Amazing twinks Two of our fresh emo fellows hammer the studio this

Amazing twinks Two of our fresh emo fellows hammer the studio this
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(4:15 AM, Rocky-Mountain-Time; Brownsville, Nevada) Will and Maggie both slept in their bedrooms, enjoying the comfort of a good night's sleep. As they dreamt, however, four police officers, from the Farm( nonetheless), showed up at the house. Blearing their sirens and jumping form their squad-cars, the officers quickly broke through the Reed's door.

Maggie was the first to hear the noise and ran from her bedroom, draping herself with a blanket. "What the hell! Get the fuck out of this house!" Maggie yelled as the four officers stood in the doorway, discussing something out of her earshot. "Go back to bed, ma'am" One of the all-female police officers said to the disgruntled Maggie, waving her knight-stick ominously in front of her face.

"Why are you people here?" Maggie asked, still half-asleep. "Ma'am, you know why. Your son has violated the law" "Wha-WHAT!" Maggie screamed, now realizing the situation. She sprang from the door-way, and up the stairs to Will's room. Once in his room, she grabbed his shoulders and shook him awake. "Will! Here's eighty dollars," Maggie yelled in fear, throwing money at the half awake teenage boy, "Just run form the house, go hide somewhere, anywhere!" "Wha-" "NOW, WILL!" Maggie shouted, as Will frantically jumped from his bed and ran for the window.

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He propped up the window and put one leg outside onto the roof. "Maggie, what's happening, are they-" "Yes! Go!" Maggie shouted her response, as she slammed the bedroom door shut, hearing the sounds of approaching footsteps. Will jumped from the roof, which was about ten feet from the ground, and ran as hard as he could away from the house.

He scaled the backyard fence and ran to the forest of desert shrubs inhabiting the property behind his small neighborhood. Ducking and crouching as he ran, he didn't look back as he traversed over the rocky desert ground.

After about fifteen minutes of running as fast as he could, Will had worn himself out. Stopping to lean up against a large rock in the hilly country side, Will slumped to the ground. As he attempted to catch his breath, he felt a hand quickly reach around him and grasp his face, smothering his nose and mouth with a washcloth.

The cloth smelled unusual to the boy, who suddenly felt drowsiness overcome his body. His eyes becoming heavy, his body becoming numb, Will fell back to sleep. "Well now, look whose up?" A young woman with a gray hoodie and sweatpants said to Will.

"Who-where-wha-what's going on?" Will inquired, now a little confused. He tried to stand, but realized he had chained to the rock by his wrists. "Don't hurt yourself there, Will Reed. You will defiantly not be able to escape those." "No yall will not" An elderly voice chimed in, as the proud and smiling Rev.

Greene walked up behind the hooded girl and crouched down in front of Will. "You-you're Rev. Greene, aren't you?" "Well, I most certainly am now, Will.

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And I know you, and you know what else?" "What?" Will said, growing angry while conversing with the reverend. "I fuckin' hate you!" Greene said, pinching one of Will's cheeks, "I completely and utterly fuckin' hate yall!" "And why is that?" Will said, glaring at the reverend.


"Yall corrupted my granddaughter, Brook! She's all I got in this cruel, cruel world, and yall took away her purity, her innocence.

And in these here parts, innocence is all that one's got" The Rev. spit in Will's face after finishing his sentence. Laughing, he next stood up and kicked Will's testicles rather sternly with his cowboy boot. "Oooohhh!" Will groaned in pain, unable to reach his balls for comfort. The reverend laughed, and crouched down to Will's level again.

"I know yall like's to put fingers up their ass, so I bought yall this" Greene smiled wickedly, as he pulled from his pocket a prosthetic penis, about six inches long, and three to two inches in diameter, and waved it in Will's face, "I hope yall enjoy, you ass pokin' sodomite!

Emily! be a dear, come on down here and loosen this boy from his shorts." "Yes, sir" Anna replied, walking over to Will, and grabbing his shorts. Nevertheless, as she did, Will caught a glimpse of her face.

"Anna!" He yelled, "You, BITCH! You traitor!" Will was overwhelmed with anger as Anna pulled his shorts and boxers off of his body and threw them in the sand. "Sorry, Will, its for your own good. You can finally reach salvation!

If anything, I'm the only friend who didn't betray you" Will's lower body was now exposed, his genitals hung down, and for once, he was flaccid. Anna still crouched down in front of him, and being overwhelmed by hate, Will kicked her in the nose. Anna fell back, blood streaming down her face. She hit the ground hard and lay there, traumatized from what had just happened.

"Ass!" Green shouted. He reached down and grabbed Will's balls in his fist, "Now apologize to Emily" Green demanded as he began to grasp harder and harder on Will's delicate boy balls. "AHHH!" He yelled, clenching his teeth and closing his eyes tightly as he coped with the intense pain, "Her-her-her name is Anna!" "Well, Emily Anna-Mari West, to be correct, but she goes by whatever." Green said as he continued his grasp on Will's balls.

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Next he grabbed the fake cock with his other hand and shoved it in WIll's mouth rather roughly. After twirling it around in Will's mouth, to the point of gagging, he pulled it out and roughly shoved the dildo up Will's ass. "Ahhh!

