Theboosts adrianna deville gagging and hard fuck

Theboosts adrianna deville gagging and hard fuck
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Oh man.mmm, that feels good. I open my eyes to try to figure out why the hell it feels like my dick is buried in someone's tight, soaking pussy.

Oh yeah. Because it is.

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We were still on the choir van, and Tori was still impaled on my now semi-erect cock. She was sleeping peacefully at the moment, and I felt no reason to wake her. As I roused myself to a mostly awake state, I tried to take stock of the situation more coherently. Oh God. I had raped her. In the moment, it was basically a crime of passion.

My dick had overruled any rational thought process I might've had in it's attempt to bury itself in some pussy, and it had succeeded. But I wasn't a monster. Now that the deed was done and I was thinking rationally, the guilt began to settle heavily on my mind. As I lay there cursing myself for my actions, I noticed a cold chill run up her spine. Like I said, I'm basically a good person, so I wrapped my arm around her without really thinking about it.

Tori, reacting unconsciously in her sleep, snuggled tight against my body, her arm wrapping itself over mine and holding it against her chest. She gave this cute little sigh of contentment after she had done so, and the ghost of a smile appeared on her lips.

Damn, she was cute. I felt my dick begin to harden inside her, almost of it's own accord. She snuggled closer at that point, fully impaling herself on me, and my dick began to take over my thought process again. I mean, here was this gorgeous 130lbp blonde bombshell of a valley girl with perky C-cups who was virtually grinding on my dick. My body reacted instantly without asking permission from my conscious mind.

My cock, only semi erect up until this point, hardened to it's fullest instantly and twitched inside her. This definitely registered somewhere in her conscious mind, and her eyes began to flutter open.

I tried to will myself to hold still as she awoke. She quickly realized what had woken her and turned her head to look back at me. Her eyes opened a little wider. "Shit, I thought it was just a dream," she whispered.

That explained why she was so wet. She turned to face forward again and began to sob quietly. My guilt trip was complete. I hated myself in that moment. Even so, I still couldn't bring myself to pull out of her. "Look, I'm really sorry. " I started lamely. I stopped myself.

What the fuck was I supposed to say to fix the situation. I sighed softly, giving up on my apology. Instead, I just drew her tight against my chest and snaked my other arm underneath her body so that I could hold her with both arms.

Tori was still facing away from me, but she did allow me to pull her closer and I noticed her arms had made room for mine to wrap around her before they returned to holding my arms against her chest. "The fucked up part is that I'm not even really mad at you. I LIKED it." she whispered between her soft sobs.

Hearing that last admission coaxed another unwanted reaction from my aroused body. My rock hard dick jumped inside her, flexing with pleasure as I heard that Tori had enjoyed what I had done to her. I heard a soft little hiss and looked down at Tori.

Her eyes were closed as she bit her lower lip to stop making any more noise. I quickly glanced around the van to verify that everyone was still asleep. They were, except for our choir director. But he was too involved in keeping the van on the road to notice much else.

My attention returned to Tori.


She had regained her composure and was looking up at me while I had craned my neck over the top of the seat. She had stopped sobbing, and there were only the now drying tears to mark the fact that she had been crying at all.

Unlike most girls her age, Tori never did get all blubbery with the red rims around her eyes. Right now, her face looked quizzical, actually. She whispered her question out loud. "Did someone hear me?. " I shook my head in the negative.

"Well, my arm has been asleep for the past five minutes or so. I need to move. Keep watch?" I didn't really answer. Instead, I made a point of looking back over the seat. I heard the quiet rustling begin as she made herself comfortable. I couldn't really help being a little disappointed as I felt my cock leave it's newfound home. Tori gave a sexy little moan as my dick was dislodged from her lips. I felt that my fun had come to an end, and couldn't blame her for pulling me out of her.

I felt her roll over and was glad that we were going to get to talk face to face. Then, there was some more movement. I figured she was trying to massage some feeling back into her arm or something.

I knew how much I hated the feeling of my limbs falling asleep. But then I felt her warm thigh on top of mine, and I was asleep enough that I couldn't imagine what the fuck she was doing. Most of me was concerned with making sure her movements went undetected, and I didn't look down until I felt her hand on the underside of my dick. Tori was mostly covered by the blanket we had been sharing, but the leg she had thrown over my hips was now partially exposed.

Her body was facing my own, and she was currently peering between our bodies as her hand worked underneath the blanket.

