her to receive only his best and he wanted to only give his best but that meant that he would have to slow down or his best would be shot out of his cock without ever reaching the desired target. So, letting go of them with his lips, he placed his arms between her legs and drew her up to his mouth and soon he was exerting his oral assault on her panty covered vagina.

She was sitting up with her knees on either side of his face and her pussy directly over his mouth. His arms were raised up so his hands were grabbing her by her breasts and she was loving every bit of the attention that she was receiving. He stuck out his tongue and ground it into the crotch of her panties and in between her two lips as she rocked back and forth upon it and she tried to excite herself on his tongue.

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He was squeezing her breasts forcefully and she had her head back and her mouth wide open and little groans escaped through her lips. He was biting on her lips gently as she rocked back and forth but her attention was on the sensation she was feeling deep within her womb. It was not a recognizable feeling to her but it kept building and building until she thought that she was about to burst.

And then it happened, that building feeling from deep inside, came out of her vagina in a gushing flow of juices and she rammed her pussy down hard onto poor Bob's tongue as he continued to squeeze her breasts very hard.

It swept over her like a tsunami, obliterating everything in its path and leaving nothing but a frantic, pulsating mass of nerve endings. Her eyes were tightly closed as the wave hit her and she continued to feel the effect throughout the entire release of emotions. But as it subsided and she once again knew where she was, she threw herself off of his mouth and lay there beside of him, shaking and quivering until the orgasm passed.

She was still laboring over every breath as Bob made his way over and partially put his legs over hers and gently stroked her tummy. She took another deep breath and then opened her eyes and smiled.

"Robby that was unbelievable. It was better than I ever knew it could be. What did you do to me?" she asked without needing an answer. "I've only started," he said gently into her ear and rolled over on top of her again. "Oh my God I don't know if I can take much more of this," she said in almost a hesitant voice but as he spread her legs out wide and crawled in between them she closed her eyes once again and took a deep breath.

He gave her a passionate kiss on her lips and ground into her crotch with his for an instant and then he got up to his knees and pulled down his pajama bottoms. She opened her eyes and took a look at what was in store for her and a look of fear came across her face. She didn't say a word, not even when his hands went down to the waistband of her panties and started to remove them.

Slowly they made their way down over her hips, abdomen and pussy area. She closed her eyes tightly as they made their way down to her thighs, knees and calves and she finally started breathing again when they made their way off of her feet. She knew that she was nude before her brother, the first guy who had ever seen her without anything on. She was proud to show him but nervous about him seeing her like this.

Bob, on the other hand was not nervous at all seeing his sisters naked body but was thrilled and turned on as hell because he knew what lay before him. He spread out her legs and took in the view of her open pussy lips and all that they covered. He ran his finger down between them and she let out a little yelp as if he had hurt her in any way. But is was a noise of anticipation that came out of her mouth as he slowly laid himself down between those legs as he nestled into her crotch.

She muttered something about this being her first time but Bob knew that already and he knew what to do. He grabbed his cock and placed it right at her opening and ran it around a little until the end became well lubricated and then, still on his knees, he leaned in and started his penetration into her vagina.

She gasped at the first sign of any entrance as the head of his cock began its long slow process but as it progress into her opening, she cried out with a little pain and with anticipation. He slid it in slowly, pushing it further and further into her confines until she shrieked out in pain. "I'll stop for awhile and let you adjust," he said with concern in his voice.

"Oh Robby, it hurts a little. It is so big that it feels like your tearing me open down there," she explained. But after a brief minute to relax a little, she said that she was ready to continue. He applied a little more pressure with his hips and started the process of entering her again in earnest but after only a another inch or so she stopped him once again as she said, "You're at my cherry Robby and you're going to have to go through it with your big cock." Just then, she took a deep breath and raised her hips up in one big thrust and Bob's cock rammed through her barrier as she screamed out in pain.

She stopped all movement as a tear rolled out of her closed eye but after a moment or two she indicated that she was once again ready to continue. It slipped in nicely from that point on until he was stopped by her cervix at the bottom of her well.

He rested for another moment as she caught her breath and as she started to move her hips in response to her desires, he withdrew his cock from her wanting vagina and started the process all over again. This time, however, it was much easier on her so he put it in with greater force and speed. She was really getting into it now that all of the pain had been endured and she was really starting to enjoy the constant rubbing in and out of his cock through her vaginal walls.

With every insertion of his big cock dragging over her vaginal and clitoral muscles, the stimulus would increase until she was anticipating every pumping motion of his hips and she was meeting them with her own. Her breaths became more labored with every pump of their hips and she could feel it start to twitch deep inside of her womb. He was ramming it in between her legs and his balls were slapping against her tiny little butt cheeks in a rhythmic slamming of flesh unto flesh and as the sound became faster and faster, their breathing became more and more labored.

He had his eyes shut tight as she called out his name. "Robby oh Robby, you're doing it to me again. I can't catch my breath oh Robby, OH ROBBY, OH MY GOD!!!" She became frantic with her desire as her juices came flooding out of her opening against his rock hard rod that he kept slamming into her.

As she reached her crescendo of sexual release and literally started to shake herself into a deep and long climax, she felt the first of his ropes being released deep within her womb as he too could not restrain himself any longer.

They each felt their own sense of satisfying euphoria as they individually and jointly let their emotions release and they started coming down from their orgasms. They were both spent into exhaustion as they shuttered and jerked their way into that wonderful state of afterglow and there they slept in their own contentment for many minutes. After the need for slumber had started to diminish and they each became awake again, Michele looked deep into Bobs eyes and saw a sense of contentment that she had never seen before.

His was not only a release of pent up emotions but an honest love for his sister that transcended most feeling that siblings ever experience. Michele felt a true gratitude for the sexual experience of a lifetime and a wondering of what would happen between them next.

As she got up and grabbed her tee shirt from the pile on the floor and tossed his pajama bottoms to him, she smiled and said to him in the most caring voice, "I think we had better get cleaned up before the folks come home and discover what they kids have been up to.

Thank you Robby. I love you more than ever," and walked away, carrying her tee shirt, to the bath and into the shower. Bob looked on and wondered to himself, "What have I gotten myself into now." Whatever it was, he was going to enjoy every minute of it with his sweet little sister.