Fuck it! AHHHH!" Will screamed in pain, as he felt the rubber penis push cruelly past his sphincter and into his bowels. The stimulation to his prostate made his flaccid two incher twitch, and he began to grow an erection. "HA! Look here, Emily-er-I mean-uh-Anna! The little fuck likes having a dick inside a him!" The reverend chuckled. He pulled the cruel dildo up and down in Will's virgin asshole, making the boy scream in pain as he wiggled, attempting to escape.

Anna, slowly stood up, grasping her face, she gingerly felt her nose, it was most certainly broken. She felt angry, and was overwhelmed with the thought of vengeance. "Will! How could you!" She shouted.

She walked over to the reverend, "I want my revenge too, sir" "Well alright then miss Anna, take a wack at it" Greene replied with laughter. Anna bent down and replaced the reverend's hand on the dildo. She made eye contact with Will, glaring at him with contempt and furry. Will felt bad for kicking her. Her once flawless face now was blemished by her broken and crooked nose. Slowly Anna began to twist the dildo inside of Will's hole, and as she did, she forced the plastic phallus higher and higher into his ass.

Will clenched his eyes and teeth, he groaned from the pain of having his hole expanded in such a cruel manner, nevertheless, he felt his dick bob up and down with delight, as the humiliation and stimulation excited his boy cock. "Ahhh! Anna, stop!" He begged. Anna laughed, and as she did, she flicked one of Will's testicles, causing him to flinch in pain.


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Stop! Hurt me anywhere except there!" Will pleaded again. "Why should I, Will?" Anna asked, mockingly, she grabbed his erect dick and began to stroke it vigorously. Her stroking brought much pleasure to the horny boy, as he moaned in pleasure, and began to redden in the face. "Anna! Ahhh." Will moaned, feeling the pleasurable feeling of an orgasm coming on, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back, expecting the feeling of an orgasm to drift him away, but instead he felt something else, "AHH!" He yelled in pain, wiggling his entire body as he felt a blazing hot sting on his exposed abdomen.

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"Sorry, Will" Anna responded. Will opened his eyes to see in her hands, a strange metal devise. However upon further observation, it was obvious to Will that the devise was a taser.

"Anna! Please stop! Just put it down! Please!" Will begged again, his eyes widening. "No can do, Will, this is the beginning of your rehabilitation", Anna said, waving the black devise in-front of Will.

He gulped, he now knew he was a prisoner to the Farm. The next hour was the worst hour of Will's young teenaged life.


For about ten minutes, Anna cruelly shoved the dildo up Will's hole, twisting and yanking, and expanding his asshole. The entire time, Will yelled in pain and begged for mercy.

He closed his eyes, attempting to bring back a good memory, but the pain was to much for him to handle. Next Anna continued with her orgasm denial routine. Almost five times in a row, she brought Will to the brink of an orgasm, but just before delivery, she yanked her hand away, leaving Will stunned and desperate for an orgasm.

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But this was not the worst of his 'treatment'. Every time Anna would pull her hand away from Will's hungry dick, she would zap him with the taser, on either the chest, stomach and even once on his cock.

"Stop! Anna! Please! This torture is enough! I'm just a kid! I can't handle the taser, and I can't handle what you're doing to my dick! Please stop! "Will, your a slave to your sin, this is the only way to stop it" "Anna please! I'll do anything! Just please, I won't fight, I'll go willingly if you just please, please, finish me!" "Will! Can't you see your sin? All this pain and all you can think about is an orgasm?" Anna's remark as ended with a quick pinch to the right testicle. "Oh!" Will groaned.

Will was weeping a the end of the hour. His body was red from the taser, his dick was desperately leaking pre-cum, and his breathing was increased. The sun began to rise in the east, and Anna and the reverend both laughed at the poor boy. Will tried to hold in the tears though. He tried to look as unfazed as possible, yet his red eyes and face gave away his despair and pain. Attempting not to cry, Will stammered to say, "That it?" His response brought laughter from the reverend. "Ha!

Nope that ain't, boy! Now get ready, cause yall are going to the Farm, and what we did to yall here is a fraction of what they'll do to you there!" Will gulped, and began to pull at his chains, "I'm letting them take me!" He thought to himself.

As he fidgeted, Anna attempted to put a newly drugged washcloth over his mouth again. But Will knew the trick. He pretended to struggle, but once the cloth was applied to his face, he slowly stopped moving, and faked passing out. Once the two captors assumed he was asleep, they unlocked him form the rock. As soon as Will felt his restraints go, he jump up and sprinted away from the two as fast as he could, leaving behind him his shirt and shorts they had stripped from his body.

Anna couldn't catch up to him, and the reverend's old age denied him the chance to run after the athletic young boy. "Dammit!" Green swore. Will ran into the desert, he darted up hills, through streams, and over logs. His adrenaline had helped to propel him for a good twenty minutes, however, after his boost of adrenaline was over, he crashed, and sat exhausted on a rock by a creek.

"Dammit.I get help.Maggie." Will said to himself between gasps of air.TO BE CONTINUED.IN 1 WEEK DUE TO SPRING BREAK!!!