I let her hand guide me, still not really understanding what was going on. I hadn't made any more threats or even given her any orders. Whatever she was doing right now was not being forced at all. Meanwhile, her hand had effectively lined me up once again. I could feel the warmth from her tunnel on the head of my dick. Realizing I was still stretched over the seat, I quietly laid back down, my face now inches from her own.

I wrapped my arms around her and was just watching her face as I felt her lining me up. My dick was between her lips before her mind caught up with her body and realized that SHE was the one getting ready to fuck me. "Oh my God. I was just ab-" she whispered that much of her realization aloud before my dick made another one of it's executive decisions and began to reinsert itself back into her sex.

Unprepared for the invasion, Tori's whisper broke off in favor of another sexy little hiss before she bit her bottom lip to silence it. Her face snapped up and her eyes bored into my own. I paused as I felt my head pass through the firm grip of her opening.

Her eyes pleaded with me as she chewed on her bottom lip to stop the moans that were in her throat. I couldn't tell if she was pleading that I pull out, or pleading that I keep going. I don't think she could either. My dick made the decision for us, and her mouth opened into a small 'O' and her eyes began to glaze over as my dick resumed his invasion of Tori.

After four inches of me had disappeared into her, Tori leaned in to rest her forehead against my shoulder. I paused again. "God, you're so tight, " I breathed in her ear. She leaned just far enough away from my shoulder to look into my face.

"Not surprising, since you were my first." she whispered, not quite able to meet my eyes. I couldn't remember feeling a hymen, and told her as much. I wasn't accusing her of lying, I was just curious. She must have guessed as much from my facial expression, because she didn't take any offense as she gave me my answer. "Bike accident when I was little.

My mom had to reassure me that I had not torn my tummy open, " she told me in a whisper. I couldn't help smiling and shaking my head a little. She looked at me with her 'what?' expression again. I managed to keep a straight face as I whispered "Torn Tummy?

That sounds like a serious condition, doctor." She pushed against my chest playfully as she caught my sarcasm "Shuddup, I was TEN!" She whispered back, smiling in spite of herself. My dick decided to continue at that moment, and I began to push into her again.

The smile was immediately replaced with her cute lip-biting, and her eyes held mine as I continued to push into her. As the sixth inch passed into her, her control cracked.

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Her arms had been draped around my neck, with her hands reaching to grasp the top of my shoulders. As the sixth inch vanished inside her, those hands became claws and moved to grip my back. The leg that had been gently draped over my hips now locked into place, holding me against her. In this position, she began to roll on to her back. I knew she couldn't pull me over if she tried, but I moved onto her as she rolled.

Let her think she pulled me on top of her, it probably seemed sexier in her mind. I was propped up on my elbows so that she wouldn't have to support my full weight.

She was tight enough that, even as we rolled, my dick had not gone any deeper. She locked her legs around my hips and draped both arms around my neck as she looked into my eyes again.

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She looked so sexy. The blanket had fallen so that it covered just enough of our lower bodies to hide the fact that we were connected to one another in the physical sense. She was still wearing her cute little pink tank top, and I still had my t-shirt on.

So it would've been hard to tell that we were actually fucking, to the casual observer. Unless they looked at Tori's face, that is. Her blue eyes were glazed over and unfocused, eyebrows drawn together in a fierce concentration on what she was feeling inside her. She was biting her lip again, and her cute little nostrils dilated in time to her shallow but rapid breathing.

Even though she was taking such shallow breaths, her chest was heaving and her hips writhed underneath me. I leaned down for one of the sexiest, most sensual series of kisses I had ever experienced. Four or five minutes later, Tori made a little moan of impatience and broke off our make-up session. "C.J. I NEED you to keep going," she whispered, grinding her hips against me to illustrate what she meant. I decided to be a little evil. Instead of ramming my last two and a half inches into her like she wanted, I froze and looked into her eyes.

The expression of her frustration mixed with her sheer desperation caused a taunting smile to appear on my face. Putting all my weight on my left elbow, I took my right hand and traced the shape of her clavicle bone.

In her current state, her body was extra sensitive, and the feeling of my finger caused a pleasurable shiver to run through that sexy frame of hers. Afterwords, she, too, froze and focused on the feeling of my index finger trailing down the center of her chest. Unfortunately, given the current surroundings, I couldn't risk taking off her shirt. However, Tori had decided in the favor of comfort when she had dressed for the bus ride, and had one again neglected her bra.

