Mature chick is having lusty pleasure with young babe after fucking guy

Mature chick is having lusty pleasure with young babe after fucking guy
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Fbailey story number 669 The Night Mom Got Drunk For most of my life Mom and Dad had taken me to dinner at their favorite bar, Porky's. No one ever cared that I was just a kid at the time. Then as with most people I got older as time went on.

Also with most people Mom and Dad had problems and separated. The whole thing was over my father dating a girl that I went to school with. I was a freshman and she was a junior. I was thirteen and she was sixteen. Peggy was also fat with big boobs, big belly, and big butt.

She did however have a pretty face. She was a virgin when Dad first fucked her. Anyway Mom and I continued to go to Porky's to eat and drink. I got Pepsi and Mom got her usual, which consisted of a shot of peppermint schnapps before our meal, a glass or two of red wine with our meal, and a shot of tequila with a tall beer afterwards. When Dad was with us Mom would have one or two more drinks depending on her mood and Dad's advances. On more than one occasion Mom would get up on the bar and start dancing.

Her skirts were always short enough to look up and see her panties.

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Her top would come off and everyone would get to see her firm breasts in her sexy bras. Before anything else could happen Dad would drag her down, toss her over his shoulder and do the Fireman's Carry to the car. After he got her home he would do all sorts of things to her. He would even let me watch. He would give her a shot of whiskey and tell her to dance for us. However, he wouldn't stop her from undressing all the way. Mom looked fantastic for being thirty-two years old.


Her breasts were firm and round with no sign of sag. Her nipples were stiff and her areolas were dark. She shaved her pussy but always left a little tuff of hair on her love mound.

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Sometimes it was a heart shape, a triangle pointing at her slit, or just a landing strip. Her waist was slim and her ass was perfect. That is usually when Dad dragged her into the bedroom and closed the door, keeping me from watching. On a few occasions though, he would have her masturbate for us. Mom would lay down on the rug, open her legs wide, and reach both hands down to her pussy.

One hand would hold her pussy lips open and the other hand would poke around in her hole to get her fingers wet before attacking her clit. I do mean attack. She would lift her ass off the floor, scream out, and hump the air as she orgasmed over and over again.


Dad always stopped it there, and took Mom behind closed doors. Back to my story: Mom and I were in Porky's eating, she was half way into her second glass of wine when Dad came in with Peggy on his arm.

World War Three: Mom shouted out across the whole room. No one was going to miss the scene that she was going to cause. Mom said, "Stan, you bastard. You have the nerve to bring that fucking fat whore in here." Dad motioned for Peggy to ignore her. Mom walked over to the bar, drank some shots that the bartender was pouring, and then climbed up on the bar. There were many shouts of encouragement.


They had seen Mom do that many times before and they sure wanted to see it again. Mom shouted, "Hey bitch, I dare you to come up here and show everyone your stuff. Show them what my husband finds irresistible." Peggy started to, but Dad grabbed her.

Mom removed her blouse and tossed it to me. Mom removed her skirt and tossed that to me too. Then standing up there in her high heels, bra, and panties Mom asked, "Would you guys want her or me in your bed?" Everyone shouted, "You. You, You." Mom once again said, "Come on up here you fat bitch.

Show everyone what you've got." Mom looked out over the crowd and said, "I'm thirty-two, Peggy is sixteen, and I'm still twice the woman she is." Peggy stood up and slipped out of Dad's grasp. She needed help getting up on top of the bar and then she needed more help getting her blue jeans off. She had gained enough weight to make them fit really tight. I wondered how she had gotten into them in the first place.

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Mom was wearing pretty yellow thong panties with a matching bra. Peggy had on big girl panties that were white and cotton. There was a stain in the crotch and the elastic was showing some wear.

When she lifted her sweater up over her head everyone cheered. They were just being polite. Peggy had two chins, three belly rolls, and bulging thighs. Her bra was old and worn too. She looked disgusting to me. Mom looked a hundred times better than Peggy did. Peggy's big fat tits were pouring over the top of her too small and too tight bra. Dad really needed to splurge on some new underwear for her.

The bartender told Dad, "Get that fucking minor off my bar and out of my establishment. Now! And don't bring her back in here. I could loose my license." Then he turned to me and said, "Your mother can dance on my bar anytime she wants too." He held up a shot glass, Mom drank it, and then she tossed me her bra.