So I could feel the heat from her skin, separated from my finger by the paper thin layer of cotton that her tank top provided. As I reached her breasts, her eyes opened a little wider, and the rate of her breathing increased noticeably as I got closer and closer to the nipple of her right breasts.

As I finally reached my target, I flicked my finger against it gently, while flexing my dick inside of her. She threw her back and a small, cat-like mew escaped her lips. She recovered quickly, and tried to grab my hips so that she could force me the rest of the way into her.

But I resisted and she gave up after a few moments, whimpering with her sexual frustration. She looked at me with a look of acute NEED. I began tracing circles around her areola with my finger, brushing against her nipple sporadically.

I lowered my head slowly over her other breast and began mirroring the movements of my finger with my tongue on her opposite breast. She began to squirm almost uncontrollably, and I decided to let her finally have her release. I suddenly pinched down lightly on both nipples, one between my fingers and the other between my teeth. At the same time, I buried the rest of my dick into her now soaking pussy with one firm thrust.

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Her reaction was intense and immediate. She pulled my face up to hers, but then turned to bury her teeth into my shoulder. Her hands turned into talons as they gripped into the muscles of my back, scratching furrows into my skin even through my shirt.

Her ankles locked behind my waist as she pressed the length of her body into mine, as if trying to mold us into a single being. I had no idea how intense her orgasm was until she started spasming around my shaft. Her pussy felt alive as gripped and massaged my manhood. All the self control I had exhibited earlier vanished instantly. I began to thrust into Tori violently. She moaned softly against my shoulder as she continued her orgasmic episode, unconsciously meeting my every thrust with matching thrusts of her own.

Her body accented her thrusts occasionally with periods of grinding her hips against mine. All the while, her pussy continued to spasm around my manhood in the longest orgasm I have ever witnessed.

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After 8 or 9 minutes of this, I couldn't hold on any longer. I said the only words that could have reached Tori in that moment. "Tori. I'm gonna cum. Oh God. Seriously, Tori, you gotta let me go!" I whispered into her ear frantically. She was just now starting to come down from her first orgasm. "What?. Oh shit, OK. Fuck, can you hold it?

There's no way I can let go right now, CJ. Oh God, you already came in me earlier, and I'm not on the pill. Please tell me you can hold it?" she whispered softly. I could see the panic in her eyes and told myself that there was no way I was gonna come inside her and ruin this beautif- Then I felt it again, my dick head had found her opening once again. I was pushing into her cervix, poised to flood her baby chamber with cum for the second time that night. "OH SHIT" I whispered.

She had felt me enter her a little differently, and s knew exactly where I was inside of her. She looked up at me with eyes showing horror and lust in equal amounts. "CJ, please say you are not cummi-!" Then my dick made it's last executive decision for the night. I grabbed both of Tori's arms and pinned them to the seat above her head. Her eyes grew wider as she saw my demeanor change and guessed what was about to happen.

"CJ. NO-SHITTTT!" She hissed as I force my way into her with the hardest thrust of the night. Not only did the tip of my dick pierce her cervix opening, but it felt like my entire dick head had punched through.

Her mouth drops into a silent scream before she's able to meet my eyes again. She feels me freeze on top of her.

"Tori, I'm sorry. " Her eyes open wide as she feels my dick twitch inside her. Then she feels the first jet of cum, hot against the walls of her uterus. She briefly grimaces at the feeling before a different expression takes its place.

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She struggles to articulate the feeling to me. "CJ. Me. Me too!" She throws her hands around my neck, and her thighs around my waist. She locks herself onto me, my dick beginning to spurt it's second jet of cum inside her chamber. Then she begins spasming around me again, intensifying my orgasm and milking my manhood. "I'm sorry. I can't help it." she whispers. "obviously, my self control isn't much better, " I whisper sarcastically, glancing down to where my dick is still blatantly pumping her full.

We both maintain a grip on reality while our orgasm run their course. Even though I already came inside her earlier, spurt number six was just as strong as the first with no signs of showing down. Her pussy was still spasming, and her face made it apparent that she was just barely in control of herself. By spurt number 10, had both given up hope that she might not be pregnant. I just hoped there was a drugstore near the hotel. Tori had closed her eyes, but she let out a whimper as my dick twitched inside her yet again.

" What?" She opened her eyes to look up at me with a guilty expression. "Nothing. It just feels really good, still, that's all. " she whispered, not meeting my eyes. I raise her chin up with my right hand to kiss her, even as I was still ejaculating inside her. She returns the kiss passionately, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling herself closer. " CJ. I think I love you." Part 3?