Every guy in the place went nuts. Even the women cheered her on. Another shot had been handed to her and I was holding her panties. After that Mom gyrated up and down the full length of the bar. All the guys crowded into those lucky guys that were seating on the stools. Mom leaned over as she went down the bar, letting them all feel of her tits and pussy.

Then she came back up the bar offering them her sweet ass. She got a few slaps on her butt but mostly she got kisses.

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I saw one guy lick her slit from behind. His buddies called him lucky. On the last trip to my end of the bar, Mom got down and said, "Take me home stud and put me to bed." A woman helped me get Mom into her skirt and blouse, telling me to carry her underwear. She said it would be a waste of time and effort to put them on her and then have me take them off at home.

On the way out a guy said, "I'll give you fifty bucks for her panties." I was just about to say "Okay" when another guy said, "I'll give you a hundred." He thrust the money in my hand and pulled Mom's panties out of my fingers.

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The first guy shoved his money into my hand and took Mom's bra. Hey, I just made a hundred and fifty dollars selling her used underwear. One of the guys helped me get Mom into the car and told me to drive carefully…that I didn't need to get pulled over. The whole time he helped Mom into the car he held onto one of her breasts tightly and his other hand was finger fucking her wet pussy. Hell, I didn't care what he did to her, after all she was drunk, I had money, and he did get her into the car.

At home I had a hard time getting her into the house, but eventually I did it. I couldn't get her up the stairs to her bedroom so I lowered her down to the floor. I removed her blouse and her miniskirt leaving her there naked.

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I hollered in her ear, "Masturbate for me." In her sedated state Mom reached down, opened her pussy, and started rubbing her clit. Then she dozed off again. I looked at her. She was a very beautiful naked woman. She was naked and I was the only one with her. So I reached out and felt of her breasts like the guys in the bar.

I reached down and played with her pussy like the guys in the bar. But then it was me and just me that stuck his cock into her. Mom was not awake to enjoy it so I enjoyed it for both of us. In fact I enjoyed it three times before I cleaned her up and covered her with a blanket. In the morning Mom asked me who had undressed her. I laughed and said, "You did in Porky's up on the bar last night. Don't you remember? You got fat Peggy to take off her sweater and blue jeans. Everyone got to see her extra rolls and they all agreed that you were a lot hotter than she was." Mom asked, "So you brought me home naked?" I laughed and said, "Look Mom, you were naked.

A woman helped me get you into your blouse and miniskirt. Two guys bought your bra and panties off me and another guy felt you up as he helped me get you into the car. From there I just barely got you in the house." Mom looked at me and said, "Then you undressed me." I replied, "Sure! I've seen you naked lots of times." Mom then asked, "Did you fuck me?" I knew that she knew. I didn't know how she knew but she did.

So I said, "Yes! Three times and I really enjoyed it." Mom laughed and said, "Well if your father can fuck a minor girl then I guess I can let a minor boy fuck me.

Want to do it again before I get cleaned up or do you want to be the first one to get my pussy dirty again?" I smiled and said, "Both!" Mom smiled and said, "You're just like your father. If you're going to fuck me you should start sleeping in my bed." I asked, "Am I filling Dad's shoes?" Mom laughed and said, "No honey, you are your own man.

Besides you got an experienced woman, your father got a fat little slut that doesn't know a fucking thing…and she'll never learn as long as your father is fucking her." I slipped into Mom's pussy and came almost immediately. Mom kissed me, thanked me, and then took me into the shower with her. She let me wash her entire body and she washed mine. We dried off, got on the bed, and we made love that time.

I had relieved the tension earlier so I was very relaxed. Mom gave me my first lesson on pleasing her and making my own pleasure better too. Mom was a great teacher. She made me do it over and over until I got it right.

She gave me homework, she gave tests, and then five years later she gave me my diploma. With Mom's help I got to fuck several of her friends and acquaintances. I fucked several girls in my class and I even got to fuck a few of my relatives.

Mom would join us occasionally. Needless to say Dad was long gone. Peggy got pregnant by someone else and dropped out of school without graduating. Me? I got to sleep with Mom every night and I went to the local community college.

At college I found a young professor that was fantastic…in bed…with just me…or with Mom too in a threesome. I married her! The End The Night Mom Got Drunk 669